tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Over Their Exes, and More

Getting Over Their Exes, and More


Winnie and Amy had been in the strip club for about 30 minutes observing the clientele and getting the occasional lap dance to get themselves more in the mood for what they had planned that night. As part of a "getting over our ex's" night, they planned to find a single business traveler and lure him back to the suite they booked for themselves at the nearby Sheraton to strip for him and maybe have some fun. They agreed together that they would give the guy free access to touch them—something you can't get for $20 at Flashdancers, and that if the mood was right, they might give the guy a handjob or BJ—but no sex.

The quiet, fairly cute, early 30's guy in the corner seemed to be their ideal target. He looked clean, out of town, and unsure of how to conduct himself in the club. Therefore, he looked safe to them. Amy made eye contact with him across the way and began a little flirting match with him. After a few awkward minutes of the guy looking away, then looking back and smiling and shaking his head in disbelief, the girls left their spots and went over to sit with him.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!" The girls said with a nervous laugh, a bit unsure of themselves.

"Do—do you know me?" The guy asked.

"No, but we hope to!" Amy replied with more confidence.

The guy shook his head in disbelief and said nothing for a long while then asked, "wha—why me?"

Amy was prepared... she and Winnie had worked up a backstory in case they didn't feel they could close the deal by saying they were horny and playful...

"You're here to see naked girls right?" Amy asked.

The guy gave an embarrassed smile in affirmation.

"Did you see what you wanted?" Amy asked.

"Not yet..." The guy replied with a grin.

"OOOOooooooh... what is that, huh?" Amy asked, egging him on.

Seizing the moment after finishing his shot of tequila the man replied, "Well I haven't seen any Asian girls yet."

Amy and Winnie laughed to each other and Amy turned back and said, "Do you like Asian girls?"

"One or two." The guy confidently replied.

"Would you like a couple of Asian girls to dance for you tonight?" Amy asked coyly.

"How much would it cost?" the man asked, assuming Amy and Winnie worked for the club.

"Oh this one is on us!" Amy said with a giggle.

"We don't work here." Winnie said nervously as she sensed the man's confusion.

"sooooooo.... Wait a minute... I don't get it. What's the catch?" the man asked.

"Baby there's no catch... we're in town for the night... we saw you and thought you were cute... we're staying nearby—and we thought since you know, we were taking you away from here, that we could have some fun and you could see a couple of asian girls stripping just for you." Amy explained.

He looked confused, interested, and incredulous.

"And you'll get to see it all... not like here." Winnie nervously added.

"I'm Paul, by the way." The man said with a smile.

"Amy." "Winnie." The girls introduced themselves.

"So... you're staying nearby... you're not hookers or anything right?" Paul asked warily. "Or cops?"

"I'm an accountant." Winnie said.

"I'm a graphic designer." Amy added, flashing him her business card while covering the New York info.

"Can I touch you—whe—when you're dancing for me I mean?? In your room?" Paul nervously asked.

"We said the rules would be better in our room than they are here huh?" Amy replied with a wink.

Paul sat silently for minutes that seemed like hours to him, alternatively smiling and frowning and shaking his head in disbelief as he considered the too-good-to-be-true offer from the beautiful Asians on either side.

"Oh my God I can't believe I'm doing this..." Paul said as he stood up to leave.

"Coming back with us?" Amy asked inquisitively.

"I shouldn't..." Paul said.

"Come on Paul... we just want to be naughty for one night. There's seriously nothing wrong with us and no hidden agenda." Amy replied. "We've been looking to do this for a while now and you seem safe to us."

Paul clasped his hand to his head and shook it for several seconds before saying... "Ok, let's go... but if a cop car is waiting for me outside I'm going to be so disappointed."

"I like him!" Amy said to Winnie as they turned to leave.

"I know... he's cute!" Winnie said.

When they all got outside of the club, there was in fact no cop car to be seen. Paul looked astonished and said, "Well... lead the way!"

They walked together and Paul told them he was a software engineer visiting from Philadelphia for work. When they got to the Sheraton Paul said—"Oh shit... Tom! I left before my friend got back—can I text him what room we're in?"

Winnie and Amy looked nervously at each other... their plan was to be alone with only one guy in the room.

"He's a computer guy... like me. He's cute... you'll like him!" Paul begged.

Winnie and Amy looked at each other and shrugged.

"You sure you don't want us all to yourself?" Amy asked.

"Well we'll be alone in the beginning... I'm sure it will take him a while to get here." Paul answered.

"Uhm... ok... but we'll throw you both out if we don't like him, ok?" Amy said, adding, "4801. Corner suite on 48th floor."

"I'll text him and tell him to bring Champagne... he has no idea what's in store." Paul said with a smile.

"It's definitely going to be his lucky night then!" Amy said with a laugh as she inserted her card key and let the three of them into the room.

Amy and Winnie led Paul over to the couch by the hand. As planned, they each then took the hand they were holding and brought it to a part of their body to show him that it was ok to touch them... Winnie brought his hand to her best asset—her ass, while Amy brought his other hand directly to her boobs.

Paul could feel Amy's heart pounding in her chest. Winnie's was doing the same... As was Paul's.

"So... any requests? What do you like? What are you into?" Amy asked.

Paul didn't want to be put on the spot so early—at least he didn't want to be really open yet, hoping not to scare them off. Amy sensed it and jumped in...

"Don't worry about sounding like a creep or anything... we're the girls who picked you up to bring back to our room to strip for, after all... shock me." She said with a smile.

"Well... I like nice butts... I can't wait to see hers," Paul said, pointing to Winnie, "and... I can't wait to see everything on you."

"Don't make the man wait, Winnie... let's see that awesome fanny!" Amy said gleefully.

Winnie was in the best shape of her life... her ass and legs were completely sculpted from the running and triathlon training she had been doing for 6 months... her body fat mostly transformed into lean muscle—although she would always have her thick frame, which only made her look better in or out of anything she wore. Tonight she was in a single stretchy dress that barely went below her ass in the back, no bra in the front, and the front of the dress was split deeply at her chest and formed a single strap behind her neck to hold it up.

She stood in her three and a half inch heels and stuck her round, perfect ass right in Paul's face. She teased him for a while this way, flipping the hem of her dress up by popping her hips at him—giving him glancing views underneath, but never really showing the goods. Finally, she reached behind herself and slowly pulled her dress up to show Paul her perfect ass and the fact that the only thing between him and everything was the thinnest strip of thong he had ever seen.

Winnie locked her knees and bent to the floor at the waist, drawing her dress up high on her back and exposing her round perfection in full view as she wiggled it in little circles while tracing her fingers between her legs up to her ass. She reached behind herself and slid a finger under her thong as if to pull it to the side to let him have a look at her beautiful, Brazilian waxed asshole, but instead she lowered her dress and turned to face him.

"So what do you think so far?" Winnie asked him.

Paul clasped his hand to his forehead and begged her to keep going.

"That's really all the fantasies you could come up with, with two seemingly willing Asian hotties at your disposal?" Amy asked.

"Well... there is one more... but I know it's a deal breaker so..." Paul trailed off.

"We might say no, but you'll never know if you don't ask." Winnie said as she sat on his lap and began giving him a lap dance while facing away from him and looking back sexily over her shoulder.

Paul thought about it for a few moments and said... "Well, ok... I have my camera with me because, you know, it's New York, and I'd really love to take some pictures of you guys... I know... it's stupid—you never know what I'd do with them..."

"Take all the pictures you want... have your friend take some for you when he gets here. I have my laptop with me and I'll decide which ones you can keep before you go." Winnie said. Amy seemed to agree. They knew having their pictures taken would be exciting and fun, and there's no way they'd let them leave with anything showing their faces...

"Oh my God... you girls are the coolest." Paul said.

Paul handed his camera to Amy who began photographing them as Winnie slid her perfect, firm ass up and down his leg before sliding him into a reclining position and gliding her ass over his cock a few times. Feeling his erection through his pants Winnie leaned back over his shoulder and began grinding her ass up and down his stiff shaft.

"Oh my God this bitch is going to make me cum in my pants!" Paul said incredulously.

Winnie ground on his lap for a few more moments, then stood up and turned to face him. She took both of his hands in hers and brought them to her nipples which were hard as diamonds. He quickly began grabbing and cupping her boobs through her dress and running his thumbs over her nipples telling her how "fine she [was]" and complimenting her skills. Amy shot away with his little digital Elph point and click.

Winnie leaned forward into his lap and reached behind her neck. When she stood up straight again, she had flipped her dress over her head so that the front of the dress hung freely, almost completely exposing her boobs. She leaned over inches from Paul's face causing her dress to hang more loosely in the front but it just wouldn't slide off of her tits on its own. Paul tried to constrain himself but he hadn't actually seen anyone naked yet at all and he was 20 minutes into his night and afraid he'd cum if touched the wrong way.

Paul's hands reached up and found the tops of Winnie's small but firm boobs. He brought his hands towards her belly, gathering the stretchy black material in his hands as he did, exposing Winnie's chest to his view. The camera's flash went off several times as Winnie straightened up with her dress bunched up at her midriff, showing off her naked chest to Paul's great delight. Indicating things might go better for Paul than discussed earlier, Winnie climbed onto his lap—facing him, and brought her nipples directly to his face. Paul didn't need to be instructed—he opened his mouth and took Winnie's tits into his lips with vigor. He rolled her boobs in his hands and pinched her nipples playfully but somewhat firmly—exercising all the self-control he could to not strip her and fuck her right there. Then he got an idea...

Paul kept one hand on Winnie's left breast as he sucked on her right while he moved his right hand down her back until it went under her dress and directly to her ass. Winnie took his left hand in her own and brought it to her ass with his right, indicating he was free to grab her back there and pretty much whatever else she let him get away with.

"Come on... let me see that ass." Paul begged.

"Think he's ready yet?" Winnie asked Amy as she posed for a few more pictures.

"Suuuuuuure." Amy replied in her usually bubbly inflection.

"Get ready!" Winnie said.

Winnie stood up between Paul's feet and turned away from him, putting her ass in his face again. Then she went to her knees and flipped her dress up exposing those perfect round globes and awesome legs again. Finally she lowered her chest all the way to the floor, stretching her ass to the limit and exposing her perfect rosebud and pussy around the thin string of her thong. She reached back to slide the thong to her knees...


Ding! Ding!

Winnie leapt to her feet and pulled her dress back on, covering herself as Amy went to the door. Paul cursed, looking as if he wished that he had never texted Tom, especially when it wasn't just Tom, but two other coworkers named Kevin and Phil whom Tom had been unable to ditch before coming. Amy looked concerned. Winnie looked at Paul as both breathed heavily.

"I—I brought champagne." Tom said extending a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to Amy.

Paul needed to act fast or his night was finished.

"Amy, Winnie—this is Tom... and apparently Tom was unable to read my text message clearly as I told him to come alone... These are our coworkers Kevin and Phil, who understand two's company and four's a crowd." Paul said.

Amy was happy Paul was seeing their side here but she didn't want to make Tom feel like a complete idiot so she said, "No—it's ok... we're all here to watch the show, that's all—right boys?"

Kevin nodded rapidly in the hopes he and Phil had just gained admittance. Amy allowed them in and said Tom should pour champagne for everyone and take a seat on the couch. Amy and Winnie talked it over, and figured they might have to modify their plans a bit but that they would strip for the four guys.

The girls chatted with their new suitemates for a few minutes before judging the situation worthy of getting back to business. Paul began informing his friends about how awesome Winnie's ass was and he asked Winnie to restart her dance by focusing on the other guys for a while.

Amy put a little sexy jazz on the Bose music system in the 48th floor suite and Winnie began wriggling her body to it and shaking her booty at the guys who were packed together on the couch now. Winnie's teasing brought four stiff cocks into the room quickly and so she went over to Tom and did her grinding tricks on him. In mere minutes he was begging her to move onto Kevin or else he'd cum, and he still hadn't seen so much as a nipple yet.

Paul had been talking to Kevin the whole time about Winnie's show, so when she turned her attention to Kevin, Kevin made the most of it. Rather than wait for her to repeat the same thing she had just done for Tom, Kevin pulled Winnie back into his lap and brought his hands straight to her tits... Winnie found his cock with her ass and began humping him through his pants and looking over her shoulder at him and breathing heavily. Apparently her pussy and clit were getting quite a workout from the grinding too and she was herself near an orgasm.

Kevin reached behind her neck, pulled the stretchy material forward over her head and bared her breasts for all to see. Then he began flicking his fingers over her nipples before sliding one hand down to her clit. She reached for it but she weakened as she got closer to her own orgasm. In no time Winnie was breathing heavily and stifling moans, but to no avail... everyone knew she was coming.

Amy knew she needed to get in there and get Winnie a moment to cool down so she quickly changed her shoes and stepped in front of the four men and one heavily breathing Winnie and began slowly snaking around to the music. Amy was much better at dancing than Winnie and the ridiculous 3" platform (7" heel) lace-up boots she was now wearing made her look even more lithe as she teased the men and pulled her dress above her waist ever so often to show them her impossibly tiny thong.

She grabbed the camera and tossed it to Kevin and told him to "fill it up", mostly to get his hands off of Winnie who he was previously groping as she sat topless between him and Phil. Kevin began walking around shooting photos of Amy dancing and teasing, but from time to time he'd zoom in on Winnie since Phil and Tom were now on either side of her discreetly sliding their hands across her body. Winnie wasn't really fighting their hands off or anything so they progressively got more and more liberal with their pursuits until Phil was completely groping her boobs and playing with her nipples and Tom was sliding his hand into her panties doing something nobody was really sure of.

Amy tried to control the situation by climbing onto Tom's lap and pulling the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders. Everybody, including Winnie wanted to see Amy naked... and they loved watching her writhe so sexily on Tom's lap as her dress inched down her chest with each thrust. Kevin worked the camera as Amy looked directly into the lens and then reached up for the front of her dress and tugged it straight to her belly button.

Amy's perfect little breasts and medium-brown nipples jutted out proudly on her tiny frame—with every eye on her and 10 hands that wanted to be on her. Kevin shot Amy's topless body from every direction and soon, she was filling his lens with even more... Amy got off of Tom and flipped the hem of her dress up onto her back exposing her ass and the thread that passed as her thong. She bent at her waist and sexily lowered her hands to the floor in front of her until they were directly between her feet. Four guys were assfucking her in their minds at that time, but rather than drag it out as a tease, she slid her hands up the insides of her legs, grabbed her thong, and pulled it down to her ankles.

"Wellllllll??? What do you think boys?" Amy said as giggly as ever—obviously eating up the attention.

She was naked... pussy, ass, tits—all out for the world to see, in just her crazy-hot platform heel boots. Kevin captured Amy's body in painstaking detail... wide shots, close-ups, ass, pussy, tits, nipples, lips... Then Winnie stood up, dropped her thong and began showing her ass to the men next to Amy.

"God... don't you want to fuck these bitches in their asses?" Kevin said with a laugh. Even the girls laughed as they teased the men with this perfect butts and tight assholes.

"Who likes my ass better?" Amy asked with a wry smile.

Tom and Kevin raised their hands. Winnie, who was down on her knees between Paul and Phil backed her ass up within their reach and asked, "And who likes mine?"

Paul and Phil both raised their hands, and then as Winnie dipped her chest all the way to the floor and stuck her ass way in the air, Paul reached down and rubbed her asshole with his fingertips—and she didn't pull away. Winnie straightened up a bit when Paul's rubbing became more like probing. He had something slippery on his fingers and then he tried to push one into her ass as he said, "I want to feel how tight your ass is."

"Winnie!" Amy said sounding a bit shocked.

"Oooooooooooh shit!" Paul said as he slowly probed Winnie's asshole. "This girl's ass is tight!"

Amy, not sensing any danger but feeling jilted by Winnie's new attention quickly took her place by Winnie on her knees and said, "Which one is tighter?"

Paul was all too happy to slide his finger into Amy's ass next as Phil took his turn fingering Winnie's ass. Tom and Kevin moved in for their turns... Winnie's ass was loosening up from the vigorous fingering and she didn't mind that they were using their thumbs or putting two fingers at a time in her ass because they kept massaging her clit while they did it.

"Oh my God I'm so fucking horny... It's time for you guys to make us cum." Kevin said.

Winnie and Amy looked at each other... Winnie shrugged while Amy shook her head "no" at Winnie. Winnie asked "whY?" just by raising her eyebrows and Amy nervously said "I don't know" with a look back at Winnie.

"You said we might go as far as a blowjob?" Winnie asked out loud. Just asking it meant it had to be done... for all four men. She knew it when she did it.

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