tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting to Know The Neighbors Ch. 02

Getting to Know The Neighbors Ch. 02


I awoke the next morning feeling amazing. I wondered at that for a moment and then the memories came flooding back. It took me a minute to sort through it all and convince myself that it had really happened and wasn't just a dream. I got up and took a leak before heading into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. While I waited for it to brew I walked back to my study and had to pass the entrance to the living room on the way. I glanced over to the couch where it all happened the night before and smiled. Upon reaching my study I logged into my computer, checked emails and the morning's headlines and then retraced my steps to get a cup of coffee. I poured a cup and then turned to lean against the counter while I carefully sipped at my morning caffeine fix. Had something wonderful happened or did I just complicate the shit out of my life? It was probably a bit of both.

I decided to go for a run to try and sort it out. I always found the ¾ of a mile mark to be the key. Up until that time the labored breathing kept sending signals to the brain to stop running so the discomfort would pass. Once I crossed that point in my run I was able to settle in and enjoy my run. I would never be mistaken for a competitive runner but I generally did five miles a day six days a week. This routine had melted the fat away from my midsection and left me lean. Sunday was normally my rest day but I felt antsy. The run didn't clear my head but I worked up a good sweat. After a shower and some breakfast, I loaded up the car and drove back over to the beach. I set up my blanket and chair before stripping off my shorts and settling in for another day on the Northern California Coast. It promised to be a beautiful day and there was no sign of the wind that caused the girls to seek the shelter of my blanket under the bluff the previous day. That was what they were seeking, right?

They had honestly looked like they were just looking for shelter from the wind yesterday when they caught sight of me and asked if they could join me. I had no idea where our conversation would lead that afternoon and certainly wouldn't have dreamed of what it led to that night. I believed the story they told on the beach about their scavenger hunt adventures. Showing up on my doorstep at ten o'clock that night to return my blanket and hope for a picture of a bowling ball seemed unnecessary but in light of the dare dilemma they laid out it made sense to enlist my help. I could make a case for the girls deciding that it was preferable to avoid having to both walk into a convenience store completely nude, walk up to the counter to make a purchase and have their picture taken as evidence for their game. That avoidance was purchased by having to have their pictures taken sucking a guy's cock. In this case, the cock happened to belong to the old guy that lived next door. Of course, only they knew that. Their friends didn't have to know since my face was left out of the photos. I guess their decisions made sense assuming they weren't freaked out by the idea of sucking my cock. That sure didn't seem to be the case, although Samantha seemed shy about it at first.

I would have been perfectly prepared to believe all of that if it hadn't been for the fact that they blew off the sleepover. They wouldn't go to all that trouble to win, only to simply walk next door and go to sleep instead of claiming their hard won victory. Could it have been that they faked that night's scavenger hunt just to suck my cock? None of it really made sense. Maybe it wasn't an actual sleepover but just a scavenger hunt party instead. The photos would have timestamps so they didn't need to show up by midnight with their evidence. That made more sense. I wondered how the other teams fared. I could probably talk the girls into letting me know at some point.

The beach began to populate as the morning stretched on and there was a respectable crowd by noon. I kept glancing up to the trail that led down from the parking lot. It was nearly one o'clock before the girls arrived. They looked over in my direction as they hit the base of the trail and each waved at me but they turned to the left and headed off towards their usual spots. Was I relieved or disappointed? How does one react to the previous night's events? If they had been some anonymous pair of teens then I would revel in it. I wouldn't have any guilt behind it at all but that wasn't the case. It was bad enough that we spent the afternoon talking about sex while I was naked and they were nearly naked. I'd let them give me a blowjob. As wonderful as it was, it sort of makes it difficult to think of one's self as a respectable member of the community. Was it worth it? I could probably tune out K-guilt radio playing in my head if I could spend the afternoon staring at their pert little tits and showing my cock to them. So much for respectable...maybe respectability isn't all it's cracked up to be.

After about an hour had passed I took off for my usual stroll down the beach. I'd decided not to seek the girls out, but would just offer another wave unless they called me over. I picked my way through the sunbathers around me and made my way down to the waterline. I was lost in thought as I hugged the water but looked over towards where I thought the girls might be. I didn't see them where I thought they would be and continued my stroll. I did finally hear Rhonda call my name out.

"Hey Bill!"

I turned to see her jogging towards me wearing only a tiny red bikini bottom. It was impressive to watch this young athlete run. There was a pleasant little bounce to her breasts while nothing else jiggled at all. I wondered what it would have looked like from behind. God, this girl was firm.

"Come on over to our spot. Samantha and I want to talk to you."

"Okay, lead the way"

She closed the gap between us and grabbed my hand. That was nice but I sort of wished she had turned right there so I could walk behind her and admire her ass. Still, there was no trace of shyness as she took my hand. Clearly she wasn't feeling badly about the previous night. I wondered if Samantha was feeling any remorse. As we approached their little encampment I could see that Samantha was lying on her stomach. She was wearing a blue and white horizontal striped bikini bottom that just covered her well-toned ass. That was a greeting I could appreciate and it only got better when she rolled over as she heard us approach. She supported herself with her elbows, kept her left leg straight and brought her right foot even with her left knee. She smiled and squinted slightly as the sun shone on her face. Rhonda sat down cross legged on her towel and I did the same on their blanket.

"I am so wiped out today. We didn't get much sleep last night," Samantha said.

"Really? Gosh I slept like a baby. I was amazingly relaxed for some reason," I teased.

"Yeah, I'll bet," said Rhonda. "We were still pretty tense when we left your place."

"I would have loved to help you with that...maybe a massage or something," I offered and then immediately regretted it. Wasn't I trying to not be a letch?

"Mmm...that would have been nice," said Rhonda. Samantha blushed a little and looked away.

"You had to rush back to your party though," I said this to see if I could catch them in a lie. I still suspected that the whole thing might have been a set up.

"As it turned out we went back to Sam's place. We didn't feel like going back to the party and had our time-stamped pictures to prove we'd completed our dare. We were tired and wanted to take care of that tension before going to sleep.

"Rhonda! Shut up!"

Samantha was genuinely shocked that Rhonda made such a comment. It was clear that they both were in search of an orgasm before going to sleep but I was really very curious to know how that was achieved. Did they masturbate? Did they do it together or did one slip off to the bedroom while the other was in the bathroom. I suppose they might have done it under the covers with the lights out trying to keep it from the other. I then had a flashback to Sandy and Jean eating each other out so many years ago and wondered if the girls were into that sort of thing. My cock lurched a bit at the thought and some tell-tale swelling began.

"Oh, come on," said Rhonda. "I'm sure Bill isn't surprised by that."

Masturbating wouldn't have surprised me but the idea of the girls pleasuring each other would have. I really wanted to know how this tension got relieved but I avoided the temptation to ask. Samantha was embarrassed enough as it was. I decided to help Samantha out and change the subject to something else I was curious about.

"So how did the scavenger hunt turn out? Have you girls compared notes?"

"That's why we were late getting over here. We met at Starbucks for a latte and to show off our photos. Only two teams finished the dare. Lori and Tanya didn't complete either dare so they're out. Nikki and Maria did so they're still in the running. I can't believe that Nikki let Maria pose for that picture with her boyfriend's dick. I don't think she actually sucked it, though. We didn't give you up to the girls but I think Lori might suspect. She's seen your dick, after all. Of course, you didn't have a stiffy then so she couldn't be sure. They were all impressed with your cock by the way."

"I'm flattered. It's nice to be appreciated."

"They were very curious who you were but we kept it a secret. I really thought we might win it outright and we wouldn't have to worry about this anymore," Rhonda continued.

"What do you mean not have to worry about it anymore?"

"Yeah, that's part of the rules. Until your team completes the dare from the previous week you can't continue. Lori and Tanya are out now because they didn't do either of the dares from last night. Since Maria isn't seeing anyone we thought they might be done, too. Nikki dreamed up these dares and I guess she had already worked it out with Maria that Maria could at least pretend to blow Paul. Nikki must have thought this dare would be enough to win since the guys we would ordinarily turn to were out of town. Fortunately, you came through for us so we're still in the competition."

"I'm glad I could help."

"Samantha thinks this is getting out of hand and wants it to stop. I want to win and then would be okay with the whole thing ending. It's our turn to devise the next scavenger hunt and dare. We talked on the way over here about what kind of dare to propose that we might do that Nikki and Maria wouldn't. Nikki is a slut and will do almost anything sex-wise. Maria will go along with anything Nikki suggests but they're both less enthusiastic about public nudity. They won't even come to the beach with us. We're thinking about proposing a dare that requires us to walk the Bay to Breakers Race topless. It's in two weeks. We've got a swim meet out of town next week so our scavenger hunt falls on that weekend. I think it would be perfect but Samantha isn't so sure. "

I suppose most people have heard of the Bay to Breakers Race held in San Francisco each May. It's about 7 ½ miles long and attracts elite runners and a huge crowd of walkers, too. It's a great big party. Lots of people wear elaborate costumes and some people wear no costumes. In fact, they wear nothing at all. While it's not exactly legal there's a long tradition of the police turning a blind eye to men and women going naked so long as they're not doing anything overtly sexual. It's become an accepted part of the race and part of the reason why people come to watch the race. There are lots of families there and nobody cares if there are a few naked people. Lots of people pose for pictures with the naked people.

"What are you concerned about, Samantha? You go topless here."

"Yeah but most everybody is naked here. That's different. Besides, what if we ran into someone we know?"

"You know me and got over it pretty quick," I countered.

"We trust you and like I said, you're naked."

"I know what you're saying. When I came here in my twenties I was pretty concerned about it. I did run into a gal that was a friend of my older brother's but she was naked, too, so that wasn't a big deal. There was one woman I knew that I started seeing here. I knew her from work and she was much older than me and while she was here most weekends she was always wearing a cover-up. I never saw her naked. I avoided her for weeks until finally one day I decided to just walk past and say hi. It was one of the bravest things I ever did but it turned out to be no big deal at all. I wound up having about a ten minute conversation with her. I was naked and she wasn't and nobody cared."

"So you think I should do it?"

"I think the idea has merit. You're at least marginally inclined to be naked or at least topless around other people. You would be one of many doing it and it's no big deal for people to see naked people there. And it would allow you to bring this contest to an end. I think that's a good thing because at some point it's going to get out of hand. This way, you could win it outright in a way that has no chance of you getting arrested."

"If you were me, would you do it?"

"Yeah, I think I would. It's no big deal and it sounds like it could be a good time. You should go for it."

"I don't know. I'd be afraid of guys hitting on us and making me uncomfortable."

Rhonda had remained silent throughout this interplay but finally chimed in. "What if we got someone to come with us?"

"Yeah, you could do that. Get someone to go along with you." The words were out of my mouth before I recognized the danger.

"Yeah, Bill could come with us to keep the guys from hitting on us," Rhonda said enthusiastically.

Commence emergency back-peddling sequence now...

"Now I don't know about that," I stammered.

"Oh, why not? Just yesterday you said yourself that you don't mind being seen naked so long as people aren't uncomfortable and there's no risk of being arrested. I think it's a great idea."

"This is different," I insisted.

"How? What's different about everything you just said to Samantha about doing it that doesn't apply to you?"

"Well, I don't have a dare contest that I'm trying to bring to a close. Why would I do it?"

Now Samantha joined the attack. "You said you thought it was getting out of hand and that you'd prefer it ended. You could help by supporting us and protecting us. You said it was no big deal...or didn't you mean it..."

Oh crap. I was caught by my own cleverness. I had positioned it so well to convince Samantha and now I was being hung out to dry by my own words.

"I'll look into it and think about it."

I tried to stall in hopes of thinking of some way that I could get out of it. Despite my words of it being no big deal, I really was concerned about running into people that I knew.

"There's a website called baretobreakers.com that talks all about it. They talk about the logistics and legality for people considering doing the race in the nude. We should go check it out. How late were you going to stay at the beach today? We could do it this afternoon. "

"I've got a couple errands to run so I won't be going straight home," I lied.

I don't know if it was them or me that I didn't trust. Being alone with them in my home again didn't seem like a good idea. Of course, my ego could be getting away from me, too. It's likely last night was a one time thing. Why in the world would these sweet young girls want to be with this fossil again?

"Okay, check it out when you do get home and we'll catch up with you later."

"I'll do that. I should get going now, though."

"Okay, I do hope you'll help us out. We'd feel a lot safer with you along with us. We might not do this if you don't come and it would be nice to bring this dare stuff to an end."

"I hear you. We'll talk later."

Once I got home I logged onto that web site. It certainly answered all of the questions out there except whether or not I had the guts to do this...and if I should. Actually the idea excited me a great deal. It would allow me to indulge a fantasy (within reason) that was usually illegal or at least socially unacceptable. And the naked runners are part of the attraction of this bizarre race so the women would be willing participants. I was nervous about having little or no control over who might see me and there was also the fact that so many people would be taking pictures as well.

There was a precaution that I could take but it would remove some of the thrill as well. Lots of people wear costumes and some of the naked people wear masks or disguises of some sort. I had a wacky yellow afro wig that I used with a costume years before. The hair stuck out about three inches and it made me look rather cartoonish but with that and some large sunglasses my identity would be hidden. It's not like anyone would be trying to pick me out of the crowd because most people had no idea I might do something like this. I would have liked to think I had the guts to do it as myself but I was skeptical. One way or the other though, I decided to do this.

The girls showed up at my front door that night to find out what I'd decided. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and used that as an excuse to cut the visit short but I agreed to do the race with them. I was rewarded with a peck on the cheek from each of them and they scurried out the door, giggling all the way. What had I done?

Over the course of the next two weeks I had plenty of time to think about the event. I visited the baretobreakers.com site a few more times hoping to divine what was going to happen but it became no clearer. I decided to bring the afro wig in the backpack that would carry my clothes, wallet, keys and such so I would have the option of hiding my identity right up until the last minute.

I was pretty bleary eyed when I woke up that morning. It would take a while to get into the city and find parking. I took a shower and spent more time than usual on my appearance. I did a little trimming of my pubic area. I didn't want to make it obvious but I wanted to clean up around the base of my cock and the few scraggly hairs that were on my dick. I wasn't self conscious about my size but as long as so many people were going to see me that day, I figured it was worth a little trouble to show him off in the best possible way. I showered and then considered myself in the mirror as I slapped a little cologne on. Usually I wouldn't do that for a run but this wasn't an actual workout. I was satisfied with the image I found in the mirror. I was tan and trim and looked younger than my 43 years. I had nothing to be ashamed of...unless I was going to let being seen naked by thousands of people bother me. One more time I tried on the wig and sunglasses to reassure myself that my disguise would work if I decided it was necessary. I was confident that I wouldn't be found out and removed the wig and glasses. After putting on a t-shirt and gym shorts, I grabbed my watch, keys and wallet and climbed into my car with a cup of coffee to make the trek into the city.

The race started at 7:00 AM down near the Embarcadero, so the girls and I decided to meet at 6:30 by the aid station near the start. While I'd read on the website that the race attracts as many as 70,000 participants, the enormity of that many people milling around waiting for the race to start hadn't set in with me. I looked around and saw people of all ages, sizes and outfits. The media was there, too. One of the local stations always broadcast the race which I'd forgotten. I felt a sudden panic and then remembered that they avoided taking pictures of the nudies since they were broadcasting. I wondered if I would see my favorite (incredibly hot) morning newscaster. I knew she hosted the event but was always hanging out in Golden Gate Park somewhere. The starting line was covered by the younger gal that did weather for the morning news. She was with her crew in a roped off area where they had some room but could walk up to engage the crowd. This was her first year covering the event and I saw her doing the occasional interview with participants and spectators but mostly she seemed a little overwhelmed by all the people. She also seemed to take an interest in the few nudies that were wandering around waiting for the start of the race. She never approached any of them but she seemed intrigued. Her eyes followed them around between takes as she joked with her crew.

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