tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting to Know Alan and Sheryl

Getting to Know Alan and Sheryl


As I sipped my Budweiser, I began to think I could definitely do with this break. I was on my way to Greece where my good friend Ozzie, owns a holiday resort. We went to university together. He came over to London from Greece to study but suddenly got a call from his father to return home and run the family business. We keep in touch and I often go over to his resort as he lets me stay for free, all I have to do is pay for the flights.

The resort is a 3-star holiday complex with self catering apartments, a swimming pool with spa, a fully equipped gym, a buffet restaurant and a fully stocked bar. Being close to the beach, it is popular with tourists as well as locals. I had previously stayed at the resort about four times, twice with an ex girlfriend and twice on my own. This will be my fifth visit and I know most of the staff. They give me free reign of the place, which is nice. I don't usually get to spend much time with Ozzie as he is busy so I just spend the time relaxing and recharging my batteries.

Suzie, my ex girlfriend, was the reason to go to Greece this time. We had recently parted company, admittedly fairly amicably, and we remained friends. We had been dating in University and carried on our relationship after we graduated. Then, a few months ago, just after her birthday, we had 'the talk' to discuss our future where we (mainly she) decided we had come to the end of the road. Within a month she was already in another relationship. I couldn't believe that she had moved on so quickly. I expected her to date but didn't expect her to be in another relationship so soon. I decided I needed to get away for a bit, hence my trip to Greece.

I landed at the airport in glorious sunshine. Ozzie had sent a car for me and after a two hour drive, I arrived at the resort.

Ozzie met me and we went straight to the bar to catch up. He looked well. I was a little envious. While I was slogging away in my cramped office in London, he was chilling out in the sun running his father's business. Ok, I'm sure he worked hard but none the less, I was here for a break, not to compare lives.

A maid called to Ozzie to inform him my accommodation was ready. He walked me to my apartment which was to be my home for the next two weeks and showed me in. It consisted of a small living area with French doors leading to a balcony overlooking the pool. Another door of the living area led to the large bedroom and an en suite bathroom which had both a shower and bath. Ozzie told me my towels would be changed daily. He then left me to unpack and relax. He told me to call him if I needed anything.

The next few days were pretty uneventful. I mainly used the time to relax in the sun, read my book, have a swim and use the gym. I like to keep fit as I was quite a skinny kid at university but I have built up a bit of muscle now and am proud of my body. Both Ozzie and I weren't very lucky with the ladies while we were studying which is why I felt like the luckiest guy on earth when I met Suzie. I started to go to the gym as I was paranoid I would lose her and I just kept it up. Since I have been single, I have had a couple of dates, but nothing serious at all as I was still missing Suzie.

The next afternoon, I had just finished my workout when I was cooling off in the pool. I noticed a new couple arrive in the pool area. I assumed they had arrived that day as I had not noticed them before. I watched as they struggled to find the sun loungers to put their towels on. The loungers had been removed from the poolside due to people 'reserving' them with their towels, so you now had to ask for one. I knew the pool attendant had gone to run an errand so I went to help. I knew where they were kept and I often assisted with things like this. Ozzie would regularly ask me to watch the pool, or give gym advice and sometimes even man the bar! This was my way of 'paying' for my stay.

"Are you looking for the loungers?" I said, hoping they were English.

"Yes we are," said a jovial sounding man. He looked around 30ish, overweight, but not massively obese, with balding hair.

"No problem, I will just get them for you," I replied.

I retrieved two loungers and placed them where the couple were standing. The man said thank you and motioned for his wife (I noticed their wedding rings) to give me a tip.

"Oh no," I said with a smile. "I don't really work here, I'm just helping out. That's all."

"I thought you sounded English," the man said. "Thanks for helping us."

"No problem, if you need anything, let me know. I know the area pretty well."

He introduced himself as Alan and his wife Sheryl. She looked a lot younger than him. She had shoulder length blonde hair and was wearing a bikini top that showed she had a nice set of breasts. Not too big, quite a nice handful. She had a curvy figure and whilst you wouldn't call her thin, there is no way you could say she was overweight. She had a towel wrapped around her waist and flip-flops. Alan had his shirt off already, showing off his over sized belly and a pair of swimming shorts. I must admit, I did think Alan was 'punching above his weight' with Sheryl but he did seem like a genuinely nice man.

We chatted for a bit and I explained how I knew the owner so I didn't seem like I was holidaying on my own. I then left them to it and went back to my room for a short rest before dinner.

Dinner is served in the main restaurant as a buffet service. You fill your plate, find a table and eat. I usually dined with Ozzie but if he is busy then I eat alone. On this occasion, Ozzie was away from the resort for a few days on business so I planned to eat alone. I filled my plate and sat down at a table. I was about to start eating when I heard my name being called. It was Alan.

"You're not eating on your own are you?" he said as he approached my table.

"Yes, my friend is away but that's ok, I don't mind." I tried to reassure him I was fine with my situation.

"Nonsense, we can't have that can we, Sheryl? We will join you and keep you company," he said with his infectious smile.

Sheryl looked at me with an embarrassed look and I mouthed to her that it was ok.

If I'm honest, I originally wasn't too keen on this situation as I didn't want to seem like a third wheel or anything like that but we actually got on well. I think they also appreciated the company as much as I did. After dinner we moved to the bar area and carried on talking over a few drinks.

It was here I found out more about them. Alan was 28 (but looked much older) and Sheryl was 23. Their families are lifelong friends and they had known each other from when they were young. They got together when Sheryl was only 17 and married a year later. I sensed the enormous pride on Alan's part when he spoke about their "fairytale" romance but didn't get the same from Sheryl. I sensed earlier that Sheryl had been 'out of his league' and now their relationship made sense. Alan worked for the family business that involves both their families and was fairly successful. He was a very jolly man, always cracking a one liner and always laughing. I enjoyed his company but could tell from Sheryl's face that this could probably get annoying as he didn't switch off.

We watched the resort's entertainment. Alan got up and participated in some kind of dance to everyone's amusement and eventually we called it a night.

The next day I was working out in the gym when Sheryl came in. We said hello and I asked where Alan was.

"Oh, he's not interested in using the gym, he already has a perfect body, can't you tell?" she answered with sarcasm.

I smiled but didn't want to get involved in any domestics. She then gave me the once over and said, "Well, you clearly know what you're doing here, maybe you can show me a few exercises?"

She was wearing a boob tube that stopped just under her magnificent breasts and a pair of high cut sexy shorts, which, when she bent over, revealed her tight ass cheeks. I was more than happy to help her. We had got on well the previous evening and I enjoyed her company. I advised Sheryl on a few exercises and we did them together, giving me a chance to check out her body. She was a sexy girl but also married. I caught her checking me out a few times as well. She was very open about her marriage and had no problem moaning about Alan. I didn't think anything of it as it was usual marriage stuff I guess?

After training, we made our way to the pool to cool off. Alan was sunbathing on a lounger. He noticed us and immediately got up and asked how I was, shaking my hand enthusiastically. We had a little laugh about last night's events. Sheryl was keen for us to continue our exercises in the pool. I gave Alan the "hope you don't mind me taking your wife for a bit" line as a joke but he was more than happy for us to continue.

Sheryl and I went into the pool where I showed her a few water based exercises. Some of these required us to get close and a bit touchy feely. At first, I felt a bit uneasy as I know I would be fuming if someone was that close to my wife/girlfriend but Alan wasn't really bothered. He occasionally glanced over and gave us a reassuring thumbs up and a smile. I guess he was just a genuinely nice man.

Over the next couple of days, I met them in the evenings for dinner and to watch the entertainment. Sheryl and I also continued our exercise routine where she opened up to me more about her marriage. She explained that it was almost expected of her to marry Alan and that both families were encouraging her from a young age. She said she does love Alan but perhaps felt she has 'missed out' due to getting married so young. But as Alan was successful, she knew she was financially secure and that she didn't need to work herself.

One day, after our gym work out, we made our way to the pool. This time, we were met by a very excited Alan. As soon as he saw us he came running over. A scuba diving centre had sent two of its instructors to the resort to show the tourists what they had to offer. Alan had used the equipment in the pool and wanted to take a real dive in the ocean that was taking place the next day. He got Sheryl and I to have a go and it did seem like fun. Alan and Sheryl signed up and they asked me to go as well. I politely declined and said they should spend time together as a couple but they literally begged me. I eventually agreed and I signed up to go.

The next day I woke up early and met Alan, Sheryl and the rest of the group to go scuba diving. We were picked up by coach and dropped off at the scuba diving centre. We were issued with diving gear and taken on a launch to a secluded beach. We were split into groups and took it in turns to walk into the sea with the instructor.

However, what happened next, took me by complete surprise. On the beach was a small building belonging to the centre. After each group had finished their dive, they were taken to the building to shower and change. We were in the last group. After we had finished swimming with the fishes, we followed the instructor into the building where there were two shower and change rooms. Before we entered, he explained that due to some burst pipes, the women's changing area could not be used. He said that the men's changing area would now be a communal zone. We all followed him into the changing room where we were met with the most basic of facilities. There was a room with benches around the walls. Walk a bit further and you are met with a shower area with eight showers, four on the back wall and two each on the sides, all very open. The instructor then said to our group:

"Please take off your wet suits and place them on the floor here in a neat pile."

We put our bags on the benches and began to take off our wet suits.

Once they were piled up, we all entered the showers and began to wash off. I grabbed the furthest shower on the side wall, right at the end.

Suddenly, the instructor called to us all. "I apologise again for you all having to share but I hope no one is shy. I advise you all to ensure that you are clean everywhere as these wet suits are used daily by all sorts of people." With that he pulled down his bathing shorts and was completely naked

I must admit, I was quite shocked at his openness. I looked around at our group which consisted of Alan and Sheryl, a German couple in their fifties and two young Greek guys. Before I could say anything, the German couple had already stripped off. The Greek boys followed almost as if this was the normal thing to do it out here. This left Alan, Sheryl and I standing wondering what to do. I looked at Alan who had his trademark smile on. This was all a great experience for him. I looked at Sheryl who was clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

Finally Alan spoke and said "Come on then, let's just do it!"

With that, he whipped off his shorts and stood there in all his glory. I looked at Sheryl who seemed embarrassed. I couldn't help but look at Alan's cock, I mean all guys do that, right? It was almost covered by his belly but I could see that it was quite small. Not that I'm an expert on that subject.

I thought about what the instructor had said. I didn't know who had used the wet suit before me. Did I really want to trust the fact that my shorts were protecting me from possibly catching something? Is that even possible? Did I want to take that risk?

I looked at Sheryl once again and nodded my head as if to say "go on, your turn." She mouthed back "You first." I looked at everyone else who all seemed to be in their own world, not caring about all this nudity.

Before I had a chance to do anything, Alan shouted "Come on, you're not shy are you?" He said it in a friendly joking way but everyone turned and looked. I was the only guy in there with my shorts on.

"Of course not, give me a chance" I said trying to divert attention.

I turned to face the shower, my back to everyone and pulled off my shorts. I let them drop and the water hit my face, chest and front of my body. I stayed like this for a bit then turned my head to look around. Everyone was busy soaping themselves and rinsing off but Sheryl was standing there with a big smile on her face. She was watching me, biting her top lip in a seductive way. She was standing right next to her naked husband, watching my ass. I smiled back and mouthed "Your turn" to her. She responded by mouthing back "turn around first." Lucky I'm good at lip reading!

I started to get a little excited. It all felt a bit naughty. I have never been an exhibitionist, I have showered at the gym before with other guys but not with a mixed group. And certainly not with another man's wife telling me she wants to see my cock in front of her husband. My dick started to grow with the excitement. It was normally about 5 inches when flaccid but had now grown to around 6 ½" semi hard.

I casually turned around, rinsing off my back in the process. Sheryl's eyes were glued to my crotch. I knew it was wrong but I loved the attention. She was still smiling and without saying a word, she untied her bikini top releasing her beautiful breasts. They were a nice handful with erect bullet shaped nipples. She looked at me and I gave a nod of approval. They looked absolutely gorgeous, better than I imagined. I could tell she was enjoying this too. She then pulled off her bikini bottoms and was standing there, her shaven pussy completely exposed to me.

"That's the spirit," Alan said enthusiastically to his wife.

Just then he called out to me. Fuck, my first thought was that he had caught me staring at his wife.

"You need some shower gel?" he asked.

"Err yeah, sure, thanks"

Wow, what a nice a guy, I felt a bit guilty playing this game with his wife. He squirted soap in his hands and gave Sheryl the bottle.

"Pass that over please love" he said to her.

Sheryl took the bottle and walked over to me. It seemed like she was walking in slow motion. Her breasts were all wet and dripping. My cock started to grow again. She stood in front of me and held out the bottle. Her arms barely lifted and she held the bottle pretty much in line with my dick. She was looking down at my hardon like it was a new toy. I looked nervously over her shoulder at Alan but he was busy soaping himself up while talking to the instructor. As I said, a very friendly man. I took the bottle from her. She smiled seductively, turned around and walked slowly back to her shower.

My eyes were fixed on her swaying hips and sexy ass. I so wanted to go and ram my cock into her. I had to compose myself. I looked down at my now hardened 7" dick. Sheryl started soaping her own body, slowly. She soaped up her breasts, almost caressing them. I instinctively started to soap my erect cock. We both watched each other cleaning our bodies. It was like we were transfixed. I started to get to full hardness so I knew I had to stop. I turned around to wash off the soap. I stayed like this for a while, so my penis could begin to soften.

I started to feel a bit guilty. Not only is Sheryl married but her husband is so trustworthy and a genuinely nice person. I didn't want to get involved any more so I rinsed off the remaining soap, walked over to Alan, handed him the bottle and left the showers. I didn't look back at Sheryl.

I went to my bag and wrapped myself up in my towel. I started to dry myself and quickly got changed. I had just put on some clean shorts when both Alan and Sheryl arrived. I finished getting dressed and told them I would wait outside. The launch ride back was uneventful.

The coach picked us up from the diving centre soon after and we headed back to the hotel. Alan was his usual jovial self, completely oblivious to what had happened between Sheryl and I. Sheryl kept giving me flirty smiles but I tried hard to ignore them. When we arrived back at the resort, Alan arranged a time for us to meet for dinner. I didn't show. I felt I should leave them for a while. I called in room service, watched a bit of TV and went to sleep.

The next day I was awoken to loud knocking on my door. It was Alan. He asked why I wasn't at dinner and that I had missed a fantastic night. He excitedly told me that representatives from the local water park were there and he had won three tickets for a VIP experience, one of which he was giving to me and the coach leaves in an hour. I told him I wasn't feeling well but he wasn't having any of it. In the end he persuaded me to go and I must admit it did sound like fun. He informed me that the VIP experience consisted of free entry into the park, queue jump on the big slides and a nice lunch in the restaurant. The restaurant requires long trousers and a sleeved shirt as part of its strict dress code so I ensured I packed these as well.

I then made my way over to the coach pick up point.

I couldn't really look Sheryl in the eye but Alan kept mentioning what a fun time he had at the scuba centre and how 'fantastic' an experience it was. Sheryl looked me straight in the eye and nodded her head in agreement. We boarded the coach for the trip to the park.

The water park was massive. There were individual changing cubicles and lockers situated near the entrance/exit so we got changed and headed to one of the pools. We spent the next few hours in the pool or on the slides just having a good time. The plan was to then get changed into our formal wear, have some lunch then change back into our swim suits and go back to the park.

At around lunchtime, we made our way to the cubicles to get changed but the park was getting really busy. It seemed like every cubicle was occupied. Finally Alan found a family changing room which was slightly bigger than the normal sized cubicles. He ushered us into it but I told him I would find another one.

"Don't be silly, you will be looking for hours" he said.

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