Getting to Know Her


He realised that if he waited too long, she might change her mind, and he'd lose this chance. With some difficulty, he transferred his cone to his left hand, and reached his right over her breast.

His eyes were transfixed on her face, expecting her to tell him no any second now. But she was still feigning innocence, her eyes idly following his hand, which was closing on her breast slowly.

His palm made contact. The softest, most amazingly supple skin yielded below his fingers. He'd felt it before, when she almost fell in class, and when his hand had been trapped underneath her just a few moments ago. But this was different somehow; this was deliberate. He was touching her, on purpose. His heart was racing, while his breathing seemed to have stopped entirely.

His fingers slipped in between her breasts, and he felt around carefully. The soft pressure of the two malleable globes pressing together entrapped part of his hand as he tried to find the remote.

"It's a lot deeper than that," she said lightly, still acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

He had no choice. He inserted his hand deeper into her cleavage. It was very warm, and the pressure increased. Her heavy breasts pushed together quite solidly, and he had to work to squeeze his arm down.

He was nearly down to his elbow now, and he was moving his hand back and forth along the valley of her cleavage to try and find the remote. He couldn't believe how incredibly good her tits felt against his skin. It was basically like he was tittyfucking her with his entire forearm, and he wasn't even close to reaching the bottom.

His fingers made contact with something plastic, and he slowly withdrew it from her cleavage. Despite the comfortable temperature in the room, his arm almost felt cold as it left the hot cleft between her boobs. He looked at his hand, and saw what he got was her phone.

"Wrong!" She laughed. "Put it back and try again. It's the only other thing in there, and you were pretty close."

He plunged his arm back down. Again, the incredible softness took him by surprise. There was just no way he could get used to anything about her. He put the phone back roughly where he thought he found it, and felt around again.

She had to have done this on purpose. There was no good reason to stash a TV remote in your cleavage. As ridiculous as the notion was to begin with, her using the space between her boobs to carry stuff around at least made some kind of sense. But, typically you didn't carry the remote anywhere; you left it near the TV. There was only one reason he could think of why she would've done this: she'd planned on having him retrieve it. She'd wanted to give him a chance to feel his arm between her huge, heavy tits.

Finally, he found the remote. There was no doubt this time; he could feel the buttons, and besides, she'd said there was nothing else down there. He pulled it out, almost wishing he'd pretended to not find it for a bit longer. But again, his desire to stay in her good graces overcame his desire to touch her tits.

He pressed play, and put the remote down on the couch beside him. He didn't have the courage to try and put it back. He moved his cone back to his right hand, and resumed watching Jessica. Not the movie, of course; he'd barely seen any of the first part, so why would he start now?

She was still eating her ice-cream, trying to act as if everything was normal. The slight smirk on her lips told him, however, that she was fully aware of what she'd just done, and how he felt about it. His mind was reeling; this was starting to get beyond flirting, and into the realms of foreplay. There was no way she wasn't aware of how he'd feel about touching her like that. Had the glimpse of her nipple earlier also been deliberate? Just how far was she intending to go tonight? They hadn't even kissed yet!

Suddenly, he felt something else on his hand, a cold and wet sensation. His neglected ice-cream was melting, running down the side of the cone, over his hand! A mixture of brown, green and pink was dripping down, splashing onto the surface of her breast. It just barely missed her shirt, falling instead onto her bare skin.

"Shit!" He exclaimed, and he jerked his hand to his face, quickly licking the side of the cone, stopping the flow.

She giggled. "Now look what you've done," she teased.

Erik stared at the splatter of molten ice-cream on her tit, slowly running towards her cleavage. He was expecting her to get up, to get a napkin or something. He'd do it for her, but he was kind of trapped; if he tried to move out from under her, he'd probably just end up spreading the problem further.

"Well?" She asked him, grinning. "You made the mess. Are you going to clean it up?"

"I don't have anything to clean it with," he said sheepishly.

"You have hands, don't you? It's only ice-cream." She looked at him defiantly, as if daring him to come up with a way to clean her that wasn't inappropriate. Quickly finishing her own cone, she took his from him, licking along the sides to prevent further spillage.

He was hesitant, even though this shouldn't be any worse than what he'd just done. He ran his finger over her skin, starting at her cleavage to prevent it from running down. He loved the way her boobs dimpled under his finger, her skin yielding under his touch. He got about half of the sticky liquid before he lifted his finger and put it into his mouth. He started to repeat the procedure.

She shook her head, and gave him a truly devious look. "That's going to be all sticky, if you do it that way. You'll have to think of something else."

He looked at her. There was really only one other way he knew of that didn't involve him getting up and getting a tissue. He raised his eyebrows, and in response she curled up her lips, and nodded ever so slightly, giving him permission.

He bent his head forward, having to use his arm to hold her boob so he could get close enough. She was big enough that he could actually reach the top of the tit while they were sitting like this. It was yet another reminder of just how incredibly vast she was. His mind just couldn't really comprehend it.

Her smooth, creamy skin was right in front of his face, and she hadn't stopped him yet. His vision was eclipsed by her colossal wonders. He stuck out his tongue, and licked.

It was heaven. He'd died and gone to heaven, he was sure of it. He was actually licking the biggest, most perfect pair of tits on the face of the planet. A pair so big that a single one overflowed his lap. So big that he had to use his entire arm to hug around it as he manoeuvred to get all of the ice-cream. His face brushed against her skin occasionally, and it felt wonderful. It was soft, and warm, and there was just so much of it. He couldn't get enough of it; there were seemingly endless reaches of tit for him to enjoy, and he wanted to feel every square centimetre. He struggled to restrain himself, and limited himself to licking the ice-cream off her. He still didn't know how far she'd be willing to let him go, and he desperately didn't want to do anything to ruin things.

He came back up with what he was sure was the widest, stupidest grin on his face. He couldn't believe that had just happened. Jessica looked kind of flushed too, her breathing faster. Had that felt good to her? At the very least, it didn't seem like she'd disliked it.

"Here's your cone back," she told him, her eyes sparkling. "Make sure it doesn't happen again."

He took it without comment. He didn't trust himself to speak, so he just resumed eating his ice-cream, and trying to at least pretend to pay attention to the movie. He felt they'd crossed some kind of threshold, but he was at a loss as to how to proceed from here. He didn't feel any of his life experience had adequately prepared him to be in a situation like this, with a girl like Jessica.

He noticed from the corner of his eye that she was looking at him now, biting her lower lip. Her nipples seemed hard again, though it was hard to tell from this angle. She was obviously aroused. Come on, he thought to himself. He had to do something!

He was reaching the end of his cone, and he was now eating the waffle cookie along with the last of the pistachio ice-cream. She hadn't had any of that, he realised; she'd only had chocolate. It gave him an idea. An idea that made him sweat with trepidation, but that was too good to ignore.

He looked her straight in the eyes. Those unbelievably gorgeous, deep blue eyes. Eyes that made you fall in love the second you looked at them. He struggled to maintain his composure, remembering what he wanted to do. It took all of his courage to speak. "You, um, you don't like pistachio?" He asked, his voice shaking.

She raised an eyebrow curiously, unsure where he was going with this. "I do; I love it. I just felt like chocolate today."

"You, um, want a taste?"

"Yeah, I guess?" A look of confusion and disappointment appeared on her face. She clearly had no idea what he intended to do. His heart was attempting to escape his chest, probably to flee from the embarrassment if she'd react negatively to what he was about to attempt.

She reached for what was left of his cone, but before she could, he took a big lick himself. Then, he brought his face closer to hers, and their lips touched.

Time stopped. Fireworks went off in his brain, as it tried to comprehend where on earth he'd gotten the courage to do this from. Her full lips felt incredibly soft against his as he experienced what was easily the best kiss of his entire life. Her lips parted, and her tongue entered his mouth, the taste of the ice-cream mixing with the even sweeter taste of her mouth.

The kiss lasted forever. Civilizations rose and fell outside Jessica's house while their lips were locked together. Wars were fought, species went extinct, galaxies died and new ones were born, all in the space of that single kiss which was now the only thing that mattered in the universe. He'd never experienced anything like it before.

Finally they separated, and when the real world came back into focus, Erik realised only a few seconds had passed. "Wow," he said, sighing deeply.

"You're right, that is tasty," she said, smiling happily. "Boy, did you ever have more courage than I gave you credit for."

"What?" He said, his brain still trying to catch up with what was happening.

"That was a compliment, silly," she said softly, and she leaned forward to kiss him again.

Somehow, it was even better than the first time. He hugged her shoulder tight as they kissed fervently, their tongues darting around each other. It was a deeper, much more passionate kiss, and Erik felt his mind was being overloaded. He was actually kissing Jessica, the most amazing beauty he'd ever seen. He was kissing her sweet lips, feeling her gorgeous body—mostly her boob—against him. Caressing her silky skin with his hands. It was paradise.

His right arm, leaning on her immense chest, went limp as his body was unable to focus on anything but that wonderful kiss. He dropped the remains of his cone, and it rolled into her cleavage. He didn't know if she'd noticed; she certainly didn't break the kiss. Her eagerness was arousing him even further; this incredible girl wanted him, there was no mistake. It was the most unbelievable thing in an evening filled with unbelievable things.

When they came up for air after what really was a long time this time, they were both breathing hard, their mutual need obvious. He looked at the mess in her cleavage guiltily. "I did it again."

She smiled at him, clearly not caring. "Oh well, I've had worse. I'm going to have to clean this up properly, though, cause this is going to get too sticky otherwise."

Erik looked sad; he'd looked forward to the chance for another clean-up. He reached over to salvage the remains of the cone, but she stopped him.

"Wait," she said, an evil glint in her eyes. "Watch this."

She repositioned herself, and used both her arms to squeeze her massive chest together. Erik watched in awe as the gap around the ice-cream cone closed, slowing crushing it. In a few seconds, the whole thing was swallowed by her tremendous cleavage. When she let go, only a thoroughly flattened waffle, along with a lot of crumbs, remained amidst the mostly molten ice-cream.

"I love doing that," she said, grinning devilishly.

"You're amazing, you know that?" Erik said breathlessly.

She nodded. "I do," she said matter-of-factly. She got up, and headed towards the stairs. "I'm going to clean this off. I'll be right back."

Erik hesitated for a second, but then made to follow her. She turned around, and raised her eyebrows.

"Aren't you eager all of a sudden," she said playfully. "You can wait here."

Erik looked crestfallen. Then again, this was still technically their first date, if you didn't count the lunches. Maybe he shouldn't expect anything more from the night. It was already the best date ever, anyway.

He looked at the screen, where the movie was still playing, as she walked upstairs. "Um, should I pause it?" He asked.

She shrugged. "Just turn it off," she said. "I missed most of it anyway."

After a minute she came back out of her room, a huge bath towel wrapped around her chest. She stood on the second storey landing, leaning against the railing to talk to him as she used a washcloth to wipe off her cleavage. "So, is this date everything you expected?" She asked playfully.

"Are you kidding? I never could've expected anything like this," he said earnestly.

"Come on, now," she laughed. "Surely you've got plenty of experience with girls."

He looked her over. Looking at her from below, it was hard to see her face. The fluffy bath towel was bigger than any he'd ever seen, and it still felt like it might come loose at any moment. Her body was just beyond compare, in every aspect. "I have some experience, yeah. With regular girls." In truth, while he'd gone on a fair few dates and slept with a number of girls, he'd only had two real girlfriends, and only the last one had been somewhat serious. "You... you don't even come close. You're just so gorgeous, and smart, and nice, and perfect in every single way. I can't even describe how awesome you are! You would be far too pretty to even talk to someone like me even if you weren't... you know..."

"Unbelievably busty?" She finished, giggling. "I'm hardly perfect, you know. And you're a better catch than you think; you just need some more confidence. And that kiss you just gave me... wow! It's very rare that I find someone who actually thinks I'm attractive, even with these, and isn't intimidated by me, and even rarer that I like them this much too! Why wouldn't I be talking to you?"

"I don't know," he said, exasperated. "You're a goddess! I'm just me."

"Just you is all I want, Erik. You think I do this every weekend? It's been years since I've had a guy over. And none of them were ever as nice as you, or as good looking."

Erik blushed, unable to respond. When she started to head back into her room, he felt he should say something more. "Um, what are we doing if we're not watching the movie?" He asked. That was the best he could come up with? He felt disappointed in himself. What was he expecting her to say? Have lots of sex?

She turned back to look at him again, idly fingering the knot in her towel. It dropped ever so slightly, threatening to reveal her nipples again. "What do you want to do, Erik?"

Jump your bones, he thought. He'd never been more aroused in his life. "Play some videogames, maybe?" He suggested lamely. "More kissing?" He added quietly.

She laughed. "I like that second idea," she said. "But, I don't feel like playing games, not that kind anyway." She thought about it for a few seconds. "How about a swim? It's certainly warm enough outside, and there's nothing more fun than an evening dip in the pool."

Erik's mouth went dry. Jessica, in a swimsuit? He didn't know if his heart could take that. "I don't have any swimming trunks," he said meekly.

"Can't you just use your boxers?" She asked. "Actually, I think my brother may have left some swimming trunks here. Don't worry, they're clean!"

Before he could respond, she went into her room, only to return moments later to throw some bright yellow and orange swimming trunks down from the landing.

"Here!" She called. "Put these on. I'll be down in a bit."

He caught the trunks, and stared at her door, stunned. Somehow, he knew that when she came back out, the night would get even better.


Erik felt foolish as he waited for Jessica to come back down. The brightly coloured swimming trunks were not what he would've ever bought for himself, and they looked ridiculous on him. At least they fit reasonably well, even though Jessica's brother was built very differently from him.

He'd used the bathroom to change, even though he was alone downstairs. The thought of Jessica walking out of her room while he was still changing, catching him with his hard dick in the open, was just too terrifying. He'd also used the opportunity to pee as best he could, which had helped get his erection under control a bit. He fervently hoped he'd make it into the water before it came back, since the trunks would make it much more obvious than his pants had.

It was ridiculous, he thought. He wasn't eighteen anymore! He should have the self-control to not spend the entire night with a hard-on, just because he was near a pretty girl. Then again, Jessica wasn't exactly a normal girl; he suspected she could have that effect on anyone.

He had goose bumps on his skin as he waited. Probably the cool air-conditioned room, or, equally likely, the anticipation of what he'd see when she finally came downstairs. This was almost as bad as when he'd been waiting outside earlier that evening. Finally, her bedroom door opened, and he felt his heart racing again. She walked across the landing, and started down the stairs.

Erik's jaw dropped. He'd been expecting some kind of one-piece, since he couldn't really imagine a bikini capable of containing those monsters. Even if it had been a bikini, it would've had a fantastically huge top, even bigger than that bra he'd seen earlier, which was after all too small for her.

What she was wearing barely qualified as a bikini for her. The dark blue top was made for a girl who had perhaps mere watermelon-sized breasts. On Jessica's more-than-medicine-ball size, they covered an area bigger than her areolas, but nowhere near the entire breast.

Vast expanses of creamy, smooth breast flesh bulged out in all directions from under the woefully inadequate bikini top. It left so incredibly little to the imagination, yet just enough that he couldn't help but yearn to see more. Her entire cleavage, from the top to the bottom of her mighty breasts, was now there for him to stare at, with only a flimsy-looking string connecting the two triangles of cloth. Her big nipples made noticeable dents in the fabric. He had no idea how she was expecting the bikini to stay in place, unless she had glued it to her skin or something.

He wondered what the bikini's bottom was like; he couldn't actually see it with her full, heavy boobs hanging in the way. For all he knew right now, she wasn't wearing one, though he sincerely doubted that. Her incredible legs were now entirely bare, and he longed to run his hands along them, to seek out the prize in between. She walked down the stairs seductively on her flip-flops, giving him ample time to stare.

Jessica regarded him the whole way down, clearly enjoying his reaction. "You like it?" She asked. Then, she lowered her gaze to his crotch, and gave him a naughty smile. "Never mind, I can see you do."

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