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Getting The Facts Straight


I want to thank Wolf Vixen for catching all the errors I never see. This story is based on what can happen when not having the whole truth puts an ugly twist on a marriage.


Do you know what crow tastes like? Once you take the feathers off there's really not a lot of meat and what there is of it is very bitter. I suppose you're wondering why I'm eating crow? Well I accused my wife of doing something and found out later I was wrong, so for the last two weeks I've eaten enough crow to float a battleship, but I'm about done.

You see, if she wouldn't have told me, as she put it, a little white lie I never would have jumped to any conclusions. So now, Carol is making me pay for what I did and said that night. But, let me go back so you see what I did and why, then you can make up your own mind.

Carol and I have been married twelve years and have two kids, a boy ten and a girl eight. We both work and her parents pick up the kids from school everyday. Either Carol or I pick them up on the way home at night. The one who doesn't pick up the kids is responsible for starting dinner. We usually eat around 6:30, so as you can see, we've got it down to a science. Everything was going great, that is, until an old friend of Carol's moved back into town.

Tammy and Carol grew up in the same neighborhood, went to college together and were party animals to say the least. When we first started going out, on more than one occasion we got into it because of what Tammy had talked Carol into doing. I guess when we got engaged Tammy thought she was losing her best friend so she made it a point to monopolize her time as much as possible before the wedding. It became an irritant to me but Carol said that I'd have her for the rest of my life and anyway Tammy was moving away right after the wedding.

"Steve, be a dear. I've known Tammy forever and she's moving to Chicago. I don't know when I'll see her again so, if you cut her a little slack I'll make sure you're amply rewarded," she said with that evil smile of hers.

So, I kept my mouth shut until one night the two of them went nuts and got themselves in trouble. Let's just say it involved a hell of a lot of booze, three other women, four strippers, a fender bender and a night in jail for all concerned. Luckily or unluckily for her, I was out of town on business and her parents bailed her out.

No one said a word to me until two days before the wedding when a buddy of mine spilled the beans. I guess I lost my cool especially when she wouldn't give me all the details, even though I knew most of them anyway.

"Carol, what were you thinking? Or shall I say, what weren't the five of you thinking? No more, no more of this bullshit. I don't want you going out with Tammy anymore; at least not until you learn to control yourself around her," I told her.

"Steve, you can't tell me whom I can and can't see," she spit back at me. "I'm not some little kid that you can order around and you're sure as hell not my damn father. I'll see whomever I want," she said stomping out of the room.

"Then start acting like a grown-up," I replied to a door slamming in my face.

I was angry, hell I was pissed. It was bad enough she'd gotten in trouble and had not told me, and then trying to lie her way out of it when I did find out, irritated me more. If I'd done it, there would have been hell to pay, and I knew it. So, with her telling me to get over it and we'd talk about it later, I made a huge decision; I skipped the wedding rehearsal and the dinner afterwards.

My cell phone rang every five minutes for the first two hours as Carol filled my voice mail up in the first forty-five minutes before sending me a million texts; but I never answered a call or a text. That's when both my and her family started calling the hospitals and had the police start looking for me. Since I hadn't been gone for forty-eight hours, they only sent a squad car over to my apartment to see if I was alive or dead.

And where was I? My best man, Danny, and I were having a few cool ones at Tony's Bar and restaurant.

"You know she's going to be livid when she finds out your ok, don't you?" Danny said ordering another round. "Just make sure you tell her it wasn't my idea ok? I don't want a wild woman on my ass," Danny told me.

"No problem, how about some dinner?" I asked.

"Steve, you know you're digging a huge hole don't you? Carol may be so pissed that she'll tell you to pound sand up your ass and call the wedding off. Don't you want to marry her?" he asked.

"Sure as hell do, but not with her current high brow attitude though. If I can't trust her or let her think that she can lie her way out, what do I have? I don't want to marry a spoiled little brat who thinks that the world revolves around her and that she can do anything she wants without any consequences," I told Danny. "So, I'll talk to her sometime tonight and see if there's going to be a wedding tomorrow or not."

"You're a lot braver man than I am," Danny told me.

I wasn't brave, I was scared shitless, but was going to make my point no matter how many people I pissed off.

My brother basically found us by accident. He was taking a break from looking for me when he walked in and saw us at the restaurant.

"Where the fuck have the two of you been?" he yelled. "Does the words wedding rehearsal ring a bell?" he asked.

"Was that today?" I replied acting surprised and then giving him a smile. "Would you believe I forgot?"

"I'm just glad I'm not in your damn shoes right now. Everyone thinks something has happened to you and they're canvassing all the hospitals as we speak," he said as he texted someone a message. "Dad's going to chew you a new asshole and mom's been in tears for the last hour, I've texted mom that you're all right, I'll let you explain to them what your doing. Steve, just what the hell are you doing?" he asked.

"Bro, you don't even want to get in the middle of this shit. Go home to your wife, give her a kiss and tell her I'm alive; at least for the moment."

"See you tomorrow?" he said with a question mark on his face.

"I hope so," was all I said as he walked out shaking his head. "Since we've been made, I think it's time we got the hell out of here. The only one I want to face right now is Carol and I'm not looking forward to that," I told Danny.

"Call me if she kills you, ok?" he chuckled as I drove off.

There were four cars at Carol's condo. I recognized her parents, my sister's and could only guess whom the other two cars belonged to. So, taking a deep breath I walked in.

Carol was overjoyed to see me and angry as hell with me all at the same time. Everyone was talking all at once and her dad was trying to read me the riot act when I put my hands up.

"Everyone needs to shut the hell up and leave," I told them. When they started in on me again, I turned and started walking towards the door.

"Look, everyone, please leave Steve and me alone," Carol shouted to the group. "Mom, dad, I'll call you later," she told them.

As everyone started filtering out I got looks that would freeze water, well at least they left.

"Where in the hell have you been? Don't you know everyone's been looking for you?" she started in on me.

"Danny and I were at Tony's having a few before dinner," I told a stunned Carol.

"Steve, what the hell are you talking about? We had the wedding rehearsal and dinner tonight, or we were supposed to anyway, until the groom and best man decided not to show," she yelled. "Don't you want to get married?" she asked.

"Not really, well anyway not to the girl you've become," I told her. "What happened to the woman I fell in love with? The kind and considerate woman who was looking for an equal partner to share her life with. Now all I see is an arrogant, bitchy, spoiled little girl who wants it all her way and the hell with anyone else," I explained to her. "If that's who you've become, then hell no I don't want to get married," I told her.

Carol was now crying. "I'm sorry," she sputtered out. "It's just that with wedding and all, things have gotten a little crazy," she tried to say.

"A little? Try a lot," I answered her. "We're equal partners in this and you and I have to come first no matter what. That means our parents, our friends and our jobs must take a second fiddle to what's best for our marriage and us. There can't be any lying or secrets between the two of us or we're doomed before we even walk down the isle. So I'm asking you again, can you be the woman I fell in love with?"

Carol didn't even answer me as she rushed into my arms, holding me in a vice like grip, while sobbing onto my shoulder. After what seemed like twenty minutes, I pried her arms off me and confronted her.

"Carol, I love you more than you can possibly imagine and I want to be with you always," I told her looking into her red teary eyes just before kissing her salty lips. "Just the two of us going forward, ok?"

She nodded and led me by the hand into her bedroom. "Just the two of us," she said before we consummated our marriage a day early.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Tammy was still her maid of honor and Danny was my best man. True to her word, three weeks later Tammy was on her way to Chicago and I had Carol all to myself again. She still went out with her girl friends, but it was toned way down, now that they were all married with small kids. My wild and crazy wife was now the wife and mother she told me she'd be.

Now, let's jump ahead eleven years. Carol and I are as happy as a couple can be. Sure we have our differences and she gets on my case every once in a while, but we're a team and with the two kids; we're a happy family.

"You'll never guess who's moving back to town," she hit me with as I came through the door.

"I'll bite, who?" I replied.

"Tammy and her husband. Isn't that wonderful?"

Wonderful wasn't exactly the first word that came to mind but I held my tongue.

"She's married and has a seven year old daughter," Carol went on to say. "Hell, its been what, almost eleven years?" she asked.

Besides e-mails, pictures and phone calls the two of them hadn't seen one another since the year we got married. I was about to say something but thought better of it. Everyone was a lot older, and being married with a kid, maybe she'd mellowed; or at least I'd hope she had.

"We'll have to get together and have a BBQ," I told Carol.

"Do you really mean that? I know Tammy wasn't your favorite person in the world back then."

"Look Carol, we're all a lot older and even the best of us have mellowed out and slowed down, including Tammy. I don't hold a grudge and I know you're dying to see her, so don't worry about it," I told her.

"Wait till I tell the others, it'll be just like old times," she said beaming.

"God, I hope not," I thought to myself.

Three weeks after they moved back we were hosting a welcome back party. The girls went on nonstop for the better part of two hours talking, laughing and drinking while the guys did the cooking and bullshitted.

"Look at them," one of the husbands said drinking a beer. "It's like they've never been apart. Who would have ever thought that group would settle down, get married and have kids," he said with a laugh.

"Hell, Sandy's drank more tonight than I've seen her drink in the last five years." Her husband piped in.

"Oh well, let them blow off some steam and get reacquainted. It only means that tonight she's going to be hot to trot after reminiscing about the old days," Connie's husband interjected. "Last time she got together with some of the old group, she didn't let up for almost ten hours; especially when I remind her of all the crazy things we use to do when we were first going out together. I just make the statement that if she wasn't so old we could do them again," he said with a smile. "Hell, she just looked at me and said, 'I'll show you how old I am.' As I said, we never left the bedroom for ten hours except to get another bottle of wine and to hit the shower."

We all laughed and said that ten hours of sex would probably put us in the grave, but what a way to go.

By 10:30 everyone was gone and we'd almost finished cleaning up. The kids were in bed and we just started up the final load in the dishwasher. I grabbed a beer and was relaxing on the deck when Carol came out.

"Have a good time tonight?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Just the best time ever," she replied. "Thank you, for putting this all together and cooking the food," she said kissing me, putting my beer on the table. "I don't think you need any more of this, especially for what I've got planned for tonight," she said kissing me with a lot of tongue. "Come upstairs and take a shower, you smell like a BBQ grill," she told me grabbing my hand and leading me up the stairs.

"Looks like Connie's husband was right," I said to myself. I was in the shower when I felt her hands on my back and then around my waist. She turned me around and started full mouth kissing me with a hell of a lot of tongue. I was erect in seconds flat as we both soaped up each other, paying particular attention to the areas we'd be working on in the next few minutes. When we both slipped and almost fell we knew it was time to take it to the bedroom.

Hell, we didn't even make it out of the damn bathroom before we were at it again. I picked up Carol and sat her on the counter and moved between her legs. I kissed her before moving to her breasts and nipples. Because she'd breast fed the kids, her nipples were nice and long and extra sensitive. I worked on one with my lips while I pulled on the other, getting them both red and hard as Carol leaned back against the mirror.

Carol was now pushing my head lower and I knew what she wanted. She absolutely loved it when I ate her wet pussy. She told me she could lie there for hours as I licked and sucked her cunt giving her orgasm after orgasm. And tonight was no exception.

Her first climax came as I draped her legs over my shoulders and worked just on her clit. Her clit was not very large, just big enough to put between my lips and suck, until she gets off.

With a scream she gave up number one as I continued working her clit but in addition her honey pot and starfish.

I don't care what a woman tells you, reaming her ass hole will put her over the top every time, especially if you've got at least two fingers in her pussy. Thank God Carol wasn't too vocal tonight, as she bit down on the towel hanging next to her when she climaxed for the second time.

"Oh God Steve, don't stop just yet," she said as she guided my lips to where she wanted them. Finally she let go of my head, eased her ass off the counter and pulled me onto the bed. "I need you extra hard tonight, she said pumping my dick before going down on me.

Carol gives a pretty decent blowjob but God help you if you don't tell her you're ready to cum. I made that mistake only once and paid for it as I shot my wad half in her mouth and the other half right in her eyes. You'd thought I'd hit her with a bucket of acid the way she reacted. But tonight I was just enjoying the moment.

When I was fully erect, Carol climbed aboard and started riding me reverse cowgirl. That way she could work her own pussy and control the action, so to speak.

"Oh God yes, oh man, this feels so good tonight," she went on and on as she rode my dick. She'd already gotten off twice and was working on number three when I felt her pussy muscles clamp onto my dick.

She was slamming down on my dick with such force I thought she was going to break it, if that was possible. When she let loose with a scream, I grabbed onto her hips and started pushing up at her as hard as I could.

I was more than ready as I started pumping everything I had into her wet pussy. I felt two loads leave the end of my dick as Carol leaned back on top of me as I worked her clit trying to get one more out of her.

"Stop, stop," she begged me as she pulled off me and flipped over onto my chest kissing and tonguing me. "God damn I needed that tonight," she told me. "And you were great as always," she said as she pulled on my bottom lip with her teeth. "Think I can get you up one more time tonight?" Carol asked as she reached for my dick.

"I'll need about a half hour to recover and then we'll see," I replied.

"I may be sore, but I'm still up there and need one more," she said almost pleading.

"Lie back my love and let me work my magic," I told her reaching into her side table for the lube and 'Mr. Wonderful' as she likes to call her vibrator.

The low hum of the vibrator was now being drowned out by the screams and moans of Carol as she covered her face with a pillow. I was working her pussy and clit teasing her as she screamed for me to finish her off, but I was going to stretch it out as long as possible.

Taking some lube, I placed it at the entrance of her starfish and eased in one finger. Carol started to say something but I quieter her up by putting the vibrator directly on her clit. I worked one finger into her ass as I continued fingering her pussy with two others.

She was going nuts, especially when I'd stop to let her come down a little, before starting again. Carol really wasn't into any ass play other than a finger here and a tongue there, but tonight I'd push it to the next level.

Taking another gob of KY, I eased in two fingers this time as I felt her ease up a little. What I did next was to start sucking on her clit as I slipped the vibrator into her ass. You'd think I'd hit her with five hundred volts as she started to buck under me as I turned the vibrator up to the next speed.

"Oh my God," she screamed as she thrashed on the bed reaching for my head. "Oh God yes," she screamed as I put my teeth onto her clit and rubbed them back and forth as I finger fucked her pussy and shoved the vibrator all the way up her ass.

Her orgasm lasted for about thirty seconds and then she collapsed into a satisfied puddle on the bed. I pulled out everything and gave her clit one more lick before moving up to her face.

"No more, no more tonight," she said grabbing me and pulling me in tight. "Rest, I need rest now," she said kissing and licking my lips.

We never cleaned up that night. I threw a blanked over the top of us as we fell asleep spooning one another. The kids however, woke us up the following morning by 8:00, telling us that I'd promised them pancakes this morning.

"Better get your ass up, I'm not the one who promised them breakfast," Carol said pushing me out of bed. "I'll be down in a minute after I take a shower if I can get my legs to work this morning," she said with a smile.

The kids were all but done by the time Carol made her way down the stairs.

"Well, I see the body still works. How about a little fun after breakfast," I asked.

"Not on your life," was her reply. "I'm going to need a day or two to tighten everything back up, if you know what I mean," she said smiling. "Besides, I told the girls we do a little shopping later today," she told me.

So our wonderful life went on. Carol and the group got together every other week but I never paid much attention to it until Carol started coming home later and later. When she didn't show up back at home until one Saturday morning I was a little pissed and hit her when she finally dragged herself out of bed the next morning.

"Hon, what time did you finally get home last night?" I asked fully knowing the answer.

"Some where in the area of midnight I think," she replied.

"Try one a.m., where in the hell were you anyway?" I asked.

"At that new club downtown. It was ladies night until 11:30 and then we stopped off for coffee and breakfast after that. I'm sorry, but I thought you'd be asleep."

"You know I can't sleep until I know you're home," I told her.

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