Getting to Know Her


"The best way to go," he chuckled, trying to hide how much she was turning him on.

"I'd do it too, if I didn't think they'd probably like it. Or charge me with assault. Either way, not an outcome I want."

Erik looked at his phone as she came to a halt, her heavy breasts swaying from side to side from the residual momentum. "I really need to get going," he said sadly. "I need to walk back to the engineering building, after all."

"Wait, give me that," she said, and winked. "You'll have to be able to contact me... for the assignment."

He handed her the phone, and she entered her number, saving it to a new contact, putting in her name. He wanted to take the phone back, but instead she tapped the 'add photo' button, stood next to him, her arm around his waist, his right arm pressed into her boob. She held out the phone, and took a selfie of the both of them, saving the picture with the contact.

"There, now you'll know who I am," she said happily.

"As if I could forget," he mumbled as he took the phone, and looked at the picture. The angle showed only three things: his face, her face, and her insane cleavage. Her cleavage wasn't even entirely in the picture, which also meant the top she was wearing wasn't visible. It made it entirely too easy to imagine she was naked in that shot.

"About that assignment," he said. "I can look it up on the website, and let you know how much work it looks to be next time we see each other."

"I have a better idea," she said, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Why don't you come over to my place Friday evening, and we'll look at it together."

"It's a bit early in the semester, isn't it? The class only just started, I doubt there's anything we can do yet."

"Erik, Erik, Erik..." she sighed with mock disappointment. "Why are the nice guys always so oblivious? I just asked you on a date. At my house. You don't really want to say no to that, do you?"

Erik swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly very dry. "I... I'll be there," he managed to say.

"Great, how about seven? Send me a text so I have your number, and I'll reply with my address." She blew him a kiss, turned around, and walked away, swaying her hips. "See you then!"

He stared at her delectable ass, and the swell of her immense breasts visible from behind her, swaying from side to side as she walked. He shook his head in disbelief; he didn't know what just happened, but he imagined this is what it would feel like to win the lottery, get the Nobel prize, and be the first man on Mars, all at the same time.


When Erik woke up the next day, he was initially convinced he'd dreamed the whole thing. He was sure it was still Monday, that he'd never met the amazing Jessica, and that they definitely didn't have a date for that Friday. He knew he was about to repeat that day, but normally this time.

However, the date on his alarm clock obstinately said Tuesday, no matter how often he blinked. Okay, so Monday had happened, but surely Jessica couldn't be real. Breasts larger than medicine balls did not exist, he had to remind himself. They couldn't.

He looked at his phone, and saw the texts they'd exchanged. After he'd sent her a message so she'd have his number, Jessica had cheerfully replied she was excited for Friday, and had given him her address. The realisation dawned on him: it was all real. He really did meet the most beautiful girl in the world the day before, and they were going on a date. He actually had a date with Jessica. It was hard to believe, even with the evidence right in front of him. Had he quantum leaped into someone else's life? These kinds of things didn't happen to him, normally.

He tapped her name, which she'd put as "Jessica Boob-girl" with a smiley face. Presumably not her real surname, though maybe she'd been afraid he knew many other Jessicas he'd confuse her with. As if the picture left any doubt who she was. He stared at it, mesmerised by her breathtakingly beautiful face and her endless cleavage. The cropping of the picture really did make her look naked, he thought. He felt his dick begin to stir, and he briefly considered jerking off to the picture, but thought better of it. He didn't think he'd be worthy of his type four status if he did that.

It turned out they had three more classes in common, so he saw her a few more times. Every time they sat together, and they even managed to have lunch again on Wednesday and Thursday. He still did a double take every time he saw her. It didn't matter that he already knew what she looked like; there just was no getting used to her. The fact that she'd gotten a better fitting top than the one she wore on Monday didn't really make any difference; she still looked amazingly sexy. On top of that, he grew to like her more every time they were together, and he hoped the same was true in reverse.

The times they were not together were even more difficult, as he'd predicted. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her, impressive chest and all. He heard her voice in his head. He daydreamed about the smallest things, like just holding her hand. He found it difficult to think about anything else besides this incredible girl, a fascination that was not just due to her looks. There was no denying it: he was officially smitten.

As Friday approached, he grew more and more nervous. It didn't help that every time he saw her, he was convinced she'd be with some other guy, and would call off the date. There were so many guys on campus, surely she'd find someone she liked better than him? It hadn't happened, though. He mostly saw her talk to other girls, and only one other guy who he knew was very, very gay.

One very surprising thing was that some of the girls he saw her with were ones he'd previously thought were very attractive. Pretty girls, with nice, normal big breasts. Now, when he'd seen them in Jessica's presence, they were plain-looking, almost downright boring. No one was capable of catching his eye anymore, except for her.

Friday crept by incredibly slowly. He didn't see her at all during the day, and his classes dragged on, minutes feeling like hours. He'd never looked at the clock so often during a day, and seven o'clock just refused to get any closer.

Five-thirty, and he was finally back home, getting ready. He texted her: "Are we still on for tonight?"

"YES!!!! :D :D :D" Came the reply. "Stop being so unsure of yourself :P"

Erik wished it was that simple. He imagined that they could be standing at the altar, and he still wouldn't be able to believe she was interested at him. Okay, now he had the image of her in a very scandalous wedding dress in his head, and his dick responded. He didn't need this, he wanted to be calm when he got there.

Six-thirty, and he was getting in his car, a five-year-old Honda. Not too bad for a student car, though it felt very shabby to him. He wanted to impress, even though he knew that she wasn't the type to care about something like that. As long as he was nice, and they had fun, he should be fine. He just wished he could control his nerves a little better; he had enough experience to know that no girl would be attracted to him if he couldn't at least show a little bit of confidence.

He used his phone to navigate to the address she'd given him. He drove out into the suburbs, the scenery changing from the crowded inner city to larger, more widely spaced houses. It was also clear that the area he was heading into was more affluent; many houses looked more fancy, had neat gardens, and expensive cars were parked out front.

Finally, he turned into the driveway of what had to be Jessica's house. It was a nice looking, above average suburban home. Not as fancy as some of the ones he'd seen on the way, but definitely nicer than anything he'd lived in. He parked his car and got out, his heart pounding in his chest.

Why was he still so nervous? He'd spent quite a bit of time with her this week. He already knew they got along, and she seemed to like him. However, this was different. This was an actual date. Presumably, tonight she would decide if he was boyfriend material, or would forever be friend-zoned.

He walked up to the front door, and rang the doorbell. The door itself was very wide, almost four times the width of a normal door. He wondered if that was just the style of the houses in this neighbourhood. He couldn't really tell from here.

Seconds crept by slowly as he felt himself grow more nervous. He clutched the small bouquet of flowers he'd picked up earlier, hoping she wouldn't think it was corny. The longer it took, the more misgivings were creeping back into his mind. Was this the wrong house? Was it a prank after all, and had she deliberately sent him somewhere so he'd make a fool of himself?

Finally, the door opened, and his worries were immediately forgotten. Standing in the doorway was the most astonishing vision of beauty he'd ever laid eyes on. Jessica had straightened her hair, and was wearing a bit more makeup than she had been during the week, though it was still pretty subtle; she didn't need much, after all. A soft-pink, slightly glossy lipstick adorned her lips, which made them look even more inviting.

She was wearing an elegant, short-sleeved light-blue shirt, with a very low-cut top. On a regular woman, this shirt's neck would've plunged down to below their hips, and would've been wide enough to allow their entire body through; on Jessica, it just showed an incredible amount of smooth cleavage. The shirt obviously was a lot better fitting than the tube top she'd worn on Monday; it fit around her massive chest like a glove, allowing their natural fullness to show without any distortion. It conformed perfectly to the curve of those enormous globes, narrowing at the bottom to follow the slope towards her hips. It didn't make it all the way; the fabric stopped well before reaching her body. It was the equivalent of a midriff-baring shirt for Jessica, though for her, it only showed under-boob. Her stomach was nowhere to be seen, covered in its entirety by those magnificent mountains.

His eyes travelled further down, to her short skirt which ended about halfway down to her knees, revealing her long, bare legs. It was the first time he'd seen her in anything other than jeans, and he took a moment to admire this new, previously unseen part of her. Heeled sandals helped emphasise her supple calves, and Erik once again found himself wondering if this girl had even a single square centimetre of her body that wasn't astonishingly beautiful.

"Erik!" She said excitedly. "You made it!"

"It wasn't hard to find," he said, and stepped across the threshold. One small step for man...

When he came in, she embraced him. He hadn't been expecting that. Sure, he'd hugged girls on previous first dates, but with Jessica, the thought of doing so somehow seemed much more inappropriate. Her colossal bust smushed against his chest, his stomach, and even his hips as she pulled him close. He felt as if he was being pulled into her cleavage as he tried to reach around her shoulders to hug her. Soft, fragrant skin was pushing against his entire upper body, and he even felt her against his crotch, which immediately responded. With great mental effort, he forced himself to keep his composure; it was too early in the evening, and something like that might ruin her opinion of him.

He had to bend forward a bit, mashing her breasts down even further, until finally their faces were together, and their cheeks touched.

"It's good to see you," he managed to say. Though, what he really wanted to say was closer to "it's good to feel you." She felt incredible against his body, and even if all they did for the rest of the night was stand there in that hug, this was already the best date ever.

When they released each other, Erik felt incredibly flushed. "You look amazing," he said breathlessly.

She actually looked a bit shy when he said that. "Thanks," she responded. "Are those for me?" She took the flowers from him. "They're lovely, thank you. Let me get a vase for these."

She walked towards the kitchen, and Erik followed her. He admired her from behind; the shirt revealed a bit of her lower back, and her hips swayed hypnotically as she walked in the short skirt.

"I actually got this shirt fitted yesterday," she told him as they walked. "I wanted to make sure I had something that actually fit properly for tonight."

"That's a lot of effort for a stay-at-home date," he said.

She laughed. "It's not where we're going, it's who I'm with. Honestly, this outfit is a bit more revealing than what I'd normally consider appropriate for a first date. But, since we've been having lunch a bunch of times, I don't quite think of this as a normal first date. It's actually the fourth date, really."

Erik was definitely appreciative of the effort she'd put into looking good for him. Then again, she could've been wearing a burlap sack and she still would've looked incredible. Strangely enough, this outfit was actually a bit less revealing, at least as far as her breasts were concerned, than what she'd worn on Monday. Not that it was any less sexy for it, and it made up for it with the short skirt and the parts of her breasts sticking out from under the shirt.

The kitchen was large and open, allowing Jessica plenty of space to manoeuvre. That, combined with the overly wide doorways, which were present on the interior of the house as well, made him wonder if this place had been built for her.

"This is quite the place you've got here," he said, hoping she'd volunteer some information.

"Thanks," Jessica replied as she was rummaging through a cabinet to find a vase. "My parents actually lived here, up until I was born. They kept it, and rented it out until I moved in a few years back, mostly to people who never even knew why the house is the way it is."

That sounded like a promising lead. "What do you mean?"

She pulled a red vase from the cabinet, and began filling it with water. She had to stand sideways in front of the counter to be able to reach the faucet. "My dad had this place remodelled to make things easier for my mom, who has the same condition as me."

Erik had a shrewd idea what she meant, but still asked. "Condition?"

"Come on, Erik, you can guess," she said, using her free hand to prop up one gigantic boob. "She's big, like me! My dad had the doorways widened, the bathrooms changed so she'd fit inside, made the staircase wider, stuff like that. It made sense for me to move in when I moved out of my parents' place; everything's already perfect for a girl like me. My dad's only condition was that I had to get roommates; this place is pretty big, and he didn't want to miss out on the rent payments. I live here with two other girls, both childhood friends; they're both out for the night, so don't worry about them."

Erik looked around at the spacious, luxurious home. "So, why did your parents leave this place, if it was so great for them?"

Jessica gave him a devilish grin. "My mom got too big," she said, watching his reaction.

Erik had to put a hand against the wall to steady himself. He didn't know about the rest of the house, but what he'd seen so far had plenty of room to spare for Jessica. Just how big was her mom?

"It was the two kids that did it for her," she explained. "She was still okay after my brother, but when I was born, the boost the pregnancy had given her meant she couldn't walk up stairs anymore. They moved to a single-level place, with even more space. By now, my mom can't move much at all anymore, at least not unaided. The place they live in now is more like a warehouse, in terms of size."

Erik just stared at her, his mouth agape. "That's insane."

She shrugged. "It'll probably happen to me too, eventually, though probably not for a while. It's hard to say. My mom was thirty when she had me and moved out; I'm a bit bigger than she was at my age, but she had the two kids too... who knows? It's part of the reason why I finally decided to start leaving the house more; I figured I'd better do so while I still can."

Erik had trouble processing that. She was already so vast! How was it even possible that she'd get any bigger? And why did that idea excite him so much?

Jessica put the flowers in the vase, and placed them on the dining room table. "There! So, what did you want for dinner?"

"You," he almost said. "I'm not sure," he said instead. "I rarely go to people's houses for a first date. I don't know how this works."

"I'm not much of a cook, I'm afraid," she said. "I was thinking we could just order pizza and watch a movie, then see where it goes. Maybe play some Xbox."

"That sounds like my ideal Friday night," he said, laughing. "Especially if I get to do it with you."

She blushed. "Thanks. Do you want a quick tour of the house while we wait for the food?"

"Sure," he said.

Jessica once again reached into her cleavage, and produced her phone. "This is why I'll always wear shirts that show cleavage, if I can," she laughed. "It's just too convenient. I still carry a purse in public, because not everyone appreciates me fondling my own boobs. But if I could, I'd have everything in here."

She proceeded to order pizza for the both of them using an app for a local pizza place. He got a Hawaiian pizza for himself, though in truth he was barely paying attention to what she was asking as she tapped away on her phone. The sight in front of him was just too distracting.

Once the food was on its way, she led him upstairs to begin showing him around. For some reason, just the thought of seeing her bedroom made his heart pound again, even though he knew nothing was going to happen. At least, not yet, and he didn't dare think any further ahead.

They first passed two other bedroom doors, which Jessica explained belonged to her housemates, so she would not be showing them to him. The last door on the wide upstairs landing was the master bedroom, and it was gigantic. A king-size bed was the centrepiece of the room's modern furnishings. A huge window was covered by sheer curtains. A large dresser stood against the wall, and a loveseat on the side held a bunch of large, stuffed animals, which she was apparently very fond of. He filed that away for future gift-giving uses.

A door led to a large walk-in closet, which he didn't get to see much of. However, he did catch a glimpse of an absolutely massive bra. "So, you do wear them sometimes," he joked. He hadn't seen her wear one yet.

"Rarely," she answered, and she grabbed the clothing item and tossed it at him. "That one's too small, actually. It's expensive to have to keep updating my wardrobe, and I've never really needed bras thanks to my condition, so why bother?"

He examined the custom-made bra. There was no size tag, but his head could've comfortably fit in each cup many times. Entire dresses didn't use this much material, and this one was too small? "What is that condition of yours anyway?" He asked, handing the oversized bra back to her. "It sounds like magic to me."

She shrugged as she put the bra away again, and led him into her bathroom. "It's a rare genetic condition. It's somewhat similar to breast hyperthrophy, though much more benign."

He'd heard of that condition. The results of that, however, were usually not very pretty, and it caused lots of pain and problems for those who suffered from it. Clearly that didn't apply to Jessica.

"Basically, my breasts started growing when I hit puberty when I was ten years old, and they never stopped," she explained. "They're not going to stop, at least until I hit menopause. As you can probably tell, they're much fuller than is typical of breasts this size, and the tissue is far stronger than regular breast tissue, which is why I don't need a bra. My body can also cope with the weight much more easily than normal women could, though it still requires a lot of exercise, trust me."

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