tagLoving WivesGetting to Know Kaylee Ch. 02

Getting to Know Kaylee Ch. 02

byArt Martin©

"You mean to tell me, she went down on you that quick? She sucked your cock all night?" queried Ed as he adjusted himself in his chair.

"Yeah. All night. Like I said, she loves sucking cock. It really turns her on to have some guy's cock in her mouth. He doesn't even have to be hard; she enjoys a soft dick almost as much as a hard one. She likes a challenge, if you know what mean."

"Hmm, I see. Okay, then what?"

"Back in my motel room, I quickly shit, showered, and shaved. Everything was going smoothly until it came to tying the tie. Try as I might, it just wouldn't come out right. Finally, with a misshaped knot, I almost had the tail shorter than the front. "Fuck it," I cursed. "This will have to do."

The reception area for the Southwest Divisional office of Tylock Industries is very impressive. With high ceilings and marbled walls, the large room is graced with sculptures and Persian rugs. Walking up to the front desk, I was greeted by an absolutely stunning looking woman. The scent of her expensive perfume filled my nostrils and had its intended effect. Prying my eyes from her generous display of cleavage I stammered, "I'm George Zinter. I'm here to see Mr. Ed Bailey."

"Nice to meet you George! I'm Demona!" she said flashing a mouth full of brilliantly white and perfect teeth. Her coiffure was equally perfect, a flowing full main of curly blonde hair. Her green eyes sparkled, set off by her perfectly applied makeup. "We've been expecting you. May I get you a cup of coffee?"

"Uh, sure," I said. The coffee at the Holiday Inn had left a lot to desired and being a coffee junkie, I needed a fix.

"What do you like in it?"

"Just black."

"Okay, I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable."

She stood and I got a good look at her curvaceous body. She was dressed to kill, in a slinky, low cut dress with a slit up her right thigh. With the grace of a cat, she walked away in her high-heels, with a walk like that of a model on a runway. Her ass cheeks literally quaked with each step. She was obviously a high maintenance sort of girl. I couldn't help but utter a low whistle in appreciation.

I found a seat on one of the sofas and soon she was back, walking towards me. This time her tits quaked with each step, but she didn't spill a drop of coffee. As she leaned over to hand me the coffee, I got an eyeful down her dress and a good view of her unrestrained big tits. She lingered for a moment, obviously enjoying the effect she having on me, before returning behind the twenty-foot wide reception desk.

She picked up the phone, looked towards me and said, "Mr. Bailey will see you now."

I stood as she walked back around the expansive desk. I followed her to the door, where she turned. A frown spread across her face. "That won't do. That won't do at all," she said as she tried to straighten my tie. In a moment, all my hard work that morning was undone. "Here let me help you," she purred.

Demona moved behind me. Reaching around my chest, she began retying my tie, flashing a rock on her finger that was so big that it had to be a fake. All the while I could smell her perfume and felt her massive bosoms pressing into my back. Her tits were hard, unnaturally hard, and I guessed that she had had a silicon job. All too soon, she had accomplished her task. "There, that's better," she said with satisfied smile.

I met with Ed. Middle-aged, he was gregarious and a bit of bad boy, commenting on the good-looking eye candy that was Tylock's silicon-enhanced receptionist. I had to agree, she was indeed a delight to behold. After a pleasant chat, he sent me off to HR, where I was assigned my office, filled out reams of papers, given a handful of corporate credit cards and told that with my position, that I was entitled to a company car.

I had a car, my '66 Mustang GT. It was a great car, a car that turned heads, a screaming machine when I pushed it, and a car that opened a lot of legs for me. I was told that I could go to the Chevrolet dealer or Ford dealer and pick out a full sized four-door sedan. I could have it equipped as I liked, but within certain guidelines.

The frown on my face must have been apparent as the HR dude offered, "We had an upper manager leave us a few weeks ago. He was driving a BMW. It's got some miles on it, but... as I see it, the trade-in value is less than cost of a new Crown Victoria. Financially, it's a wash. I'll have to check with Mr. Bailey and if he says okay, you can have it if you want it."

A BMW? Do I look like an idiot? "Sure, that would be just fine!"

After my first encounter with the wonderful folks in HR, I was escorted to my office. I was introduced to Sandy, my red-headed pool secretary and she showed me where to find pencils and other essentials.

I spent the rest of the morning meeting my coworkers and getting my pencils sharpened. At lunch, I was invited to join Ed Bailey and my Project Manager, Jim Sales. Much to my delight, Demona the receptionist was invited along too. It think I might have mentioned it, but she is a good looking cunt! Walking into the club, all eyes were on her, a fact that Ed obviously relished.

At lunch Ed told me that if I wanted it, the BMW was mine. Then he asked Jim Sales to brief me on the project I was to be assigned to while Ed bantered and flirted with Demona. On the return trip to the office, Ed told me that after Jim was finished briefing me back at the office, to take the afternoon off and look around for a place to live.

My first day at work was great. My biggest dilemma was which car to drive home, my vintage Mustang or the BMW. After locating the dark green BMW in the parking garage, I switched cars, parking the red Mustang in the garage and heading out in the BMW. I must admit, BMW makes a fine driving machine. It didn't take me long to appreciate the outstanding qualities of German engineering at it's best. The Beemer was a thoroughbred stallion, quick and responsive.

I quickly realized that my beloved Mustang was by comparison, a dinosaur. Not the big lumbering kind, but like a Velociraptor. It was still a dinosaur, but a fast, mean, muscle bound SOB of a dinosaur that I would never part with.

When I got back to the motel, I dropped by the front desk to see Kaylee. She was talking to the manager and seeing me she greeted formally, "Good afternoon Mr. Vinter!"

"Hi. Come outside and see what I got."

Kaylee followed me out into the parking lot where I proudly showed off my nearly new 530i.

"Oh wow!" she exclaimed. "They gave you that?"

"Yeah! Cool, huh?"

"Well Mr. Vinter, I can see that you weren't full of it last night. You are indeed an important man. By the way, I love the suit, you look great!"


I followed her back into the lobby where she reported to the manager that there was indeed trash in the parking lot.

Gruffly he said, "Take care of it, " and then disappeared into the office behind the check-in desk.

I hung around for a minute before Kaylee chastised me. "You can't stay here in the lobby."

"Why not?"

"Okay, you can stay, but I can't talk to you."

"Why not?"

"I've got a job, silly! I can't hang around fraternizing with the guests; it's not very professional. So go take a swim, watch a movie or whatever."

"What time do you get off?"



"I told you that. Monday through Thursday I work until ten."

"Damn, I was hoping..."

"Shhhh! Look, things usually get a little slow around here after eight. We can talk then. Go do something until eight and then come around. I'll be alone until Pete, the night manager, arrives. "

"Okay, sure babe."

"Don't call me babe, not here...it's not very professional."

I went back to my room, changed clothes and then headed out apartment hunting until about six and then had a solo dinner. It was a just a little after seven when I returned. Kaylee and another girl where busy checking in guests, so I went for a quick swim. When eight o'clock arrived, I was at the front desk. The other girl told Kaylee, "Goodnight, see you tomorrow."

"Good luck on your exam tomorrow, Janet," replied Kaylee.


Once Janet had departed, the lobby was empty. Kaylee went to the door of the manger's office and nodded for me to join her. Once inside, she flipped a switch on the wall, but nothing appeared to happen. She turned and standing on her toes she kissed me.

"Mmmm, I've been thinking of you all day," she crooned softly as her hands went to my belt buckle. Within seconds she had my pants down around my knees, and she was gently stroking me to an erection. "I just love your dick," she hissed lewdly. Kaylee sank to her knees and began licking on my cock and licking my balls.

"You're not much into foreplay," I said as she slobbered all over my stiff cock.

Looking up at me with a grin, she relied, "You don't mind do you?"

"Nooooo, I don't mind," I replied.

About that time, a chime went off. DING! Kaylee stood up and said, "I'll be right back," and then she disappeared into the lobby.

Five minutes later, she returned. I was still standing there with my pants around my knees, playing with myself to keep it hard.

"Customer," she announced. "Now where were we?"

"Uh, you were licking my dick."

"Oh yeah," she said with a grin. In the next moment she returned her lips to my needy organ, giving me big open-mouthed kisses up and down my throbbing rod.

"Oh, baby!" I groaned as she ran the ball of her tongue stud along my bulging cock tube. She nibbled up and down and all around my pulsating cock, teasing me mercilessly.


Kaylee stood, winked and said, "I'll be right back."

She was only gone a minute. "Guest needed change for the coke machine," she explained. She stood by the door for a moment, looking at me with a grin. "Say, you know, I like it just the way you are, but why don't take off your pants and stay awhile."

Sounded like a good idea to me, so I shucked my sandals and pants and boxers. Grasping my shirttail, she tugged upward and pulled my t-shirt over my head.

"Hmmm. That's better she said. I like my men completely naked. Naked and available."

"I like you naked too," I said.

"Love to, but I gotta work."


"See? I'll be right back. Don't go away."

I wasn't going anywhere. A few minutes later, she returned.


"That's okay."

"Where were we?"

"You were about to suck my cock."

"Oh, yeah...good idea!"

This time she took me to the root and I groaned in gratitude as her throat constricted around the tube of my man-meat. Pumping her face, my dick slid up and down in her throat as she face fucked herself on me. I was in heaven, lost in the sensations emanating from my happy peter. After a few minutes, I felt the familiar boiling in my balls.

DING! She pulled off and disappeared, leaving me on the edge.

Two or three minutes later, she was back.

Working on just the head of my dick with her mouth and studded tongue, she looked and said, "I love your big dick." I expected her to deep throat me again, but she just polished my knob. Very quickly I was back on the edge, but before I was pushed too far, she nibbled her way down to my balls. Gently she took each of my testicles into her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue. Then she worked back up the rigid stalk of my throbbing organ, taking in just the first few inches and massaging the working end of my tool with her studded tongue. At this rate, I wasn't going to last very long, but...DING!

"Oh fuck!" I cursed as my tool tingled on the very brink. I watched the door, waiting for her to return. After a few long minutes, she was back. "Sorry." Then she kissed me all over, nibbling at my nipples, nibbling down my leg.

"Turn around, lean against the wall," she told me. I didn't argue. Nibbling across my buttocks, she said, "Did you shower recently?"

"Yeah, right after I took a swim."

"Good," she said as her fingers opened the cheeks of my buttocks.

"Oh god damn!" I cursed as felt her wet tongue raking over my sensitive rear orifice. "Oh, fuck yeah, baby! That feels good!"

I'd never had a girl lick my asshole before and it felt as good as it was dirty. She worked my butt hole over until the damned chimes rang again. DING! She left me breathless, leaning against the wall with my throbbing dick drooling a river of precum onto the floor.

This time, she was gone a good long while. I regained my senses and weak-kneed, I sat in the manager's chair. By the time she got back, I had wilted somewhat.


"I thought you said you weren't busy after eight."

"Usually I'm not, but tonight it's just been kinda crazy. Oh, look at you! You're all limp. Poor baby! Here, let me help you."

Once again she sucked my entire cock into her mouth, quickly reviving my flagging erection. Once again she sucked and toyed with me until I was ready to explode. Once again the damned chime rang, "DING", leaving me once again on the very edge.

This went on until nearly nine thirty and when I was finally allowed to cum, the orgasm was so intense that my vision grayed and I saw stars.

"Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!" I shouted deliriously as my sperm exploded into her voracious mouth. "Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck baby, fuck!"

That had to have been the best orgasm of my life. I was wasted, quite unable to move, as I gasped for oxygen.

"Mmmmmm, you taste so good," she said huskily, licking my cum from her lips. "I just love your dick," she giggled. "It's soooo much fun!"

I could only respond with a weak, "Oh god damn."

Suddenly her demeanor changed. "C'mon George. You gotta get dressed and get out of here! Pete will be here in few minutes. C'mon, big boy, get up and get dressed! Hurry!"

I struggled to my feet and somehow managed to put my clothes back on.

"C'mon, get out of here!" she urged. "Look, I'll be off in a little while. Meet me at my place, say around ten fifteen. By all means will you be sure and bring some rubbers?"

"Yeah, sure, your place, bring some rubbers, ten fifteen. What time is it?"

"Almost a quarter 'til ten. Now get out of here!"

I was almost out of the lobby when a tall black man came in. "Evening, Kaylee!" he greeted.

"Evening, Pete," she replied. When I got back to my room, I collapsed on my bed. "Holy Toledo!" I exclaimed to the ceiling. "What a girl!"

I dozed off but right at ten o'clock, the room phone rang. No one was on the line and it took me a minute to realize that Kaylee must have programmed me a wakeup call.

"Damn!" I muttered, not at all sure that I could get it up again. Nonetheless, I rose, rooted around my shaving kit and retrieved my two rubbers. A little after ten fifteen, I was waiting by her apartment door. I waited and waited. It got to be ten forty. Annoyed, I decided, "Fuck it!"

Just as I got to my BMW, she pulled in. "Sorry," she said, "something came up and I had to take care of it before I left."

"Yeah, well, that's okay. I..."

"Then c'mon! The night's young and I'm so horny!"

In less than two minutes we were in her apartment, sipping a glass of white wine that she had poured from a box in her refrigerator. "You bring some rubbers?"

I pulled the two packets from my pockets and with a grin, displayed them to her.

"Good. C'mon, I need a shower."

A minute later and I was soaping up her tits and playing with her nipple rings. I washed her pussy real good and then washed her ass, probing into her gently. She soaped me up as well, taking similar liberties as she washed my bunghole.

"Uhh," I grunted as she probed into my ass. "Oh, baby," I gasped. "Uhhh! God damn," I cursed as she began finger fucking me.

She turned me to face her, and once again she sank to her knees. Taking my stiff cock into her mouth, she ran a soaped up finger deep into my butt again, finding that magical spot I only knew about from rumors.

"Oh yeah baby, that feels so fucking gooood! Suck me you cock-sucking slut, suck my fucking dick, bitch! That's it, slut. Oh god damn, that's goooood! Fuck! Fuck! God this feels so fucking good... I'm gonna cum. Oh my fucking god..."

It was amazing just how quickly she managed to get my rocks off again. Standing in the cascading water of the shower, my knees shaking and about to give out, I was like a cow, and she was skillfully milking me. My palpated prostate spasmodically contracted again and again until there was nothing left to give.

My poor depleted peter shriveled in her mouth. Rising from her knees, she pulled her finger from my ass. She gave me a spermy kiss and turned the water off. I was in a daze as she led me from the shower where I let her pat me dry. By now my balls had started aching.

Still damp, she lead me to her bed saying, "Okay, baby, it's my turn."

"I don't think I can get it up," I protested meekly.

"Poor baby! Here lie down and let mommy take care of you."

Like an obedient child, I lay on her bed, wondering what she was going to do to me next. As she lowered her pussy to my face, I found out. She was incredibly wet, her pussy lips lewdly spreading across my face as she ground into me. Kaylee took care not to suffocate me, allowing me a breath of fresh air every thirty or forty seconds. Greedily I sucked and slathered her slippery cunt, drinking up her copious juices. I gave her as good as I had gotten and when she did cum, I had to pry her off my face to take a breath.

As her orgasm subsided, she rolled off onto the bed, sprawled out like an exhausted whore. The smell of pussy, aroused pussy, is something that always gets me up. As depleted as my nuts were, I was hard as a horny goat.

I grabbed a condom and tore the packet open with my teeth. That was a mistake as I stupidly managed to damage the damned thing and it ripped as I rolled it over my thick rod. I discarded the ruined rubber and carefully extracted the second one. Moments later, I was sitting upright, between her splayed legs, raking the tip of my latex shrouded dong along the heavenly way of her gaping slit.

Wrapping her legs around me, her heels digging into my back, she tried to pull me into her. "Fuck me, you bastard. Fuck my cunt. Make me your slut! C'mon, fuck me baby, fuck me," she spat.

"You're already a slut," I hissed back as I tortured her like she had tortured me earlier.

"Then do me, damn you, do meeee!"

"When I'm ready."


"That's it slut, beg for it."

"Oh yesss, pleaseeee. Please fuck me you fuckin' bastard."

With one hand I continued raking my cock along her pussy slit, mashing her clit with my cock head. I reached down and grabbed a nipple ring and pulled. "Is this what these are for?"

"Ahhhh," she cried plaintively.

I twisted the ring.

"Ahhhh," she cried again.

"Answer me!"


"Is this what these are for?"

She didn't answer. She couldn't answer, but her body did and she began to convulse in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I positioned my cock head in the maw of her cunt and pushed in slightly, just enough to spread her pussy lips around the head of my cock and just enough to prevent me from slipping out as she twisted and groveled beneath me. This freed my hand to pull and twist the ring that pierced her other tit.

Her pretty face twisted into a grimace and she panted, " Ah, ah, yes, ah, yes, yes, ah," as I nearly ripped the rings from her nipples. Her pussy pulsated rapidly around the head of my dick and she writhed beneath me. To keep my dick in her cunt, I had to gyrate around with her. As I did, my dick penetrated a little deeper and deeper. The way her pussy was squeezing my dick, if it had teeth, it would bitten the head off.

Fearing that I might injure her, I let go of her nipple rings. Almost immediately her tormented nipples engorged with blood until they were as thick as my thumb. I began stroking into her, with measured shallow thrusts at a depth calculated to rub my cock head across her G-spot. Sure enough, she tensed up again with a squeal. Her face turned red as she shook and I became concerned momentarily that she might blow a gasket. ----'Gee officer, I was fucking this girl and... she just died.'---

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