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Getting Your Characters Pregnant


I have written a large number of stories involving characters who are either pregnant or want to become pregnant. It is a fetish of mine, which I consider to be on the tame side considering some of the fetishes out there. I have always found that readers love reading about pregnant women and breeding stories, especially those involving cheating wives, are always a popular read.

I have put together the knowledge that I have learned over the years to help authors in making their stories realistic when dealing with breeding.


1. A woman needs to ovulate to get pregnant. Most women will ovulate once a month, or every twenty-eight days. That's the average cycle length although some women can have shorter cycles, around twenty days, and others can have longer cycles, forty to fifty days.

2. A woman is most fertile three to five days before she ovulates. That is when she will have a lot of fluid and will feel wet 'down there'. If she doesn't get pregnant she will get her period between ten and sixteen days after she ovulates.

3. Men produce millions and millions of sperm. Sperm is not semen. Semen is not sperm. Semen consists of sperm along with other fluids to help the sperm along its way. Men do not ejaculate gallons of semen however the longer they go between orgasms, the more semen there will be. The reverse is also true. The more times a man ejaculates, the less semen there will be.

4. A man needs to ejaculate into the woman's vagina. The sperm will swim up into the cervix and then continue its journey into the fallopian tubes. If an egg is there, then it can be fertilized and voila, she's pregnant.

5. A man's penis does not fit into the cervix. A finger does not fit into a cervix. The cervix remains closed tight except for during childbirth.

Now that we have the basics here are some suggestions to make your breeding stories realistic.

1. Your characters should have intercourse in the missionary position. You can get pregnant in any sexual position you want, including upside down, however this position increases the chance of conception. Have the woman place pillows or something else under her hips to elevate her hips up on an angle. Once the man has ejaculated inside her, preferably deep inside her, against her cervix, the woman should close her legs and bend her knees into her chest. This will help the sperm stay inside her. She can remain in that position for a few minutes if she desires.

2. A woman gets wet 'down there' when she is fertile. She will also have a high sex drive. It's a mating process for human survival. With that said, give clues in your story to make sure that your readers know how fertile the woman is.

3. The best way to get pregnant is to have sex every day for a few days. Instead of having the couple copulate ten times in a row in a few hours, make them procreate every day for a week. This increases your sex scenes and makes it more realistic. If a couple is obsessed about breeding, they should know that you rarely get pregnant having sex only once.

Now that you know how a woman gets pregnant and the tricks of the trade so to speak, lets talk about pregnancy tests. Home pregnancy tests are available in most pharmacies and grocery stores. They cost between five and twenty dollars and although there are some fancy ones, the premise is the same. The pregnancy test has a section where a woman urinates on and if she has the pregnancy chemical in her body, the test will turn positive.

If a woman is planning to get pregnant, she will have one, two, or twenty tests at home. She might even have different brands, or all the brands if she is obsessed. If a woman had no plan to get pregnant then she will need to go to the drug store to buy a test. It's not something you generally have around the house.

The tests can be accurate on the day the woman is due to have her period. They are most accurate five to ten days after her period is due. If you remember my cycle lesson from above, a woman ovulates ten to sixteen days before her period is due. This means there is at least a two-week waiting period before she will know she is pregnant.

Each test is slightly different. One test has two parallel pink lines to show a positive. Another type shows a blue plus sign. The more fancy types are digital and will have a screen that will say 'Pregnant.' A test takes between two and three minutes to get the result although if a woman tests late the test can show positive right away.

Once a woman knows she's pregnant, she will normally go to her doctor's to confirm it. She will get a blood or urine test and then begin her prenatal care.

There are about a million different signs and symptoms of being pregnant and if you want to make it obvious then you can have your female character have sore breasts, nausea, heart burn, and frequent urination. More realistically, those symptoms won't show up for a few weeks, but then can begin early.

I hope this guide has helped authors who are interested in writing stories that involve breeding. It is up to you to decide who is going to be breeding with whom in your story, but when it comes down to it, it's all about biology. Your readers will appreciate your accuracy and this information will add an element of authenticity to your stories.

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