tagIncest/TabooGetting to Know the Neighbours

Getting to Know the Neighbours


(All characters are over 18)

It had been a little under a year since I had first fucked my mum with my huge cock, and summer was approaching again. I was really looking forward to spending more time at home having sex all day long with my gorgeous mother Angela and my lovely sis, Kate. The night of the final day of school, I was so horny that I had a six-hour non-stop sex session with them, during which I came an astonishing ten times. My final ejaculation had been particularly spectacular, my ever-ready monster cock pouring sperm onto the overjoyed faces of mum and sis for over a minute.

The next day, my mother had organized a barbecue in our backyard and had invited most of our neighbors over. I decided to wear a tight-fitting tank top that showed off my massive muscles to their best advantage. I also wore a pair of bermuda jeans which, despite their looseness, were unable to conceal the large protuding bulge formed by my rampant eleven-inch soft schlong and tennis ball-sized seedmakers. Even Kate commented that some of our female guests might be offended by such an outrageous sexual display of my oversized genitals. However, I had set my sight on a couple of our neighbors and was determined to carry through my seduction plans.

One such woman was Mayu, a recent addition to our neighborhood from Japan. She had come with her husband, a small bespectacled Japanese man who must have been a manager in the local car factory. The first thing about her that caught my eyes where her astonishingly large breasts for an Asian woman. Plus, she had long orange-colored hair which complimented her perfectly proportioned Japanese face. Her large almond-shaped dark eyes gave her a fiery wicked look, and more than once, I noticed her glancing at my crotch the day I helped them move in. I had been carrying large heavy boxes in my bulging muscular arms and she kept saying how "big and strong Western boys were", an obvious reference to the fact that her husband was a weakling. By the end of the day, she had also removed her blouse to expose her enormous breasts to maximum effect. Her top was cut so low that her huge boobs were threatening to spill out of their confinement. The sight of such a deep cleavage on such a petite woman had sent twitching shivers down my cock, enlarging it with a pint of blood almost instantly. Her teasing had continued until my rock-hard cock almost blew its load right here and there. I ran home in a constant state of erection and had to frantically jerk off at least three times to make the beast go down. Had my mum or sis been home, I would probably have tried to rape them!

Finally, Gwen, a girl who was just a couple of years older than Kate and who had been living in our street for almost ten years was the next local beauty which I fantasized most about. She was about to get married to a college boy from another town and I couldn't bear the thought of some other guy keeping her to himself for the rest of her life. However, it seemed pretty obvious that Gwen was madly in love with him and that it would be particularly difficult to nail her before she left for good. My only chance was to rely on the good relationship I had with her mother, Faye. For two years now, I had been working for them as a pool cleaning boy during summer. Every time I had come round, Faye had been lounging in the back yard, wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. I had been dreaming of driving my fat rod up her cunt for over a year now and her constant teasing only encouraged me to finally act my fantasy. Hopefully, after having turned her into a cock-slut, I would be able to get into her daughter's panties.

Our first guests started to arrive at around noon, first there was Mr and Mrs Wright, an elderly couple from across the street. Then the Owens family, mum, dad and two young boys. I was not the least interested in Mrs Owens, an overweight middle-age woman and pitied her husband who seemed like a nice guy. Then, Mayu arrived, but unaccompanied by her husband who was away on a business trip. She immediately started chatting with me, occasionally glancing at the immense bulge tenting my jeans. Finally, after a few more guests had trickled in, Gwen and Faye turned up. Gwen was ravishing in a tight T-shirt which hugged her large teenage bosom and a short miniskirt which seemed glued to her tight, firm ass. Her mother Faye was also disturbingly sexy, wearing a tight flowery summer dress with lots of cleavage at the front! I had to readjust my enlarging rod to keep my purple-sized head from appearing at the bottom of my half-shredded shorts.

"Hello, Tim!" said Faye as she approached me, smiling. She grabbed her daughter by the arm and introduced us. We knew each other by sight of course, but we had never really spoken. This was my chance to showcase my "goods". After a small chat, I asked her if she fancied a swim with Kate and me in our swimming pool. She looked at her mother, not knowing whether she should. "Of course, Gwen, have some fun. You're getting married soon and you won't have the chance to swim with such a handsome boy as Timmy after today!" she said winking. Wow, her mother was basically begging for me to show her my body. As I undid my top, I noticed many female eyes roaming all over my tanned, overdeveloped muscular chest. I flexed a little to increase the size of my pectorals as I put my thumbs either side of my shorts. Gwen was watching me intently, and her eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets when my overstuffed yellow speedos came into view. My soft cock was bend in an S-shape to keep it from poking above the hem and my large bulging testicles weighed the extra-sized pouch down nearly half way to my knees. Their massive, tennis-ball sized shapes were clearly visible through the thin, almost translucent yellow fabric. Gwen turned her head away for a short moment, as if unwilling to contemplate my lewd display. I heard Mayu tell my mother that she had a "very big boy". I grinned happily at the thought that everyone present was admiring my massive package.

"Last one in is a chicken!" I said as I jumped in the pool, quickly followed by Kate. Eventually, Gwen stripped off, revealing a one-piece swimsuit that made her look like one of those fitness models in magazines. Gosh, she was hot! Instead of jumping, she carefully lowered herself into the water through the small pool ladder, giving me an opportunity to eye her sculptural backside and firm ass. My cock twitched in excitement and I had to compose myself so as to look too obvious.

"Well, I guess I'm the chicken!" she laughed as she dipped her head in the water to soak her long, blond hair. We played in the pool for a good twenty minutes. Initially, I would dive into the water between my sister's legs and lift her up on my powerful shoulders to impress Gwen. Soon enough, she joined in the fun and I had the opportunity to feel her flesh for the first time by also carrying her. While I was diving to get between her legs, I glanced at her long, tanned legs and aascheeks. While carrying her, I constantly caressed her thighs, pretending to readjust her body over my shoulders. She was definitely enjoying our poolside fun, but we eventually had to get out of the water to eat. I made sure to sit between Gwen and her mother Faye and tried my best to show that I was not all muscles, but that I coud also be of good conversation. Finally, Faye gave me the break I had been longing for.

"Listen, Tim. Could you come round later this afternoon? I think the pump in our pool is broken again." she asked with a wicked smile. Gwen was beaming upon hearing that I would be coming round while she was still at her parents' house.

Guests started leaving at around 2pm. Gwen and Faye each made sure to wave at me when they took leave and soon enough, only Mayu was left, still chatting with my mum. I got closer to join in the conversation.

"Tim, I think Mrs Okira needs you to move some boxes into her garage. Why don't you hop along and then go to the Owens to check their pump. Kate and need will do the cleaning up and we'll see you back tonight". Mayu immediately took my arm and led me away while she said goodbye to my mum and sis. The afternoon was turning wild! The small, big-breasted Japanese beauty was running her hands all over my massive guns and I flexed them a few times for her as we walked down the street towards her house.

"Ooh, you are such a big boy, Tim!" she purred. "Big muscles everywhere!"

I was so focussed on watching her heaving chest as we walked that I hardly noticed her hand running along the length of my soft manhood through my shorts. Only when she lowered her gaze to look at the monster she was feeling with her tiny fingers did I realize that she was touching me up. Almost instantly, my soft meat grew and grew until it had turned into a solid pillar of flesh by the time we had reached her front door. I didn't give her time to think twice about what she was about to do and lifted her up in my strong arms, lunging my tongue into her cleavage. She reached for her door key and quickly unlocked the front entrance while I was still licking her hardened nipples. They were amazingly large, a full inch long and sticking straight up in the air, begging to be sucked. I held Mayu in one hand while I started unbuttoning my congested front jeans. My cock was so hard it had been almost hurting me in the tight confines of my shorts. I rushed into the house, closed the door behind me and dropped my pants as soon as I could. My massive phallus stood up past the length of her hips and arched upwards into her field of view.

"Oh, Tim, you have such big cock! It is huge! Japanase men are so much smaller than this!" she exclaimed, almost confused by the sight of my forearm-thick monster dick pointing straight at her.

"I'm probably the biggest in this country too, you know. I'm kinda special I guess." I bragged while I let her sit down on my giant pole. I flexed and unflexed the mighty rod and she bounced up and down on the length of my cock, squirting pleasure juices through her soaked panties and onto the vast surface of my fifteen-incher. She put both hands on my giant helmet, like she was holding an oversized doorknob and gently rubbed my ultra-sensitive glans. In the meantime, I darted my tongue into her mouth and passionately kissed her, our tongues entwined while she sat on my immense dong and continued caressing my drooling cockhead. Suddenly, she became more fierce in her handling of my bucking beast and a huge dollop of pre-cum erupted, coating her small hands with slimy goo.

"Oh, Tim! You come so much! I am sorry I made you come so fast!" she exclaimed as she licked some of my spunk off her fingers.

"Don't worry, Mayu, I haven't come yet. That's just pre-come. You'll know when I come for real, I'll cover you from head to toe in my cream!" I groaned.

"Really? But there is so much sperm on my hands already! How is it possible?"

"Genes, I guess!", I laughed, and I kissed her again, letting her feel how hard I still was by guiding her hands over my angry glans. "Yeah, go on, rub my big cock with your little hands!"

Finally, I let her down from her cock-perched position. She wouldn't let go off my cockhead, still clutching at it with her fingers like it was a treasure she wouldn't let go.

"Can I suck you Tim?" she asked expectantly.

"Of course, if your mouth is big enough!"

She relished the challenge and opened her jaws as wide as possible, as if to show me that she intended to gobble down my whole dick. Mouth-opened, she looked up to me for approval and I smiled, letting her know she could carry on. Then her gaze fell on my giant dong and a look of worry crossed her face. But she was determined to satisfy my lust and adjusted her tongue to offer better access to my apple-sized knobhead. Slowly, she lowered her head, breathing heavily and engulfed half of my mammoth glans. A spurt of pre-spunk took her by surprise and coated her tonsils. She looked up and I signalled that it was okay, that I still hadn't come, eventhough her mouth was now filled with more pre-come than her husband had probably ever been able to provide. Slowly, she managed a couple more inches and soon enough, my whole cockhead was embedded in the warmth and wetness of her mouth and throat. I held her head still to relish the feeling of her tongue licking the underside of my glans while my head bulldozered down her throat. I pushed further, determined to make use of her giant mouth to best effect, and another couple of inches of mega-thick shaft penetrated her overfilled mouth. By then, she was making gargling sounds and her eyes bulged so I gave her a break and withdrew my drooling dong. I repeated this exquisite exercise several dozen times, always attempting to force more of my shaft down her gullet. After a while, her jaws were growing tired so I pulled out completely.

"That was great! You give real good head." I said encouragingly. Now it was time for me to give her oral pleasure. I lied on my back in the middle of her lounge carpet and positioned her small frame above my bulging chest. She continue licking and slurping at my dong while I tongued her dripping snatch. The circular motion of my expert tongue, combined with my rubbing her sensitive mound with my thumb pushed her over the edge and her pussy literally exploded, almost chocking me in ejaculating woman-nectar. Her pussy was quivering so hard that jets of love juices were forcefully ejected from her cunt in long arches of clear fluid, landing all over my face. I wasted no time in gobbling up the excessive outpouring while she jacked my enormous cuntripper with both her little hands in long ten-inch jerks.

"Oooh! Timmy! I came so hard! Thank you so much! I haven't had an orgasm in many months! Now it's your turn, I want you to come all over me, I don't think I can take such a big cock in me! Please come Timmy!" she urged while mauling the distended length of my rock-hard shaft. Her words stirred me on and I could feel the tremors of an impending orgasm building up in my spermbags.

"Yeah, Mayu, here it comes!" I yelled as an incredibly forceful spume of boycream rocketed out of my pisshole, sailed past her shellshocked face and poured down over her hair and back while the last of that very jet was still spewing out.

"Oh my God Timmy! There is so much...". Her sentence was interrupted when my second blast hit her square in the face, leaving a lengthy trail of thick sperm from her forehead to her chin, with some of the copious ball-batter entering her mouth while she was talking. She took matters into her own hands, so to speak, and forced my cock to spew its next three salvoes away from her, landing on the carpet around us in great arches of come, even hitting a vase on the coffee table, long strands of rich cream dropping off the flowers that took the brunt of that sperm missile. I moved my rod back towards its original orientation and aimed the next two blasts at her countenance. Her face was now a dripping, living testament to the enormous amounts of sperm that my goose-sized eggs were capable of producing. But the cum shower was far from over. Raising myself up, I managed to quickly turn the tables round and positioned myself so as to be on top, my still ejaculating cum cannon delivering its hefty load onto her tits, a couple of shots on each massive breast, then her neck and shoulders, and finally drooling thick slimy scum onto her belly in long sticky strands that clung to my angry knobhead and yo-yoed between my cumslit and her flat stomach.

"Phew, that was great! Now I really need to fuck you!" I said, while tugging at my angry rod, milking the last remnants of its aftermath. I gently rubbed Mayu's pussy mound with my thumb and inserted two, then three and finally four fingers up her slimy cunt, twisting them while she moaned. I needed to enlarge her cavity if she was ever going to ride my beast, since she was so petite. Quickly, I felt her pussy tremble and she squirted more womanly juices all over my fingers. I seized the opportunity to push forward with my arm, until my whole hand somehow managed to enter her quivering cunthole. While she layed moaning and panting, I gently fisted her, ramming my fist as deep as it would go, feeling her tight walls embrave my fingers like a velvety glove.

"Oh Tim, This is sssoo good! Please don't stop! AAAH!" she exulted as I continued my manual manipulations. After a while, she begged on: "I think I am ready for your huge teenage American cock Tim! Please fuck me!"

I was happy to oblige and roughly picked her up in my strong arms, positioning her overexcited pussy over my red-hot erect tool. Then, in one swift motion, I dumped her onto my massive boymeat, impaling her womanhood all the way to her womb in one go. God it felt good to feel yet another pussy, and what an exquisite pussy it was! Despite my earlier fisting, her pussywalls enveloped my bludgeoning rod like a second skin, its warmth sending shivers down my spine. I pummeled her in a standing position for what seemed like ages, my bulging biceps barely registering the physical effort. She yelled and groaned like a possessed woman as my tree-trunk of a cock ravaged her innards over and over again. On several occasions, as she was approaching one of many climaxes, she yelled incomprehensively in Japanese, which I found very sexy. Soon, I felt my own orgasm building up with the familiar sensation of my giant gonads expanding to humongous proportions in anticipation of their imminent release.

"Oh God, Mayu, I think I'm gonna come, YEAH! SHIT, IT'S COMING!" I roared as the first plume of boysap exploded with incredible force from my disgorging behemoth. That wad was so incredibly strong that it literally lifted Mayu's body a couple of inches off my dong!

"Tim, you come so much, I can feel it so deep!" she exclaimed as more voluminous volleys filled her entire womanly cave to overfilling. Soon, thick creamy boyspunk cascaded out of her pussy onto the five or so inches of rod still outside, covering my entire genitals with an inch-thick layer of cum. Still, I erupted over and over again, and I clearly saw her stomach distending with the giant volume of rich seed I was delivering. Wanting to see for myself, I quicly lifted her clear of my knob at the end of yet another powerful salvo and threw her on the sofa in front of me. Imeediately, I held my cock with both hands, just in time to aim the next couple of giant wads directly at her countenance, drowning her features with my rich cream. Finally, I dumped my final sprays all over her perky yet large breasts, covering them with an endless supply of jism. While I recuperated from this mighty orgasm, I saw my seed pour out continuously out of her wide open cunt. Mayu opened her labia even further with her fingers helping the unending stream of rich sperm escape her tunnel. For over a minute, a river of cum drop on the floor in front of the sofa, until a plate-sized pool of my virile boyseed covered the carpet.

"Tim, how can a boy come this much? You come like 1000 japanese men put together!" she marvelled as my cum finally stopped pouring out but still dripped out in large dollops onto the ground. Well, she was probably exagerating slightly, but it sure made me feel proud. My cock lurched forward with renewed vigor, its fifteen-inch+ enormity casting a giant shadow on the floor. Shit, I suddenly remembered my appointment with Faye and her gorgeous daughter Gwen! Looking down at Mayu, I could tell she was completely satiated for the time being and therefore quickly dressed up, desperately trying to tug my giant hardon into my short jeans to no avail. I covered the angry cockhead with my tank top and walked out of Mayu's house after kissing her softly on the lips and headed for my next conquests.

Half satiated, I hurriedly left Mayu to meet up with the Jones'. As soon as I rang their bell, Mrs Jones opened the door, wearing the skimpiest of bikini. The triangle of material barely covered her areolas and her G-string was so thin that her puffy labia was visible. She noticed me staring and my manhood slightly enlarging at the sight and heaved with relief.

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