tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 03

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 03


She should have taken a quick shower.

She reeked of Spike. His cigarettes, the whiskey that had flavored that luscious, talented mouth. She could smell the leather of his duster on the fingers that were cupping her cheek as she tried to sleep curled up about a comforting, soft pillow.

They had never actually made it downstairs to where Spike had a real, normal bed.

He had taken her on the floor, Kiara on her hands and knees, at least until the savage strength of his hard pumping body had driven her down flat on her belly. He had finished them both off that way, pinching the tight nubs of her throbbing nipples as well as her swollen pulsing clit.

She was screaming long before the finish when they both exploded into a climax that had Kiara seeing flares of silver and gold and bright colors.

Even now she wasn't sure which had been foremost the pain or the pleasure.

Spike wasn't exactly a gentle lover. He fucked hard. And he fucked fierce.

Kiara had a sneaking suspicion though that she rather liked her lovers on that cusp of almost violent. If she hadn't enjoyed it, would she have cum harder then she'd ever imagined was possible?

She had literally lost track of how many times he had taken her body. She knew it was at least five times, thought it might have been as many as eight. Vampire stamina was all it was written up to be. She had the facts and the next time she read fiction making Vampires out to be asexual creatures, she'd laugh herself into a coma!

He had taken her from behind once, bent over his single battered chair. She'd found herself wondering vaguely and without any real concern which object would break first the fragile chair or her merely human body.

With her long legs spread wide, Spike's cock had seemed to reach so deep up inside of her. It was always a twisted, crazy mix of pleasure and pain with her new Vampire lover.

And oh gods she was definatly headed for hell because she loved it.

Another time, he'd done her like that first time in the alley, when he'd turned and braced his body against the alley wall and lifted her up and down his cock, those inhumanely strong fingers digging into the curvy globes of her ass.

She'd squealed and moaned and whimpered, chewing on his shoulder and neck and the corded lines of his throat as if she'd been a Vamp herself.

She'd clawed his shoulders and back, drawing blood of her own, and howled high and hard enough to startle the very Powers To Be when she finally came yet again.

And now with the those tiny licks of sun sneaking between where Buffy's shades didn't fit quite right she couldn't fall asleep.

But she was just too tired in body to move. It was only her mind that was alert and twitching. All she could do was lay there smelling the smells and aching.

After all those hours and hours and some acts she'd only ever read about in books she found herself still wanting more.

Eventually she did finally fall asleep.

When she opened her eyes again the room was dimmer and the house silent.

For a moment she panicked, thinking she must have slept past Spike's sun set dead line and picturing a ranting Spike tearing up Sunnydale looking for her. She relaxed when she realized that she could still see sunlight in the cracks where Buffy's shades didn't fit perfect. The sun had merely moved to the other side of the house.

When she checked Buffy's bedside clock she learned she had about two hours before Spike would be expecting her. So she slipped out of bed and went to take the shower she'd needed earlier but had been too worn out to take.

After the shower getting ready was pretty easy. She simply slipped a pretty sundress from Buffy's closet over her lotion silked skin. She had a feeling she wouldn't keep clothes on for long once Spike was awake.

She'd never worn much in the way of makeup. Kiara was more of a tomboy then one of those delicate girly girls. Foundation made her skin feel tight and uncomfortable and she was blessed with good genes and clean, clear skin.

She remembered Spike rasping something about drowning in her emerald eyes so gave her lashes a light coating of mascara and slicked a little shiny gloss on the full lips he'd bitten and called luscious.

She found a perfume that seemed barely used. She didn't want to smell like Buffy, and very lightly dabbed it between her breasts, behind her ears and knees. She made sure to dab with a skinflint's touch.

She knew that smell was a powerful arousal factor where Vampires were concerned. Their sense of smell was far stronger then that of a human. Both in regards to pleasing scents and those that were not so luscious.

Suddenly she stopped and stared at herself.

"What the hell am I doing? And gods, why am I doing this? Ok, this is dememted. I'm standing here doing anything I can think of to make myself sexually appealing to the Vampire who basically raped me in an alley. Yeah it was kinda planned that way but damn girl!"

Kiara shook her head and stared into the eyes in the mirror. "I wonder if Buffy ever did this? Wore something she knew would make Spike hot, or some perfume that would have him sniffing around her? Oh man, gotta get out of here! I'll just go to his crypt a little early and watch him sleep. I wonder, do Vampires ever snore?"

She was glad that Spike's cemetary was within walking distance from Buffy's house. The way things had been going lately if she'd had to drive there was almost a given she'd have either ended up stuck in traffic, or stopped by a cop after first being stuck in traffic and then speeding to make up time.

Either way the thought of a homicidal Master Vampire tearing up Sunnydale in search or his misplaced "property" via the pacts and promise thing was not a pretty idea.

Happily Spike was still in his undead sleep state when she got to his tomb.

He was on his back with his arms folded beneath his head. And wearing nothing but a sexy half smile and a sheet kicked down low enough to expose that sexy dip a lusciously fit and toned male always owned round about the hip area.

Kiara found herself poised halfway between the door and the slab of marble that Spike lay sleeping on.

"Oh this is good." She half laughed and mostly whimpered. "I'm literally drooling here!"

And now what the hell should she do? Kiara hid her shyness behind cocky, half arrogant confidence. She hated looking stupid or goofy.

So she didn't want Spike to wake up and see her just standing there twiddling her thumbs like a fricking half wit. But there really was nothing much to do in the crypt.

She wasn't about to explore Spike's downstairs without his go ahead.

And upstairs there wasn't much beyond Spike and a few candles.

And yeah...she was playing with enough fire as it was, thank you very much!

She heard Spike making a throaty purring sound behind her and turned to see him stretch and arch his body.

She watched with the fatalistic eyes of someone viewing a car accident with a death toll as the sheet slipped off his body and pooled on the floor beside his sleeping spot.

"Oh-My-Fucking-God!" She whimpered weakly and hopelessly, staring at the naked beauty of the alabaster body less then ten feet away from her.

Kiara had suddenly found something she desperatly wanted to play with!

Buffy had casually mentioned that Vampires did really sleep like the dead. The Vampire locked in his daylight sleep had no awareness of outside events. He was locked in darkness with only those dreams that might fill his mind.

Kiara moved closer timidly waiting for Spike to move or purr or something. But once more he lay motionless.

"Spike? Spike?" She whispered loudly. "I'm back. Are you awake?"

She poked him in the arm. Then after no response from that pinched him with more enthusiasm then was probally wise but he stayed in his undead slumber.

Kiara just stared at him for a while.

God he was so beautiful! How could something that she knew to be so viscious, savage and murderous, be so physically pleasing?

She ran a gentle, glancing touch over his face. Those knife edged cheekbones, that mouth that she just needed and hungered to taste and lick and bite.

Her hands slid down to explore his body.

He was a Master Vampire so on the whole so much stronger then human, no matter how big or bulked that human might be compared to Spike.

He wasn't especially tall. Kiara herself was maybe 5'8", a little tall maybe in regards to the typical female of today.

She figured Spike was 5'10". Or maybe as much as 5'11". He did have to slightly lower his head to devour her mouth.

She delicatly stroked the delicious muscles in his chest and arms and vaguely off in some far away part of her mind she wondered if Vampires worked out.

Her eyes were drawn lower to that taut belly. And she couldn't do anything to rid her mind of the memory of how good that rock solid belly felt grinding against her own as he fucked into her pulsing, wanting body.

She didn't notice how fast and catching her breathing had become and licked dry lips all unaware.

She had to. She needed to. And so she bent down quick and pressed several little butterfly kissed against that irresistable belly.

The flesh under her mouth quivered and a cold hand slipped around the back of her neck.

"Don't quit now pet." That familiar English voice purred. "Not when you're getting to the good part."

Kiara gasped, and tried to straighten up and back away.

"Uh-uh." He chided almost gently. "You made it hard now make it feel better. Put your mouth to me. That's one of the few things we didn't get around to last night."

He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the slab. He'd kept his grip on Kiara's neck and now used it to pull her into the space between his spread thighs.

"Come on my sweet pet. You know you want to taste me." His ice chipped blue eyes drugged and dazed her.

Kiara found herself moving in closer.

"That's right luv. Now do it to me. And make it good!"

He leaned back on those powerful arms, his eyes still locked with Kiara's.

"Gonna make me beg?" He growled.

"Would you?"

Kiara was honestly just simply curious. She wasn't trying to be a smart ass.

"Hell no, little girl. I'm the big bad, remember?" He smirked down at her. "In a minute I'll just grab you and choke you on it. Now quit stalling. I want to feel those lips wrapped around my cock. And I want to feel them now!"


Sorry readers, this was going to be longer, as requested, but my computer says it needs to shut down. I have already posted another chapter..the fifth chapter, I'll be patient and I promise I'll type up a wordy one! Thanks, and appreciation towards those that enjoy my humble little things.

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