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Getting What's Coming


Last night, bored as usual, bored of online porn and the same-old same-old, I turned to Literotica for a bit of ambidextrous entertainment, mouse in one hand, cock in the other, wishing I had some petite mouth to fuck instead. They should add a new category on the site: Stupid Sluts Who Get What They Deserve. Yeah, I'd read that. Half the women in the stories are too stupid to live (and the other half have been abducted by aliens).

Utterly ridiculous stories. Utterly unbelievable. Pathetic. Sometimes I think the only reason I read them was the fun I had commenting on them afterwards, letting the authors know just how much their writing sucks. "One star! The stupid bitch needs a psychiatrist! Why didn't she just go to the police?" Hmm, police. They could put her in jail and give her the fucking she really wants.

After a couple of hours of this - I hadn't come yet, but thinking about police brutality, heh, was bringing me close - my late-night peaceful solitude was shattered by a hammering on the front door. I sat still, my heart pounding, hoping whoever it was would go away, but again that hammering on the front door.

"Shit!" I said, pulling my trousers up around my wilting cock and stumbling downstairs to answer the door. I found myself face to face with two uniformed policewomen, tall and very pretty, long blonde hair and very well endowed in the breast department. Honestly, they were like two Scandinavian supermodels. I was speechless.

They pushed their way into my house, closing the door behind them, each gripping one of my arms fiercely as they guided me through into the living room. "What the hell are you doing?" I demanded, finally finding my voice.

I didn't get to keep it, however. One of the women pulled my wrists together behind my back, handcuffing them, while the other forced a metallic gag between my teeth, twisting it until my jaw was painfully wide. I caught sight of myself in a mirror, mouth gaping open about a ring. "What the fuck!" I screamed, though the words were unintelligible.

The woman who had gagged me had long red nails that felt sharp as she scratched them across my cheeks. "Be quiet," she said, "or we will hurt you." I whimpered as her nails dug into my skin, until I was sure I must be bleeding. "Will you be quiet?"

I nodded, then wrenched myself sideways, away from them. No way were they real police. Something seriously fucked up was going on.

My bid for escape failed badly as I tripped and crashed to the floor. The women pounced on me, holding me down, and the touch of cold steel against my back made me writhe in panic. But the scissors attacked only my clothes, cutting and snipping until nothing was left but strips of fabric pulled away and thrown about the room, the two women laughing all the time. They rolled me onto my back, and Red Nails sat on my chest. "Resisting arrest? Not clever."

Behind her, hidden from view, the other woman was tugging on my balls. Easing them through a ring. I was completely confused. These two porn-star policewomen had handcuffed me, gagged me, stripped me, and were now playing with my equipment. What the fuck was going on? Was this a dream come true? Or a nightmare?

I could feel my cock responding, beginning to harden, but before it had a chance to do more, a cage slipped over it, and I heard the click of a lock. Very quickly the truth of this imprisonment could be felt as my cock pressed against the bars.

"Bitches!" I screamed, though no consonants escaped my mouth.

It seems Red Nails understood me anyway. "No, no, you're the bitch tonight, and you're getting your wish, bitch. The police are going to come, and come, and treat you like a stupid slut who's getting what she deserves." She grinned down at me. "Do you know what sluts deserve? Cum. Lots and lots of cum."

The two women stood and kissed passionately, their hands tearing each other's uniforms off. I peered down at my caged cock that looked so wounded and angry in its confinement. I looked around for a weapon, anything, wondered whether I would achieve anything by trying to kick them, but decided to play along. If two gorgeous women wanted to come all over me, that was no terrible thing.

And damn they were hot. I have never seen such perfect breasts in real life. I wanted to grab them and suck on their nipples and more than anything I wanted the women on their knees holding up their breasts to receive my own milky white cum.

Red Nails was naked first, and she straddled my head. I looked up along her perfectly toned legs at the glistening pussy. "Make me come," she said to me, "and I'll reward you." She lowered herself to her knees, her ass pressing against my nose for a moment before she bent over my chest, her pussy lowering to my wide-stretched mouth, her clit within easy reach of my tongue. Her own tongue licked the sensitive skin of my cock through the bars of the cage, pleasantly enough to tease but far from satisfying.

She sighed her appreciation as I licked her clit. She hadn't said what my reward would be, but hopefully it meant the cage would come off. I desperately wanted to fuck the pussy above me instead of just licking it. I wanted to fuck her mouth instead of being teased by it. I focussed on her clit, determined to make her come so that we could get on with the real event, and I could feel as much as hear her moans of appreciation.

Her pussy was so wet. I'm not usually into eating pussy, but I was a little proud of getting her so wet. She pushed down against my mouth rhythmically as she became more and more excited, until, "I'm coming," she hissed, and thrust herself against my mouth, against my nose, so that I couldn't breathe, I could only keep on licking her clit and drinking down the sudden rush of her fluids while she rocked with pleasure, until, with a sigh of relief, she eased off me and I gasped for air.

Her pussy still hovered above my mouth, dripping onto me. "That was very good," she said. "Time for your reward, slut."

The other woman, who had been hidden behind the smooth, round cheeks above my face, walked into view and dropped to her knees behind Red Nails. Except she wasn't a woman. A huge cock and balls hung between her legs - and I mean huge. Longer and thicker than any cock I have ever seen. It slapped against my face before being guided by hand to the waiting pussy and thrusting in easily.

Balls the size of tennis balls brushed my cheeks with each savage thrust, with each slap of flesh against flesh, with each cry of pleasure from Red Nails. "Yes," she shouted. "Harder!"

I was not involved. I was merely a witness to this police brutality, the thick cock pounding violently into the soft flesh I had licked to orgasm. An unwilling witness, hating every touch of those balls swinging over my face, and yet I made no attempt to escape. Never have I been so excited. If only I could have freed my cock I would have produced such fountains of cum...

"Harder!" she shouted. "Harder!" Thrusting herself back to meet the savage invader.

The other groaned at last, embedding deep within the ravished pussy, and I watched it pulse as it unleashed its torrent of cum deep inside Red Nails.

So much cum, indeed, that it couldn't be contained and it squeezed out and dripped into my open mouth. My head was held too firmly. I could not move aside from the shower of cum. I tried to spit, to deny it with my tongue, but it filled my mouth until I had no choice.

I swallowed. And as I did, the cock slipped out and splattered across my cheek, and a great gush of cum spurted from the creamy lips above and into my mouth.

Spluttering, trying to swallow but not to swallow, I was almost in tears. The one wiped her softening cock on my other cheek, while Red Nails straightened up and pushed a fresh load of cum from her pussy, this one splattering over my nose, some getting in my eyes so that they stung like crazy.

I heard them kissing and laughing as they got dressed. There was cum in my eyes, cum all over my face, the taste of it in my mouth. The pressure of the cage on my cock was more intense than ever.

"Good little cumslut," Red Nail said as she removed my gag. "Now you be a good boy, or next time it won't just be your mouth that gets rewarded..."

They left me there, covered in cum, and took with them the keys to the cuffs and cage. I still haven't found the courage to phone for help.

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by AlinaX06/10/18

Cool - glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting!

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by Anonymous06/10/18

Too F'ing funny!!!!!!! I can only say I wished it was longer.

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