Getting to Know The Neighbors Ch. 03


I looked up to where I'd left Nancy and saw her smiling broadly. She worked her way down the trail and stepped out onto the shore. She didn't come any closer. She just stood there.

"Are you still having trouble visualizing your neighbor naked down next to the reservoir?"

"No, no...I can see him just fine. I'm trying to decide if he was out in the water when I walked down or if he was simply looking out on the water from the edge." She took a few steps towards me. "Or better still...he might have been leaning back against that boulder stroking his big, hard cock."

"'m sure he was not stroking his cock."

"I'm almost certain he was."

"No, no, no...we're not telling your friends that I was down here jerking off."

"We can dress up the story however we like later. Right now...I want to watch you stroke your cock."

I'd always thought that guys masturbating in front of women was strictly a flasher in a trench coat activity. Now I was standing completely naked next to a reservoir with a beautiful woman and I found myself desperately wanting to grab my cock. I paused for a few more moments, hoping that it at least looked like I was reluctant to comply with her request. Finally I reached for my dick. As I started running my hand up and down the shaft, she continued to look me right in the eye. I amazed myself in that I didn't turn away. She took a few more steps towards me and then joined me leaning up against the boulder. She didn't touch me. It seemed like an eternity that she just sat there watching my fist go up and down on my cock. Finally she put an arm behind me and I turned to face her as she leaned in to kiss me. We continued our kiss and I felt her hand slip under mine and nudged me out of the way. Now she was stroking me up and down. I couldn't let that go on for very long because I was so excited. I tried to slip a hand under her top and roll over on top of her, but she caught my hand and moved out of the way.

"I promised you yesterday that I would devour you at another time...this is another time. I'm going to suck you dry."

She knelt down between my legs and placed her hands on my thighs. She looked at my cock and then my eyes and then my cock again. I reached down and began stroking myself again. Finally she leaned forward and I pushed the head of my cock down until it was touching her lips. She rose up a bit and put her mouth over the tip of my cock. She paused briefly and then slowly slid down nearly the entire length of my shaft before returning to focus her attention on the head. Her right hand left my thigh and wrapped around my shaft. She varied her pace and points of focus. Sometimes she'd lick my balls and then concentrate on the tip of my cock. Always she'd bring me right to the edge and then back off to lick and kiss the inside of my thighs. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, she looked me in the eyes and wrapped her tongue and then her lips around the head of my cock and moved at a frenzied pace to finally release the explosion in my loins.

That was one of the most incredible blowjobs of my life. The build-up I'd been feeling as we plotted the script for our first sexual encounter was enormous. As you might imagine, I was feeling much better just then but we weren't anywhere near done. We couldn't be. Our tale was unfinished.

"Oh my god, that was amazing."

Nancy grinned impishly, "I'm so glad you liked it."

"How much of that winds up in our story?"

"Not too much, I'm afraid."

I adopted my best British accent. "No? 'Tis a shame for it would make an epic tale. Were I a king I would send for a bard to put it to verse and have it sung throughout the land."

"That has to be the most pathetic accent I've ever heard," said Nancy while giggling.

"Okay, so the blowjob winds up on the editing room floor. How do you see our encounter taking place. Am I the aggressor or do you instigate it?"

"Given that you were already naked when I found you out here, we can safely say that you got things moving. You were standing there, next to the water's edge, looking out on the cool, blue-green surface. I had no idea what I was doing but when I saw you nude I had to make my way down here. I stood silently for a moment checking out your ass and then kicked a small stone which announced my arrival. You turned and saw me but there was no scramble for your clothes. You calmly and confidently walked towards me."

"It's hard to imagine me not making a mad dash for my clothes in that scenario."

"I thought we agreed this was my story. I say you were strong and calm."

"Have it your way. What happened next?"

"You walked towards me and I admired your strong chest before working my way down the rest of your body. Your cock wasn't erect as yet but for some reason you were already half hard. You stopped a couple feet away from me and asked me what I was doing there. I told you I'd seen you on the trail above and got curious when you turned towards the reservoir. When I asked what you were doing here you said that you loved the quiet of this place. You took me by the hand and led me out closer to the water. You stood just behind my left shoulder and encouraged me to take in the feeling. I dropped my hands to my sides and when I did so I brushed against your cock. At first I pulled my hand away but soon I relaxed and let my hand fall naturally. You were no longer half hard. You had an erection and my wrist rested against your shaft."

I rose from the boulder and took Nancy by the hand and led her out near the water and began to follow each action as she described it.

"You then stood directly behind me and pressed your hard cock against the small of my back. You reached around and your hands slowly worked their way up my stomach to my breasts. No word was spoken. You began kissing my neck and one hand wormed its way down to my gym shorts and disappeared under the elastic band. My pussy was already soaking wet and a finger entered me easily while your thumb worked my clit."

True to her word, I found that when I slipped my hand into her panties she was drenched. I rubbed her swollen clit for a time and then removed my hand to pull her shirt and sports bra over her head in one smooth motion. I casually tossed them onto the ground.

"Hey, you're improvising..."

"Do you mind?"

"No, but let's not get ahead of ourselves."

"Then I anxiously await your next instruction."

I resumed masturbating her from behind. She was grinding herself back against me. Despite very recently having a mind-blowing orgasm I was fully hard again. Soon she slipped her fingers under her waistband and slid both her shorts and panties off her hips. It was a little awkward as she tried to step out of them without catching them on her shoes. She nearly lost her balance but I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back towards me. This wedged my cock against the crack of her ass which inspired her to grind against me even more.

"That was when she grabbed him by the hand and led him over to the rock."

"Did he stretch her body out on its surface and eat her until she screamed?"

"No, he intuitively knew that she needed no more foreplay or teasing. He simply bent her over the rock and ravaged her from behind."

There were no more instructions that followed. Each of our bodies knew exactly what the other needed. Our sexes came together in urgent thrusts. Each stab of my cock was met by a hungry pussy and soon we both convulsed with an intense orgasm. We collapsed next to each other on the rock and struggled to catch our breaths. Nancy was the first to speak.

"I think I like our story."

"Will they buy it?"

"I think so. It will be fun telling it regardless."

"If they don't believe it we could act it out for them..."

"I'll bet you'd love that, wouldn't you?"

"Actually, it's not something I've ever done and it hasn't been one of my fantasies. It's not anything I've ever thought I'd have a chance to act on anyway."

"Well, I don't think it will be necessary."

I was content to lay there and relax in the sun but soon Nancy stirred.

"Suddenly, I'm feeling rather naked. I can't believe I'm just lying here wearing nothing but tennis shoes."

"Personally, I think it's a good look for you. You should try it more often, Nancy."

Nancy walked over to her clothes and began to dress again. I did the same and we began to hike back to the car. We talked some more about Gina and what her reactions might be. It was clear that Nancy was pretty comfortable now and would have no trouble facing any interrogation that might follow from her girlfriends. When we got back to the car and started our drive home I asked a question that had been nagging at me.

"I'm reluctant to bring this up again because the day has gone so well...even though it started with the dreaded "we have to talk" phrase. You explained that part well but there was something you either forgot or ignored."

"What's that?"

"You didn't tell me why you'd been crying. I'll shut up if it's none of my business but crying women make me uncomfortable...particularly if I suspect I might have something to do with it."

"I'll tell you but you have to promise not to interrupt me and let me say everything I have to say. Agreed?"

I nodded in reply. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly before she began.

"I want to get this right because I don't want to hurt you. Actually, this should make you feel good but you might not see that right off."

She paused for a moment to let that sink in and to see if I'd honor her request to not interrupt her with questions. When she was satisfied, she continued.

"I did cry this morning and I cried some yesterday afternoon, too. You're the first man that I've been with since Steve died. I thought I would feel horribly guilty and that I wouldn't be able to enjoy sex again. That wasn't the case. But I realized that it was because we were having sex...not making love. As good as the sex was with you...and it was was nothing like being with Steve. The love we shared was indescribable and I won't ever have that again. I have no interest in ever being Mrs. Somebody ever again. I don't want to be someone's girlfriend. The only role I intend to play is to be Samantha's mom. I want to see her safely through college without her falling in love and getting pregnant. I want her to get a degree and be her own person. When she's done that, I would love for her to find a good man and settle down and give me a couple grandbabies. That's my agenda for the rest of my days. That doesn't mean I'll cease to be a woman with physical needs. I'll still want to scream out with pleasure from time to time with a great lover but I have no interest in pillow talk and Valentine's Day. I've had that and that chapter of my life is closed. My tears were tears of happiness as I thought about the times I had with Steve. I have no regrets and certainly don't want any in the future. Don't feel like you're ever in a competition with Steve because you'll never be competing for my love... you can't. That belongs to Steve and Steve alone. This is not a knock on you in any way. You're a great guy and some day you're going to tell me that our days of "hiking to the reservoir" are over because you'll have found the love of your life and she'll be an incredibly lucky woman. I hope that makes sense and I hope that we can write a few more chapters from time to time. If it doesn't work for you I'll understand and will have no hard feelings."

We sat there in silence for a few moments. I took my eyes off the road briefly and looked over at her. Her eyes were glistening and if I was forced to be honest, I'd admit that mine were likely a little misty as well. I turned back to the road again.

"You can talk now." Nancy managed a little grin.

I cleared my throat before I began because I didn't quite trust my voice to come out clearly.

"Steve was a very lucky man...and I suspect that you were a pretty fortunate woman to have him in your life for as long as you did. On one level I think I understand what you're saying but on another level I'm sure I don't completely get it as I've never experienced the kind of love you described. I've been close to marriage a couple of times but stopped short because it's something I only intend to do once and wanted to get it right. I guess I've always held out for what you described but wondered if I was asking for too much. Hearing your words confirmed that I was right to hold out because now I'm sure it exists. Whether or not it's out there for me remains to be seen but I'll keep looking for it with an open mind. In the mean time, I would be more than happy to take the occasional hike or fix a sink or whatever other excuse we come up with to have great sex. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if I'm not always just a bit jealous of Steve. You're a special lady."

"Thanks," said Nancy quietly.

We fell silent for far too long and it got uncomfortable.

"Well, aren't we both just incredible people."

Nancy laughed at that and all was good again. It had gotten far too heavy for a while there.

"You really have done a great job with Samantha. She's turned into a nice young woman."

"Yeah, Sam's a sweetie. She's done well at school and the swim team has been very good for her as well. It's not like she's headed for the Olympics but she's pretty fast and wins her share of races. It's hard to believe that she's off to college in the fall. It seems like she has grown up awfully fast. I just hope college doesn't change her too much. I want her to have fun but it's important that she focus on her studies. There's time enough for boyfriends later. The last thing she needs is to fall in love and get pregnant and drop out of school. I'm not naïve and I'm not a prude, obviously. I know she's going to want to have sex and party with the guys but I don't want anything serious. I'd love it if she could find something like we have. Hey, there's an idea...maybe she could just drop by your place a couple times a week."

Nancy punched me in the arm and started laughing. I joined in her laughter but with less gusto because it wasn't nearly as funny as she thought.

"Oh, yeah, that's great idea. Maybe I should start running a stud service. Do you think the other neighbors would mind if I put up some sort of sign on the front lawn."

The idea was ridiculous enough that it fueled our conversation for the rest of the way home. We bandied about a variety of ideas about what the sign might say. None are worth repeating here but it saved us from any awkward silences or any more discussion about Samantha. I pulled into my driveway and we exited the car. Nancy was the first to speak.

"You had a great idea. This story will work for Gina and any of the other girls who care to know how we started fucking each other's brains out. I know I'm going to have a good time telling the story. I might need some relief when I get home though," Nancy looked at me slyly.

"I'll be curious to see how your friends react. Have fun with it but try not to make me out to be too much of a pervert, eh?"

"You needn't worry about that. You're going to come off great. In fact, you might want to hire me as your publicist."

That was a good light comment to end things on. We kissed briefly and she returned to her home and I walked into mine.

The rest of the week was uneventful and when Saturday rolled around I headed off to the beach once again. I'd not had any contact with Samantha or Rhonda since Bay to Breakers. I wondered if Gina had said anything to Rhonda. It seemed unlikely that Gina would come right out and tell her but she might ask questions about if Rhonda had seen me around the house or anything like that. In my favor, Rhonda would likely try to steer any conversation away from me in order not to betray any of her own secrets. I really didn't like worrying about stuff like this. I'd been so free of being dependent on anyone else or worrying about what others thought that the little voices in my head seemed particularly unwelcome. What happens if this and what happens if that? I'd been remarkably free of that for years. Was it worth it in exchange for the great sex I'd been enjoying? For the moment, the answer was a resounding yes but nothing had really blown up in my face as yet. Would my luck hold?

It was another typically gorgeous day at the beach. The cost of living and real estate prices were ridiculous in Northern California but we really did enjoy some of the best weather in the country. I set up my spot under the bluff and grabbed my book. I'd written off that last novel and thought I'd try my luck with a new author.

It seemed to work rather well and split my time between the book and watching the comings and goings on the beach for a couple of hours. Somewhere around 1:30 I saw Samantha and another young woman coming down the trail onto the beach. I thought it might be Lori, the girl that had been with them a few weeks earlier. They headed off to the left to seek out their usual haunt.

I let another hour go by before I took off for one of my walks to the other end of the beach. I stuck to the edge of the surf on my way out. I enjoyed the feeling of the sand running out under my feet as each wave receded but the water really was too cold to think about going for a swim. I figured I'd stop by to say hi to Samantha and her friend on the way back. I'd been nervous about that in the past but now it would be more remarkable if I didn't stop by than if I did.

Both girls were lying on their stomachs as I approached. I was a little surprised to see that Lori was wearing a thong. She'd seemed rather shy the last time I met her so it seemed out of place. Actually, Samantha was wearing a new bikini too...she was wearing the bottoms anyway. It wasn't a thong but it was cut very high on the hips and covered far less of her ass than the last one I'd seen. I cleared my throat as I approached so I wouldn't startle them. They both looked over their shoulders to see who it was. Samantha was pleased to see me...Lori was less so. Samantha rolled over right away. No longer was she timid about displaying her breasts in front of me. Damn, she looked good. Lori rolled over about half way. She propped herself up on the arm that was closest to the ground while she brought the other arm across to cover her breasts. I think that was the best way for her to hide her nearly bare ass and her tits from me as well. Samantha greeted me warmly but Lori was much less enthusiastic. I remained standing and found a spot where they didn't have to look into the sun to see me.

"Good afternoon, ladies. You seem to be travelling light Rhonda?"

Samantha rolled her eyes as she replied, "Rhonda has a new boyfriend so she's far too busy to hang out with us now."

"Ah...I see. She probably wouldn't be bringing him down here anyway. She probably doesn't trust him around beautiful, near-naked women...seems like a prudent decision, actually."

"She has nothing to fear. We don't have any interest in him. He's an okay guy, I guess."

"So did school wrap up last week or is that this coming week?"

"Friday is our last day. It seems like a waste. We've got a few more finals between now and Wednesday. I think Thursday and Friday are going to be career day things."

"That might be interesting. If nothing else it will make for a couple pretty easy days right there at the end."

"That's true. Then I'll have to start looking for a job for the summer. It's pretty tough to find a job right now...even a lame one."

"Things are pretty tough out there, but I think the worst of it is over. Something will turn up for you, I'm sure."

Lori hadn't said a word though any of this and really looked uncomfortable. I decided to remove myself and let the girls enjoy their afternoon.

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