Ghetto Fairy Tales Ch. 1


“Hey…girl, I don’t want to hear another fucking word…the only butt, I want to hear or see is yours…I’ll be back in a minute.

I then turned around and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed myself a beer and stood there for a moment. Under any other circumstance, I would have been wining and dining this bitch trying to get into her panties. But not tonight. I stood there for a minute waiting to hear her get up and walk out.

When I walked back into the living room, I saw one of the most beautiful Carmel colored ass’s had ever saw. Angel had mad a choice. She chose to sacrifice her pussy for her brother’s life. Angel had rolled the top of her dress down just under her breast and she lifted her dress up to her waist. It didn’t even seem like she had any cloths on. Her dress looked like a thick belt around her waist. My cock was doing summersaults inside my paints. I just soaked in the moment.

“You made the right choice baby…damn…you look good.”

Angel didn’t say a word; She didn’t say a thing until she heard the sound of my zipper.

“Please…be gentle…. I’m not a slut…I’ve only had sex a few times… Please don’t hurt me,” she said without looking back at me.

“Listen hear girl…first of all I don’t fuck sluts and second of all if I wanted to hurt you I would have done it already…. Just relax baby…. Shit you might even enjoy it…now be quiet…and let me enjoy my first interest payment.” I undressed slowly never taking my ass off her thick juicy looking ass. From the back her pussy looked very dark compared to her light caramel skin texture. I couldn’t wait to hit this ass. I got undressed and looked down at my 8-inch black cock that was begging for some attention. There was going to be no fore plays today. This was going to be a straight up fuck session.

I walked right up behind Angel and placed both of my hands on her ass. At first she jumped. I guess she expected me to slam my cock in her cunt. I wanted to enjoy this pussy I was in no rush, plus I wanted to get my moneys worth. Angel’s body relaxed when she realized that I didn’t slam my cock in her at that moment. I started rubbing and massaging that thick booty. Her skin was silky smooth. I placed my hard cock right on top of her ass between her ass cheeks. I then pushed forward until my balls rested on her ass. Her ass just felt amazing against my balls.

“How you doing baby…are you ready”

“Yes…. I think so…please go easy”

I stepped back and brought my hand down to her pussy. My finger slid easy between her pussy lips until I hit her clit. I slowly started working my finger in her tight little pussy. Angel pussy was really tight. I spit on my finger and then placed it back in her cunt. I started working my finger in and out of her cunt. Her pussy juices soon joined them in the mix. Angel must have felt a little embarrassed cause she put her hands up to her face.

“Move your hand baby… let me see that pretty face.”

“Please don’t make me move my hands…I’m so embarrassed,” She whimpered threw her hands.

“Come on girl…. don’t be embarrassed…you’re doing, what you got to do…trust me baby… only you and I will know what goes on in this room… Ok baby…you be nice to me and I will be nice to you.”

She was starting to get to me. She was really a sweet girl. I knew I was taking advantage of her. But what could I do? I wasn’t totally insensitive.

She then slowly moved her hand away from her face. Angel was so fucking pretty; again I thought to myself, if just met her at a club or something like that, I would be on my knees kissing and licking her sweet ass, trying my best to get into her panties.

I brought the tip of my cock right up to the entrance of her pussy. Her thick ass cheeks kept that pussy nice and warm. I then slowly started working my cock into her sweet pussy. Slowly I watched all 8 inches of my thick black cock disappear into Angels moist pussy.

“Mmmmmmm………Yeah baby that’s it…. take that dick.” I moaned When my cock reached the bottom of her pussy I held it there. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting and stretching to accommodate my rock hard cock. Her pussy felt incredible. I pulled my cock out and slowly pushed forward. I didn’t want to hurt her or scare her. She didn’t say a word. I didn’t expect her to. I wanted to just enjoy her pussy.

Angel didn’t say a word or make a sound as I slowly fucked her doggy style. Her ass was spectacular, as I increased the pace slightly. I could feel her pussy getting wetter. She was starting to breathe faster. And then I thought I heard a little moan.

“How we do’ in baby… we kool?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything; I started working my hips around trying to see if I could hit her spot.

“Mmmm…. Aghhhhhhhh…”She moaned then quickly put her hand over her face.

I could tell right away that she was enjoying it. But she was to embarrassed to let herself go. I understood what she was going through. Here she was forced to give herself to a strange man, and if she didn’t do this man would kill her brother.

“Its ok baby…don’t be embarrassed…Enjoy it…I won’t tell anyone baby.”

I spread Angel’s ass cheeks so I could get a better view. Her ass felt like two soft pillows. Her skin was so soft and warm.

“Damn baby…. you are so fucking beautiful…God Damn…look at dat ass.”

Her perfectly shaped ass captivated me. A part of me was now wishing that it didn’t have to go down like this. But there was no way to reverse the way we met. I had no choice but to get those thoughts out of my head and concentrate on what I was doing. Each time I plunged my cock into her body I felt closer to her. With each stoke I started to feel guilty. But I didn’t stop. I continued to slow fuck her from behind. Angel was breathing really fast, she was breathing a lot faster then I was fucking her. She closed her eyes and started moaning, it was so soft that I could barely hear it.

“How we do’ in baby.” I asked again.

“I’m. I’m ok.” She responded.”

“See Baby its not so bad…I told you I would be nice…Just relax and go with the flow baby.”

“Ok…. I’ll Try…. You promise your not going to kill me brother”

“Yeah baby…don’t worry about that now…lets just enjoy this…. and everything will be fine…. Ok…I promise.

I could feel her body starting to relax. Even her pussy seemed to be more relaxed. I pushed her forward and said,

“Spread that ass for me baby…. Let me see it.”

Angel brought both her hands behind her and spread her lovely ass cheeks.

“Ohhhh…. God…” She moaned.

The sound of her voice was sending electric chills throughout my entire body. Angel’s pussy was well trained. She claimed that she only had sex a few times but I started to doubt that. Her tender cunt muscle new exactly how to sooth a hard cock.

“Damn baby…. you got some good pussy.” I whispered.

Angel was moaning a little louder now but I could feel that she was still trying to hold back. It was like her pussy was casting a spell on me. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. A few minutes ago all I wanted to do was give her pussy a hard pounding, and introduce her to my dark side. And now all I wanted to do was make love to this beautiful black woman. She was truly an angel, and I was the demon. I have fucked a lot of woman in my days but I have never been on an emotional roller coaster like this before. I went from feeling good to feeling bad. My emotions went back and forth while I fucked, my light skinned angel. She was truly a woman to treasure. She was an innocent victim. But I didn’t stop.

My mind was all over the place but my cock didn’t care. I could feel Angel moving to meet my trust. I stopped moving my hips and to my surprise she continued to fuck me back. Her pussy was on fire and my cock loved it. But my thoughts were confused.

“Turn around baby…. let me see that pretty face.” I said as nice as I could.

Angel did as I requested. She turned around and laid back, spreading her legs wide for me. I got on my knees and stared at her for a moment. I placed my cock at the entrance of her beautiful pussy. The thug in me wanted to ram into her cunt. But the true me wanted to make sweet love to her. The battle in my mind was intense. I was so confused. This was not the way I expected to feel. I know I’ve done a lot of fucked up shit in my life but this time I had to fight with myself to keep my composure. I had to keep focus and I couldn’t show any sign of weakness.

I pushed forward and my cock just melted into her pussy. Angel gasped when my cock hit the bottom of her pussy.

“You…Ok baby.” I asked concerned.

I was a mess. I was weak. A few minutes ago I didn’t give a damn how she felt after I gave her a choice. Which wasn’t a choice at all.

“Yeah …I’m Ok just give me a second…I’ve never been with man your size before.”

A lot of women have told me that I have a big cock, and it always mad me feel good but this time, I didn’t feel anything. I eased my cock out of Angel’s pussy and held it there. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt or injure this woman. A part of me wanted to stop but I couldn’t. Its tuff being a man sometimes. My mind was telling me one thing but my cock didn’t care about how she felt. I don’t think I could have stopped now if I wanted too.

Angel looked up at me. I guess she was wondering what I was waiting for.

“Its ok………..go ahead.” She whispered.

I looked at her and felt bad She just closed her eyes. I knew what was going on in her pussy. I could tell by how it was squeezing my cock and how her cunt walls slightly trembled when my cock was fully implanted in her. Looking at her with her eyes closed I wondered what was going on in her mind. I wondered if she hated me. I wondered if she hated her brother. I wondered if she felt good or felt like a whore. My mind was buried in a chaotic state while my cock was buried in the sweetest pussy I have even known.

Angel had her eyes closed, while I slowly tried to fuck her. She had her hand on her stomach when I first start fucking her in this position. With every stroke her hand moved closer and closer to her pussy. I could see her fighting with herself. Her hand would get to her pubic hair and then she would quickly slide her hand back up to her stomach. I watched her do this about three times. The next time her hand reached her pussy I said,

“Go head baby…rub it ….it ok Angel ….I won’t tell any one baby….I promise.”

She never opened her eyes; her hand went right to her clit.

“Agh…aghhhhhh…Mmmmmm…Mmmmmm” She moaned. When her hand started gently rubbing her clit while my cock went in and out, I thought I was going to blow right there and then.

It was then that she opened her eyes. She was trying her best to hold back a smile. She looked absolutely adorable. She had closed her mouth and tried to bite her bottom lip. She failed miserably. It was the first time that I saw her smile and to this day, it was the most precious smile I have ever seen in my life. Angel tried her best not to let me know what just happened. She was embarrassed that she came.

“Its Ok baby…Damn Angel, you have such a pretty smile Angel.”

Immediately she put her hand up to her face.

“Come on baby let me see that smile…It’s ok…Let me see it.” I begged.

“I can’t…please..I’m so embarrassed…please…” she whispered.

“Come on baby…. its cool…. let me see that smile.” I begged once again.

Angel paused for a second then brought her hands down. Her sweet smile took me to another place. I was so happy and also so sad. I would have done anything to turn back the hands of time She was the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Powerful men have been brought to there knees by beautiful women. I never understood that until this day.

My mind wanted to grab her and give her a hug and tell that I was sorry for taking her like this but my hips kept pushing forward into her pussy. I could feel my load building up. Angel must have been a real angel because her pussy felt like heaven on earth.

“Ohhhh…God …baby. That pussy is so fucking goood…your gonna make me cum baby.”

“Please don’t cum in me…. I’m not on the pill.” She moaned.

I could barley hear what she was saying.

I started fucking her really hard I wanted to come so fucking bad. Angel’s pussy juices were flowing out of her pussy, giving my cock a shiny glow to it.

“Oh ….God angel… I’m gonna cum baby,”

“Please don’t cum in me…cum in my mouth.”

“Are you sure baby,” I said as I strained getting that last few pumps in.

“Yeah it’s ok….” She sighed.

As soon as he said that I jumped to my feet. Angel sat right up, wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and took me deep into her mouth.

“I cumm’in baby …Aghghhh…. Aghhhhh…Aghhhh” I screamed as my cock erupted in her mouth…cum…. poured out of my cock and down angels throat.

“Mmm…Mmm…Mmm,” She hummed as my cock jerked and fired cum into her mouth.

For a second I thought she was choking on my cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and to my astonishment cum was still pouring out of my cock. I felt my knees getting week. Thick globs of cum oozed out of my cock onto Angel’s face. At first she closed her lips. I pushed my hips forward and she opened her mouth and licked the head of my cock.

“Yeah that’s it…. get it… get it all a baby.”

I never thought I would stop cumming. I felt dizzy and week. My head was spinning. The incredible feelings I felt only lasted a second. It only took a second for the reality of what I had done set in.

Most men only realize what they have done after they cum. Its only then that you can see clearly what you have done, it happens instantaneously. Angel looked up at me for a brief second. Even with a face full of cum she looked incredible. Then the tears started running down her face.

I felt so fucking bad, I wanted to pick her up and give her a hug and tell that I was sorry, but I didn’t, Watching Angel cry was unbearable. I just turned around and let her have a moment to herself. I walked over to the phone and called my uncle Ray. I told my Uncle that Freddie’s debt was taken care over and to cancel the contract on him. My uncle said,

“What do you mean cancel it.”

“Ray, I will explain it to you later…his bill was paid…ok…Call off the boys and I will call you in a few hours.”

“OK…. it your call,” my uncle said before he hung up.

I made sure I spoke loud enough for Angel to hear enough of the conversation. I wanted her to hear, I wanted her to know that I kept my word. I walked back over to her and said,

“See baby…I kept my promise…. you saved your brothers Life.”

I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for her. She had stopped crying for a moment. She took the towel and wiped the cum and tears off her face. She fixed herself up and adjusted her dress. She picked up her pocket book and stood in front of me. There was a long pause. With her head down she said,

“Thank you for letting my brother live.”

Then she wrote her phone number down and handed it to me.

“This is my phone number…I will be here next month with your money and your interest.

I didn’t know what to say I just stood there and watched her walk to the door. I had forgot to tell her one thing.

“Angel your brother can live, but I’m sorry baby… his Ghetto Pass has been revoked…he can never come back to Brooklyn...make sure you tell him.”

She just nodded her head and walked out the door. I was sad to see her walk away like that, but a part of me was glad that she left. It helped ease the guilt I felt. I sat down and took inventory of what I had done. I thought I had given Angel a choice…She could have walked out the door if she wanted to. But did she have a choice…what would you have done if you where in my shoes? I know exactly what I did. I used my power to rape an Angel.

Angel came by my place once a month like she promised. She handed me a thousand dollars and would turn around and proceed to undress. I wish I could tell that we mad wild passionate love once a month, but that’s not how it went down. It was the type of sex that was cold and unfeeling. She would just stare off into space while I fucked. After I would cum she just get dress and tell me that she would be back next month.

After she paid me off, I never saw her again. Two months after that the police found Angel’s brother Freddie in a dumpster in the Bronx. He had apparently tried to rip off a drug crew in the Bronx. They found him with two gunshot wounds to the back off the head. Freddie didn’t learn his lesson, I’m not even sure if he knew that his life was spared by his little sisters money and sweet pussy. The following day I sent one of my boys by Angels place. I gave him 10 grand in cash. I told him to tell her that I was truly sorry. I didn’t give Angel the money back to help her. I gave her the money back to help myself. In the ghetto not all fairy tales have a good ending…….

* * * * * *

The end

Remember my friends; this is just a story and nothing else.

We all make choices in life and sometimes we do things that we regret.


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