tagNonHumanGetting to Know the New Neighbors

Getting to Know the New Neighbors


Author's Note: This is a story of anthro/furry and human sexual encounters, wife swapping and group sex. If that's not your kind of story then I suggest you look elsewhere for stimulation. I have many stories coving numerous subjects; hopefully you'll find one to your liking. This one covers subjects I haven't really tried before so if you like it, please let me know and if not I'd also like to hear why. Thanks for taking the time to read, comment and vote on my work. Enjoy!


Raymond Taylor sipped his coffee as he watched the moving van come to a halt in front of his next door neighbor's house. The Thomson's had sold their home and moved to Florida to be closer to their children a few months back, leaving it vacant until now. Mike and June were both retired in their mid sixties and their two children were off living their lives on the other side of the country. One was in Tampa going to school while the other lived and worked in Sarasota so it was only natural the couple would want to be closer to their kids.

Ray had always got along well with Mike and would miss their Sunday golf games together and the pool parties the Thomson's were famous for. Donna (Ray's wife) and June were nearly inseparable when Donna wasn't working and would frequently spend entire weekends shopping or wine tasting or both. His wife had cried the day their neighbor's drove out of their driveway for the last time. Ray too felt the loss when the Thomson's SUV rounded the corner at the end of the street and was out of sight.

Donna saw her husband looking out their front window and was curious to see what was holding his interest. She stood beside him, her arm circling his waist, as she peered out at the moving van. Ray put his arm over his petite wife's shoulder, never taking his eyes off the action out front.

"Have you seen our new neighbors yet?" Donna asked looking up at him.

"Not yet," he replied shaking his head, "It looks like the movers beat them to their house."

He had barely finished speaking when a new black Porsche rolled into the driveway followed by a black Escalade. As the drivers of the vehicles stepped out, Ray nearly dropped his cup and Donna gasped in surprise. Their new neighbors were anthro's.

Anthro's had been around for a while. Anthropomorphic's is the term that was used to describe them when the first of their kind was discovered. The unusual human/animal hybrids were a mystery. No one could explain their origin. Theories ranged from radiation induced mutation to a government experiment gone wrong. Some even suggested it was alien manipulation of our DNA but there was no definitive proof to any of the numerous possibilities put forth.

At first, anthro's were shunned. Then as more and more appeared they gradually gained some acceptance but were kept segregated from the population in general. It didn't take long after that for activists (both anthro and human) to push for equal rights and now after four and a half decades since their discovery, anthro's were fully integrating to society as a whole. There were still some lingering prejudices and fears but in general they were accepted into human cities and communities.

There are several types of anthro's, canine, feline, equine, etc, but the most common seemed to be the canine. All the different types shared the same basic form; they had physical properties of their animal half mixed with that of human characteristics. For instance, canines had fur covering their entire body, their head was shaped like a dog of a variety of breeds, the lower part of their hind legs resembled a canine leg but with broader feet and they had a tail. However they walked upright, they had arms and hands like a human, in fact their upper body was very humanly proportioned and they were intelligent. Not only could they speak and carry on a conversation with their human counterparts but many eventually attending colleges.

Ray had never seen an anthro up close. He'd seen plenty of pictures and videos but never in person. They tended to be drawn to the larger cities and were more recently spreading out to suburban areas. He didn't harbor any ill will toward them but he also never thought he'd have a canine couple moving in next door. He was pretty sure they weren't the first in their community but they were the first in his neighborhood.

The male driving the Porsche was about Ray's height, around six feet tall but much stockier. He wore a dark colored t-shirt, faded blue jeans and sun glasses. His fur was black and shiny like his car with some brown on his arms and face. He kept the hair on his head slicked back and his coloring and facial features resembled a Rottweiler. His stubby tail could be seen twitching in his pants as he gazed at his new home. His companion was smaller and slimmer than him. Her fur was a fawn color mixed with white. She wore a wispy sun dress that clung to her large breasts and narrow waist yet flared out down past her mid thigh giving Ray a nice view of her shapely legs. The hair on her head was similar in color to her fur, flowing down to the small of her back. Her features didn't appear to be the likeness of any particular breed but she was attractive to Ray. Her slim tail stuck out a hole at the back of the dress, wagging furiously.

"C'mon honey, let's go meet them," Donna said practically dragging her stunned husband toward the door by his waist. He set his coffee cup down before she pulled him out onto their porch.

Ray loved how Donna was so outgoing and adventurous. It was one of the things that attracted him to her in college where they met. She was a stunning beauty back then and the years since had been kind to her. Her trim body hadn't changed much at all. She could still wear most of her clothes from back then even if there were out of style now. Her butt was a bit rounder and her legs a little fuller but she worked out regularly so it was as much muscle as anything else. The one significant change however was in her chest. She had grown up with what she considered 'tiny' breasts so before college she had a boob job, bringing them to a generous C cup. Fifteen years later she had them enlarged to double D's. On her 5'-1" frame the C's looked very large but the DD's were huge. Ray didn't care as long as she was happy and didn't want to get them any bigger.

He was surprised she was so eager to meet 'new people' while being dressed in her workout clothes. The colorful tank top, curve hugging yoga pants and cross trainers were not the norm for her when she ventured out. A nice dress or blouse/skirt combination with heels was her usual attire. Again, Ray didn't care since he found her attractive in whatever she had on. Her silver blonde hair (Donnas' latest shade) swished back and forth, pulled up in a tight ponytail as the couple approached their new neighbors.

"Welcome to the neighborhood!" Donna excitedly exclaimed. The couple turned to see Donna holding her hand out in greeting while pulling her husband along with the other. "I'm Donna and this is my husband Ray."

"Nice to meet you. Butch Sheppard and this is my wife Tonya," Butch replied, taking Donna's hand. His voice was deep and intimidating but he smiled broadly at Ray and Donna as he shook their hands.

Ray's estimate of Butch's height was right on but he was shocked at how soft his hands were. They didn't seem to match his rugged stocky build. What really surprised him was how beautiful Tonya was up close. He'd never felt attraction toward anthro's of any kind in the past but there was something about her that made his heart race. She was taller than Donna at about 5'-6" and her firm C cup breasts complimented her feminine curves very nicely. Her voice was soft but sultry and she had long eyelashes and warm amber colored eyes. It appeared Butch was having the same effect on Donna as Ray saw a familiar sparkle in her eye as she talked to him. Their greeting was cut short when the movers needed direction as to where things were to be put.

That night Ray was the happy recipient of his wife's urgent sexual needs, the likes of which they hadn't shared in a while. Their sex life was fulfilling and still mildly spicy but it had been a long time since they'd indulged in an all night love making session. If this was the effect his new neighbor had on his wife, Ray wasn't complaining by any means.

About a week passed as the Sheppard's got settled. The other neighbors were accepting of the unusual couple that had moved in, introducing themselves and bringing over house warming gifts and dishes. Ray hadn't seen either of them do anything other than get their things in the house and arranged. He had no idea as to their occupations but a few days later after getting home a little early on a Friday, Ray saw his opportunity to learn more about his new neighbors.

He changed out of his work attire (shirt, tie and slacks) and put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went down stairs to grab a couple beers. He'd seen Butch in his garage building some shelves and thought he might need a break. The warm June air wasn't too uncomfortable if you weren't exerting yourself but Ray could tell his neighbor had been working hard. His tongue was out and he was panting and if Butch was anything like a true canine, that meant he was hot.

"Hey neighbor, how about a cool one," Ray said, offering Butch a bottle.

"Thanks," he replied, taking a long swig, "Aaaaahhhh...That really hits the spot!"

"I wasn't sure if you drank beer but I thought I'd at least offer."

"Of course I drink beer," taking another draw, "This is actually my preferred drink for working around the house. You even like the same brand as I do."

"Glad to hear it," Ray raised his bottle in salute.

"Tonya's all into wine," Butch noted, making a disgusted face, "Not my thing."

Ray laughed, shaking his head, "She and Donna are gonna get along REAL well. Just wait until she drags your wife all over hell and gone wine tasting."

They both laughed at that. Ray looked around at what Butch had accomplished and realized he was almost finished. All that remained was a few trim pieces and some paint.

"You've been busy in here," Ray commented.

"Yeah but I'm going to have to finish it after work in the following week."

"You're not gonna finish it this weekend? You're almost there."

"I know but we're going up north to visit some friends for the weekend then I'm back to work Monday," Butch stated almost disappointedly.

"What do you do for work?" Ray asked.

"I'm a doctor."

"A DOCTOR! Holy shit...What kind of doctor?"

"A pediatrician actually. I have a shared practice in town."

"Really? Do you have a lot of patience?"

"My partner and I have enough to keep us busy. Most are anthro's but I'm licensed for humans as well. What do you do for work Ray?"

"I'm a mechanical engineer for an aerospace company," he replied.

"Wow...That's cool. What does Donna do? I know you don't have kids so she's not a stay-at-home mom."

"No Donna is a partner in an architectural firm," Ray watched as Butch nodded, "How about Tonya? What does she do?"

Butch shook his head, dropping his gaze, "She's an interior decorator."

"That must be great! You probably have the nicest decorated house on the block."

"We do," he agreed, "but it changes about every other month."

They both laughed again. Ray felt very comfortable around Butch. They joked and talked until Tonya returned from the grocery store and asked them to help her unload her SUV. Butch and Ray stacked the bags on the kitchen counter then returned to the garage with fresh beers from Butch's fridge. Ray was finishing his beer when Tonya reappeared carrying some laundry and wearing a very skimpy bikini. His cock immediately responded, growing stiff in his shorts. Tonya piled the clothes on the washer then turned giving both the guys a seductive pose to see their reaction. She stepped close to her husband kissing his cheek then whispering something in his ear.

Butch chuckled and glanced at Ray, "Tonya likes your cock."

"OH MY GOD!" she shrieked, slapping Butch's arm, "You weren't supposed to tell him that!" She darted out of the garage but not before looking back at the blushing man.

"Hey...I'm sorry about this," Ray stammered uncomfortably, trying to hide the bulge in his shorts as he made his way to the open door, "It's...Well I ..."

"It's cool, Ray. Don't worry about it, I'm not upset. I'm happy other males find Tonya attractive," Butch said very calmly, "I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"No...That's okay."

"I hope you don't mind me telling you this then," Butch lowered his voice, "I think Donna is hot!"

"That...That's cool...I'll let her know," Ray wasn't sure how to feel about that but he had to get out of that awkward situation, "I need to get going...I'll talk to ya later."

"Alright," Butch waved, "Have a good evening."

Ray went into his house, got another beer and sat on the couch to contemplate what just happened. He had definitely embarrassed himself by popping a boner in front of his neighbor while checking out his bikini clad wife. What was worse is she noticed and didn't seem to mind; neither of them did. Was that normal? Not knowing enough about anthro 'culture' Ray had no idea. Donna surprised him while he was so caught up in his thoughts when she arrived home from work.

"Are you okay?" she asked seeing a strange look on his face.

"Yeah...I'm fine," he replied, still unsure if he truly was fine or not.

Donna put her brief case down and removed her jacket. She loosened the top two buttons of her blouse then kicked off her heels and joined her husband on the couch. She put her feet in his lap, wiggling her nylon encased toes but he didn't seem to notice. She cleared her throat.

"I could really use a foot rub," she hinted, knowing how much he loved her in pantyhose.

He put down his beer and began to rub her feet but he wasn't acting normal. He still had that strange look on his face. His hands moved mechanically without the passion or desire he usually displayed while playing with her feet. She yanked them from his grip.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" she asked, both upset and concerned.

"What? Nothing...I'm fine," he responded.

"Bullshit you're fine! You're usually beside yourself with excitement when I let you play with my feet in hose," sitting up to look him in the eye, "I can see you're hard but you seem miles away. What's going on?"

It took him a moment but Ray finally replied, "I was next door shootin' the shit with Butch when Tonya got home."


"We helped her unload her car and went back into the garage," Ray hesitated a moment then continued, "She came out wearing a bikini...and I got a hard-on."

"Did she see it?"

"Yes and she told Butch."

Donna got concerned at that then asked, "What happened?"

"He was totally fine with it," he looked Donna in the eye, "They both were."

"Well that was lucky," she sounded relieved, not wanting to have tension between them and their new neighbors.

"Butch said 'I'm happy other males find Tonya attractive', can you believe that?" shaking his head, "He even told me he thinks you're 'HOT'."

Donna's eyes went wide with surprise but she could tell Ray was still bothered, "Aren't you happy other men find me attractive?"

"Well ya...It's just...I don't know, different because he's..."

"An anthro? So is Tonya and I'm not freaking out that you're sportin' wood for her. Lighten up Ray, what's the big deal? Women like to know guys find them attractive, it strokes our ego just like a hot woman checking you out strokes yours." Donna caressed his throbbing cock through his shorts and in a voice dripping with lust whispered, "Why don't you carry me up stairs and put this big guy to some good use?"

'Maybe she's right,' he thought, 'what's the big deal?' He scooped her up in his arms and headed for the stairs.


About a month after moving in, Butch and Tonya had a 'gathering' at their house of eight to ten anthro couples of all type. It didn't appear to be a party because there wasn't music and Butch didn't fire up the grill to cook like Ray would have expected for so many visitors. 'Maybe it's people from his practice?' he wondered, 'Maybe that's why they didn't invite any of the neighbors.' A little over two hours later, he heard cars leaving. Ray could see Tonya and Butch standing on their porch holding hands, watching their guest depart. They didn't seem upset but...What? He wasn't sure, it just seemed strange.

The following Friday, Ray and Donna were invited over to their new neighbor's house for dinner. This was the first time since them moving in that the couples got together for an evening. They went over early after work to swim and hang out by the pool. Tonya was wearing that same skimpy bikini Ray had seen her in before and it was giving him the same reaction as the first time. Not to be out done, Donna wore an equally revealing swim suit and made sure Butch got a good look at her in it whenever possible. Ray could tell it was having an effect on him too. As the women lounged in the sun by the pool, Ray and Butch admired them from the water, drinking beer and chatting.

At one point, Butch leaned close to Ray, "Those two are so fucking hot!" Ray nodded in agreement.

As Ray looked at his friend he could tell Butch was focused on Donna. There was a brief wave of jealousy that washed over him but at the same time, pride for his hot wife. Who was he to get jealousy anyway? He was soaking up every inch of Tonya's body with less than appropriate thoughts floating around his head.

Butch cooked steaks on the grill while Tonya set out other side dishes and drinks. The guys drank beer while the women polished off their second bottle of wine and by the time dinner was over, everyone was in a very good mood. Ray and Butch reclined on chaise lounges as the women cleared the table. Watching the two scantily clad females had both of them tenting their suits. Ray could see both Donna and Tonya glancing their direction and giggling every now and then. Once the dishes were in the kitchen, the ladies brought their filled glasses and a fresh bottle of Merlot to the Jacuzzi and sank down into the bubbling water. They chatted quietly for a few minutes then Donna turned toward Ray.

"Aren't you boys gonna join us?" her voice carried a teasing tone.

Ray looked to Butch who was drooling as he stared at Donna. He gave his friend a nudge and they both were on their way to the hot tub. Donna and Tonya were sitting close together as their spouses joined them. Donna slid over to Ray while watching Butch intently. Tonya was giving Ray a visual undressing as he seated himself next to Donna. The Jacuzzi was six feet in diameter, making it large enough for four yet still cozy. There was a long silence between the couples so Ray decided to break the tension that they all seemed to be feeling.

He raised his beer bottle, "To new friends and neighbors!"

The others brought their respective drinks together with his repeating, "New friends and neighbors." Their conversation from there was light hearted and stuck to non-sexual subjects at first but the alcohol was breaking down their inhibitions and that soon changed. Surprisingly it was the women that ventured into the scandalous territory first.

"Butch loves your amazing boobs," Tonya revealed to Donna who gasped in surprise, "I wish mine were that big."

"Yours are beautiful," Donna countered, "Ray's been staring at them all night."

"No I haven't!" he shot back defensively as his cheeks flushed.

"It's okay Ray, I don't mind you looking," Tonya cooed, "It actually turns me on." Then without warning she popped them out of her tiny top and displayed them for all to see. Ray's mouth hung open at the sudden showing of Tonya's tits. Donna giggled as Tonya squeezed them together then rolled her erect nipples between her fingers, making Ray squirm.

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