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Getting the Job Done Properly


I must surely be the most satisfied woman in the world. I have a wonderful husband, Jim, and I have two small children, Belinda and James, and we are financially secure and don't have a worry in the world. Jim had a great job and we are very secure in everything. There is nothing we want - except one thing I want! I want to be fucked by another man other than Jim! If ever there is an understanding husband it is Jim and when I voiced my thoughts about getting fucked by someone else, instead of falling into a rage Jim just asked me who I had in mind. Of course I didn't have anyone in mind but I had sown the seed and I knew Jim and I would talk a lot more about this idea of mine.

When I finished college and then into business school I didn't have time to go out with boys and therefore, apart from a few brief encounters with boys at parties, I had no experience with anyone other than Jim. The boys at the parties usually just wanted a feel and like most of the girls I let them play with my tits and a couple of them got inside my panties and played with my cunt but no one attempted to fuck me. I was, therefore, a virgin when Jim fucked me for the first time about 4 months before we married.

Let me tell you about myself. I am 31 years old, tall with a very slim build but I have large breasts. My legs are very long and shapely and the rest of me is in proportion - I guess you could say I am rather good looking. I have very dark hair, cut short, and my bush is very dark but I keep it trimmed around the edges at the bikini line but otherwise I let it grow wild. Jim loves me and my body and we make love when ever we can. The children don't cause much trouble because they are a bit too young to understand we are making love when they have occasionally walked in on us doing it.

One of the things about me is my very slim stomach. When I am standing naked and being looked at from the side my breasts stick out beautifully but my belly is so slim it is a wonder I don't snap in halves. And this is after having the two children. I was very lucky not having stretch marks and therefore my body has no blemishes. We both keep very fit by working out at the gym regularly and we walk a lot taking the children with us in their pushers. Everything is wonderful except I have this great desire to be fucked by another man - just once - but fucked just the same.

Jim, interestingly enough, didn't voice any objections to my idea - in fact he encouraged me to talk about what I wanted. He knew quite well I had never been fucked by another man and could understand why I wanted to try someone different. He is such an understanding man I couldn't wish for anyone better.

One evening as we lay in bed after a wonderful time of making love, Jim leaned over and kissed me hard. He then placed his hand first in my bush and then he slid his hand down so that he was touching my cunt - my very wet cunt full of cum - and gave me a squeeze. He then said, "Carol, I know how we can achieve this idea of yours to make love to another man. I will arrange it for next weekend and all you have to do is to go along with what I say and I am sure you won't be disappointed. You do trust me, don't you?" Of course I replied that I did and so it was set that I would be fucked by another man next Saturday evening! I made it clear to Jim I didn't want another man to make love to me - I wanted him to fuck me because lovemaking was only for Jim and myself.

This morning, Monday, I am just wishing for the days to pass quickly. I want Saturday evening to come quickly and it was all the more exciting because I didn't have any idea who Jim was arranging to fuck me. I thought of all of his friends and, although I have had sexy thoughts about most of them I didn't really think he would get one of them to fuck me.

Each day passed slowly and he seemed to be busy making arrangements for Saturday. He organized for my parents to have the children from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon - that is no trouble - they love to have the children. He was making a number of phone calls which I just couldn't hear and the anticipation of Saturday was building up in me at a very fast rate. The other thing was that Jim told me he wouldn't make love to me until after next Saturday so that I will be really wanting to have another man! He is so thoughtful I just love him so much.

I then started to worry as the day went by - would this man like me enough to want to fuck me? Then I rationalized any man would probably want to fuck me if there were no strings attached so I dismissed that thought. I wondered what I should wear. Would I get dressed up or would I just wear casual clothes. Should I wear underwear or just wear a blouse and a skirt for easy access? All these silly little problems. I then started to consider would Jim arrange for me to be fucked in our bedroom or would that be too painful for him. Perhaps he would want me to be fucked in the spare room? I then thought perhaps I should make sure the spare room was all neat and tidy because that can be a bit of a junk room where everything is tossed.

Then I started to think about personal hygiene. Should I shave my bush off? I love my bush and wouldn't want to get rid of it unless that would be the right thing to do. Also I would have to shave my legs and my underarms. I would have to shower just before he came to fuck me and I would have to use deodorant and body perfume to make me smell nice. I have slightly hairy forearms but I wouldn't do anything to them because Jim is particularly excited with my arms. I made some decisions. I wouldn't shave my legs until Saturday afternoon - that would give me some growth on my legs and then my shave would be closer. I wouldn't shave my underarms until the same time and I would trim my bikini line on the Friday because I didn't want to risk shaving rash near my delicate areas by shaving on Saturday. I thought by Friday I had everything under control. My bush was trimmed and there was no shaving rash, I had selected my deodorant and my body perfume. I had decided I would wear no bra but I would wear my very sexy thong panties. I also thought I would wear a see-through blouse and a short mini-skirt with no stockings or pantyhose and just slip on shoes. I had it all planned out to the last detail.

On the Saturday afternoon I changed all the bedding in our bedroom and really made the bedroom neat and tidy. I also gave the spare room the works and it looked like a new pin - everything was in readiness and I could tell just how excited I was becoming because of the wetness between my legs. In fact I was so wet thinking about this mystery man that I took off my panties hoping some of the wetness would dry in the air with some breeze blowing on me.

Now with just a few hours left I prepared for my mystery lover. I took a very long soaking bath with all sorts of crystals added to make me smell nice. While I was in the bath I shaved my stubbly legs and my underarms and, when I inspected my efforts, I was very pleased with the results. I left the bath and dried myself and then applied my best deodorant and body-perfume and then inspected myself in the full length mirror in our bedroom. Jim had come in a couple of times to see how I was getting on and complimented me on my looks and my body - he was getting excited too.

I was just slipping on my thong panties when Jim came into the room and told me we would be having a light meal. I hadn't somehow expected to eat anything and hadn't prepared any meal but Jim, ever the thoughtful Jim, had prepared a light snack for us. We ate our meal but I was getting very nervous and kept wondering if everything would go alright. As soon as the meal was finished, I cleaned my teeth and finished dressing and thought I was completely ready. Then Jim said, "We will be leaving in 15 minutes - are you sure you have everything?" I double checked I had taken my birth control pill and I also took several condoms secreted in my purse in case they were needed. I also took the precaution of slipping a tube of KY into my purse and then I thought I was ready! What a situation - here is my loving husband making sure I am as perfect as I can be and he is taking me to meet a man who will fuck me!

We drove right across town to a really luxurious motel and Jim just drove our car right to the door of a room as he had already booked in and had the key. We entered this lovely room and I saw it was truly delightful - this was the top of the luxury motels. I was conscious of my breasts bobbing around as I walked because I didn't wear my bra and my thong panties were pressing right up into my cunt crack and they were soaking wet already and I hadn't even met the man who was to fuck me! Suddenly I had the terrible thought perhaps Jim is just going through all this fuss so he can be the one to fuck me!

Jim poured some drinks from the bar and we sat in the room waiting. The tension was building as the time approached 8.00 which Jim had told me was the designated time! I was shaking with anticipation! My poor cunt was almost dripping with excitement and my nipples were standing out like organ stops! It was the unknown which was getting me so hot. And after all I hadn't been fucked for almost a week! I began pacing around the motel room and my tits were bouncing around under my sheer blouse - when I stopped to look at myself in the big mirror I was surprised to see my breasts and nipples were clearly visible. I know Jim liked what he could see and yet he was wonderful enough to let me be fucked by another man - what a husband!

Right on the dot of 8.00pm there was a knock at the door. I began shaking with excitement. Jim opened the door and greeted the man standing and it wasn't until Jim invited him in that I saw who he was. It was no less than Peter ........ whom I recognized from the one porn video I had watched with Jim! My darling husband had actually hired a real-life porn star to be the man who would fuck me! Peter was quite a gentleman and shook hands with me and kissed me. He then said, "Well I have been hired to come and try to make you the happiest woman in the world and I can only say I will do my best! When you are ready we will make a start."

Jim smiled at me and told me I should try to let myself go and really enjoy Peter because I will probably never have another man like him. Jim then said, "Carol, you have probably noticed already that this motel suite has two bedrooms and I will stay and watch you both in the main bedroom to make sure you are getting along well. When you have finished that part of your education, I will move into the second bedroom and I will sleep there. I have hired Peter's services for the whole night so you can be the one to choose how long he stays and how many times you want him to fuck you! Peter knows there are no restrictions on anything you want him to do and he has agreed to do it willingly, so I will be able to leave him in your care. If you would wish for Peter to leave after just half an hour that would be quite O.K. but you have the whole night if you wish to use that. As I said, I would like to watch for the first session and will leave you after that. Is there anything you would like to ask me before Peter starts with you?" There wasn't anything I could say to Jim - I was almost speechless but I did run over to Jim and kiss him hard and I told him I loved him and only him and thanks for what he had arranged for me.

With that, Jim moved over to a chair which was well away from the bed, and as he was seating himself he reached over and took his video camera out of his bag and set it up so he could film me fucking Peter! I didn't mind him video taping me so long as it was him doing it and not someone else who may have access to the film afterwards.

Peter kissed me passionately and stroked my back and my behind. I could feel his very hard cock pressing into my lower abdomen and I was aroused beyond all measure of decency! The kissing went on for several minutes during which time he was not only feeling my back and behind but he was also active with his hands on my breasts. He soon undid my blouse but didn't break the kissing. He slipped my blouse back from my breasts which he caressed before he began kissing my nipples. I took my blouse off my shoulders and now I was naked to the waist in front of my favorite porn star - he was actually holding and kissing me and was going to fuck me soon!

Next Peter removed his shirt and I was amazed at his rippling muscles in his chest and then he slipped his trousers off and he wasn't wearing underwear and his long hard cock sprang to attention as soon as the band on his trousers released it. His cock looked so much better than it did in the video and I could hardly keep from touching him. I still had my skirt and thong panties on but Peter soon relieved me of these impediments to my nakedness. Now I was standing naked in front of a naked porn star and I was about to be fucked!

We moved over to the bed and Peter kept on kissing me whilst he played with my breasts and had one hand between my legs. I was embarrassed at being so wet - I was sopping wet and I could feel the wetness almost down to my knees. Peter had two fingers inside me and was playing with my cunt and I was so aroused I came almost straight away. Peter smiled at me and said, "That was a good one - we have to keep that up all night!" He laid me back on the bed and gently pulled my legs apart. He then moved so his body was between my legs and his mouth on my pubic bush. He licked and sucked my hair over my cunt before he lowered himself just a little bit to be able to suck my cunt lips. He asked me to pull my lips apart and when I did that he placed his mouth on that very smooth part of the inside of my cunt and kissed and sucked me there. I had another orgasm before he moved just a little but further up and started licking my clit. Whoops, another orgasm - I just couldn't help cumming all the time. He sucked my clit and I came again. He loved sucking me and I loved it too. He then told me I should suck his cock and so I turned around enough to be able to take it into my mouth. It was huge when up so close and I couldn't get it all into my mouth at first but I kept on trying and eventually it went right down my throat ever so deep. He asked me if I wanted to swallow his cum or wait but I told him I would do that later - I just wanted him to fuck me!

Peter took a long while before he actually entered my cunt! He played with my nipples, then my belly button and then the very sparse treasure trail between my navel and my bush. This intrigued him and he loved touching me there. At last he placed the tip of his cock against my cunt lips and pushed very gently. I was so wet he slipped in almost straight away and soon he was further in me than Jim had ever been! At last I was being fucked by another man. For the first time since Peter and I had been on the bed I looked over at Jim. He was very busy with the video camera making sure he didn't miss any detail of my love making.

After several minutes of Peter fucking me I started to cum closely followed by another and then another. I was cumming all the time! Peter paused during his stroking into me to ask if I wanted this load in my cunt, my mouth or my belly? I didn't hesitate - I said, "Peter, please cum inside me - shoot your lovely cum right up into me and keep on fucking me!" With a grunt from Peter and loud moan from me he shot his load right up into my cunt. I could feel it jetting out of his cock and into me. I had just been fucked by a man other than my husband and the man was a very well known porn star! Jim had been using the video camera all the time and I was sure he had some wonderful footage which I would be able to see later on.

Peter pulled his still hard cock out of me and I felt sorry to have lost his fullness inside me. I wanted him to keep on fucking me! When I was lying on my back with my legs apart and cum running slowly out of my distended cunt and Peter's cock was still standing up at right angles to his body Jim took the last of the video film. He then leaned over and kissed me hard, whispered he loved me and told me he was moving into the other bedroom and I could join him if I wanted but he expected me to spend the whole night with Peter! I told him I loved him too and with that he left the room. Now just Peter and I were in the room alone!

While we were lying beside each other Peter explained he was able to maintain an erection for a long while and if I wanted to he would be able to fuck me all night provided he had some short rests in between. We lay together him playing with my nipples and I was stroking his hard cock. He asked me where I wanted to be fucked next! Did I want another load in my cunt, my mouth or would I like to have him fuck me in my asshole. I quickly told him to cum in my mouth this time and he could fuck me in the asshole afterwards. I reasoned his cock would taste a lot better after it had been in my cunt than in my asshole! He didn't waste any time and moved so he could place his long hard cock into my mouth. I sucked the tip and gradually took in more and more until I had his cock deep in my throat. He fucked my mouth but was very gentle. When he came he had pulled out a bit and shot his considerable load just into my mouth, not down my throat. I swallowed desperately and managed to swallow it all. It was quite an effort.

We laid alongside each other for quite a while - perhaps 45 minutes - before he asked me if I was ready for some more sport! I was ready alright and couldn't wait for him to stick his hard cock into my cunt again. He fucked me hard and I came several times before he again shot his load deep inside me. Jim just couldn't reach where Peter was nudging me inside my cunt with his long cock. Jim must be all of 2" shorter than Peter.

We laid there naked on the bed talking - although I dozed off for a short while - as Peter was talking about how much he loved my body. He then wanted to suck my cunt and clit again so I spread my legs and he soon had his mouth all over my pubic area. He particularly loved my fine treasure trail. He kept on licking these sparse hairs and kissing me from my navel to my cunt lips. Of course I kept cumming all the time he was between my legs and this was a most wonderful experience - he was so capable with his mouth.

All of this time I had been on my back and he had fucked me twice already. He then positioned me up on my hands and knees and he moved behind me. I felt his cock nudging my cunt and I wanted him in me so badly. He obliged by pushing his cock right into me and he worked it back and forwards in me until he pulled it out and placed the head against my asshole! I knew then he was about to fuck my asshole. He gently edged his cock into my asshole and soon he was in about 4" when he stopped and asked me if I want him to wear a condom or would it be alright with me to shoot his cum up my asshole. I wanted to feel the hot cum squirting up into my rectum so I told him to keep going. Soon he had the whole of his cock embedded up my asshole. He began fucking me and playing with my clit at the same time. I came continuously, over and over again, while he pumped his cock into me. After a while he told me he was cumming and I was just reaching my own orgasm as he shot his load of cum right up inside my rectum. I was exhausted and flopped down flat on the bed and with him so embedded in my asshole he just followed me down and lay flat on my back with his cock still hard and inside me. Jim had fucked me several times in my asshole but it had never been anything like this! My God, Peter knows how to fuck!

Peter then suggest we have a rest and so we lay on our sides with his cock still stiff and still right up inside my asshole. I must have dozed off with him still inside me because later on I felt him pull his wilting cock out of my asshole and this woke me! He went to the bathroom and cleaned his cock and then returned to the bed with me. Again we lay together and slept for an hour or more. I felt Peter stirring alongside me and saw as soon as I opened my eyes that his cock was very hard again. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me again. What a silly question - of course I wanted him to fuck me again!

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