tagGroup SexGetting to Know Ourselves Better

Getting to Know Ourselves Better


Although we were happy, married life recently hadn't been very sexually satisfying and it wasn't going all that well especially as my wife didn't like experimenting very much, although she didn't mind any new things I tried on her.

I was and have always considered myself straight, not fancying other blokes but recently having come across some bisexual movie clips on the internet I found myself becoming curious and began looking more and more at the different cocks on show. I became fascinated at all the different shapes and sizes, only ever having seen other cocks before at school and soon became addicted finding myself wanting to hold and feel them in my hand and rubbed against my naked body, fantasying also about stroking and sucking them.

One evening, with Sue, my wife, out with some of her friends I began surfing the net, getting more and more aroused watching the clips, I unzipped my jeans and began stroking my rapidly hardening cock and playing with my balls.

Taking the laptop into the bedroom I quickly undressed and lay naked on the bed watching this one particular clip with two guys stroking themselves whilst a naked blonde slowly rubbed her clit. Enthralled I watched as the taller one sidled up to the other rubbing the lower part of his body against the other, so that their penises rubbed together. Sliding their bodies up and down, side to side, their skin shining and slippery with sweat. The larger man grabbed the others' erection and began wanking it, pulling and squeezing at the same time as if he were milking a cow. As hands moved faster, their murmurs turned to loud groans until jets of hot cum splashed on their bellies. Slowly they sank down onto the bed drawing the woman close kissing her in turn as she knelt between them stroking their cocks in each hand. The smallest guy pushed the other onto his back as he first sucked on his nipple and then down taking the semi rigid cock from the girl's hand he took the domed head in his mouth, playing with his scrotum before running down and rubbing the rim of his anus, thrusting his finger deep into him. As he was doing this the girl took his erect cock in her mouth, also thrusting her finger into his ass.

I found myself imitating them, as my own hand strayed down past my balls feeling how good it was and for the first time my fingers traced around the tight puckered hole, my cock grew harder in my other clenched fist, a dribble of precum leaked onto my. It felt unbelievable as I slowly rubbed around my hole gradually pushing until the tip of my finger eased inside. Pushing harder made me wince with pain but I didn't want to stop.

Laying on my back I my spread legs and threw them up in the air, my cock staring me in the face, the pain was still with me and it became difficult to push past the tight sphincter muscle. Reaching out I picked up Sue's hand cream from the bedside cabinet, squeezed some on my fingers and between my legs and drew my knees up towards my chest. It was much easier and suddenly my whole finger was inside, hurting like hell at first but slowly it subsiding as I began to enjoy the new amazing sensation as I finger fucked myself. Before I could do anything my cock erupted spurting cum down onto my chest and cheek dribbling towards my lips and without a second thought my tongue lapped it from the side of mouth, enjoying the salty taste of cum for the first time.

Fucking myself harder, I reached down scooping the cum from my chest, rubbed what was left into my nipples before thrusting my fingers into my mouth, sucking on them enjoying the taste. Wanting more I milked my still hard cock until I had a pool in my palm which I lapped up hungrily fucking myself even harder.

Although wanting to relish the pleasure of what had just happened, knowing Sue would be home soon, I showered and went back to surfing the web in my dressing gown finding even more exiting videos to keep my cock aroused..

When she eventually got home it was obvious that she had been drinking which frequently made her horny and this night was no exception, pushing my robe open she stroked my erect cock and soon we were naked on the bed, my head between her legs.

My tongue swirled around her clit drawing it between my lips chewing on it as

my fingers slid from her sopping wet pussy, she groaned in frustration until they moved further between her legs. Her groans came back as I slowly began rubbing around her tight little rosebud, which previously she had always made it plain was out of bounds. However this time she pushed herself closer moaning with enjoyment grinding herself against my hard cock. Slowly still sucking on her clit my fingers circled and started probing her little rosebud sending her wild, her nails raking down my back, at first as they pushed past her tight muscle she pulled away but after a few more nudges she allowed herself to be penetrated. As I wriggled further into her she let out a great cry of "Fuck me...." and came violently, her whole body shook and shuddered as her hips bucked off the bed.

Pulling me up, licking and kissing my cum soaked face her hands reached down to grab my throbbing erection, pulling it up to take it into her mouth. Moving up and down my shaft while playing and squeezing my balls, her tongue slid slowly from the base of my shaft to the bulbous head, then back down.

Thrusting my hips up towards her I took her hand attempting to shift it from my balls further between my legs towards my anus, hoping she would take the hint I whispered how fantastic it felt, but despite my efforts she would not return the favor of playing with my rosebud. As I blew my load in her mouth she swallowed every last drop of cum before I could savor it on my tongue as it slipped into her mouth.

Falling back on the bed she was soon asleep leaving me a bit frustrated, despite having made myself cum twice before I would have loved to cum again with her finger up my arse.

Next day I didn't have any appointments so Sue left me in bed as she got ready for work, still with a slight hangover, but before she left for work returned to the bedroom sliding her hand under the covers to stroke my limp cock drawing the foreskin back and forth bringing it to life before slipping the head between her lips and running her tongue along the slit saying "I expect more of what I happened last night when I get home".

After she had left I carried on playing with my cock and soon my fingers found their way to my anus and began tickling around the tight rosebud before trying to finger fuck myself. Wanting and needing more I decided to try one of Sue's vibrators, so rummaging through her draws I chose two of the smallest ones and spread some of her hand cream on the smallest before laying on my back and drawing my knees up to my chest. Circling it around my tight rosebud before gently pushing it home. Gasping with the initial pain as it tried to penetrate my virgin sphincter muscle I held it still until the burning sensation subsided a little before starting to move it slowly in. As I tried to push it further the pain was hard to believe and I almost gave up but decided that I wanted to try it so slowly began to slide it into my ass.

Thinking it would be easier I lay on my back, throwing my legs up and over my shoulders my cock stared me in the face, precum was already oozing from the slit. Suddenly I got the urge to suck it and pushed my legs further back until the tip was two or three inches away. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it any closer to my mouth, so frustrated I wrapped my fingers around it and pulling the foreskin back hard as I could until I felt the rush of cum from my balls until it was spurting out from my slit hard splashing on to my face with some entering my open mouth. The salty semen tasted great as I swirled it my mouth around before swallowing it as I fucked myself as hard as I could, thrusting the dildo back and forth again ignoring the pain until finally it eased and I really began to enjoy fucking myself until I came again. Swinging my legs down, the dildo still deep inside me I stroked my hard cock rubbing the sticky cum into my nipples before drifting off to sleep. I was surprised to find it still in place a couple of hours later when I awoke feeling a little sore as I withdrew it but considered it a small price to pay for the pleasure that I had got from it. Taking a shower I cleaned the dildo and returned it its place of keeping.

Later that evening as we sat on the couch watching TV I snuggled up and slipped my hand under her sweater slowly caressing her nipples through her bra until her head sank onto my shoulder as she began to sigh with pleasure, her hand moving to my thigh gently rubbing the bulge created by my penis as it grew in size.

Standing up slowly she peeled off her sweater, skirt and bra and stood there naked showing her beautiful sleek body, dropping one hand to slowly caress her clit before kneeling in front of me unzipping my jeans. Easing them and my pants down past my knees, she sank her mouth over my rock hard cock already beginning to ooze drops of pre-cum. Taking it in until the top of the helmet tickled the back of her throat and sucked and sucked driving me wild.

"I – I'm going to cum," I stuttered, as if to warn her as much as anything else as my cock was still being embraced by her mouth and tongue. Pausing only to let her tongue play around the knob of my helmet, before closing her soft mouth round it again and again her head bobbed up and down sucking harder and harder, faster and faster. I came with a rush, shooting hot cum deep into her throat. She gulped and swallowed all but the faintest dribble that trickled down her chin.

Thrusting her tongue between my lips she explored my mouth letting me taste my own cum once again as I cupped and squeezed her breasts. Continuing to stroke my cock until she had to stop as I pulled her up so that I could get to her nipples which were now rock hard jutting proudly towards me. Using them I eased her up and led her to the bedroom for more comfort.

As we sat on the bed I pushed her gently onto her back and sank my lips onto her nipple sucking gently before moving further down until I could kiss the inside of her thighs and move onto the outer lips of her labia. My tongue flicked around her clit as I remembered I had left the larger dildo that I hadn't used earlier in the day under my pillow. Without stopping I got it and replaced my tongue with it switching on with just a little vibration teasing her clit and vaginal lips. Replacing it again with my mouth I moved it down between her legs until it buzzed over her tight rosebud.

Sue began pressing back against it as wonderful new sensations rushed through her and as it just nudged inside her ass she exploded with an orgasm more powerful than she could remember for a long time.

Gently rolling her over onto her stomach, I started kissing her back, my hands caressing up and down between the globes of her arse, eventually inserting one finger slowly into her tight rosebud which was wet from her flowing juices, enjoying this new experience she sighed with pleasure. She stiffened slightly and winced feeling some pain as I gently eased past the tightness of her sphincter. Not wanting to hurt or upset her I started to ease my finger out but was stopped when she thrust her buttocks back against me murmuring "hmm". Slowly easing it back in until eventually my whole finger was inside but remembering my own experience, I left it there so that she could get used to it before easing a second finger into her. Sue was getting really into it and was moaning more to urge me on.

Turning her into a spooning position, rubbing my hard cock along her crack, I reached around to slowly rub her clit whilst tweaking her hard nipple bringing further sighs of pleasure from her. Gently pushing the head against her hole I tried to slip into her ass as she gripped the edge of the bed and gritted her teeth.

As I pulled away she groaned with disappointment and tried pulling be back but relaxed as I whispered " let me make it easier" as I reached for her hand cream and smeared some along my throbbing cock and rubbed some into her rosebud making her shudder with pleasure as I eased first one then two fingers. Slowly I began finger fucking her until I was able to slip a third finger past her relaxed sphincter bringing more groans of pleasure before my cock replaced them. This time the head eased in a little more easily but still brought gasps of pain which made me stop but again she pushed back with her hips. As more entered she began to relax enjoying the feel of my cock in her warm ass and urging me on. But I just left my cock there for a second letting both of us get used to it, as I was almost at the point of cumming myself as her tight muscle increased its pressure.

Reaching around I found that she was squeezing her breasts playing with the rock hard nipples as slowly she began to move her hips back and forth working my cock slowly further in, sending me wild as she slowly worked up her rhythm. After a few minutes I began pulling my cock all the way out of her tight rosebud before slamming it back in which was a whole new feeling for both of us and she began thrusting back harder against my cock.

Pulling out I rolled her onto her knees and eased her into a doggy-style position before slipping my cock head back into her ass and thrusting hard again. I kept fucking her ass until I could feel her orgasm coming on as she tightened up on my throbbing cock until I was unable to hold on any longer and shot a hot stream of cum into her. She cried out cumming and sank down onto the bed and we just stayed like that for a minute with me fully rammed in her ass with cum leaking out of it.

My cock slipped out of her, leaving a trail of cum across her cheeks and belly as she rolled over to face me before kissing me hard. She started stroking my dick as I began to suck her hard nipples until I was hard again. Climbing on top of me she straddled my cock, bouncing on it for a couple of minutes before getting off to lower her head down her tongue slobbered on my balls before sucking one into her warm mouth continuing to wank me. Just as my legs started bucking, she stopped and took my cock in her mouth and within seconds was deep-throating all of me. Her fingers began playing with my ass, first they ran up and down my crack before rubbing around the outer edge of my rosebud. Hesitantly her finger began to push against the rigidity of my sphincter muscle before she stopped.

"Don't stop, that's fantastic...., use the dildo on me please," I begged.

She froze stunned but with a wry smile said "What do you mean, fuck your ass with it?"

"Yes, I want to feel how it good it is and see if I get as much pleasure from it as you did."

At first she was unsure but then helped me lubricate the dildo before I lay on my back and raised a leg. Slowly putting the dildo up against my hole she rubbed it against my rosebud before switching it on. I shuddered in delight moaning softly as she pushed it in "Does it hurt, let me know if I hurt you."

"A little but it feels so good, don't stop, push harder." I replied encouraging her to push it in further, glad that my hole was already used to it from earlier in the day. Rolling over onto my back I drew my legs up again as I had done earlier in the day presenting my ass direct to her gaze. Kneeling between my widespread legs she slowly began brushing the head of the buzzing dildo against my hole before slipping it in.

Once it was all the way I took her hand and started to stroke the dildo in and out as though she was making love to me with this toy, similar to the way I had done with her. When I took my hand away she kept thrusting with each stroke getting faster and deeper, watching me getting more excited at each one. I moaned, matching her strokes with my up thrusting hips. Moving closer between my thighs she held the end of the vibrating dildo against her clit, matching each thrust of it with the thrust of her hips as though she was fucking me with her own dick.

With her other hand she reached to rub my engorged cock which only took about a minute more before it was shooting another load of cum in the air before splashing back onto my stomach as she continued to fuck me with the dildo until with a cry she came herself.

After a few minutes, leaving the dildo deep in my ass, she laid beside me hugging me close squashing my now flaccid cock against her stomach feeling my sticky cum spread over it.

"Incredible, it really turned me on the way you were thrusting the dildo as though you were actually fucking me yourself." I whispered.

"Well wasn't that what you really wanted." She wryly smiled again squeezing my still hard cock.

"Well, I suppose so." I replied sheepishly.

"You left the computer on the other night and I couldn't miss seeing what you had been surfing when I went to shut it down before going to work".

"You didn't mind?" Was all I could say as I felt a flush run to my cheeks like a naughty boy caught doing something wrong.

"At first but the tingling in my cunt soon changed my mind as I looked through the history, seeing all those cocks shooting great loads of cum every where." She replied as her free hand began playing with her clit before slipping past her moist lips into her cunt.

I felt another trickle of cum oozing from my cock as I listened to her, having never heard her talk like this before.

"The strap-ons really made me feel hot so I did some homework on the computer and decided that if you enjoyed being fucked in the ass that we should get one." Her voice trailed off as she came again tugging hard on my throbbing cock until I came as well.

I had to spend a couple of days away at head office, whilst away the package arrived to Sue's great delight and when I arrived home she sent me off to the bedroom to await her, later she told me that how sexy it had felt looking at herself in the mirror with the silicone cock sticking out, giving her a sense of power and excitement like never before.

Slipping a wrap around herself she walked into the bedroom trying to hide the bulge. With a tube of lube in her hand she came over to the bed and kissed me. Telling me I could touch and stroke it if I wanted to she took my hand and rested it on the bulge. I slid my hand under her wrap feeling the hard yet slightly spongy ribbed imitation cock. I stroked it and was in awe at the size of it realizing that it looked almost twice the size as the dildo she had fucked me with before and certainly bigger than my own cock.

Wiggling her hips she thrust it towards my lips until I could feel the soft jelly like head, making me almost cum, and with a thrust of her hips it glided between them and for the first time I had a mouthful of cock, albeit a fake one and I gagged pulling away.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it." She whispered.

Without waiting for a response she pushed me back onto the bed and taking two pillows slipped them under my hips lifting my ass off the bed. Moving back she lubed the jutting dildo up

"What are the pillows for and why will I get used to it?" I asked.

"To give me a better angle on you while we make love." She replied, having obviously thought about it and adjusted the straps so that her end of the dildo slipped into her wet pussy.

Pushing my legs back toward my chest she put the end of the dildo up against my hole which made me gasp.

"You want this cock in your ass, don't you?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I want it." I answered looking into her eyes. "I can hardly wait!" I murmured

Slowly she pushed it against my rosebud and I started to groan in delight. My moaning was getting louder and louder as she tried pushing the head into me but the muscle wouldn't give and I cried out in pain for her to stop "It's too big, I can't take it."

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