tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 02

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 02


Kiara came to caught between a rock and a hard place.

The rock was the marble of what she knew to be the slab in Spike's tomb. The hard place was Spike himself.

She was naked beneath his heavy weight. Spike himself wore nothing but a diabolical smile.

"Welcome back pet. Ready for round two?" He purred. And without waiting for an answer he punched his cock home.

Kiara screamed out in a confused mix of pain/pleasure. Spike was big. And her pussy was already aching sweetly from his first assault on her captive body.

Spike laughed with savage satisfaction.

"Like that, do you?"

"Fucking bastard!" She hissed, trying to bite him again. "I hate you!"

"Yeah, but you're loving this!" He shot back and kept her from biting by grinding her mouth under his.

Without warning he rolled them off the slab, taking the brunt of the fall on his own back.

Kiara's breath whooshed out. His chest was harder then the slab she'd just been laying on. By the time her body remembered that unlike his, it needed air, he was fucking her again.

And even with Kiara on top he Dominated her totally.

He held her two wrists together in one hand against the floor back behind his head. His free hand yanked one knee and then the other up so that she was almost riding his chest.

She was smashed against him from hips to head, her face pressed into his shoulder, her legs tucked tight up against the cool flesh of his waist and thighs.

It was a position where she couldn't move away from him by so much as an inch.

All she could do was whimper and shudder when he bent his knees and braced his feet so that he could pump up hard into the pussy impaled so deeply on his cock.

He snapped his hips with so much force each time that Kiara's body glided up and nearly off his shaft with each fierce thrust. Then gravity and her own body's weight led her back down until they were belly to belly again.

She had the distant, dizzy wish that he'd stop hammering up into her and just stay flat and still for a minute or two so that she could rub and grind her clit against him until she could cum. And then she was exploding, screaming her throat raw, her pussy walls convulsing and caressing the hard flesh buried so deeply in her wet, hot cunt.

She heard Spike snarling out his own throaty bellow of satisfaction, and felt his chill seed jetting endlessly inside of her still pulsing depths.

She collapsed on top of him, her body boneless, still twitching and shuddering and shivering minutely.

Oh gods, she whimpered silently. That was, that was...as close to Heaven as I will ever get. At least here on earth.

She felt a little guilty invoking the name of Heaven when thinking about something so sinfully carnal. But the bare bones truth was that nothing had ever been as good as what she had just finished experiencing.

Kiara melted bonelessly on the hard body beneath hers.

"So, you and Buffy gonna compare notes now?" He drawled lazily.

Suddenly she felt as if her body had been doused with ice water.

Kiara gasped and lifted her head to meet his calculated gaze.


"The plan." He prompted tauntingly. "You know, the one where old Spike gets thrown a nice juicy bone to get him out of the Slayer's hair?"


"Buffy wasn't paying much attention that night." He smirked nastily. "Kicked her bloody ass good I did, four times! And tell the chit I staked five Vampires who were trying to sneak up on her as she headed for your place!"

Kiara thought about mentioning that the only reason Buffy had been so off her game was because she HAD just gone four seperate rounds with the Master Vampire.

She was blond, but luckily far from stupid. She was still sprawled on top of him. And her pussy really needed at least a short rest. So she stayed quiet as he continued his explanation.

"Once you two little manipulators got into the beer I could have snuck up and sat at your feet! I was ten feet away, you bloody twits! I can hear a leaf fall from a hundred feet pet. So believe me, I got the whole story."

"Then why..." Kiara broke off abruptly. She wasn't sure if she wanted or was willing to complete that line of thought.

"Why am I fucking your brains out? Why not? It's obviously what the Slayer wants." Spike shrugged his shoulders, his beautiful eyes chipped in ice. "And what the hell, you're not the Slayer. But you're as close as I'm gonna get. You're a fine piece yourself, luv. I'm not one to refuse a gift that's as deliciously packaged as you. But enough with the small talk. Let's get back to the business of fucking!"

And as quickly as that Kiara found herself suddenly on her hands and knees, the leather of Spike's duster slick sliding beneath her as she tried to keep her balance under the punishing thrusts of Spike's hard cock.

How in hell could Buffy give this up?

And why the hell wasn't Buffy suddenly hating her, what with Kiara being the one who was now getting all this amazingness?

Then Spike's nimble fingers were sliding down to pinch and rub at her clit, and up to attack her nipples, and Kiara lost herself back into the luscious act of simple fucking.

She thought his plan was to maybe use his cock rather then his fangs to kill her before he was finally sated and rolled away from her to grab a pack of cigarettes from his duster.

He handed her a lit one, seeming to know she was a fellow addict. Or maybe he was just thinking that even a non smoker would turn to smoking after the rigorous paces he had put her through.

"Mmmmmm." He purred sleepily. "I feel good." He lazily lifted an arm to glance at his watch. "Thought so...almost sun up. Get your pretty little ass home. It's undead sleep time for me and I'm not having you poking about here watching me sleep."

"Why, do you snore?" Kiara snapped snottily, already skittering about searching for her dress.

"Watch the mouth cutie. There's still enough time for one last round before sun rise." He warned.

"Where are my damn shoes!" She wailed, putting as much physical distance between them as she could.

"About two miles back."

"Oh yeah, right." Kiara mumbled, reminded of her extremely ineffective attempt to escape Spike's clutches.

"Ok bye!" She was almost out the door when his voice stopped her.

"Be back by sundown."

Kiara froze, not turning from her almost walk into almost dawn. "Why?"

"Belong to me now, remember?" He purred soft and low. "Pacts and promises. So be back by sun down. Don't make me come looking for you blondie. I tend to wake up in one hell of a mood."

Oh great, Kiara moaned to herself. She didn't want to even try and picture Spike in the midst of a bad mood. Thinking about all the bumps and bruises Buffy had been sporting lately gave a really good idea.

"Oh, and luv?"

"What!" She snapped, desperate to get away.

"I wake up hungry."

Only the barest bit of a squeak escaped Kiara's suddenly frozen throat. Dignity be damned! Kiara tucked tail and ran like hell.

Taking with her the sound of Spike's laughter ringing in her ears long after she was finally home.

She stayed at her aunt's house only long enough to scarf down a bagel. She was feeling light headed and ravenous. That blood loss bit, plus the extended rounds of hot, brutal, animal...no!

No, no, no, wasn't going there! She grabbed a bottle of water and bolted for Buffy's house.

Buffy was slumped over a bowl of soggy cereal, unenthusiastically spooning up bites while flipping through a magazine.

It had been a long night of patrolling for her.

"Hey Kia." She drawled, barely looking up. "I think I rumbled with one of every species of demon the Hellmouth harbors last night. No Spike at least though...I take it he was, uh...busy?"

"Hah!" Kiara yelled. "Hah, hah, hah!"

Kiara's high pitched hahs started Buffy so much that her elbow jerked and sent her bowl of cereal flying off the table.

"Well, hell." Buffy groused, glowering down at the mess spread halfway across her kitchen floor. Her eyes flicked back up to the now pacing Kiara.

"What's up Kia? From the looks of you, I want to say you must have had a great night." Her eyes lowered to the blond's bare feet. "Where are your shoes, by the way?"

"About two miles back!" Kiara snarled.

She dropped gracefully into the chair across from Buffy and plopped her head down onto the table.

"Guess what Slayer. You got a little sloppy that night. Spike was right there and heard every damn thing."

Buffy spewed a mouthful of juice across the table.

"Gee thanks!" Kia grumbled, swiping at her arms. "You and goo, they go together!"

"Oh gods, tell me you're joking!" Buffy choked out.

"Would I look this fucking wrecked if I was joking!"

"You were with Spike, the Big Bad, Master Vampire you know! So yeah. But I do get the not joking part."

It was Buffy's turn to plop her head heavily down onto the table.

She banged it on the table top a few times then looked up at Kiara,

"I'm dead. We are both so totally dead!"

"Hah." Kiara snorted. "I don't think you're dead. He took it rather well, considering."

Of course that sent her mind back to remembering all those hours under Spike's bruising body taking payback. And no she was not going there!

"There's the small matter that he now thinks I am his slave or something. But no, I don't think either one of is is going to end up dead, yet. Unless of course I decide to kill you!" Kiara snapped, slapping Buffy on the back of the head.

"What kind of Slayer doesn't check the place out for the Vampire she wants to be talking about!"

"One who's been getting beaten up by said Vampire all night long already!" Buffy snapped back. "Four times, remember...I went four rounds with that psycho! By the time I got to your house it was a miracle I still remembered my name!"

The two blonds glared at each other.

But before it could get really nasty Kiara exploded into giggles.

"Oh shit Buffy! When I knew he knew! Oh my god!"

"Before or after?" Buffy had to know.

"D-d-d-uring!" Kiara howled, laughing so hard she slid off her chair and landed in a heap on the floor.

"And I couldn't even move at that point. So I'm kneeling there wondering if this is the point where my head gets ripped off!"

"What do you mean you couldn't move? No, wait, Buffy doesn't wanna go there! But back up to that now I'm his slave part, would you?"

Kiara shrugged. "Those words pretty much explain the situation Buf. He figures he owns me now, because of our pact thing. He told me to be back there by sunset."

Buffy blinked. "Uh...what are you gonna do?"

Kiara sighed and dragged herself to her feet.

"I'm gonna get myself some sleep. I have a Vampire that I don't want to make come look for me expecting me once the sun goes down. Can I borrow a bed?"

"Sure Kia, take your pick.

As Kiara staggered off, suddenly so exhausted she could barely keep to her feet, Buffy's voice stopped her.

"Ki, I'm sorry. I obviously didn't think this whole Spike plan through very well. I shouldn't have..."

Kiara giggled softly. "Don't sweat it Buf. Yeah, would have been nice to not have alerted the Big Bad to our little scheme, but..." She grinned merrily. "Should be one hell of a ride! Oh, I need to crash. See ya when I surface Buffy."

She stumbled into Buffy's room, knowing her friend was up for the day.

She pulled her dress up and over her head and collapsed on the bed.

Kiara told herself, no thinking about any of it. At least not yet.

Of course, that was easier to say, then do.

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