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Getting Shaved


It was just another lunch time, or so I thought. Lunch usually consisted of munching on a sandwich while I dealt some black jack for fun. I suppose an explanation is in order before I continue. The shop has lunch nearly an hour before the office and engineering staff, so we pretty much have the break room to ourselves, we, being the engineers, administrative staff, which are mostly women, and secretaries. Most of them eat at their desks, except three secretaries and myself. Occasionally one of the other ladies will join our small group, but not often. At forty, I am by far the oldest of the group, and am the only man. If I didn't need the break from the constantly ringing phone, I'd probably eat at my desk like most of the other engineers.

As it was, the three, very cute in my book, secretaries, sat and chatted, sometimes including me in the conversation, sometimes not. More times than not they seemed to talk about things that most men would find either embarrassing or stimulating, if you know what I mean. They seemed to delight in seeing how big of a bulge in my pants they could create. I'm sure my wife wondered why some days I would be trying to get into her pants well before bedtime!

A few weeks ago the ladies went to a casino and fell in love with blackjack, and talked me into spending my lunch time with them, dealing hands. I had to say I was getting pretty good at it. Today was really just a normal day, except for the conversation. Today they seemed to be really intent on trying to fuck with my mind while I dealt.

"So, anyway, Donna went to that new boutique south of town. She was going to get a bikini wax because she bought this cute little negligee for her anniversary." Angie said. Angie was the oldest of the three, being about twenty- eight or so, with a well formed body sporting a pair of easily C- cup tits that she loved to display with low cut tops. She had long slim legs that she showed to perfection, rarely wearing anything but mini-skirts, even on cold winter days.

"So, did her hubby like it?" Trina asked, after she motioned for me to hit her. Trina was a very petite woman, barely into her twenties with a definite oriental heritage. She was a bit more reserved than Angie, wearing more conservative skirts, but usually with form- fitting tops that accentuated her B- cup tits. I really would have loved to see what she looked like naked.

"Oh, the girl at the boutique talked her into a complete shave! Her husband was so turned on when he saw her in it all shaved, that he sucked and fucked her for three hours!" Angie said with a grin.

"No shit?" Jennifer asked. Jenifer was the most reserved, just turning twenty four and generally wearing a much more conservative wardrobe. I had little idea what her body looked like, other than she had a reasonably nice- sized pair of tits that were always hidden well inside a practically industrial strength bra. It was hard to tell how much was formed by her and how much was hidden by the bra. She had fairly long blond hair and slim hips and legs. I suspected that she was a very hot- looking woman if she would ever wear anything to show it. "I wish my husband would fuck me for three hours. All he wants to play with are his golf balls!"

"So why don't you go get shaved?" Angie asked. "You could do it for your birthday this weekend and surprise him. I hear guys really go for eating bald pussy! Don't they, Mike?" she asked, looking straight at me.

They spent significant amounts of time teasing the hell out of me, with Angie seeming to take the lead. I had two ways to go, I could turn red and try to duck it, or I could fight fire with fire. "I don't know. I haven't ever eaten a bald pussy. My wife has a nice curly bush," I replied, deciding to fight fire with fire.

"Well, we could fix that!" Trina said, standing up. She started to pull her skirt up. "Or not!" she said with a wink, dropping the hem the two inches she had pulled it up, before sitting back down.

"Oh, you are so bad!" Angie said with a laugh.

"Hey. Not nice to tease..." I said as I dealt out another hand.

"No, it's not. But you didn't answer the question either." Trina replied.

"Ok. If that's how you want it." I said with a grin. " A pussy is a pussy. They all taste good. Especially when you're licking up between a sweet set of lips. But no hair? It would certainly be fun to try!"

"See?" Angie said to Jennifer. "There's a hot guy's opinion. You should go get shaved."

"I hardly get undressed anywhere other than my bedroom. There's no way I could ever get undressed in front of a stranger and allow them to shave me." Jennifer said, shaking her head slowly.

"Come on, it's not that bad. I've had my boyfriends shave me before." Trina said. "It's fun. They shave you smooth and then lick your sweet pussy until you cum! Oh, God!" she said, looking at the ceiling and pressing a hand between her legs, apparently remembering the sensations.

"I don't think that's exactly how it works at the boutique!" Angie said, giving Trina's shoulder a gentle shove. "Although it does sound pretty sexy! I really think you should do it. Surprise your husband, maybe he won't find the golf green quite so interesting."

"I just couldn't. You'd have to tie me up and drag me in there naked!" Jennifer replied.

"We can arrange that!" Trina said.

"Not on your life!" Jennifer said vehemently.

"Oh, sure. You just need some help!" Angie said. "What are friends for?"

"Yeah, like I really need friends like that!"

"Hey, we'll come over Saturday morning and take you. Piece of cake!" Angie said with a grin.

"No way! It ain't happening." Jennifer said.

"Ok... you like to gamble. Tell you what. Next hand, if mine is higher than yours, you go!" Angie said.

"Oh, right. And if you lose? You what, don't take me?"

"I think if she loses SHE should have to get shaved." Trina said with a grin.

"No, better yet, both of you have to go! And I'll just stand there and watch, with both of you naked the whole time!" Jennifer said, clearly hoping to up the ante way too high for them.

"Done!" Trina said.

"Wait a second. This is nothing for Trina. She's been shaved before." Angie said.

"Fine. We lose, Mike can come watch me being shaved." Trina said.

"Wait as sec. How did I get into this?" I asked.

"Oh, come on. You're telling me you wouldn't come and watch me get shaved?" Trina asked.

"Sure he would. That's a gimme. He doesn't have any risk. All he has to do is come watch us naked. Uh uh. He comes, he has to be naked too. Fair is fair!" Angie said.

"Wait. I didn't say I wanted any part of this." I answered, getting a really bad feeling on where this was headed.

"Ok. That works. One hand, if I have high hand you three have to go to the boutique naked and get shaved. I lose to the house, you take me to get shaved." Jennifer said. "I hope you three like to be naked!"

"Wait a sec! I never said I wanted part of this!" I protested.

"Oh, come on, Mike. You're gonna love watching her get shaved!" Trina said with a huge grin. "I know you want to see her naked!"

"I never said I didn't, but how in the hell would I explain this to my wife?"

"The same way I'd explain it to my husband." Angie said "Surprise, honey!"

"Oh, shit." I said shaking my head. "I'm not at all sure I can do this!"

"Oh, now look who's chicken. If I can do it, you can do it!" Jennifer said suddenly showing new bravado.

"Let me get this straight. I deal one hand. If Jennifer has high hand, we all go to the parlor and get shaved. If she loses to me, we take her and watch her get shaved."

"Almost. If Jennifer wins, we all go naked and get shaved. If you win, we take her naked to get shaved and get to watch." Trina said.

I thought about this for a few seconds. As dealer I had the best chances. That's why casinos deal it. The four deck was over a dozen hands old and most of the aces were already gone. The odds were in my favor.

"Ok. I'm in." I finally said, with resignation.

"Great!" Angie said. "Better get ready to get naked Jen, you're about to lose your clothes and get a shave!"

I dealt out two cards face down, one to Jenifer and one to me. I laid the second cards down face- up, her's a jack and mine a four. I looked over at Trina and Angie, a worried look on both of their faces.

Jennifer lifted her hole card and peaked. Slowly, a smile spread across her face. "Gotcha!" she said with a smile, flipping her hole card over and displaying an ten of hearts.

"Oh, shit." I whispered as I flipped my hole card. The ten of spades stared at me on top of my four of hearts. This was not a good hand, even for the dealer. I had no choice, anything less than twenty- one would be a loss.

Amber chewed her lip as I flipped the next card from the deck. The two of clubs lay on top of my other two cards, still not enough. I flipped the next card over. The eight of hearts lay on top... twenty four.... Over.

"Shit!" Angie swore. "How the hell did that happen?"

"I'll be damned!" Trina said looking at the cards.

"HOLY SHIT! I WON!" Jennifer practically shouted in jubilation as she looked from the cards to her friends. "Looks like I won't be the one getting a pussy shave!"

I leaned back in my chair stunned while Jennifer looked at the three of us with a huge grin. "My place, noon Saturday! Boy, am I going to enjoy this!"

"Oh, don't rub it in." Angie said quietly. "I think we better get back to work."


The first rule of gambling is to never gamble what you are unwilling to lose. In this case I felt like I had gambled my dignity, and lost. I even thought about not showing up, but I knew that if I didn't there would be some kind of retaliation by the girls. I followed the directions to Jennifer's house and headed up the walk to the front door. At least she lived outside of town so I wouldn't have to be exposed too badly.

"Well, Mike! I wasn't sure you would really come. Come on in!" Jennifer said cheerily, standing at the front door in a tank top and pair of short- shorts. I raised my eyebrows at her outfit. It was far from her usual fare. The shorts were tight and showed a well formed smooth ass, and her tank top clung to a considerably- sized chest, held in by one of her heavyweight brassieres. "Well, girls, look who showed up. That means that you lose another bet, Trina!"

"Another bet?" I asked as I looked at the two ladies sitting at the kitchen table with glasses of ice water.

"Uh huh. She bet me you wouldn't have the nerve to show." Jennifer answered.

"I'm afraid to ask what she bet."

"She bet that if you didn't show they wouldn't have to go through with it, and if you did, then they had to do whatever I said for the rest of the afternoon." Jennifer said with a grin. "This is going to be so fun!"

I looked over at Trina, who just shrugged with a half crooked grin. It was no wonder they seemed to always lose at the casino.

"Ok, girls. Since this is the start of play time for me, I think you should both stand up and let Mike undress you. I mean, since you have to do what I say and all." Jennifer said, holding her hands together in front of her tiny shorts and turning side to side like a little kid who was just told they were getting their favorite snack.

Somewhat reluctantly, Trina and Angie got up and walked over to where I was and stood in front of me expectantly. Angie was wearing one of her usual miniskirts and a t-shirt. Trina had on a pair of denim hot pants and a crop top. I had always wanted to see them naked, but this seemed like an expensive way to get to do it. But, since I was committed, I decided to enjoy it.

I stepped up to Angie and slid my hands around her waist, feeling for the zipper which I expected to find on the back of the tiny skirt. In the process I made sure to gently squeeze her ass, finding it to be full and firm. I located the zipper and snap in the back and undid them, leaning my body against her breasts as she breathed a lot deeper than normal. I pushed the material down over her hips and let it fall to the ground. I slid my hands down her shirt- tail until I felt the bare skin of her hips, and then gently ran my hands up her body, dragging the shirt along with them. I felt her body shudder slightly as my hands slid up her sides and across the roundness of her breasts. I was surprised to find that she was braless, her round tits apparently not requiring any support to hold the shape I had admired for so long. I continued to drag the shirt up as she lifted her arms, her bare midriff giving way to her two creamy breasts. My dick hardened even more in my pants as I pulled the shirt up and over her head, leaving her wearing nothing but a tiny thong panty, firm tits and hard nipples standing at attention for me to see. As I watched, her nipples hardened even more, her large areola swelling with the nipples until they stood out from the roundness of her tits as well.

I knelt down, gently kissing each of her hard nipples as my hands found the string of her thong panties and slipped it down over her hips. I kissed my way down her sexy body, pushing the material down her legs and finally helping her step out of it and her skirt, which was still around her ankles. I tossed her clothes onto the table where I had tossed her shirt, and then leaned my face down to kiss what was exposed of her pussy before kissing my way back up her body to her tits, where I sucked first one and then the other nipple into my mouth for a few seconds.

By the time I was done, her chest was heaving deeply, and I could see her face was flushed pink.

"Well done. I may wish you were undressing me before long." Jennifer said.

"Just say the word." I said as I moved over to Trina.

Trina is a much smaller woman, easily only five- three or so, and I bet she doesn't weigh much over a hundred pounds. Her skin had that slight oriental tint, and even though she didn't have the oriental eyes, she did have the typical black oriental hair. I reached for the snap of her shorts and pulled gently while she looked up into my eyes, hers almost smoldering with lust after watching my undressing of Angie.

I unzipped her shorts and slid my hands around inside the waistband, allowing my fingers to begin to slide them down as I stroked down her bare hips. She stood staring into my eyes, allowing my hands to roam across her bare thighs and back up between her legs, her shorts falling around her ankles. She stepped out of the pool of material, briefly spreading her legs and allowing me to stroke her already wet pussy with the side of my fingers, as I trailed my hands up her front and under the crop top. Her tits weren't large, and they were as bare as Angie's when I pushed the tiny crop- top up and over her head. I leaned down to pick up her skirt and paused as I stood back up, briefly sucking each of her hard nipples into my mouth. She moaned quietly as I rolled each nipple with my tongue, reaching for my head and pulling it tighter to her small tits.

"God, that is so fucking hot." Jennifer said huskily as she sat on one of the kitchen chairs watching us. "Now, I think you two ladies should return the favor. I've wanted to see his dick about forever."

"Me, too. It'll be worth getting shaved to be able to do this." Angie said as she knelt down in front of me. She slowly slid one hand up inside the leg of my walking shorts, rubbing my thigh as she worked her hand clear up inside until she was gently stroking my bare cock. "Ohhh, no underwear!" she cooed, as she began undoing my pants with her free hand. She undid the belt and snap of my walking shorts, and then slowly pulled the zipper down, making sure not to catch any hairs in the process. Finally she let go of my dick and slid her hand out of the leg of my shorts and pulled them down, allowing me to stick out at her face.

"Nice." Trina said, as she looked down from where she was standing, pulling my polo shirt up my body.

It only took them a few more seconds to get me completely naked, except for my flip-flops. Angie gently wrapped her lips around my dick while Trina knelt down next to her, sliding her fingers up my leg and stroking my balls.

"Ohhh, if you're trying to make me cum, just keep that up." I groaned as Angie pressed my dick deep into her throat, her nose practically touching my body.

"Oh, we don't want to do that yet." Jennifer said. "Why don't you ladies sit down? Mike and I will be right back." She said as she got up from her chair and took me by the hand, leading me down the hall. "I'd like to change my shirt before we go, and I think Mike deserves to help me."

I let her lead me into her bedroom and close the door. "You know, I've wondered what you look like naked for a long time. I'm certainly not disappointed. I have a hunch that those two would like to wear you out a bit, so I thought maybe I'd take a turn first, if you don't mind."

"What did you have in mind?"

She stepped up until her shirt- covered tits were pressing against my chest. "Why don't you take my clothes off and let's see where it goes. We have about half an hour or so."

"Won't Angie and Trina mind?"

"Knowing Trina, she probably already has Angie lying on the table." Jen said, as she pulled my hands up to her chest and laid them on her big tits. "Now I know you want to see me naked, so let's not waste time talking about them. I'm sure they can keep themselves entertained."

"Yes, ma'am." I said with a grin, running my hands down to the tail of her shirt. I pulled it up fairly quickly while she lifted her arms, and tossed it onto the bed. She did indeed have on a heavy- duty bra covering her large tits. I reached around and easily undid the four clasps that held the material together, and then pulled it toward me while I stepped back from her body, allowing the large support to slide down her arms and fall to the floor in front of her.

"You seem to have had practice with that." she said as I surveyed her easily double- D tits. They were large by anyone's standards, but also were full and didn't sag nearly as much as I would have expected for their size. Her nipples were large, nearly three- quarters of an inch across, centered in the middle of large, dark brown areola. I knelt down in front of her and quickly unsnapped her shorts, pulling them down her hips and legs, leaving her dressed in only sandals and a tiny pink bikini panty. I moved closer to her on my knees, reaching for one of her large nipples, as I stroked her panty- covered ass with my hands.

"Ohhhh, nice." she said, as I sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked greedily on the firm globe and practically froze as I received a generous gush of fluid. It took me only a very short few seconds to realize what had happened, Jennifer frozen in place the entire time. Gently at first, and then with more vigor, I renewed my attack on her nipple as I slid her panties down her legs. I could feel her other tit dripping on my shoulder and chest as I sucked and played with the first nipple.

"Oh, God, yes." she said, as I slipped my hand between her legs, now free from her panties. I stroked her pussy gently, feeling the wetness with my fingers, before I stroked between her lips and across her clit. She shivered slightly as I changed to her other tit, never stopping my stroking of her wet lips.

"Oh, please fuck me!" she moaned, pulling on my arms to stand me up.

I released her tit from my mouth and she pulled me forward until she was lying back on the bed with me on top of her sweet- looking body.

"Yes. That's it." she cooed, as she reached between us and guided my hard dick toward her waiting opening. I slowly pressed the head against her lips and slipped into her tight tunnel. "OH, yes." she panted, as I pushed deeper into her. "Make me cum. Please make me cum!" she groaned, as I pressed the base of my dick against her clit, now fully into her wet tunnel.

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