tagBDSMGetting What She Needs

Getting What She Needs


The smacks on her ass resound throughout the room. She enjoys her spankings. Her round, firm butt cheeks can take a lot of punishment and even so the spankings on Mary’s ass are not “punishment” because she has transgressed some arbitrary rule. The spankings are what she needs to complete herself. When she gives up total control to me, so I may get her into the “zone” the pain/pleasure of the spankings elevate her that one step closer to what she needs to get off. Multiorgasmic, Mary never fails to amaze me at what makes her reach her peaks. Spanking her pussy and clit, of course spanking her ass, Stretching her nipples while squeezing them very hard. I can even stare directly into her gray eyes and watch her cum. She has this cute little shiver and shake when she does. Once she starts cumming it is like those chips on TV, ”you just can’t stop!”

This time however, the smacks are a punishment for deliberately sassing me. She turned brat so she could get spanked and after one hundred swats to each ass cheek she is then nippled. That is what I call it when she is nipple clamped and the clamps are chained to a rafter on the ceiling of my ‘dungeon’. The pleasure/pain on her ass is nothing compared to what is in store for this defiant sub. The chain is pulled up and over the rafter and fastened to the wall until she is forced to stand on her toes. Oh she was not nippled often because being nippled is a punishment. Punishment, it may seem strange to you, is not one of my favorite things to do. My subs are the recipients of sensual subservience. That means their on demand service to me is rewarded with unending pleasure. However, you know how Women are and that is why she was naked, nippled with her hands tied behind her back. Her ass cheeks now Beet Red.

So trivial I just simply could not believe her action of defiance. On the other hand she did like her nips tugged, pinched hard and stretched til she was cumming. That was probably why she defied me so she could be nippled. Being nippled made here cum so hard. The Bitch wanted this. So it shall be.

Up on her toes, heavy tits clamped, nipples stretched and pulled straight up she dare not get off her toes for fear of pulling a nipple completely off her tit. She danced, twitched and felt the cum rolling down the insides of her thighs as she came and came from the pulling on her nips while the pain in her toes had to be tolerated or suffer a major nipple-ectomy.

After a half hour of watching Mary twitch, cum, moan and groan, I gave her a step stool to place her right foot on. She thanked me profusely. I listened then whispered in her ear. “Shut up Bitch”. Another cum. Pulling her right cheek open I slid the slippery butt plug up her ass in one swift stroke. She came so hard this time I thought she would indeed rip a nip off her body. I stuffed the oversized vibrator in her cunt at that point going full blast. Over its hum I dared her to let it slip out or suffer the cane.

Another half hour later after she screams an incoherent apology to me while still cumming I untie her hands and let her down. Butt Plug and Vibrator wracking her body with major orgasms, I lay her twitching body down on the bed, unclamp and rub oil into her stretched out nipples and still she continued to cum. She is cumming and twitching and clutching to hold onto me. Cumming is always a debilitating experience for her. It took every ounce of strength out of her, yet she craved more and I had yet more for her. I lay her on her back with her head over the edge of it and slid my hard-on directly into her throat as I worked the still cranking vibrator in and out of her sopping pussy. Working her clit at the same time I ignored her muffled pleas that she could cum no more. Her cunt belied her mouth as cum flowed and she still twitched cums continuously. She knew I was going to cum down her throat in about an hour and also knew she would fire off her cums until I did because I was taking them from her over and over. All Sweet Mary can do is suck and cum. She got what she wanted and I got what I wanted.

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