tagNonHumanGhost Ch. 03

Ghost Ch. 03


Dan ignored me the rest of the day. I can't tell you how fun it is to live in a house with someone who gives you the cold shoulder. I could have gone to the grocery store and received better treatment. So, I found him out and he was mad about it. You better believe I was going to let him stew in his juices.

Where did he get off thinking it was okay to have sex dreams with real people? I never did!

Obviously, he wasn't happy with me, or he'd be having dreams only about me. I would probably have to dye my hair black to compete with Diane's age. I was older but she was chunky. Is that a trade-off in men's eyes? Or was his attraction her youth? I gave as good as any teenager when it came to the sack. I was physically more attractive than Diane, so the only real issue should be hair color.

Maybe my boobs were shaped different? Hers might have been bigger than mine for being on a size six frame. The thought of getting implants had never appealed to me before, but they might be necessary now.

I resolved to get some hair dye the next store visit.

One thing was for sure, Dan was mine. Dan was my husband. He wasn't for sale, or loan, or subject to one of those "agreements." There was no "understanding."

So I returned his cold shoulder. It served him right. Let him mull how horrible he was for having those dreams. Never had I ever dreamt of someone we knew. The thought of him getting aroused at night as he screwed Diane angered me like I have never been angered. Did he cum? Did he wake up and savor the memory? Did he share looks with her at the office?

I'm not in the habit of grinding my teeth, but this seemed like a good time to acquire the vice.

On the other hand, at least my dreams were just erotic nothings. They involved no one I knew or he knew. Was the change I felt something serious? What if my dream-lover didn't like Dan being around?

The thought hadn't occurred to me before.

Could a dream be jealous? Or was this something more than a dream? As much as I have avoided thinking about it until now, was this house haunted? Could my dream-lover in fact be a ghost? Dan would surely laugh me right into the looney house and divorce court if I mentioned such silliness.

I had never encountered a ghost before. Weren't they supposed to be all chains and horror and scarey?

But if this was a ghost, was that different from a fantasy dream-lover? Wouldn't a ghost be someone real who had been alive? Wouldn't I be cheating, then? Or is it possible to cheat with someone dead who vanished whenever Dan was around?

I could feel the sperm oozing out of me. It was real.

Or was it yet all imagination and I was feeling my own juices? Psychosomatic? Power of suggestion? That's what Dan would say. Would it be cheating then if I thought it was a ghost, someone formerly alive, but it was my own body doing it? No, of course not, would it? I would only be duped, a fool to my own fantasies. To cheat, you have to cheat with someone real.

Like Dan and his sex dreams where he fucks Diane.

Whether my fantasy-lover was only a dream or even a ghost, the person is not real - at least, not anymore in case of the ghost.

But a ghost was a real person at one time, right? Is it possible to cheat with a ghost? No matter how I tried to view this from different emotional levels, I couldn't come up with an answer. If Dan thought ghosts were real, then it could be considered cheating. In which case, he could divorce me. I found it aggravating to think that a ghost could commit adultery with me and that I went along so willingly.

I settled the matter with a slightly red face.

"Dan. Do you believe in ghosts?" I planted my hands on hips. I stood ready to battle as I delivered the question. Battle against what, I have no clue. I'm not sure what I would have done if he said that he believed in them. That would make me an adulteress - something I was determined never to be.

"Pardon?" he said. He blinked several times.

"You heard me the first time." I wasn't going to put up with a diversion. I wanted an answer.

"Ghosts? No, of course not. It's silliness."

I nodded curtly and left the room with a huge sigh of relief. I wasn't an adulteress. I leaned on the windowsill in the hall and looked out the window. I drew in a deep, shuddering breath as the relief shook every bone in me. So. I wasn't an adulteress. That meant my dreams were fine, acceptable, and private. Since I couldn't be cheating with someone who doesn't exist, then Dan had no cause to hold me accountable for them.

A smile lit my face as I considered my private affair with my non-real fantasy. Dan would be home again tomorrow, but gone to work on Monday. The idea of another dream session warmed my insides a little. It would be fitting, too. Dan would be at the office ogling Diane and remembering the fuck dreams he had with her. I would be here getting something better.

Sunday passed so slow. I made small talk with Dan but no more than that. I wanted him to remember how badly he hurt me with his admission of sex dreams. He wanted to get intimate that evening, but I just gave him the look. Maybe in a few days I would let him. But tonight? If he wore me out, I might not be able to handle the next day with my dream-lover.

Monday made me nervous. I had anticipated and looked forward to today as a day of freedom and exploration, but the morning brought anxiety. Now why was that? I laid in bed until Dan left. I let him kiss my cheek and I murmured something neutral as he left. I knew he would be seeing Diane, and it bothered me.

Perhaps that's why I felt anxious. I had looked forward to this day with a lustful ache, but my lover was all fantasy. Dan's lover was going to be pushing her boobs in his face. Did they stare at each other when they passed? Go to lunch together and rub legs under the table? Did he press his erection into her from behind at the copier? Did they steal away into the supply room and kiss? Did she blow him in there? Did they strip down in a feverish frenzy and just fuck right there in the office? Is that why Dan came home too tired for sex? Because he had earlier squirted his load into black-haired Diane?

I fumed. But I still felt anxious for other reasons. I just couldn't tell what they were. But I'm sure if Dan had done those things with Diane, he would have told me.

That thought stopped me in my tracks.

No, he wouldn't have, would he? He might admit to dreams, but who would just come out and say, "hi honey, I'm home. I'm really tired, though, because I just got done ramming the office slut."

No one would, would they?

I would have to start going through his credit card records for strange purchases.

I was not going to be fooled.

I got out of bed after he left and continued my thoughts into the bathroom. My shower started and stopped in fits as I thought things through. I was rinsing my hair when the movement of the shower mist caught my attention. I had never really noticed shower mist before as being something worth seeing, but this time it aroused my curiosity. I got the very sharp feeling I was being watched.

I looked all around, and even poked my head out the shower door. The bathroom was empty.

Oh, was this my visit for the day from my dream lover? I smiled. So he wanted to get nasty in the shower?

I rubbed my hands up over my small boobs and circled the nipples. I thought I could hear breathing and I smiled wider. So he was here, after all. Heat built inside me and I reached down to stroke my folds. Then I caught him out of the corner of my eye. He was there suddenly beside me in the shower.

But it wasn't him.

This man wasn't as tall. His hair was a reddish brown instead of almost black. His eyes were blue instead of brown. He was a little more muscular than my dream-lover. I opened my mouth to say something or scream, I don't know which. The man gave me a smirking look and pushed me against the tile. He covered my mouth with his and forced his tongue inside. He pressed against me and I could feel his hardness against my thigh. Wow, he sure was excited.

A number of thoughts ran through my head. Was I cheating on my dream-lover? With another dream-lover? Had I dozed off and was I dreaming? Had I never gotten out of bed? Or was this a ghost that Dan didn't believe in? If it was a ghost, then what happened to my dark-haired lover?

He pushed his very hard erection between my thighs and humped his hips back and forth.

"Spread your legs!" His voice grated in the mist.

I didn't think much about it; I did it. If this was a ghost, then it would be the same as my other ghost lover. It wouldn't be cheating. Dan didn't believe in them, so there was no cause for divorce. He couldn't blame me for fucking someone he didn't believe existed. Could he? That would be ridiculous.

While I thought these things, the man worked his erection right up against my wet pussy. My breathing was ragged; I was trying to rationalize these things before anything happened, but before I knew it, his penis started pushing into me. The feelings were good, but not as good as the passion with the dark-haired ghost. This one just wanted to fuck.

Was I wrong for allowing this? Dan didn't believe in ghosts. So he couldn't blame me for fucking one, could he? If this was just a dream, then the whole thing isn't really happening, right?

He pushed his erection into me and I let out a sigh. It did feel good.

He squeezed my boobs painfully as he fucked his erection into me with force. Despite the pain, it did feel good and it was scratching my itch. His penis was not as beautiful as the other's. His was wider and not as long. It stretched me more and the rough thrusting hurt a little. I put my arms around the man's shoulders and let him drive his manhood into me. After a few minutes, my hips began bucking back against the man.

"Yeah, fuck me, you slut!"

I froze. No one had ever talked to me like that before. I stood there, legs open, while this man grunted against me. His prick rapidly speared me over and over. I found that the feelings won out over the shock, though. A dirty lust rose within me as he slammed his hips against mine.

I fucked him back. "You like fucking me?"

He growled in response. "Dirty slut. I'm going to fuck you whenever I want. I'm going to fuck you full of sperm. Filthy bitch."

I clutched him tighter. His words ignited a fire within me. "Fuck me harder! I want to feel your cock pound me. Harder!"

His thrusts became more forceful. It felt so very good. I wouldn't be able to walk straight for days.

"That's right bitch. You belong to me, now." He grabbed my hips and fucked me deeper.

My head swam. This was fantastic. I was not only being taken by a man, but fucked like a cheap whore. I had never felt like such a woman before. I had never felt so dirty and enjoyed it. But this was going to be memorable.

"Ohhhh...." I gasped. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as an orgasm out of nowhere wrecked into me. I thought my nipples were going to explode. My head hit the tiles painfully and the man grunted with the exertion of pushing his erection into me as far as it would go. It felt so nasty and good that I started to cry. I had never felt like this before.

"Fucking bitch! Wait until your Dan gets home. I'm going to fuck you right in front of him!"

Panic filtered through my senses as I felt the man grunt and then shoot thick gobs of sperm up into me. I ground my hips against him, milking his cock. The worry and concern began growing. It warred with the pleasure and sensations I was feeling.

One moment he was there, the next he was gone. I sobbed in confusion. Not only did I feel I had just received the best fucking of my life, but I also felt lost and alone. What was going on?

Are dreams and fantasies supposed to be rough? Are they supposed to refer to your spouse by name? Well, if they were all in my head, then they could, couldn't they? These just had to be ghosts. Dan was wrong. Ghosts did exist. How else could this be explained?

Could this really be all in my mind?

The white globs I watched run down my leg told a different story. I fingered one of the globs. It felt like sperm and looked like sperm. And there was a lot of it. With a shaky hand, I brought it to my nose. It didn't smell like an infection. With a growing morbid fascination and a reminder of the fantastic fuck I had just received, I put my finger into my mouth.

It tasted like sperm.

Something faint tickled my ears. A chuckle?

I reached a hand down and smeared it all over my folds. I closed my eyes and remembered the feel.

I shook the whole day. I was afraid to do anything or go anywhere in the house. I didn't know what to do. The things that Dan laughed at and called silliness had me scared.

I served him dinner in my bathrobe. I hadn't dressed the whole day and I was naked underneath. Dan noticed but said nothing. That meant he was going to be busy tonight going over case history. Probably for a court appearance tomorrow.

Had he ogled Diane earlier? Somehow, his issues with Diane didn't seem so bad, now. I wanted to talk to him, express my doubts about his rejection of the idea about ghosts, but I couldn't. Right after dinner he pulled up his briefcase and laid out his paperwork as I cleared away the dishes.

I didn't want to be alone in the bedroom so I turned on the television in the adjoining living room. He could see me if he looked over his shoulder. I pulled up my feet and hugged my knees as I flipped through channels.

Should I talk to him tomorrow? Tell him everything? Including my suspicions about ghosts? No, I couldn't. Never. He didn't believe in them and if he didn't believe in them, he couldn't divorce me over them. He must never find out then, right? Maybe I could say that my dreams were bothering me. Maybe I could be wrong and maybe some doctor could give me some pills for all this. After all, wasn't there a pill for everything? Some quack in a lab coat had probably already classified what I was going through as one of the new "conditions" or "diseases."

But I knew different, didn't I? I knew this wasn't in my head. I would have to find some accommodation or agreement with the ghosts I knew existed but couldn't tell Dan about. He could never know because that would mean divorce. If he was so sure ghosts didn't exist, then who was I to argue with him? He was an attorney. I was just a housewife with horny ghosts. As long as he didn't believe in ghosts, then there was no adultery.

In fact, why say anything at all? If there was no adultery, then why risk turning it into adultery? If I could convince them to be nice, then would that be so bad? It had definitely been enjoyable. Especially with the dark-haired ghost. What had happened to him? This other ghost had come along after the attic incident and the dark-haired one had felt anxious? Or had I been the one that felt anxious? Had I been feeling what he felt? Where had he gone? Had this new one sent him away?

The new one had its own appeal, but too much of the rough sex, while good, would get old. Variety was good. Maybe I could convince the new one to–

My legs were grabbed and yanked from under me. There wasn't anyone there. I drew in air and looked over at my husband. He was leaning over his papers. A hand grabbed my chin and jerked my head back. The shorter ghost was there, between my legs.

"So you want variety, you little bitch?" His sneer was hungry and mean. With a savage yank, he tore my robe open to reveal my nakedness.

My eyes were large and I was panting in terror.

"Here's your variety, slut!"

Another ghost appeared beside him. This man was much larger and more muscular. He had dark hair that flowed to his shoulders in oiled strings. He wore a grinning sneer that told me he wasn't as gentle as the shorter ghost.

I whimpered. "Please!" My whisper was hoarse.

"Yes, bitch. Quit begging. We're going to fuck you right here."

The other one spoke for the first time. "Right in front of your husband." He stroked his cock; it was enormous.

I shook my head in a panic.

The shorter one shoved his finger into my hole. A numb pain shot up my legs and I gasped.

"The bitch is wet already." Shorter one grinned.

I looked back over at Dan. With crushing waves of relief, I saw him look over at me. He nodded and then said, "not tonight, dear. Catch me tomorrow, okay?"

I gasped as he turned away. He could see me laying there, robe open, legs spread, but not the two men standing over me.

I looked back as the larger ghost knelt between my legs. His penis was far too big to fit in me. There was just no way. I opened my mouth to protest as the shorter ghost moved up to my face on the couch. He jabbed his penis into my mouth as the larger one pressed the head of his huge penis against my hole.

I moaned in anticipation and dread. I don't think I moaned in lust.

Shorter ghost kept jabbing his penis into my mouth. I reflexively closed my lips around it and sucked. It kept him from choking me with it.

"That's right, bitch. Suck me! Your husband is just too busy."

Muscular ghost, while looking more violent, was taking his time smearing the head of his penis around my opening. He gripped it and squeezed out a large drop of pre-cum and then smeared it all over my folds. It was slick and I started to shake. He was really going to try fucking me with that monster.

I nervously shifted my legs wider. I didn't want this to hurt if I couldn't stop it.

"You filthy bitch! You love to fuck, don't you?" Shorter one grimaced down at me as I worked his penis in my mouth.

Larger one finally began applying pressure. It was too big. But he wasn't stopping. I desperately shifted my hips to ease the angle and the pain. He pulled back a little and swirled the head all over the entrance. When it brushed my clit, I jerked. It was a little sore, but it still felt good. Then he pushed again. With a sinking feeling, I knew he wasn't going to stop. As big as he was, he wasn't so big that he couldn't get it in there. It was just bigger than anything I had ever had by a few inches.

I resigned myself to taking it. I was going to be very sore in the morning. "Slowly, please!" My whisper was desperate.

Larger one grinned and kept pushing. The head was pushing in; I could feel it. With the feel of a pop, the head pushed past my entrance. I gasped and sighed with relief. I felt very stretched. If he went slow, it wouldn't be bad. I gritted my teeth as he started pushing again. Tears welled in my eyes at the pain. He pulled back and I gasped in relief. Then he pulled out.

I almost bit shorter one's erection in my mouth. As painful as it had been, the removal almost felt good. I clenched in response and felt myself squirming.

Larger one chuckled and squeezed more pre-cum out of his penis. He smeared it all over his shaft and then rammed it forward against my hole. I gasped and gagged on shorter one's cock as I struggle to raise my hips to meet larger one's thrust. His enormous erection slid into me without stopping. The tears burst out of my eyes as he slid everything into me. I was too stretched. It felt like something was going to tear. I raised my knees up a little and spread my legs out as far as they'd go. Larger one liked that and with a slow transition started pumping that thing in and out of me.

His thrusts were slow, but he worked it all the way in, and then almost all the way out. I felt like I was getting a telephone pole shoved up me. I bucked my hips to meet his to keep everything straight and as painless as possible.

Shorter one pulled his penis out of my mouth and I gasped. He slapped it all over my face with rude jerks. It made me want to bite it.

Larger one settled into a rhythm as he fucked me. In and out, over and over he slid that thing in and out of me. I felt dirty, used. I felt like a whore. Why had Dan dismissed me so easily a few minutes before? Why did he not believe in ghosts? But it was good that he didn't, otherwise he would be packing to leave and start a divorce. I had to come to some kind of accommodation. Some kind of schedule so that I didn't go crazy.

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