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Ghost Girl


I was the school loser, not so much because I was a geek, but because I was from a poor family and it was a well off school. I used to habitually hide in the library during recess and lunch, because I knew I was safe in there. As a result I pretty much had no relationships with girls at all. Those who tolerated me did so more out of pity than interest in me as a person. My parents were both alcoholics and fought constantly, so I used to hide in my room every night, lest I get mixed up in it and have to explain my bruises away to my teachers by saying that I had fallen out of a tree again trying to save my next door neighbours cat. I was a loner of the highest degree and I often used to cry myself to sleep. I was so alone that not even my parents bothered to show up at home for my 18th birthday.

The first night of the end of my life was a Sunday night. I had watched some basketball on TV, then a movie and had gone to sleep. Some time after midnight I was sound asleep when I could feel myself getting harder, that was odd because I wasn't having a sex dream, in fact I wasn't dreaming at all. As it was summer and we couldn't afford an air-conditioner I was sleeping on my bed with all my blankets and sheets pulled back, and wearing only a pair of old worn boxers. I opened my eyes slowly; growing accustomed to the darkness and looked down at my dick. Sure enough it was erect and out of my boxers. I watched for a few minutes and saw nothing, yet it seemed like something soft was rubbing itself up and down my shaft. I thought I must have been dreaming until I saw a sparkle of light that looked like eyes. "What the hell!!" I exclaimed aloud, but not loud enough to wake my parents. As soon as I had said that the feeling stopped altogether and did not return that night.

The next day was another painful day at school, one among many such similar days. I returned home as depressed as usual, skipped mom's horrid macaroni and cheese dinner and went to watch TV in my room on my old black and white set. I fell asleep with the TV on. Then soon after midnight I felt my dick get hard once again. It was exactly the same as last night. No dreams, no one there and my TV was turned off. Mom and dad never came into my room so this was beginning to freak me out. This time instead of feeling something soft on my dick I found something wet and it was moving around the head of my dick. I'd never been given oral sex, but I knew what it was and this sure seemed like it. So I lay back and watched my dick dance around of its own accord, it was a most eerie sight. I never saw who was doing it but it felt damn good. I had jerked myself off numerable times before so I knew I was about to come. And I did, shooting a wad of come all over my stomach, even though it felt like the wet object was still working on my dick. Then it stopped and I was left to clean myself up with some tissues.

The next day was Tuesday, the third day of bliss. Or should I say third night of bliss, because the day at school sucked puss, as I was bashed by some school bullies and sent home early. Again I was asleep by midnight, and once again I was woke up to find my dick hard. This time something was different. There seemed to be a weight on my hips and my dick seemed to be coated in a tacky liquid, and was surrounded by moist warmth. Then the movement started. I couldn't believe it I was being raped. And more than likely being raped by a ghost. I felt some hands on my chest and decided to take a chance and reached out to touch them. I found that I could. I was sort of like touching the mist, not solid, but not air either. She was soft like I imagined a cloud to be. Knowing that it was a woman I decided to take an even bigger gamble and reached out for where her breasts should have been. And I found them. They were small and supple; I fondled them for a while until her wild gyrations on my dick caused me come violently. Again the come landed on my stomach. I could not believe it, I just had my cherry popped by a ghost. I must be crazy I thought. I fell asleep soon after my climax, but I do remember her tender kiss as I drifted off to never-never land.

I didn't go to school the next day, couldn't be bothered it was a waste of time. Both my parents were away for the day and wouldn't be back till tomorrow. So I lounged around, drank some beer and slept and slept. Then as with al the other days I woke around midnight to feel my woman sucking my dick again, this time I could feel something over me, so I reached up and felt around. It was her pussy. So I reached out for her hips and found them. I pulled her down to me and began to eat out my first woman, who just happened to be a ghost. I could feel her moistness and the tickle of her pubic hair on my bare chin. I eagerly lapped at her invisible pussy. It must have been doing something as I heard her moaning loudly. It was a good thing that mom and dad weren't home; they would have heard that for sure. Eventually I brought her to a climax and she came all over my face, then she brought me to mine and I came all over my stomach, yet again. I needed to get clean, so I decided to have a bath. Consequently, I was sitting there naked, spent after my last sexual encounter with the ghost, in the bath full of boiling hot water. I wanted to see her, to know who it was that I was making love to. So I called out "Show yourself. If you love me show yourself." I said. I didn't expect an answer and was shocked when I saw the apparition reveal herself. She was naked and beautiful, and looked to be a little older than me, making her around 20.

Then she spoke in a wispy ethereal voice, "Alan, Alan. Come to me. Be with me and we will make love forever. Alan come." She finished by pointing to dad's cutthroat razor. I picked it up and stared at it for a long while, then I looked at her, the only person who really loved me was a ghost, and if I needed to be dead to be with her then so be it. So I drew the razor across both wrists, opening up the major artery. Blood flowed in a river from my exposed wrists that I had placed under the hot water of the bath.

Then I asked her as my life started to ebb away, "Who are you? What is your name? And how did you know my name."

The pain, the anguish was subsiding, I was feeling blissful when she eventually answered me. "My name is Sophie." She paused for a moment, then continued, "And I am your older sister."

I started screaming hysterically, but the damage had been done and I soon slipped into oblivion forever. What awaited me on the other side I did not know.


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by Anonymous06/28/17

That was a very nice twist. Morbidly humorous. Very nice.

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