tagLoving WivesGetting To Know The Neighbors

Getting To Know The Neighbors


Chapter 1

Everything in Desert Shadows was new. The mega-subdivision, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, had sprung up almost over night. Homes, schools, shopping centers, churches and the two golf courses hadn't existed just a year ago. Its residents came from all over the country and settled there for a variety of reasons. Most newcomers had left their friends and families behind and were embarking on exciting, new lives in the fast-growing desert city. Only two houses were completed on Chancellor Court. A slab had been poured on another home and two others were in the early framing stages. It would be months before the other homes were occupied. The Morgans and the Whites had, within three weeks of each other, moved into nearly identical stucco homes with red tile roofs. There, the similarity ended. They were as different as two families could be. Cole Morgan was in his mid-fifties. The woman who presented herself as his wife, Nora, was a decade younger. They didn't have children. Cole carried an extra 50 pounds on his 5' 10" frame and was nearly bald, just a fringe of grey hair above his ears. Nora, a fiery redhead who stood nearly as tall as Cole, had done about everything possible to retard the inevitable signs of ageing and seemed to be succeeding. They had told the Whites that Cole was retired from some mysterious job in Philadelphia but that wasn't exactly the truth.

Steve and Nancy White were much younger than Cole and Nora. Steve was twenty-six and Nancy was nearly twenty-five. He was very handsome and in great shape, standing more than six feet tall with brown hair. She had the potential to be beautiful but one would never know it because she did everything possible to dress dowdily, appear as plain as possible to hide her natural beauty. They had two children, a boy, Jason, age one and still nursing and a four-year-old girl named Cyndi. A job offer that Steve couldn't pass up at an engineering firm in Las Vegas had caused them to leave their hometown of Peoria, Illinois and move across the country.

Other huge differences should have separated the two families even more. Every Saturday, the Whites dressed in their finest and attended a Seventh-day Adventist Church. If the Morgans were ever to enter a Church, it is very likely that the roof would cave in. The infrequent times that Steve or Nancy uttered a "damn" or a "hell" in their conversation, an apology instantly followed. Cole, on the other hand, couldn't complete a sentence without saying "fuck," "fucking," or worse. The Whites didn't drink or smoke. Cole always seemed to have a beer or a mixed drink in one hand and a cigar in the other. Nora smoked cigarettes and loved tropical drinks.

The Morgans seemed to have plenty of money while the younger family had stretched its budget to the limit to live in Desert Shadows. Two identical, new white Lincoln Navigators were nestled in the Morgan's garage while a five-year-old faded grey KIA sedan, that had seen its best days, was the only car that Steve and Nancy owned. Cole and Nora's home had been tastefully and expensively decorated by a professional. Steve and Nancy had bought much of their furniture from second-hand stores. Construction and the landscaping of a beautiful free-form pool and deck, that nearly filled the Morgan's fenced back yard, had just been completed. They were slowly filling the pool with a garden hose. It would be years before Steve and Nancy could even think about adding a pool.

In spite of what seemed to be a charmed life, Cole Morgan was bored, bored nearly to death. The so-called retired life wasn't for him and he desperately needed a hobby. His neighbors had been told that the Morgans had moved from Philadelphia when, actually, they came from Cleveland. Though Nora wore a wedding ring, they weren't married. She had been a stripper and part-time prostitute that Cole had met in Cleveland three years before he was relocated. They were kindred souls and she moved in with him within a week of their meeting. Even Nora didn't know everything about the man who posed as her husband.

Cole Morgan--not his real name, of course--was in the witness protection program. More than ten years ago, he had plea bargained and was, therefore, moved periodically in exchange for his continuing cooperation with prosecutors in connection with the production and distribution of pornography and other unsavory activities. Part of the plea bargain allowed for him to keep some of his property and most of his money that, otherwise, they could have seized under the RICO Act.

The instant Cole saw Nancy for the first time, he knew immediately what his new hobby would be. He planned carefully and patiently to seduce his innocent new neighbor. To make the sport extra special, he intended to have her husband help him do it. Of course, Nora would also have to cooperate and play an important supporting role.

"Fuck! I've just got to get me a piece of that Nancy," Cole said, the very night after meeting their new neighbors, as he stretched in the king-size bed after he and Nora had climaxed.

His fascination with the younger woman surprised Nora. She wasn't anything at all like the women in which Cole was usually interested. She seemed as pure as Ivory Snow, as innocent as a lamb. The hem of modest dress Nancy was wearing when they met fell below her knees and was designed to cover as much of her body as possible. On her feet were simple, practical, closed-toe flat shoes, not the very high heels that Cole loved. Nora couldn't believe that the young woman was wearing pantihose because the temperature was approaching one hundred degrees even though it was only May. Nancy wore her dark blond hair in a severe, unattractive bun. The unfashionable glasses that she wore were anything but flattering and drew attention away from her sparkling blue eyes. Nancy's clear skin was as pale as any that Nora had ever seen and she knew, from personal experience, that Cole preferred an all-over deep tan. Nonetheless, she could appreciate the potential and the challenge their neighbor represented to Cole.

Nora reached down between his legs, clutched his scrotum and the stem of his still wet, very large cock and said, "Cole, I don't think there's much of a chance of you ever getting this between her sweet thighs."

"Oh you don't, huh?" He smiled and said, "wanna fucking bet?"

"No, I'm not going to bet with you. But shit, Cole, she doesn't use makeup and, amazingly, she wears clip-on earrings. I think she comes from another century or maybe even another planet."

"I never said it would be easy . . . wouldn't be any fucking fun if it was. I'll just have to come up with some kind of a plan. I don't care if it takes a month, two months or even longer." Then he became very serious and said, "I promise you, Nora, that the day will come when I'll fuck her so hard she'll squeal and beg for more. Also, Steve will be desperate for it to happen and become my co-conspirator."

"I'm wondering if she'd even be any fun," said Nora. "After all, she hardly smiled and seems, not only very conservative, but also very, very serious."

"There's just something about her. I think she might just surprise us all, especially herself," Cole said thoughtfully.

"So, how are you going to make it happen?" Nora asked.

Cole thought for a minute before answering then said, "I'll work on Steve, you work on Nancy. You know, sexy clothes, open her up to new ideas." Then, excitedly, he continued with his thoughts. "You can have a girl's night out and he and I will have a guy's night out each week. Fuck, Nora, think about it, we're in the best place in the world to transform them. Also, we can set them up with a baby sitter and take them out once or twice a week. We'll hit the best buffets and restaurants, see some hot shows, teach them to gamble, go to discos and then, when we think they're ready, we'll take them to the private club. But, first things first, tomorrow, we'll invite them over for a swim in the new pool and a cookout."

"Oh, oh," Nora said, "I don't know if I should feel sorry for her or envy her." She leaned over kissed him and then said, "she'll never know what hit her."

Cole was now on a roll. "Let's face it. They don't know anyone but us. We've got to become their best friends, get inside their lives, learn everything we can about them. I want to see how far I can get her to go. Just fucking her won't be nearly enough."

"What makes you think she won't just lay there like a rag doll?"

"I know she won't. Don't ask me how I know, I just know. Like I said, there's something about her, I can feel it. Nothing's going to stop me from bringing the real woman out of her."

Nancy White didn't know it but she had just become the prey in a pursuit. Cole Morgan was her predator.

Chapter 2

That same night--the very first in their new home-- in the spartan master bedroom across the street from the Morgan's home, the White's were also talking about their new neighbors.

"Well, honey, what do you think of Cole and Nora?" Steve asked as he slipped under the covers watching Nancy as she walked to her side of the queen-size bed. She was wearing one of the identical pairs of the sensible blue, stripped cotton pajamas she had worn to bed nearly every night since their honeymoon. Before answering her husband, she slipped off the navy blue slippers and carefully placed them at the side of the bed--toes facing out of course--as she had every night for as long as she could remember.

"They're surely different. I'll say that. Cole can't speak without cursing and Nora, well, what can I say?" She fluffed her pillow and slipped under the white sheet before answering her own question. "She's . . . not very modest, that's for sure. I mean, I doubt that she was even wearing underwear. Those spandex bikers' shorts and that crop top that she was nearly poking through, well, my goodness, she might as well have been naked."

"Yeah, I doubt that she'd be very popular in Peoria," he said.

"However," Nancy said, "even though they're not like us, they seemed pleasant enough and, whether we like or not, they're our only neighbors until the other houses on the street are occupied."

Steve rolled over toward his wife, reached out and gently touched the perfect swollen breast with the tips of his exploring fingers.

"Honey," Nancy said, "I'm really tired from the trip and . . . and, its not Saturday . . . do you mind . . .?"

"I just hoped that out here you'd stop rationing your pussy," he said as he reluctantly withdrew his hand from her bosom. "And, I thought that christening our new bedroom might be fun,"

"What a thing to say Steve White. Do you think it's proper to mix a religious term like ‘christening' with the sex act?" Nancy rebuked.

"No, I guess it isn't." He, sighed, leaned over, kissed her forehead and said, "Good night Nancy."

The four neighbors were lost in their own private worlds before each fell asleep. Steve was thinking that his hopes of getting Nancy to come out of her shell by moving to Las Vegas would never be realized. Nancy was thinking about home; how much she missed her parents, their friends, old neighbors and the slow, predictable pace of the much smaller town. Nora was thinking that Nancy would be a hard nut to crack but that helping Cole in his quest might be fun. Cole saw a potential in the younger woman that no one else had seen before. He couldn't wait to begin the process of peeling away the many layers of cloth-- and with them the multitude layers of her inhibitions-- and then, discovering what was beneath the cool surface.

Cole didn't waste any time in putting his plan into action. The next morning he sent Nora over with a coffee cake and an invitation to join them that afternoon for a barbeque and a breaking-in party for the new pool.

"Steve, I don't want to go swimming. I'll just wear a pair of slacks and a T-shirt," Nancy said as she held up the one-piece swimming suit she had worn on their honeymoon at a lake in Minnesota but hadn't worn since. She knew that it was frumpy with a skirt that covered her bottom. "You and the kids can go swimming. I'll just have something to eat."

"Honey, whether you like it or not, we live in the desert now. I think you're just going to have to get used to the idea that we don't live in Peoria. If you want to get a new suit, then let's go to the store and buy one."

"No. I'm not going swimming and that's final."

"You know Nancy. Your parents chose the wrong name for you. They should have named you Priscilla because you're so prissy."

"That's a terrible thing to say. I just don't want to parade around in a swimming suit in front of people we hardly know."

"Suit yourself." He had learned years ago that trying to get her to change her mind was futile.

That afternoon, when they rang their neighbor's doorbell, he was wearing a baggy boxer swimsuit and the kids were wearing swimming suits that they had just purchased from Wal Mart. Nancy was wearing slacks, an XL T-shirt and sneakers. They couldn't have been more shocked when Nora greeted them wearing the tiniest, black thong bikini possible. She hugged each of them as if they were family.

"Cole's in the back trying to figure out the grill. Give him a hand, will you Steve?" Nora asked. "Aren't you going swimming, Nancy? Or, are you wearing your suit under your clothes?"

"No, I'm not much of a swimmer and I don't have a suit." She failed to tell Nora that Steve had picked out several that he thought would look great on her when they went shopping for his trunks and the kids swimming suits but she refused to try any of them on.

"Hey, that's no problem. I probably have more swimming suits than most stores keep in stock. Many of them have never been worn. Kind of a shopping sickness, I guess." She smiled at Nancy then excitedly said, "Let's go find you something."

"No, not right now, maybe later. I'm not much of a swimmer."

"Hell, Nancy, neither am I. I just love to lounge around and bake in the sun, as if you couldn't tell."

"No, really," Nancy said firmly, "not right now."

"Okay, let me get you a fruit punch." Nora dipped a small cup in the pinkish liquid that nearly filled a large crystal punch bowl that was sitting in the middle of the Island in the kitchen and handed it to Nancy.

"um mm, this is delicious," said the innocent wife and mother after she had sipped from the cup.

"Glad you like it. Let's take a cup out to Steve."

Nancy smiled when she saw the kids splashing and playing in the beach entry part of the beautiful pool. She hadn't noticed Cole who was standing by the grill. "Nancy," he said as he walked over to her and took her in his arms and gave her a big hug.

When he stepped back and she saw what he was wearing she turned crimson. A white speedo left nothing to the imagination. The man might as well have been nude. His huge paunch bulged over the suit but not enough to obscure his large penis and testicles that seemed to be about the size of AAA eggs, the outline of which she could easily see under the thin covering. Like Nora, his flesh was also a golden brown.

Nancy handed her husband the cup of punch and said, "I think you'll like this."

Had Nancy known that they laced the punch with vodka, she would never have taken a single sip. She loved the taste, though, and after she finished the first cup she felt an unfamiliar, pleasant glow. "Anyone want another cup?" She asked.

Without answering, Steve upended his own cup, emptied it and handed it to her.

By the time lunch was over, Nancy had consumed three cups of the punch while Steve had finished two. The kids were, again frolicking in the shallow end of the pool. Steve, Cole and Nora were in the deeper end. Then, Nora walked out of the pool, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her and came to where Nancy had been sitting on the edge of a new chaise lounge.

"Come with me," Nora said as she reached out for Nancy's hand.

The younger woman didn't question the older woman but took her hand and followed her into the master bedroom. Inside the beautifully decorated room, Nora looked at Nancy and said, "I think we're almost the same size." Then, she walked to a dresser, bent over and opened a lower drawer and said, "this drawer has, swim suits, nothing but dozens of swim suits. Try one on."

"I'm fine Nora, really."

"Oh, you're not fine at all. It's like a furnace out there and you're dressed for winter. Let's pick out something," Nora said as she rummaged through the drawer. "How about this?" She asked as she held up a white bikini that seemed to be a duplicate of her black one.

Nancy put her hand to her mouth, shook her head and then said, "oh, I could never wear anything like that."

"Why not? You've surely got the figure for it. At least I think you do. Can't be sure with all that you've got on. Are you having your period, Nancy?"

The question embarrassed Nancy. "No, I'm not having my period. It's just that I've never worn anything like that before." Nancy pointed at the skimpy pieces of cloth that Nora was holding in her hand. "My mother would kill me."

"What did you say?" Asked Nora.

"I said that my mother would kill me."

"Well so what. Mine would probably kill me too if she saw me wearing this," Nora said pointing to the bikini she was wearing. "But, guess what, my mom doesn't tell me what to do anymore. I'm a big girl now and I decide. Besides, she's not here and neither is your mother."

"But, I would feel very uncomfortable."

"That's nonsense. Do you think I look uncomfortable?"

"No, of course not."

"Am I some kind of bad person?" Nora asked.

"No . . . oh this is so confusing. I'm not talking about you, I'm just saying that for me I wouldn't feel comfortable out in public in something like that."

"Nancy, in case you have forgotten, we're not in public. We're in the privacy our fenced back yard." Then, she reached for the hem of the large T-shirt that Nancy was wearing and said, "this is silly. Just lift up your arms."

Without thinking, Nancy did lift up her arms and then Nora whisked the T-shirt over Nancy's head and tossed it on the corner of the bed. Before it landed, Nora's hands were unbuttoning and unzipping the kaki slacks that Nancy was wearing. They were so loose that it didn't require any effort to pull them down over Nancy's ass. "Sit on the bed," Nora commanded. Then she unlaced each white sneaker. When she finished, Nancy was sitting on the bed wearing only the white cotton bra and panties that she always wore. "Come on Nancy, off with the underwear," said Nora.

"Nora, this is difficult for me. I went to a private church school and nudity has always been a problem for me."

"Nancy, you're really very beautiful and from what I can tell you've got a killer body. It's just us girls in here and you don't have anything that I haven't seen a million times before. Let me help you," Nora said as she deftly reached behind and un-clipped the bra that de-emphasized the breasts that it covered. "Stand up again, honey," said the older woman. When Nancy did, Nora skimmed the panties down Nancy's long legs, stood back and looked at her naked neighbor realizing that Cole was right, indeed, she was exquisite.

Nancy looked down and covered her breasts with one arm and put her hand over her vagina but not before Nora saw that Nancy would never have to worry about trimming her pubic hair. The blond tuft of hair was very fine and very sparse. Not a tendril would peek out from the tiny thong bottom that Nora held by a single finger. "Slip this on," she said.

"Nora, please, I can't wear that. Don't you have something more modest?"

"Honey this covers your pussy. Who cares if your hips are bare or your tummy is exposed. Slip this on and let's see how it looks."

A combination of the punch and Nora's insistence caused her to reach for the tiny bottom that she stepped into and then pulled up her legs. There wasn't any back to adjust over her buttocks, just a tiny strip of white cloth that was quickly buried between her round cheeks.

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