tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 06

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 06


When Kiara woke up, Spike was still deep in Vampire sleep. She grabbed his wrist to check the time, planning to bolt and go to ground somewhere he couldn't find her. Like the nearest twenty-four hour church or something!

Her bottom still stung. And she was almost mad enough to stake him-almost.

Kiara stared down at the motionless Vampire, half hating him for being so beautiful that the thought of punching a stake into that perfectly muscled chest made her ill.

She wasn't usually the dramatic type. But she had to accept that seeing him turned to dust would probably kill her.

But she was furious with him. And she was even more pissed off at herself. Because every time she thought about the emotions that had to have driven Spike into doing the things to her that he had done last night, she could feel the anger draining away into something soft and gooey.

She didn't like that.

"I'm not soft." She whined sullenly. "And I damn straight don't do gooey."

All uneasy in regards to acting out of character aside, she didn't like the melty shit because it reminded her of those women who excused the black eyes, the broken limbs with the lame declaration "But he loves me."

"Yeah, sure." Kiara grumbled. "I'm willing to buy that love hurts. But I don't think I can buy that it's ok for it to hurt in that sort of way."

But then you had the whole crazy Vampire aspect to add to the twisted mix. Vampires liked pain, obviously. They loved causing it. And while she couldn't speak for other Vampires, she knew her Vampire also liked receiving pain.

Buffy had been Spike's first human lover. And from the little bits that she had let out to Kiara, those two had basically beat the shit out of each other before, during, and half the time after, every time they had sex.

And he had been with Dru for a century. If she hadn't managed to wander away from her minders one day with the bright idea of picking wildflowers under the afternoon sun, he'd probably still be with her. And she knew he and Dru used to tear each other up.

Kiara and Spike sometimes got into actual physical confrontations. Usually it was a matter of Spike being in one of his smart-assed, snarky moods and deliberately and intentionally goading Kiara until she finally lost her fiery Irish temper and was driven to attacking him to get him to shut up!

She'd try her hardest to punch or kick him, and he'd dance around her just out of reach letting her get in a point or two, but essentially just winding her up tighter and tighter until she'd stop dead and blister the air for a full five minutes with a creative mixture of curses and cuss words, then she'd spin on her heel and stomp for the door.

He'd pounce on her laughing with maniacal glee and drag her hissing, spitting and clawing at him down into the belly of his crypt. He'd strip her with brutal, efficient skill, Kiara screeching "Don't you rip anything! No, wait, knock it the fuck off!"

Once he had her naked he'd toss her onto his huge bed, and before she'd stopped bouncing he'd be naked himself, and crawling up between her sprawled limbs like the deadly predator he was.

Still in fighting rage, Kiara would try to kick or push him away.

She was a warrior in her own right, but she was also female, and simply human. She never stood a chance. Even those few times she managed to score a direct strike to Spike's balls. On those occasions she might actually make it off the fucking bed, but never many strides towards the ladder before he was on her and flinging her back to the bed. Her sparring partner, was after all, a Master Vampire.

When their fucking was fueled by fighting as foreplay, he would sometimes tease her, tell her to settle down and be a good girl or maybe he'd just tie her to the bloody bed. He never actually did. But then he never truly needed her tied down to totally control and Dominate her.

He'd simply pull her hands up over her head, holding them easily by the wrists with one of his own, drop his hips into the lush cradle of her own, and worm her thighs open wide enough that he could rub his hard cock tauntingly against her hot core.

That bastard could kiss. Hundred plus years would turn anyone but a complete idiot into a master craftsman. And he'd learned very quickly just exactly where to nibble and suck on Kiara's neck, throat and shoulders.

She'd still be screaming, cussing and cursing him, whenever she could manage to wrench her mouth free. Or when Spike choose to concentrate on laddering her throat or neck with tiny little bites and wet, slick licks.

Kiara hated to give up or give in. But by the time he was on top of her like that, every hard, sculpted muscle of that perfect body rubbing, pushing, crushing her...the vocal bitching was mere auto pilot. Her eyes would be starting to glaze into that sexual thralled daze that only Spike had ever put her under...fucking Vampire, she'd think, always, every time, helpless to pull free of it.

And he'd taunt her with it, rubbing his cock against her increasing wetness, kissing her until she gasped desperately for air when he pulled back to bite gently at her neck or dipped his head to suck a swollen nipple. He'd pinch her nipples almost brutally, staying always just that level below when it would make her cry out and clear her mind just enough...

He'd tease and taunt and torment her until Kiara couldn't remember that she was furious with him. Drive her out of her mind with sexual need until it didn't matter anymore that she had intended to leave, and he had dragged her by force to his bed. Push her into such abandoned arousal that she would eventually, always, every single time, bend then break.

Those times when he forced her to fight, then carried her like a primitive conquering savage to his silk sheeted bower always ended in the same way.

"Fuck me, oh gods you demon bastard, fuck me hard!" Kiara would scream, and a heartbeat, for a human, who had one, later Spike would be pounding into her aching, exultant cunt. And he'd fuck her for an hour or more, using his Vampire endurance to refrain from cumming until she had exploded around his hard driving flesh a dozen times or more.

Whenever Spike got that need to goad her into trying to kick his ass, he'd fuck her the whole night long after, and Kiara would sleep for nearly a day when he finally allowed her respite. Then wake up and swear by any oath she could think of, next time Spike got in the mood, she was running! But she never did. And she wasn't sure if it was simply because she had never ran away from a battle, or if she just loved the carnal play.

Kiara pulled herself free of her erotic thoughts with a determined yank.

"This was different, damnit." She snarled softly. "I stick around for the other thing, so obviously I like it. Even if I'm not comfortable admitting that I do."

"Gods, it's all just so fucking messed up crazy!" She whimpered unhappily.

She'd known that taking a Vampire for a lover was totally fucked up. Even a Vampire as out of the ordinary as Spike. But she hadn't had a hope of resisting. Buffy's plan was damn stupid. Even Buffy had admitted that after the event. Buffy had allowed her desperation to find a way to get Spike to stop beating the shit out of her night after night, and her real fear that one day, Spike in an extra bad mood, or maybe simply drunk, might decide to go for his third slayer, had made her convince herself that Spike and Kiara were a good idea.

Kiara hadn't had a hope of finding the word no.

The first time she had seen him she'd been looking for Buffy in her favorite, most Vamp populated cemetery. He and Buffy had been destroying a gang off Vampires that had broken up the slug fest he and Buffy had been engaging in. Not that he cared to help Buffy out anymore at that point. He was just furious that they got in his way.

Kiara had stood beside a tree and watched him kicking, punching, tearing and rending with shouts of pure joy. And her entire body had convulsed with a feeling of, please God, I gotta have that pure lust.

It was rather a case of, sorry, all and any roads, they lead right here.

So Kiara stared down at her beautiful, sleeping, evil asshole of a Vampire and thought about biting him or something. And then her eyes fell on the set of handcuffs tossed casually onto the headboard and Kiara's wild child bright green orbs gleamed!

Oh my and oh yeah she chortled in a decidedly diabolical manner.

She knew Spike had a bunch of handcuffs squirreled away. He collected the damn things like kids collected trading cards.

She looked down at her defenseless Vampire and grinned evil. "Oh baby, you might be the Big Bad...but I'm a little hellion brat. And this is gonna be so much fun!"

Refusing to think about that stupid little cliché about paybacks are a bitch, Kiara slid off the bed and scurried around the room, unearthing a pair here and there until she had enough. Then she crept back on to the bed and gently checked the time again. She yelped softly. Sundown was closing on her fast. She needed to get this done before Spike woke up on her.

"Teach you to think about me as a mere, female human!" She growled softly as she scurried about on the bed.

"Paybacks are a total fucking bitch lover!" She purred with hot, dark, wildly excited hunger. "And oh baby, I am definitely a bitch!"

She kneeled beside the hips of her lover, eagerly waiting for him to awake. She wasn't stupi. Even if she was, "merely" human. Kiara knew the handcuffs she had used on Spike's wrists and ankles weren't enhanced by magic. If he decided to, they'd be nothing but a bunch of bits of broken metal in an instant.

It would all depend on his allowing her to "play" with him.

Spike woke up with the sense of something off kilter. Then he tried to roll over and grab a smoke and realized he couldn't because he was chained spread eagled to the posts of his bed with his own bloody handcuffs. First thing he thought was to wonder what enemy had found him. His second thought was, Kiara's pissed off.

He heard a whisper of sound and raised his head enough off the bed to see Kiara glide into view at the end of his bed. Wearing nothing but one of his black T-shirts

The material was so thin and well worn he could easily make out the sight of her tight little nipples. Two taut, excited nubbins of arousal. And the shirt was so short it barely covered that hot little mound.

He could smell her sexual arousal. And his cock hardened in answer.

"Hey luv." He purred. "I need a cigarette. I mean there's torture. And then there's torture."

Kiarra giggled, and moved to get his smokes out of his duster pocket.

She lit one with a sensual flair, drew on it a few times, then crawled up the bed between his spread thighs. She was careful not to touch him in any way. Even when she put the cigarette to his smirking lips.

They shared the cigarette in silence, then she leaned over him to stub it out.

He tried to nip her breast as it passed over his head, but she arched up and out of reach.

She still hadn't touched him, but he was already throbbing hot and hard.

"Still pissed luv?"

Kiara smiled sweetly, kneeling between his thighs, so close he could feel the heat radiating off her skin. She danced her fingers lightly over his chest. Then with no warning, still wearing that honey child smile, raked her long nails down his chest to his belly.

He hissed in a breath, his nostrils flaring to take in the scent of his own blood. Together they gazed down at the ten ragged furrows welling up crimson. Then he looked up and caught her eyes, and smiled.


Taunting him, she dipped her head and licked at the bloody welts, lapping them clean.

Spike's breath, that silly human behavior thing about him, was coming harsh. Kiara's playing the Vampire was making him so hard he briefly considered snapping the cuff Instead he decided to lay back and enjoy what he hoped would be just the start of some very twisted hours!

Maybe he could get her to use those teeth somewhere other then just his...

"Ahhhh...bloody hell!"

His little bitch witch had just licked her way up his chest to his ear. And she was now gnawing enthusiastically on the sensitive lobe!

"Like that?" She purred, poking the sharp tip of her tongue into his ear.

Spike's only reply was a strangulated grunt.

He had his eyes closed. And every muscle in his body was clenched against the desire to rip free of the flimsy cuffs.

He wanted to fuck her so bad he wondered if the heat generated by that need would send him up in flames.

"Am I being too mean lover?" She cooed, laughing at him, knowing what she was doing to him.

"I want more!" He snarled as their eyes locked.

"What, like this?" She hissed kitten fierce, and suddenly latched onto his throat with her blunt, baby human teeth. "Wanna pretend I'm the Big Bad and you're just a puny human?" She mumbled around the mouthful of flesh her blunt little teeth had dug into.

Spike howled, and slammed his head back against his pillow, tearing his flesh free from Kiara's teeth.

She stared at him for a moment in shock, then looked down and saw his hard cock twitching a warning. Before he could erupt Kiara had her fingers wrapped around the base of his throbbing shaft and was choking the tide back down.

"Oh no you don't!" Kiara pouted, lifting her face away to his view. And the simple sight of her, those luscious lips rimmed red, the blood on her chin dripping down in sluggish rivulets past her throat to creep beneath the neckline of her shirt nearly snapped him.

He was a heart beat away from turning the fantasy into reality. The only thing that stopped him was the vision of two pairs of agony filled eyes. Kiara's resentful, hurt, sad and betrayed eyes...as she walked towards the Slayer with her arms wide open to show her lack of weapons, begging her almost sister without words needed, I went down, I failed, I lost...give me rest before I can become one of the bad things we fought against. I ask just one last thing, kill me as you have to.

He knows Buffy well, after all these years. She would do what she had to. She would punch that sharp stake between Kiara's ribs and turn her best friend into mere ashes in the wind. And then like a hell spawned fury her rage would turn towards Spike. Sometimes passion and pain and a need to pay something back are better then simple skills. In that case, that one time...Spike would have no chance. She would destroy him in her screaming agony. And once she had, that very same night, she would find a way to meet her own end. To destroy both Kiara and Spike...those would be Buffy's last straws.

So Spike stared at the blood, and his demon roared to rage, but the bits of William that still lurked saw two pairs of beautiful eyes filled with sadness and death.

Then Kiara's sexy little tongue poked out to lick her lips clean of his blood and Spike's cock tried to do it's thing again. And he thanked...whomever he had the right to...that bloodlust was slipping into...pure lust.

"Spike, cut it out!" Kiara whined. "You're always so horny!"

Spike laughed in half insane hilarity, making a vow to himself that he would never let Kiara know how close he had come to draining and turning her.

"I'm sorry pet, you just excite me so much. And you know I wake up aroused." He mocked with a lusty grin, wanting to distract Kiara as well as himself.

"Mmmmm." Kiara purred lewdly, staring down at the rampant beast her long, limber fingers could barely wrap around, "I remember." She pushed out her full lower lip and pretended to be mad at him. "You always have to be such a contrary asshole. You just always have shagging on your mind!"

"Sorry luv." Spike tried to look contrite. ""It's just, well...I guess I always want to be shagging you."

Kiara glowered at him, only half in jest. "I guess I'll just have to do a little something so we can get back to other matters."

Spike tried desperately not to grin as Kiara slithered down his body.

"Hey, pet?" He purred.

"Huh?" She muttered, already distracted.

"Use your teeth."

Spike didn't even mind when she reared upright and punched him so hard she broke his nose. Buffy had gotten him used to getting that part of his body bloody and broken.

"Always gotta have the last word." She grumbled as she scooted back down his body to where his cock eagerly waited.

And Spike could have staked his own self when she deep throated him just twice before his cock was exploding down her throat in one of the longest lasting orgasm's he'd ever experienced. His nose was almost fully healed already before the last shuddering spasm tapered off...

"Well, fuck!" Spike whined, banging his head on the pillow.

"Poor Spikey." Kiara taunted maliciously. "Little problem with control..."

Spike raised his head off the pillow to scorch her with a menacing glower. "I wouldn't be forgetting that eventually you'll be having to let me out of these hand cuffs."

"Maybe I just won't let you go, luv. Might be interesting at that, keeping you locked up and always here for me." She mocked, throwing his own words back at him.

Spike's eyes glittered at her, a little gold moving in to meld with the bright blue.

"My, my, my...and here I thought you were a good girl."

Kiara made a rude sound. "Where did you get that idea? Good girls don't usually go around fucking Vampires, now do they?"

Spike smirked at her. "Bite me some more baby. I really liked that. And take my damn shirt off. I wanna see that luscious body. Besides, you're getting it all bloody!"

Kiara yelped in laughter. "Oh please, like you don't! You're the master of bloody chaos!"

She gave him torture back, the way she slowly, slowly slid his shirt up, and finally off.

Then she went back to deliciously torturing him with teeth and nails.

And Spike loved every savage, vicious moment of it.

Kiara nibbled up and down Spike's writhing body. Biting and licking and sucking, she raked her long nails up and down his legs. Then her lithe little tongue lapped up the blood.

Spike was nearly delirious with erotic joy. His little bitch witch had a definite talent for causing pain. And Spike loved it.

But now she was just playing with him, moving closer and closer to his center, then moving away without so much as a single lick.

"Damnit woman!" Spike moaned. "You're gonna kill me here!"

"Oh no, that would be very bad."

Her aroused Vampire snarled at her, not amused by her by play with his own words.

"Give me something before I go straight up insane!" He hissed.

Kiara giggled, and moved back up closer to Spike's throbbing cock. She stuck her tongue out, and licked him. Just once.

"How's that?""

Spike erupted, spewing out explicit and actually rather interesting, albeit totally unflattering, obscenities.

Kiara let him rant for a minute, fascinated both by the extent of his vocabulary and his inventiveness in using that extensive vocabulary. She would have liked to continue with the wide eyed, amazed listening but decided it would be much wiser to give Spike at least a little of what he wanted. After all, she wasn't totally stupid...

Considering she wanted it probably as least as much as Spike did-it was an easy decision.

So she dipped her head and swallowed his cock, pushing down and deep, taking him almost to his balls straight up immediately.

Spike clenched his fists and desperately started thinking about non sexual things. This time he was NOT gonna cum two sucks into the game!

Kiara thought he'd gone off his rocker when she realized he was moaning about kittens, Smurfs, and Xander in a tutu. Then the light bulbs went off. He was thinking of things that would keep him from coming.

Oh yeah, here was a game Kiara could play!

Of course it was a game that was made for the man to always, eventually lose.

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