Getting to Know Her


"Sorry," he whispered guiltily, and handed her the pen.

She shrugged, and smiled warmly. "Thanks," she replied, letting go of the side of her boob, absentmindedly brushing the part where his face had been. He could tell she had goose bumps on her skin, but she didn't look embarrassed. Had she enjoyed giving him a little feel? Surely, that was wishful thinking on his part.

She jotted down a few notes, and Erik noticed she was using her left arm. She had to, since the desk was on her left, and with her boobs pushed up like that, there was no way to reach her right arm over.

"Are you left-handed?" He asked her quietly.

"Ambidextrous," she whispered back, smiling. "It comes in useful because, you know..." She gestured to indicate the huge swell of her breasts.

He chuckled softly. He could only imagine how useful it was to be able to do things on either side, when your front is so thoroughly obstructed at all times.

When the professor coughed loudly and glared in their direction, he was forced to return his attention to the front of the hall. But his cheek could still feel the soft warmth of her breast, the most wonderful feeling he'd ever encountered. If that was what it was like against the fabric of her top, what would her bare skin feel like? He shuddered at the thought, and fervently hoped his desk was hiding the bulge in his pants.

A two-hour lecture had never passed so quickly before. Erik felt he'd barely heard a word the professor had said, and if Jessica was in any of his other classes, actually accomplishing anything this semester would be monumentally difficult. He was quite sure that even in the classes where she wasn't there, all he'd be able to think about now would be her.

The professor was getting ready to end the class. "Before we finish up today, a quick announcement," he said. "As you were no doubt expecting, there is a programming assignment associated with this class. It's a bit more involved than what you may have been used to up to now. You'll have more freedom with the design and direction of the project, which should be a nice preparation for the research project you'll have to do next year.

"I want you to form pairs, and work on the assignment together." He looked around the room sternly. "Now, I'm well aware of how tempting it is to just use the same team for multiple assignments, and have one person do this assignment and the other do one from another class. However, I want each of you to learn from this assignment, so I'm trusting you to not do that this time. Since trust only goes so far, there'll be an oral part with each pair at the end where you'll have to explain how your project works to me, and I expect both members to be able to explain it equally well.

"The details of the assignment are on the website for this course, and I expect all of you to let me know who you're teaming up with by email before next week's lecture. And, that's it! I'm sure you're all eager to get to lunch, so class dismissed."

Erik began to put away his things, thinking who would make a good partner for this assignment. He knew who he wanted to ask, of course, but he didn't think he'd have the courage in a million years. It was stupid; he'd wanted an excuse to talk to her after class, and here it was on a silver platter, but he was too much of a coward to use this opportunity. He felt ashamed of himself; they'd already talked, the hard part should be over. But actually asking this vision of feminine beauty whether she'd want to spent more time with him was still an incredibly daunting prospect.

Fortunately, she made it easy for him. She looked over at him as she was reinserting her belongings into the immeasurable depths of her cleavage. "Well?" She asked him. "It's not like I know anyone else here, so what do you think? Want to partner up?"

"What?" He blurted, startled. "No! I mean, yes! Of course!"

"Perfect!" She smiled happily. "You know, I was afraid I'd be a bit of an outcast since I've never gone to class before, so it's great to meet someone who's nice like you." She winked at him.

"Um... thanks," he muttered, blushing furiously. Was she still flirting with him? If only he felt capable of more than monosyllabic replies at the moment.

She stood up, but unlike when she sat down, she didn't turn first. Instead, she rose straight up, dragging her boobs up along the barrier they were wedged against. Reluctantly, they were pulled out of their prison, bouncing heavily as they escaped. The shift in weight caught her off-balance, and she tried to compensate by leaning back. Unfortunately, the seat behind her denied her the space she needed, and she stumbled sideways, towards Erik.

His reflexes kicked into action, and he caught her, her weight almost knocking him over. Bracing himself to keep them both standing, his right arm went around her shoulder and his left arm sunk deep into the bare flesh sticking out of her top. It was the softest, most wonderful sensation he'd ever felt. If he hadn't been sold on titanic tits yet, he sure was now. To think he'd ever been satisfied with a handful.

She was pressed against him, her face next to his. She was almost as tall as him, which meant her lips were close enough to kiss. Her beautiful blue eyes were staring directly into his, a look of gratitude on her face. The moment passed, far too quickly.

"Oops," she said, laughing as she steadied herself. "I haven't gone out in so long, I've forgotten how to deal with this."

Erik quickly pulled back his hand, though with some regret. "I'm sorry," he stammered. "I didn't mean to..."

She gave him a sly smile. "Hardly your fault, now was it? And I appreciate the rescue. If I'd fallen and gotten stuck here, that would've been a real problem."

She stepped back from him, and inspected her top. All the movement had caused the top edge of the tube top to ride down, and a small, darkly pink patch was visible over the edge now. Small in comparison to the rest of the breasts, anyway. What was visible here was larger than a normal girl's entire areola, but this was only a small part of hers. They had to be as large as his face! Erik tried not to stare, but it was stronger than him.

"I really should've gotten new clothes before leaving the house..." she muttered to herself as she wrestled her expanses of flesh back into the top. Erik was awestruck, his mind filled with visions of what her actual nipples had to be like, if those were her areolas. Their size defied his imagination.

With her wardrobe situation taken care of—albeit probably only temporarily, considering just how much bigger her bust was than the top—she pulled her jacket back on and got her purse. She extracted herself from the row of seats, and turned around to face him again. "You want to get lunch?" She asked him.

Erik was taken aback. "Yeah... sure," he replied. Here he'd been worrying about how to even say hi to her when he first saw her, and now this unbelievable beauty was asking to have lunch with him. She seemed completely oblivious to the impact her simple questions were having on him.

She started back up the stairs, and he followed her, baffled by this turn of events. What had he done to deserve this? If karma was real, he must've somehow unwittingly saved an orphanage full of kittens and nuns to be worthy of this girl paying attention to him.

They went outside, and he walked with her across campus to the cafeteria building. He felt the burning eyes of everyone they passed as his unusual companion drew the same kind of attention as she had when entering the hall. She seemed at ease with it, but for him it was kind of unnerving. He was receiving many jealous stares as most of the university's male students wondered the same thing he was wondering: why was she with him, and not with them?

The cafeteria was set up with several different counters, each with their own type of food. Jessica decided she wanted pasta, and got in the appropriate line. Naturally, Erik followed; he didn't care what she was going to eat, he wasn't going to risk leaving her side and finding out this had all been some kind of daydream. The stares followed them as they waited in front of the counter.

He was in front of her in the line, turned back so he could look at her. He tried to keep his gaze at her eye level, but the insane length of her cleavage was just too irresistible. He knew she had to know he was doing it, and he just hoped she wouldn't think he was being too rude.

The line moved, and they shuffled forwards. Jessica walked a bit too far, and her tremendous chest bumped into him. He stumbled, and nudged the person in from of him, who gave him a dirty look.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jessica said sincerely. "I just keep doing that, don't I?"

Erik wasn't complaining, not in the slightest. "That's okay," he said simply. He was hoping his ability to form full sentences would come back some time soon.

"I haven't really gone outside much the last few years," she explained. "I guess I'm not used to how much space I need anymore."

"Why haven't you? Gone outside?" Five whole words. He was getting better.

She shrugged. "I used to be a bit self-conscious, I suppose. And you've already seen what a chore it can be to deal with these things. That's why I made an agreement with the university so I could do all my work online, from home."

"What changed?" He asked.

"I'm nearly twenty-three years old," she said simply. "And I rarely interact with anyone face-to-face except my family and my roommates. I've been doing this university program, and I literally don't know anyone here. Basically, I was lonely. I wanted to make some new friends. Plus, I figure I can deal with the stares by now; I never get anything else when I do go anywhere."

They got their food—Erik had to try his best to ignore the stares from the lady behind the register--and went to find a spot to sit. This presented some difficulty, as the tables in the cafeteria were placed too close together for Jessica to be able to walk between them comfortably. She kept bumping into people, and her massive breasts pushed aside tables and chairs. It was a strangely erotic sight, the way she was just too big to interact with the world normally.

They found an empty table, and sat down. Jessica had to sit sideways, her colossal bust along the side of the table. If she'd sat down straight, she would've had to be so far from the table she wouldn't be able reach her food. It left her having to eat her food with one hand, which she seemed quite adept at.

"It's this, or use my boobs as a table," she said, grinning. "In public, this is probably the better option."

Too bad, Erik thought. He would've liked to have seen the alternative. He idly wound his spaghetti around his fork, not really interested in the food. He was too distracted by the awesome sight in front of him, and a bit embarrassed by the way everyone kept staring at the both of them.

A guy walked over to them. A tall, athletic type with a chiselled face, who was probably in one of the university's sports clubs. The kind of jock that Erik would've expected Jessica to hang out with. He approached their table, and looked at Jessica. "Hey there," he said confidently. "We've got some space at our table. You want to join?"

"No," Jessica said curtly. The friendly expression she'd had all morning had melted away, replaced by an annoyed look.

"Come on, babe," the jock said, impatiently. "You don't have to hang out with this loser type. You've got too much class for that."

Erik got up. "You want to say that again?" He asked the guy angrily. He wasn't going to let anyone talk to him like that, especially in front of his dream girl. This wasn't high school anymore; he didn't need to take this kind of abuse.

The jock ignored him. "What do you say, babe?"

Jessica gave him an icy stare. "I'm not your babe, and I already said no," she said coldly. "And this 'loser' has more class in the tip of his finger than you have in your entire body. Plus, he's my boyfriend, so kindly fuck off."

The guy, realising that everyone in the cafeteria was looking at them, decided to back off. "Okay, whatever. He can have your disgusting fat boobs if he wants."

When he left, Jessica turned to Erik, an apologetic look on her face. "Sorry about that," she said. "I hope you don't mind I said that; it makes it easier to deal with type threes like him."

"No, of course not," he said, sitting back down. He was a bit miffed the jock had just ignored him entirely and that Jessica had been the one to get rid of him. On the other hand, the lie she had used was one he really wished was true. He gathered his courage. "Do, um, do you have a boyfriend?"

She laughed, though somewhat sadly. "No, I'm afraid not. You'd think it'd be easy for me, but there's just not enough type fours in the world."

"Type four? What do you mean?" She'd said type three as well, when referring to the jock, and Erik was curious what she was talking about.

"Oh, right," she said. "I keep forgetting you don't know me that well. It's a code me and my roommates use for the types of people I tend to meet."

"Really? What are they?"

"Well, in my experience people, especially guys, can be divided into four groups." She held up her hand, counting on her fingers. Slender, pretty fingers, Erik noticed. He kind of wished he would stop obsessing about every part of her body.

"First, there's the people who are either indifferent to me, or think I'm disgusting, some kind of freak of nature. I group those together because very few people are actually indifferent to these things on my chest. My brother is probably the only person in that category, so why give him his own group? They're type one."

"Who thinks you're a freak?" Erik asked indignantly. In his view, such an opinion was tantamount to heresy.

"Erik, you're sweet, but you have to realise quite a few people think boobs like, say, Kate Upton's are already too big. Where do you think that puts me?"

"You're way prettier than her," he said before he realised it, then panicked when he did. "Wait, I mean...! No, actually, that is what I mean. That's not even a contest."

She laughed again, and reached across the table, her hand brushing against his. "Thanks," she said, seemingly blushing a little. "I know I have the rest of my looks in my favour, but plenty of people still can't see past these." She pointed at her tremendous assets. "What that asshole just said as an insult because I rejected him, quite a few people think for real."

She put up two fingers. "Anyway, type two are the shy guys. The people who are so intimidated by me that they can't even talk to me."

Erik felt himself shrinking into his seat. "That would be me," he said quietly.

She shook her head, which sent her gorgeous blonde hair dancing around her head, some strands landing in her cleavage before she brushed them back behind her back. "No, you're not," she laughed. "Well, maybe a little. But you're doing way better than most. Believe me, I've met plenty of people who just bolt at the sight of me, or when I try to say hello."

Erik couldn't deny that impulse had been there. When she'd said hi to him, he was so afraid he'd make a fool of himself that he easily could've fled. "So, type three are guys like that jock just now?" He asked, remembering what she'd said earlier.

She nodded. "Yeah," she said bitterly. "The guys who think I'm some kind of trophy. Who see me, and all they want is to be able to brag to their friends that they slept with the girl with the huge boobs. The guys who're so sure that they're hot stuff and that I'll go with them. I hate those guys."

It was obvious to Erik from her frown and her tone of voice that she'd had to deal with this type way too often. "Well, I'm sorry on behalf of my gender, if it makes a difference," he said.

Her smile returned. "It does, believe me. You're type four, the last type. The nice people who aren't turned off by the boobs, who may even like them, yet can still treat me like an actual person. It's an increasingly small group of people, as I get bigger."

"You're giving me too much credit," Erik said, remembering the thoughts he'd had during class about seeing her enormous bust naked. Not to mention the erection he'd had all morning, though he was starting to get that under control. Wait, did she just say she was still getting bigger? So much for control.

"You're not giving yourself enough," she replied playfully. "A few stray glances don't make you a bad person, Erik. At least you were trying not to look rude, unlike most people in that hall. I pegged you as a four the moment I saw you trying to hide your stares. That's why I picked that seat, and so far, you've proved me right."

"I don't know..." Erik began, a bit embarrassed.

"Trust me, I know what I'm talking about," she reassured him. "The pen, and when I almost fell... you've had a few chances to take advantage of me, and you didn't. That's more than most people would've done."

Erik had a hard time believing he was really that special. Then again, she was here, talking to him, so he must've done something right.

The conversation turned to more mundane matters, which was a bit of a relief for Erik since it allowed the blood to return to other parts of his body where it was needed. They talked about their studies, which was an easy topic since they had the same major. They talked about their hobbies, and found they had a shared interest in gaming. She was remarkably easy to talk to, once he got over the fact that he was talking to the bustiest, most beautiful girl in the world. Something that was not easy to get over, and he kept staring at those alluring orbs from time to time.

For her part, she kept giving him coy smiles, and brief bits of contact when she reached out to touch his hands. It was very flirty behaviour, and Erik still had a hard time believing someone like that could be for real, and talking to him. Part of him was still expecting this to be a dream somehow, or a ridiculously elaborate prank.

By the time they finished talking, the cafeteria was empty, lunch time long over. He checked the time on his phone, and it was nearly two-thirty. He had another class at three, one which Jessica wouldn't be attending, unfortunately. It meant the time to say goodbye to her was fast approaching.

Jessica got up, and leaned her massive mammaries on the table. "Oof!" She said. "Always nice to get a load off. They're not light, you know."

"I can imagine," Erik said, chuckling. He was staring at her tits as they lay on the table, pushed up even further. He noticed she had her own head in her cleavage, which was just beyond sexy. Her colossal chest covered a large portion of the table, and he could hear the poor piece of furniture struggle with the weight. It made him wonder just how she was able to carry them with such ease, but he felt it would be rude to ask.

The pressure from below was causing her top to creep down again, revealing parts of her areola once more. She noticed where he was looking, and sighed. "There I go again. This top is just a few months old, too. I thought it'd be okay to wear out. Stupid growth spurts." She hoisted the top up, making herself decent again, for as much as that was possible.

"At least there's no audience this time," he said, indicating the empty cafeteria. By contrast, most of the class must've noticed the earlier wardrobe malfunction in the lecture hall.

"True. This is how I like places, when I go out," she joked. "Empty."

"So you don't have to deal with type threes?" He asked.

"Exactly," she said. "You know, sometimes when dealing with guys like that, I wish I could just be, like, 'hey, you want my boobs so badly, so here they are!' And then I'd just knock them out with them, like this!" She spun around on the ball of her foot, swinging her massive chest around her. She knocked into the table and several chairs, sending them scattering across the floor. Erik stared slack-jawed as she pirouetted, her humongous tits describing an arc around her, knocking over everything in their way. "KO by boobs!" She proclaimed, laughing.

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