tagGay MaleGetting to Know Mark

Getting to Know Mark


So this is how it happened,

I was 24 when I met him He was 23. Every weekday I'd go to the local rec center to play some football with some of the guys from work. It was close to home so it was convenient for me and I looked forward to it every day. Usually it was always the same guys more or less. Sometimes new people would join the game but more often than not, it'd just be the core group.

One day, I can't remember which day it was, I arrived to notice an unexpected face. It was Mark. He'd only joined a year ago and we'd never really ran into each other since then. I always thought he was hot but he didn't seem like the type to swing both ways. Anyway, I joined the game and one of the guys introduced me to Mark. He said hi and I immediately introduced my self.

"Hey, I'm Scott," I said.

Recently, he'd grown this stubble that made him irresistible and all the more so up close. This guy was a hunk. We shook hands and we started playing. During the game I found myself very distracted by Mark. He was exactly the type of guy I'd usually go for. He was half an inch taller than me (I'm 6'2), well built and he had a nice round ass. Seeing him in his sports gear was arousing and I noticed he had some nice pecs too. They were thick and bulged out a little. Anyway, I don't remember how that game went but I remembered what happened after it. Most of the guys went back home to clean off as usual while I stayed back to shower there itself since I was too lazy to go back home and shower even though it was close by. Usually it was just me and a few who'd stay back to shower. But this time, Mark stayed back as well which I was thrilled about as you can imagine. So I hang around a little extra before the shower so that I get to see Mark strip down. Soon enough, he takes off his shirt and walks into the shower room but not before I get a good view. His chest was exactly as the shirt made it seem and he also had some very cute nips. He had a flat midsection (no abs or anything) which was alright. He was sweaty and his body was glistening which I thought was really sexy.

After that little visual treat, I realize that I'm pretty hard so I go in for a quick rub and tug. Needless to say it was a cold shower. He had left by the time I came out. I didn't expect to see him come back. Anyway, I find myself thinking about him the next day but don't make much of it. Anyways, it's evening time so I go to the rec center to kick some ball. To my utter delight, he was back. Apparently, he really enjoyed the game and was back for more. This time, he ended up on the opposite team so we came into physical contact pretty often. As I struggled to hide my arousal, my game suffered which, to my embarrassment, everyone noticed. At one point, Mark had the ball and I went to tackle him, trying to get some of my game back. I end up tackling him pretty hard, so he falls down, almost taking me down with him. The ball goes outside so the game stops for a throw. I apologize and ask him if he's okay as I reach my hand out to pick him up. He says its cool and complements my tackle with a smile on his face.

The game ended a couple minutes after that and we headed for the showers once again. I finished mine pretty quick as I was in a hurry to go somewhere. So I step out, with a towel around my waist and walk towards the changing room. On my way out, I noticed Mark was looking at me. Assuming it was accidental, I made nothing of it and continued on my way.

The next day we played, I caught him looking at me a few times. I didn't know if it was because of how I was playing or some other reason so once again, I didn't make much of it. After the game, I hang around a little just to see what he would do. Strangely enough, he hangs back with me. We talk a little while a few guys hang back and shower. Mostly we were just catching our breath and hydrating. We'd played a long and intense game that day. It was a friday so people stayed back longer than usual to play. He says I'm strong and asks me if I gym. i tell him the truth which is just a few times a week.

We talk a little more after that until I realize that everyone's left and it's just the two of us.

I tell him It's getting pretty late, so I should go shower now. He says he should probably do the same. But before I can leave, he says he needs to ask me something.

"Yeah, what's up?" I replied.

With a hint of a smile on his face, he says he's noticed me looking at him quite a bit.

I tell him I like to analyse every new guy's game, hoping he'd buy it because he's probably straight. Getting defensive, I tell him that i caught him looking at me as well which was true.

"Oh I just thought you were cute," he replies quickly, catching me by surprise.

"You thought I was straight didn't you?" he asks as if he's reading my mind.

"Uhh...yeah," I reply.

He tells me he gets that a lot and then walks off to the showers. I quickly follow him and watch as he begins to undress. With his back turned towards me, he was taking off his shirt. Halfway through it, I walk up behind him and grab the shirt, slowly pulling it off his shiny back. Once it was over his head, I threw it aside as he turned around to face me.

I slowly grazed my hands over his back and hips, stopping at his chest. It was nice and firm. I kissed him as I felt his nips. Noticing he was starting to get worked up, I pulled him into a stall. He continued kissing me as I pressed him against the wall. I caught both his arms with my wrists and spread them out as i began to lick his armpits. The musk got me even more horny. I moved towards his nipples and put them in my mouth one by one as he started moaning. Keeping one hand on his throbbing chest, I slowly went down on my knees and pulled off his shorts and briefs. He had a decent sized cock. I grabbed hold of his throbbing cock, teasing it with the outside of my lips as he breathed heavily. I started stroking it slowly and watched him as I began to shove it into my mouth. He puts his hands on the sides of my head pushing slowly. He starts shaking his hips as he does this. I squeeze his ass and start speeding up the motion. Sensing he's about to blow, I go as fast as I can.

His moans get really loud and peak as I feel his warm load shoot straight into my mouth. I pull his cock out of my mouth and point it at my face to catch some of the juice. After a good few seconds of cumming, he grabs my face as I get off my knees. He licks his cum off my lips and cheeks before we make out. He slips me tongue and I slip him some back. My cock is throbbing at this point and he grabs it. Going down on his knees, he shoves it into his mouth with no chill. Skipping the foreplay, with a fierce look on his face, he goes as fast as he can as if trying to suck me dry. I only last about ten seconds into this, shooting into his mouth with a massive moan. After catching my breath, I notice a little of my cum on his jaw. Before he can stand up, I bend over and lick the cum off his stubble all the way up his cheek. I then turn on the water as we both shower together. Nothing big after this, just some kissing, groping, etc. Once we're done, we get out, dry ourselves and dress up. We exchange numbers and leave since it's pretty late.

The next morning I wake up to a message from him saying he enjoyed what we did. I tell him I did too and ask him if he's free that day. He tells me he doesn't have any plans. I consider having him over that night.

I wanted more of Mark but asking him over right away would be pretty quick and desperate. So I decided I'd just try to meet him that day, maybe get to know more about him. He seemed really nice and intrigued me. I texted him, asking if he wanted to meet at the local coffeehouse. He replied maybe five minutes later saying yes. So we met for coffee. In spite of the previous night, I could still feel a lot of sexual tension between us. Still, we really got to know a lot about each other. The conversations were great but what really made it hot for me was the mutual attraction. Things hadn't cooled down since last night. He was this really masculine guy being so straightforward about what he wanted and it was really hot. He even told me he was glad I asked him out because he really wanted to see me soon. We talked for maybe an hour. When it was time to leave we kissed. He was a really good kisser. It almost made me wet. He told me we should meet again sometime.

"Definitely," I told him as I grabbed his thick behind and squeezed it.

I really wanted to invite Mark over that night but decided against it. Anyway, fastforward to later that night, and I'm just watching some porn since no one was at home and he'd gotten me really horny. Suddenly, Mark sexts me. It's worth mentioning that I have a rimming fetish and had been watching rimjobs when I saw his message. It was a picture of him in a jockstrap. His ass looked fucking delicious. He then texted me saying it was my turn. I thought, fuck it. He was clearly horny so I told him that if he came over, I'd give it to him in person. Strangely, he didn't reply after that. Although, about thirty minutes later, my bell rings and I wonder if it could be him. I opened the door and it was him. He had this really sexy grin on his face. Without any words, I pulled him into the house and shut the door. Pressing him against the wall, I kissed him as I groped his hips. After a couple seconds of this, I took him to my bedroom. Stopping in front of my bed, I began to undress him. I took off his shirt and pushed him onto the bed. I knelt over him and began to unbuckle his belt. His jeans were on pretty tight because his legs really filled them out. I took them off to reveal the hot jockstrap from his sext. I ran my hand down his chest and stopped at his cock that was erect. He was eagerly watching me while I did this. I briefly grabbed his cock under the cloth to make him think I was about to suck him off. Then I grabbed him by the thigh and flipped him over to see the luscious ass from the picture.

"Have you ever had your ass eaten before?" I asked Mark.

He told me he hadn't. I got a hold of his cheeks and gave them a slap, ready to pop his cherry.

"You have a nice fucking ass"

After kissing his ass, I buried my face in his cheeks as I began to rim him. I was getting very worked up as I licked and sucked his cheeks all the way up till his crack.

"Your ass tastes fucking great!"

"Yeah, you like that?" he asked

"Lick my ass," he groaned.

"I want you to eat my ass!"

He was loving this and put one of his hands on my head to make me go even deeper. I then moved my tongue towards his hole, circling around it. His moans of pleasure made me go even harder. I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled his ass into my face, munching his hole, grunting uncontrollably as I did.

"Aw...fffuck," he exclaimed.

My dick was getting moist. After a couple seconds, I sensed he was about to blow so I stopped. His ass was wet with my saliva. I then pulled out my dick and began to stroke it slowly. Leaning over his body, I whispered in his ear:

"I'm going to fuck you now."

He was too worked up to respond. I slammed my dick on his crack, and then moved down to his cheeks, rubbing them along his cheeks.

"Do you want me inside you?"

"Tell me you want me"


I pushed my dick into his cheeks, before stopping at his hole. I slowly penetrated him, trying not to blow as I did.

"Fffuck yeah," he said as I slowly entered him.

Pulling his hips into mine, I started out slow, going in and out.

"You like that?" I said

"Fuck my ass!"

I humped faster and his moans got loader.

"You like me inside you?"

"Fuck me harder"

Wrapping my arms around his chest from behind I pulled him up, so we were back to front. I played with his nipples, while licking and sucking his soft neck. He was trembling in pleasure.

"Do want me to cum inside you?"

"I want you to cum!"

"I'm going to nut inside you!"

I dropped him back down and climbed back on top of him. Shoving my cock back into his ass, I started humping him again, going as fast as I could. He was getting ready to cum and so was I. With a loud groan, I came inside him.


I pulled out my dick, and some cum fell on his ass. Exhausted, I collapsed onto Mark. Grabbing his ass again, I licked my juice off his moist cheeks. Mark was out of breath too but he still hadn't cum so I flipped him over. Pulling his wet cock out of the jockstrap, I asked:

"Will you cum for me?"

"Cum on my face!"

"I want to taste you again"

"Swallow it"

"All of it," he said.

With no hesitation, I pulled it into my mouth, gobbling it hard. In a few seconds he exploded into my mouth.


I got upto his face, opened my mouth and swallowed it as he watched. We kissed a little after that and I fell asleep on top of him.


So that's the story! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Let me know if you want a part 2!


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Yes please give us more, maybe more than part 2.

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Can hardly wait for # 2! That was hot!

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part 2

Yes please have a part 2

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