tagIncest/TabooGetting to Know My Nephew Ch. 01

Getting to Know My Nephew Ch. 01


"Ladies and gentleman, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat belt and tray tables are in their full upright position...." the flight attendant continued as I woke up from my nap. During the long flight to DC from San Francisco, I always found it best to catch up on sleep.

I was heading to my sister's wedding. Even though it was her second wedding, and I hadn't met Kosta, the groom yet, but this was still a very exciting trip. My sister, Leslie, had asked me to be her maid of honor. At this point in my life, I had expected that I would have been the matron of honor, but "C'est la vie..".

I am 46. Leslie is 48. Kosta, my soon to be brother in law is 55. This both their second marriages and have grown kids. Its almost a Brady Bunch scenario, Leslie has two daughters, Jill and Judy, and a son, James, while Kosta has two sons and a daughter. Leslie's daughters were both married, Jill with kids. I knew James isn't married, but if he had a girlfriend, I had no idea. I really didn't know anything about Kosta or his kids, other than Kosta seemed to be wealthy or at least very well off.

Part of the excitement is that I hadn't really seen my sister or her family in several years since I moved out to San Francisco for work. Between work, some failed relationships, and travel to try to find myself, I hadn't made it back home. This wedding was going to give me time to get back in touch with everyone. As a bonus, my family is getting much bigger!

Lately, I'd started to feel that I was going to die as an old. Its really very surprising to me that I could meet someone. I'm smart, well educated, have a good job, and think that I"m fairly attractive. The way my seat neighbor kept looking at my legs and breasts, I knew that at least I still had figure.

As I was heading straight to the rehearsal dinner from the airport, I was dressed conservatively, in pink chiffon blouse, and form fitting gray pencil skirt. A black blazer on top kept my generous chest from showing too much. But for the flight, I had placed the blazer over my legs to keep them warm. Conservative black pumps with a three and half inch heel finished off the look.

Just to tease him, I picked my blazer off my legs, held it up, straightened it, looked for wrinkles, while simultaneously uncrossing my legs to let my skirt rise up to mid-thigh.

The bulge in his slacks showed that he had quite a tool in there. How big is it? Maybe I should talk to him. He was kind of attractive, in decent shape.

"No! Don't do it!" I told myself. I had tried meeting someone on a plane before, and learned that its best not to go there.

They finally started letting people off the plane. My neighbor looked at my legs and chest one more time, before grabbing his suitcase from the overhead bin, and rushing out, without saying anything.

I gathered my things, headed up the aisle, and thanked the pilots for a good flight as I got off the plane.

"James is going to pick me up. When did I last seem him?" I thought to myself as I headed towards baggage claim. The last time I had seen him he was an awkward skinny pimple faced kid, just going into high school. Its been a long time. From pictures on Facebook, he had grown up...

"Aunt Laura! Aunt Laura!" James was waiting for me just as I left the secure area.

"Oh My God! James! You have grown so much! I remember you when you were just a tyke in diapers" I blurted out in my excitement, only then realizing that I was sounding like an old aunt, the ones that pinch cheeks, and stink up bathrooms.

"Thank you for picking me up! That is so sweet of you!" I said with the hopes of changing the subject before James had a chance to reflect on faux pas.

James had definitely grown up. Even in my heels, he was still a few inches taller then me, maybe 6'3 From Facebook, I had seen some pictures and knew that he played several sports, like soccer and basketball. But I wasn't expecting that he was in such good shape. Big broad shoulders, slim waste, muscled arms. Curly red hair and an amazing smile. I had to catch myself, that his was my nephew.

"Which bags are yours? I'll get them." James offered.

"Its the beige hard sided roller, matching garment bag, and the black suit case."

"That's a lot of stuff!"

"Well, I'm here for a wedding, plus a few days, and a girl has to look good!" I said.

He laughed, as my luggage came down the carousel. "My car is this way", he said, as he picked up my things and arranged things, then started walking. Awkwardly...

"Let me take something" I said.

"No, I've got it." He grunted. I just trailed behind him, carrying only my purse.

We made small talk about the weather, the airport, DC sports teams, as we walked to the car. A brand new bright yellow Camaro. How very typical for a teenage boy. Though, I didn't think James was really a teenager anymore.

"You like my baby?" he asked. "I just got it a few weeks ago. I'd been saving since my first job at McDonald's. I paid for it in cash! No loans for me!" He was so proud of it.

The seats in the car were so low, that I must have flashed the people around us, as I sat down. I swung my legs in, and made sure to pull the hem of my skirt down. I was regretting wearing this skirt, sitting in this car with my nephew driving. Most of my legs were showing. This made me so self-conscious. Even with my purse in my lap, I felt so exposed. I should have taken my blazer off, as I had done in the airplane.

If James noticed my legs, he was a perfect gentleman. Its so rare these days.

"Where to?" He asked as he backed the car out of the spot.

"What do you mean? You picked me up."

"I was only told to pick you up. Not where to take you."

"Where is the rehearsal dinner?"

"Some restaurant near the hotel. I've never been there. I think it's one of those fancy places, where you leave hungry. Its not until 6 PM anyway."

"In that case, let's just go to the hotel. I wouldn't mind freshening up a bit."

"Next stop, Marriott Marquis!" He hit the gas as he pulled out of the garage.

During the drive, James let me know that Kosta was some sort of finance executive and was rolling in the dough. He paid for not only the entire wedding, but hotel rooms for the entire wedding party at the Marriott Marquis in downtown DC. A hotel that is usually $750 a night.

"Do you like him? What's he like?" I asked James.

"He is really nice. A little geeky, though. He treats mom really well. She really loves him."

"That's the important thing. How are his kids?"

"They're cool, I guess. They're all married with kids of their own. Even Aaron."

"Even Aaron? What's wrong with Aaron?" I asked.

"Nothing is wrong with Aaron. But,Aaron is married to Robert. Apparently, they adopted."

"What are Kosta's other kids names?"

"Adriana is married to Will. Alex is married to Susan. Don't ask me the kids names. I always mix them up. Adriana and her family live down south near Quantico. Alex and his family live near Baltimore. While Aaron and Robert live in DuPont Circle. I don't mean to stereotype, but.." he trailed off.

For the rest of the ride, James caught me up on his sisters and their families.

"Wow! This wasn't here when I lived in the area! " I exclaimed as we pulled up to the Marriott Marquis. It looked brand new and very fancy.

We pulled up, and the doorman opened my door. Even with the doorman's help, getting out of the car was tough. My skirt rode up almost all the way. I definitely flashed the doorman. He didn't bat an eye, but I thought I caught James checking me out, as I got out of the car.

They were so efficient at unloading my things onto a cart, that the valet had driven away in James' baby before I felt settled.

In the lobby, James and I ran into Jill and Judy with their husbands and little Dallas. Little Dallas was only 18 months old, but so cute! According to my sister, they named her Dallas, because that was where was conceived. My sister also said it was a stripper name, but not to tell Jill that she had told me that.

Pretty soon, the lobby had turned into a full fledged family reunion! Leslie and Kosta arrived with all of Kosta's kids and their families. Everyone was hugging, kissing, laughing, kids running around. In that instant, I realized how much I'd missed family by moving out to the west coast. This new larger family was going to be so much fun!

Unfortunately, we had to break things up to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Everyone dispersed to their rooms. The bellman helped me with my bags, and was so helpful with hanging my garment bag, that I started going through my purse to find some money for a tip.

"No, thank you! Mr Papodopoulos already took care of everything." He said as I found my wallet.

"Are you sure? A little something to buy you and your friends some drinks later?"

"No, My boss won't be happy if he knows that I accepted double tips. Is there anything else that I do to you? I mean for you." he quickly corrected. I noticed the erection in his pants.

"You've been quite helpful. Have a good evening!"

As, I started closing the door, "Please just call down if you need anything." he said quickly, emphasizing anything.

"I guess I still have it, if the bellman is hitting on me." I thought. I looked at my watch, and saw that I had enough time to freshen up and redo my makeup, before heading for the rehearsal in the ballroom.

The rehearsal was pretty quick and painless. Just the wedding party and officiant. Kosta's college friend, Andre, is the best man, with Alex, Aaron, and James as groomsmen. Leslie had Judy, Jill, and Adriana as bridesmaids. I was the maid of honor.

The photographers floated around, as we went through the motions for the big day. All in all, it only took half an hour so.

The rehearsal dinner was at a restaurant a short walk from the hotel. On the walk over, I introduced myself to Andre, a very handsome and very large black man. He also had a booming laugh that was infectious.

The walk was long enough to find out that Andre had played football for the Redskins (Score! I thought), and that he had married one of the cheer leaders (absolutely crushing). Arriving at the restaurant, he kissed a beautiful woman who introduced as his wife.

A few older relatives were there also, but looking around the restaurant, every eligible male was married. Except for James.

I sat down in the free seat next to James, "James, would mind being my date for the evening? It looks like everyone else is spoken for." I asked.

"Sure, Aunt Laura. Nothing like dating your aunt." He joked in such a way that we both laughed out loud.

In the drive, we didn't really talk about James himself, so I quizzed him now, and found out that he was a dual-major at Georgetown studying economics and government. His dream was to be the Secretary of Treasury someday, and help a lot of people, but make a lot of money while getting there. He still played sports when he could. He isn't dating because he doesn't have the time, but admitted that it's because he's painfully shy around girls.

"But I'm a girl, and you're talking with me."

"You're not a girl. You're my Aunt Laura."

"So I'm not a girl?"

"You are, and a really beautiful one..." he blurted out, and started blushing.

"That's so sweet of you to say!" I answered.

The waiter interrupted up us, "What would you like to drink?"

"I'll have a glass of Cabernet. And you James? A beer?"

"Oh, I'm only 19. I can't drink yet! Just a Coke for me."

"I'll bring those right out for you." The waiter said as he rushed off.

"Only 19? You seem much older."

"Yes, only 19. I haven't seen you since I was 14. You moved out to California, and left us." he sounded genuinely sad.

"San Francisco. I had a job offer that I couldn't pass up."

"You haven't visited."

"I have, but you were in some camp and traveling with friends."

"You could have visited other times."

"I wish I could have, but other things came up. But I'm here now, and hoping to get back in with the family." I answered.

"Well, Mom really missed you. We all missed you."

"Family and Friends! We are so glad that you all could join us!" Kosta interrupted our discussion, and continued with a speech thanking everyone and telling a sweet story about how his and Leslie's families met and will be joined as one tomorrow.

Kosta was a natural speaker, the speech was poignant, funny, and sentimental. So amazing. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Over dinner, James and I made more small talk. I found him to be so intelligent and engaging. Why couldn't I meet a man like him, I thought.

The rehearsal dinner wrapped up relatively early, around 8:30, so that those with little ones could get them to bed. After saying good-night to everyone, I ended up going to my room and doing some work before getting to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

The Wedding Day

The jet lag killed me. I felt like I was waking up early, my watch said 7, but then I realized it was already 10! Leslie had arranged for a hair stylist and makeup artist to come to her room at 11. Just enough time for a quick run and a cup of coffee before going to Leslie's room.

"Maybe I should have eaten breakfast... Hopefully Leslie will have thought of that." I thought as I knocked on her door.

"Surprise! We have mimosas!" The girls shouted as I walked in.

"I've never turned down a mimosa." I said taking one, "But I really should eat something."

"Order something from room service. Daddy is paying for everything." Adriana said.

"Pick something quickly. You're next up!" Leslie said, handing me the room service menu.

I called down to get a fruit cup, cranberry muffin, and more coffee, then the makeup artist called me into the room where she was working. I realized that I downed two mimosas already.

The makeup artist got to work, poking, prodding, plucking..

"I thought my regular spa treatments would have taken care of this." I said to the girl.

"You are beautiful to the eye, but I need to make you beautiful to the camera." She responded rather brusquely, and went right back to work. I just sat back and let her do her thing.

A little while later, I heard knocking, "Room Service!"
"In through there."Adriana directed the server with the tray into the room where I was sitting.

He put the tray down on the table, "A fruit cup, muffin, and coffee, as you ordered." he said proudly, and exited.

"You aren't going to eat that, are you?" The makeup girl said sternly. "I've been working on you for the last twenty minutes. If you eat that, you're going to ruin my work, and I'll have to start over."

"But I'm hungry..." I protested.

"You can eat after the picture" she said.

I looked at the food longingly, then let her finish. While waiting for my turn with the hair stylist, I did sneak some pieces of fruit, and drank some coffee through a straw. Hopefully that would tide me over until dinner.

After our hair and makeup was done, we started getting dressed. I started with what was really a bridal lingerie set of a white bustier and matching thong along with garters, and super sheer silk stockings. The other girls joked about who was going to see me in that.

"You never know," I said slyly, but thinking about the guest list, it would be slim pickings.

Next was the bridesmaids gowns. Leslie had picked beautiful and stylish off the shoulder gowns in a silver color by Vera Want. She had added fabulous ankle strap sandals with a four inch heel by Vince Camuto.

Looking around the room, the four of us looked amazing.

"We look great!" I said.

"It just feels good not have throw-up on my shoulder." Jill said.

"That is one nice thing about kids growing up, but it doesn't get any easier" Judy responded, with Adriana nodding.

"Let's go help Leslie finish getting ready" I said.

While we helped Leslie get dressed, someone popped open another bottle of champagne, and poured more mimosas, and added a straw to each, so we wouldn't mess up our makeup.

"Is there any orange juice in this?" Adriana asked

"Tastes like just enough to add color." Jill responded

I finished mine pretty quickly, and without thinking poured another.

When finished, Leslie looked beautiful! I think even better then her first wedding 25 years before.

She and Kosta did a first look. Kosta came to tears when he first saw her! That made the rest of us watching cry also.

As the photographers got started with pictures, the girls talked about how they hoped we didn't ruin our makeup with the tears. I was just thinking about being hungry. It felt like they took a thousand pictures before the ceremony.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, and touching. All of the little ones were flower girls and ring bearers. Everything went down flawlessly. The only problem was that it seemed to be over right after it began.

Next was the cocktail hour, while the photographers took Leslie and Kosta aside for more picture.

Luckily, I was finally able to eat something, as they brought around hors d'oeuvres. However, this was offset by the free flowing wine that was also being brought around.

By the time the formal dinner came around, I was pretty happy. We were seated as a wedding party, with myself paired up with Andre the best man. I must have gotten a little too touchy, because as soon as the speeches were done, Andre got up and moved to the table with his wife. The final course hadn't even been served yet.

I sat by myself for a few minutes, thinking about what to do.

"Is this seat taken? May I sit with you Aunt Laura." I looked up and James was standing there. He was so handsome in his tuxedo.

"Please sit. My date abandoned me for another woman. At least it's his wife, but still..." I said a little annoyed.

"Yes, a little boring tonight."

"It was a beautiful ceremony."

"Yes, it was he agreed."

"I'd like introduce Mr and Mrs Papodopoulos. They will be doing their first dance as husband and wife." The DJ interrupted.

The crowd all gathered around the dance floor to watch the first couple dance and take picture.

"And now we invite everyone to dance!" The DJ added as their song finished.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked James.

"A coke."

"Its a celebration! Your mother just got married to a wonderful man! Have fun! Who is going to know?" I goaded James

"OK, I'll have whatever you're having."

"That's I spirit!" I said, and headed over to the bar.

A few minutes later, I came back with two cosmos. I didn't think that he had drank very much, so I wanted to get him something sweet and tasty.

"Oh, that's good!" James said. He quickly downed it. "What is it? I'm going to get another one."

"Its a Cosmo. Slow down! They are meant to be savored." I told him.

"Well, I'm going to get another one." He headed to the bar. A few minutes later, he came back with two. "I got you another one as well!"

"That's sweet of you!" And finished off my first one. "Do you dance?"

"I never have. I don't know how." He said.

"I'll teach you! Come on!", I said, grabbing his hand, and dragging him to the dance floor.

James was awkward at first, but picked it up pretty quickly. The first few songs were clubby dance music and eighties songs.

When a slower song came on, "I need a break" I told James, and headed back to the table.

"I'll get us more drinks." He said and headed off to the bar.

This went on a few more cycles. Some dancing, then a break with another drink.

After they did last call, things started to get a little fuzzy.

The Next Day

It was still dark when I woke up. I could feel strong arms wrapped around me, and big body spooning me. Something hard was pressing between my legs. I felt a good size cock was slowly pushing back and forth. I re-positioned myself, to align the head with my slit, and pushed the head in.

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