tagIncest/TabooGetting To Know Mom

Getting To Know Mom


I have to admit that coming home for my sophomore Christmas break wasn't thrilling me. I did briefly toy with the idea of just not coming home, but I knew that would be wrong. With Dad and Mom's divorce now final she would probably need me through the holidays. I knew this wouldn't be the merriest Christmas I had ever spent.

I hadn't been home except for a couple weeks here and there in close to a year. During last year's Christmas break, I could tell things were tense between my parents. They only spoke to each other when I was in the room, and then only when they had to. I wasn't surprised when Mom called the following February to tell me they had separated.

She tried to explain that they'd been together since they were teenagers, they'd married when Mom got pregnant at seventeen, and now that they were alone to pursue their own lives as adults, they seemed to be moving in different directions. I knew that what she really meant was Dad had moved in a different direction. He worked almost constantly at his successful business and I have to admit that Mom had let herself go a little over 19 years of marriage, so it didn't seem to be a surprise to hear that Dad shacked up with his much younger secretary. The hurt and betrayal practically dripped through the phone as she told me.

I spent spring break in Panama City last year and was only home for a couple weeks after the spring semester, having opted to take some summer courses. And during those couple weeks I spent as little time as possible at home, not wanting to deal with the whole scene.

So here I was, headed home, finally having to deal with the situation. I got in late the first night and after dropping my things in my old room, I found a note from Mom saying that she would probably be out late. I was glad she was out, maybe she'd started working on a new life while I was gone and wasn't just moping around the house. Maybe things would be better than I thought. I was exhausted from my long drive and collapsed in my bed. I never even heard Mom come in.

I woke up fairly early, being used to a semester of eight am Bio. I was surprised to hear sound from downstairs. Since Dad had just wanted out, Mom got a very generous settlement in the divorce. She got the house as well as enough alimony to keep her comfortable without working. I figured Mom must have gotten in late last night and with nothing to do, she would sleep in. I stumbled downstairs in my t-shirt and running shorts and then to the kitchen.

I could tell something was different as soon as I came into the kitchen. First of all, Mom's formerly frumpy, short housewife hair was now just past her shoulders, with a little wave, and seemed to glow like an ember in the morning sunlight. The real difference, however, was immediately apparent when she heard me in the kitchen and got up to greet me. The shorti nightgown she wore clung high on her thighs under her unbelted silk robe. This woman could not be my mother. The woman who had been my mother when I left was a sullen, soft, doughy housewife carrying around an extra thirty pounds. This woman had a tiny waist, full hips, and very firm, large breasts. Mom had obviously kept herself busy while I was away.

"Dean, it's so good to have you home. You have no idea how much I've missed you," Mom said, kissing my cheek.

"I missed you too." I said, disengaging myself from her.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.


We chitchatted, catching up, while Mom whipped up some pancakes and bacon. I offered to help, but she told me that I'd only just gotten home and to relax. So I concentrated on not checking her out. I know how that sounds, but she was just changed so much it was hard to think of her as my mother. She looked a good ten years younger, with a body at least as good, no better, than half the girls I knew back at school did did. It was just…weird.

I told Mom that this past semester had gone pretty well and that I'd gotten the chance to play in a couple junior varsity games. And yes, I did have a girlfriend, her name was Heather. All pretty normal stuff, run-of-the-mill for your average nineteen-year-old college student.

Mom told me that she was pretty busy too. She was taking classes at the local community college and she got to the gym about four times a week to workout and play racquetball. I told her I'd have to challenge her to a game. She suggested that afternoon and I told her she was on.

"Why don't we make it interesting?" Mom asked with a sly smile.

"What do you mean?"

"Loser is responsible for breakfast tomorrow."

"You're on." I said. I had to be able to beat my own mother.

Over breakfast she told me she'd had a few dates, but nothing that really amounted to anything. She asked if I was okay with that and I said, "Sure, why wouldn't I be." When we finished, she said she was going ahead to the gym to workout and I should meet her there around noon. I told her it was a date.

* * *

I got to the gym a little early, but Mom had left my name at the desk and the girl said it was okay for me to just go in and find her. I wasn't familiar with the place and it took me a few minutes to find her in the weight room.

Mom was on her back on a narrow weight bench, with a blond mountain of a guy leaning over her, spotting. She just finished a set as I approached.

"You're a regular iron-woman, Mom," I said. She sat up and flexed obviously sore arms. All she had on was a black leotard that contrasted nicely with her light olive skin. If I thought she looked good that morning, I would have creamed my pants watching her in the shiny, skintight little outfit, with legs spread on either side of the weight bench, if she was not my mother. The mountain started massaging her arms.

"Hi, honey," Mom said, obviously enjoying the massage, maybe a little too much, as her nipples were plainly visible.

"Mom? He can't possibly be your kid. You're way too young." The mountain said.

"Afraid so. Guess I'm not the chippy you thought I was. Still love me, Bill?" Mom said with a light in her eyes I had never seen before. She seemed really happy.

"How could I not?" He replied.

Mom stuck out a hand and I helped her up from the bench. She pulled her auburn locks back with a scrunchie from her wrist and said, "Are you ready to get your butt kicked?"

"Let's do it." I said.

And to my amazement, get my butt kicked I did. Not to take anything away from her, Mom was good, but I was playing a little distracted. She played in the same outfit, just adding knee and elbow pads. I felt a little ashamed, checking out my Mom, and I realized that not all of the possessiveness I'd felt seeing the mountain's hands on Mom was of the Mother-Son variety.

Mom needled me about my loss as we sat panting on the racquetball court floor, passing a bottle of water between us. "Sure you don't want a re-match?" Mom sighed. God, she was in shape. The last two games she'd swept me in almost killed me.

"No, it's okay, I concede defeat." I said. We were both covered in sweat and I was consciously trying not to stare at Mom's breasts, which heaved under the wet leotard that clung like a second skin.

"Well then, I'll expect breakfast in bed, nice and early." Mom teased.

"In bed? Jeez, I didn't know that was part of the bet."

"Yep and I want my OJ freshly squeezed." She laughed musically.

"Of course."

Mom got up off the floor. "I have plans tonight. It's just a movie. You're welcome to join us if you'd like."

I immediately pictured a clutch of bitter divorcees bitching about their ex's and politely declined.

"I'm sure you have your own friends to hang out with anyway."

As it turned out, I was the first one home for winter break and there was no one to hang out with. I got a six-pack and spent the evening with Must-See-TV, finally going to bed around midnight, bored with the lameness of it all. I couldn't believe I was in bed before my mother.

A banging and then giggling downstairs awakened me. I rubbed my eyes clear and saw that it was almost three am. Half asleep, it didn't even occur to me that it was my mother stumbling in and I got out of bed to check things out. Indeed, it was my mother, and she wasn't alone.

I knelt in the dark at the top of the steps, looking down on the living room. Mom was just coming out of the kitchen with two beers. She handed one to someone sitting on the couch and sat beside him. It was dim and their backs were to me, but I could see them pretty clearly since on of our living room walls is mirrored.

"Thanks, Janine." The guy said. I looked closer. Jeez! The guy couldn't have been much older than me! Actually, I could almost swear he'd only been a year or two ahead of me in high school.

"Shhh, try to keep your voice down, Ty. I told you, Dean's home, and I saw his car outside. He must be asleep upstairs." Mom wasn't very quiet herself.

"Good. As long as he's asleep." Ty said with a laugh. He set his beer down on the coffee table and took a thick joint out of his pocket. He slipped an arm around my Mom and pulled her closer.

"Oh my. I haven't done that in years." Mom giggled.

"It's not something you forget how to do." Ty busied himself readying it and fumbled for his lighter with his free hand.

"How do you think you did on the final?" Mom asked him.

"I try not to think about it." Ty said then took a deep hit. He finally released the smoke and handed the joint to Mom, who took it hesitantly. "C'mon Janine. Just suck it deep. I think you can do that. Suck it deep and hold it." Ty grinned at his own joke and watched my mom inhale deeply from the joint. She coughed on the release, but followed that with a hearty laugh.

After a couple of hits, Mom was toking like an old pro. I was stunned and just sat at the top of the steps. Ty had moved his one hand to the swell of Mom's breast, caressing it softly through her green velvet dress. Mom was cozy in his arms and asked dreamily, "What are you doing?"

"Trying to get the best piece of ass in our class." Ty answered confidently. I expected my mother to smack him for that, but instead she looked up at him, then locked her mouth over his.

I watched, fascinated, while their kiss grew in intensity. It wasn't long before Ty was pulling down the zipper at the back of her dress while they necked. Ty tugged the dress off her shoulders and down to her waist. "What a set of tits," Ty exclaimed. My mother's rack did look great in the lacy black bra.

"You think so?" Mom asked with mock surprise. She reached between her breasts and popped open the front clasp, releasing them. "What do you think now?" Freed from her bra, her breasts did not sag one bit.

"Let me show you, Janine." Ty said, lowering his mouth to Mom's globes. He noisily slurped a nipple and she groaned. "Oh, Ty." Mom's had dropped to Ty's crotch and she massaged it.

I was stupefied watching my mother being scored on like a horny coed. From the sounds she was making, I could tell Mom really like whatever it was Ty was doing to her. I was watching my mother hooking up with someone my age and I was jealous. The only thing that rivaled my jealousy was the hard-on in my shorts. I was a turned on by Mom's hot body as old Ty. What did that mean?

Mom gasped and I saw Ty had the dress pushed up to her waist too, showing sexy stocking tops. "You know how to dress, Janine." Ty said. He took the words right out of my mouth. "Oh, I love the thong."

"Shhh, Ty. Just touch me, please." Mom pleaded. She had Ty's cock out and was fondling it lovingly. It wasn't as big as mine, but I wondered how many she'd seen beside Dad's. Mom was whimpering and Ty pushed her down on her back. He put her legs over his shoulders and moved his face between them. "God, Ty, what are you doing? Should we be doing this?" He made contact. "Oh, God, Ty…"

She pulled her thick crimson nipples as her breathing got heavier and her moans became louder. She locked her thighs around Ty's head and started thrusting her hips. Almost without realizing it, I had my cock out and was jerking myself off. "Oh God, Ty! God, Ty!" Mom grabbed one of the pillows that had been knocked to the floor and bit into it hard, trying to muffle her screams as she came. I'd never heard any screams coming from my parents' bedroom. Mom shook violently as she rode Ty to orgasm. He continued licking her through several orgasms, until she was left quivering on the couch. Finally, he climbed from between her thighs.

"God, thank you, Ty." Mom breathed.

Ty scooted up between her legs, moving on top of her. He took his cock in his hand and moved to rub it over her pussy. Mom put her hand down to stop him. "What are you doing? No, Ty, you can't, we can't." Mom protested.

"C'mon Janine. I just made you cum hard." Ty said.

"I know, thank you, but we can't do this. I have to draw a line."

"What about me?" Ty sounded pissed. He practically waved his cock at her.

"I'm sorry, Ty. There must be something I can do to make it up to you." Mom said seductively. She pushed herself to a sitting position and stroked his cock. "There must be something I can do." She shimmied out of her dress, leaving her naked except for black thong and stockings. Mom slid to her knees on the floor and began kissing Ty's thighs. "Is this a good start?" Mom asked. She lifted Ty's prick and licked the length of the underside. She cupped his balls and kept licking his cock, eyes locked on his, her auburn hair framing her pretty face.

Ty shuttered "Yeah, that's a start. Less talk, baby." He was treating my mom like a whore and she responded by deep throating his tool.

I shot my load all over myself watching my mother's head rise from his lap, cheeks hollowed, until just the tip was between her full lips. Then Mom descended again. She sucked him slowly, teasingly. My cum coated my thigh. Mom was slowly bobbing while massaging his balls and shaft. She had some technique. I was so jealous.

Mom kept popping Ty's prick out of her mouth to lick it, and then she'd suck it down again. She did it for nearly half-an-hour, until Ty held her head and began thrusting into her mouth. Mom didn't seem to mind at all. Ty humped her face and she slurped him right down to the base every time. The faster he moved, the harder she seemed to suck.

"Fuck, Janine, you know how to suck. That's incredible. I'm, I'm, I'm ready…ready, I hope you are." She better have been, because Ty grunted and came. Mom kept her mouth locked over his glistening tool, sucking down his load. A little ran down her chin when his flaccid cock finally slipped from her lips. She got it with her finger, then thoughtfully took a long pull off her beer before she sat in Ty's lap and kissed him deeply.

"Sorry about the little that got away. I'm not too in practice." Mom said.

"We'll have to do something about that."

"I hope so." Mom answered. She got off his lap and her body was stunning when she stretched, nearly naked. "Sorry I have to kick you out, but it's very late."

Ty pulled his pants on and Mom walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye in the open door, without concern. When their good-byes were over, Mom put the beers away and gathered her dress and bra, while I scrambled back to my room. I heard her bedroom door shut.

Sleeping was hopeless after what I'd just watched. Instead I lay in bed, beating off, pretending it was my cock Mom was sucking.

* * *

I was already awake when my alarm went off. I'd gotten hardly any sleep. I couldn't think about anything except what I'd witnessed last night. And it seemed like I had a perpetual hard-on. I changed into sweatpants, hoping to hide it. When I walked through the living room, I seemed even more aroused.

Mom wasn't up yet, but that was hardly surprising. I found the ingredients for an omelet and cooked that up with a stack of toast, jam on the side, and a small pot of tea. I piled all of it onto a breakfast tray and headed back upstairs. When I nudged the bedroom door open, I found Mom lying on her side, still fast asleep. Her dress, thong, bra and stockings were thrown across a chair. Seeing them, I felt my arousal surge anew.

I set the tray down on her dressing table and buttered a piece of warm toast. I crawled onto the bed beside Mom. The sheet was at her waist and the strap of her nightgown down off her shoulder, half exposing her breast. It was so beautiful. I could clearly see her large, rose coloured nipple. I pulled myself together and wafted the toast under her nose. Mom stirred a little, shifting, her hand falling across my thigh. My cock throbbed when she brushed it. Then her hand was resting right on it. Oh Jesus. It took all I had to not cum right there. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I bent and softly stroked Mom's bared breast. She moaned in her sleep and her nipple flushed and hardened. I felt like a fifteen-year-old virgin again. I could swear she was stroking me now. In all this I forgot the toast, which suddenly smacked her in the nose. As Mom snapped awake, I leapt off the bed in fear.

Mom seemed to smile as she stretched and yawned. I felt stupid standing there, holding the toast and half-turned so Mom couldn't see my erection. Stuttering, I said, "Breakfast is served, sleepyhead."

Mom stretched and moaned then rolled onto her back, fluffing her pillows and sitting up. She just seemed to notice then that her nightgown had slipped down. She adjusted it without comment. Mom smiled at me. If she had any idea what was going on at the moment she woke up, she showed no indication. "I should be awakened like this every morning," she said.

I fetched the tray and leaned over to place it across her leg, then moved back. Just being that close to her made me tingle. What the hell was wrong with me? It was my mother lying there.

"Where do you think you're going?" Mom asked.

"I, uh…"

"Come here, sit beside me." Mom laughed. "My toast doesn't have jelly, my tea isn't poured."

At a loss for an excuse to get out of there, I sat on the bed beside her, trembling.

"Are you okay, honey? You seem a little shaky this morning." Mom asked.

"Uh, probably just a little hung over," I lied.

"Poor baby." Mom ran a hand through my unkempt brown hair.

In my state I had a little trouble pouring the hot water into the mug. I dipped the tea bag, then took a piece of toast and knifed some jelly onto it, dropping a blob of jelly over the edge. "I'll get that," Mom said. She ran a couple fingers along my thigh, scooping the jelly from my pants. Mom stuck the fingers in her mouth and sucked the jelly off. Jesus!

I quickly finished the toast and leapt off the bed. "Sorry to serve and run, but I've got to get a shower and run some errands."

"That's a shame, I was hoping we could spend some time together this afternoon. How about dinner and then we can decorate the tree together?"

"Sure, that would be great." I said, already half out the door.

I actually spent most of the day driving around. Took a nice ride into the country. I half felt like I should keep going. How could I be so horny for my own mother? I tried to tell myself I was just horny in general. At school, Heather practically lived in my dorm room and we screwed at least a couple times a day. Now it had been a few days without getting any at all and maybe it was just withdrawal. I realized it was ridiculous, but I tried to cling to it. It was just too bizarre to think of my mother, anyone's mother, in such overtly sexual terms. Whatever the reason, I know that when we were together I had to keep as much distance as possible. I would die if Mom figured it out.

When I got home, Mom told me to jump in the shower and dress nice. Good. Going out in public was definitely good. I dressed in a blue shirt and black slacks, then headed downstairs. Mom was already there, ready to go. Bad. Definitely bad.

Mom didn't look bad. She looked incredible. That's what was bad. She was wearing a snug burgundy sweater with a sweetheart neckline showing ample cleavage and a long, very tight skirt. The outfit perfectly showed every curve of her body. I felt a lump in my throat.

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