tagFirst TimeGetting To Know My Best Friend

Getting To Know My Best Friend


I had known Paul ever since high school, but as it turned out I did not really know him as well as I had thought.

When Paul rang me on the phone that Saturday morning and asked me over to hang out and have a beer or two at his house I said "sure," we did that often but lately not so much.

Lately Paul had not been saying much to me at work or any where else for that matter. When I arrived he answered the door with a cold beer in his hand and handed it to me as I walked in his house.

"Long time since we have hung out you doing okay," I asked him with a bit of a concerned look on my face.

"Uh well not really," he replied with a forlorn look on his face.

"What's up buddy," I asked him in a friendly tone.

"Well Diann and I split up," he replied looking down at the floor as he spoke.

"Wow hey guy I am sorry to hear that you alright," I replied with sympathy.

Paul smiled and replied, "Oh yeah it has been a long time coming and I have come to grips with it. That is why I asked you over to catch up with you now that I am out of the dumps."

Paul and I talked quite a while about what had happened with him and Diann and caught up on other stuff. We were both about done with our beers and Paul said "Excuse me I will get us another beer." Paul left the den and I saw his computer was on so I crossed the den to see what Paul had been up to on his computer. I was expecting to find some page for hot rod parts open or some thing similar, but when I looked at the screen I was surprised to see a picture of a guy sucking another guys cock while a chick was sitting on the guy getting the blow job's face. I clicked on the multiple tabs Paul had open and every one was another picture of a guy with a guy and a chick or with just a guy. I thought to my self "Wow I would never have guessed my best bud was bi, but he must be, I mean why else would he have so much bi porn on his computer if he wasn't?" I heard his foot steps coming down the hall so I quickly stepped back to where he had left me.

When he came back into the room I looked at him in a totally different light. Paul is a rugged guy at 5'11" and a good 200 muscular lbs. I stood there staring until Paul asked "why are you staring at me like that?"

"Um well I don't know how to say it except come right out and ask, are you bisexual?"

It was Paul now who was staring, staring at me with a shocked look on his face. Finally he asked a question of his own "Why do you ask John?"

"Well I looked at your computer expecting to find hot rod stuff on it but found bi sex porn on it instead and I had to wonder if your not bi why it was there" I replied calmly.

Paul turned red and crossed the room to the computer. He sat down at his desk and after a moment or two he explained "I have always kind of been curious about it, but never done any thing about it. Now that I am free to do as I wish I have been kind of thinking about trying to make it happen." He looked at me then said "I guess your not going to want to hang around with me any more now that you know."

I looked at him with his sad expression on his face and replied "So why would I not want to hang with you any more?" We have been friends since grade school, why should this matter?"

He looked up at me a little less sad looking and asked "really your not disgusted with me or any thing?"

"No I am not disgusted with you, because I have a secret too, I am bi" I replied with a smile.

"Your shitting me," Paul blurted out with surprise."

"No, I have been bi since just after high school." "Do you remember Steve my room mate in college" I asked.

Paul looked at me and thought a moment then said "Yeah he had black hair brown eyes and was a rather handsome dude?"

"That's him, he and I discovered guy sex because we were too broke to take girls out and we were constantly horny."

Paul asked "how did it start?"

I explained "well one night he walked into our dorm room and caught me jerking off and when I stopped and pulled my blanket over me he said "no don't stop on my account I am just as horny as you." Steve then took his cock out and began jerking it too moving over to where I was and looked at the skin magazine I was looking at as he jerked. I thought what the hell and continued jerking off too. Both of us came at the same time . We looked at each other all red in the face after we were done. Later that night I said "I am horny again you want to look at the magazine with me again?" Steve said "sure" and we both began jerking our cocks as we were looking at the magazine.

Suddenly Steve up and says, "I am tired of jerking off, I wish I had some one to suck my cock or some thing for a change."

I looked at him and said "If you don't tell any one I will give it a try if you do."

Steve looked at me shocked for a moment and then said "oh hell what the fuck, yeah I won't tell and when I am done I will do it for you too." I sucked him off and it wasn't bad kind of hot actually and then he sucked me off and it was great. So after that we took care of each other's needs through out college even though we dated girls too."

Paul stared at me not saying any thing for several minutes. I looked at him and said with half way grin "So now your not going to want to hang with me I suppose."

Paul just smiled and said "you know better than that." Then he asked "do you still do it with guys?"

I said "well Beth and I do from time to time with some of the guys that are always hot to get in her pants. She tells them they can fuck her only if they let me suck them and they fuck me too." Several guys are so hot to fuck her, you know how hot she is, they are willing to do any thing to fuck her and some turn out to be bi too so yeah I still get cock."

"Beth does that for you and you don't mind her getting fucked by other guys" Paul asked with a shocked look on his face.

"Yeah we have an open marriage she can fuck who ever she wants as long as she brings them home to share with me and I can fuck who ever I want too as long as I bring them home to share as well" I said.

"That's amazing" Paul said and added "I hinted to Diann I might want to try a threesome and she had a fit. Our love life had gone in the toilet and I was trying to spice it up but she said no way and that was the beginning of the end." Paul then just stared at me for a while then he cleared his throat and asked nervously, "Have you ever thought about what it would be like with me?"

I looked at Paul and admitted "that I had fantasized a time or two about him".

Paul then looked at the floor as he said, "it has been so long since I have done any thing but jerk off and that does very little to curb my needs."

Was Paul hinting? I wondered. I thought, I sure wouldn't mind since I was quite horny all the sudden as well for some reason. I guess it was finding out Paul was bi curious, a guy who I fantasized about more than just a time or two was bi curious. I decided to just take the straight on approach and said, "hey buddy if you like maybe I could do some thing to take the edge off for you."

Paul looked at me and sheepishly said "Uh well if you would like to, um I mean I am new to all this but I wouldn't mind if you really want to."

I smiled at him and said "relax buddy I would not have offered if I really did not want to." Then I asked "where would you like to try it."

Paul looked at me obviously excited and said "here in the den is fine for me if it works for you."

"Works for me, why don't you take your pants off and sit in your chair there and we can do some exploring" I suggested.

Paul moved to his chair and nervously took his pants off then sat in the chair. I knelt in front of him and looked at him noticing his nervousness I told him "relax just close your eyes and enjoy it."

Paul took a deep breath and let it out as he closed his eyes. I pulled his underwear off and placed them next to his pants on the floor. I looked down at Paul's crotch and smiled seeing he was nicely endowed. He wasn't erect yet but was still at least five inches long and very thick. I bent forward taking his cock in my hand stroking it as I licked the head of his cock with my tongue. Paul drew a sharp breath in reaction. It did not take long before he was fully erect and a good 7 to 8 inches long and so nicely thick. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and felt my own cock straining at my jeans as I savored the taste of his cock. As I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and gently stroked the shaft Paul just kept repeating "oh fuck yes oh fuck yes." followed by "man that feels good thank you buddy I need this"

I took my mouth away from his cock long enough to say "your welcome and you have a nice cock I am enjoying it".

I watched Paul's face as I took his cock back in my mouth going deeper down on him. Paul looked down at me and watched as his cock disappeared deeper and deeper in my mouth stretching my throat as it went deep in it. There was no way I was going to be able to deep throat his monster of a cock but I was going to do my best to try. When I had just over half of it down my throat I could not take any more so I began bobbing my head up and down on his cock the big head of it filling my throat in a delicious way. I reached down and fumbled with my pants releasing the belt, unbuttoning my jeans and lowering the zipper. I dug my own cock out and began stroking it as sucking my best friend was getting me hot as hell.

Paul noticed my stroking my cock and said in a breathy tone "don't cum I want to suck you too."

I pulled my head off his cock and said "why don't we go to the couch then and do some 69 because sucking your cock is going to make me bust if we don't."

Paul looked at me and said "okay but let me suck you a little first to get used to it."

"Sure that's fine, I guess you should try it first before we go that far we can go slowly as you need to" I reassured him. We moved to the couch where I sat in the middle as Paul knelt between my knees. Paul tentatively reached down and took my cock in his hand squeezing it and feeling another man's cock for the first time. He began stroking it as I had his earlier. He just stared at it for a while as he stroked it watching and feeling it grow hard and bigger in his hand. When I was at my full mast he bent forward and gave my cock a tentative lick then looked at me and said "it does not taste like I thought it would".

"I showered just before I left to come here, so it shouldn't taste like much of any thing" I said to ease his mind.

Paul grinned at me and said "yeah I guess it shouldn't" then he bent forward and took the head of my cock in his mouth. At first he so very gently just closed his mouth over it and moved his tongue lightly over the sensitive area on top of the head. I could tell he was nervous and not sure of his self so I said "that's nice your doing great."

Then Paul began sucking my cock a bit more fervently as he became comfortable. Although he it was new and a bit awkward to him Paul's mouth felt great on my cock. I guess no one knows better how to suck a cock than a man. Paul sank his head deeper on my cock and began throating it a bit before he gagged then pulled back and looked at me saying, "sorry man."

I smiled a knowing smile and said "that's okay it happens until you get used to it, I used to do it all the time but your doing great but if your not careful your going to make me cum in your mouth." 'If your not ready for that you can pull off and just stroke me when the time comes."

Paul smiled and said "I have licked mine off my hand several times I think I can handle it."

"Okay it's up to you, do you want to make me cum first or do you want me to do you first, I asked?"

"Lay back on the couch and lets do that 69 you proposed earlier" Paul replied.

"I like how you think, 69 is my favorite," I said smiling ear to ear.

I laid back on the couch and Paul got on top with his big cock dangling in my face as he engulfed mine sucking me hard. I drew a sharp breath then took his cock in my hand and pulled it down to my mouth taking in as much as I could and began moving my mouth up and down on that thick vein laden cock. It felt good in my mouth and my own cock was swelling bigger as my buddy sucked it so wonderfully. We both began moaning on each others cock both into the moment relishing our new found bond.

After a few minutes I could not take it any longer and I stopped sucking Paul's cock long enough to warn him I was about to shoot my load. Paul stopped long enough to say, "let it fly" before he went back sucking my cock even harder and bobbing his head faster. I too began working harder on Paul's cock trying to coax his cum out as close to mine as I could.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning, I began bucking my hips uncontrollably as my orgasm flooded over my body and jet after jet of my hot cum shot into Paul's determined mouth. When the last spurt left my cock and I gained composure I began sucking his cock with passion. I wanted his hot load in my mouth too. I felt his cock bulge even larger especially the head and soon the first volley of his spunk erupted into my mouth. Gush after gush of hot salty cum flooded my mouth. Paul came more cum than any one I ever sucked off before. I had to really work at it not to lose a drop of his yummy cum. Finally after what seemed like minutes his cock quit squirting and he slumped onto my body all spent.

I lay there breathing hard and actually enjoying the feeling of my best buddies body on top of me.

When we caught our breath Paul lifted his big frame off of me and sat on the edge of the couch at my knees. He looked at me and said "that was fucking awesome! I had fantasized about it many times, but it was a lot hotter than I had imagined."

Looking at my friend I said "It was damned good, it is just a shame all these years we have known each other was wasted, think of all the fun we could have been having."

Paul looked at me and I could tell he wanted to say some thing but was nervous about it so I asked "him what's on your mind big guy?"

"Uh I was wondering if you would fuck me too he said timidly."

I looked at him and thought man he really has been wanting this. I said "sure buddy, but you got to return the favor I can hardly wait to have that monster of a cock of yours up my ass." I added "but right now I got to get home I told Beth I would be home for lunch." Then I asked him, "uh I got a question to ask you Paul, do you think you would like to join me and Beth some time for a threesome?"

Paul's mouth fell open and he stared at me a moment and while nodding his head he asked, "do you think Beth would want me to join you two?"

"Hell yeah she would, she has always liked you and commented more than once she wondered what it would be like having you fuck her and after seeing your huge cock I am sure she would kill me if I did not bring it home to share with her" I responded.

"Damn I would never hurt you John, but I have wanted to fuck Beth ever since you met her back in high school. I never tried because I wouldn't try that with a friends wife. I would love to be with the both of you some time" Paul responded respectfully.

I looked at Paul and said "then it I will talk with Beth and will get with you to set a date night soon then."

Paul and I shook hands before I headed out the door and Paul gave me a hardy hug and said, "thanks buddy you are truly my best friend."

Same here I replied as I walked out the door already horny for our date night with Beth.

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please keep this story going

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More, please!

Hot story....brought back memories of getting together with friends when we were in our early teens. I would love to read about the threesome, please!

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I look forward to the next story

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Yes, write about the three way

I enjoyed your story. I still have my cock in my hand as I type this. I could see something like that happening with my friend Dan. I've known him for years, he knows I'm Bi, and I'm sure some day I'llmore...

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Very hot..

Look forward to your next story.. thanks for making me cum this morning..

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