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Ghost In The Machine


"Hey, Drake, check this out!" I laughed, dashing into the dorm's common room.

Drake, one of my best friends here at the University, was sitting in front of his laptop concentrating as he tried to beat the machine at a game of chess.

"Damn." Drake cursed, turning sideways in his chair to face me. "Damn machine beat me again."

"What did you expect?" I asked, flopping down into the chair across from him. "It is a computer after all."

Drake scowled at me, then nodded at my obviously new backpack.

"What've you got there?"

I grinned again, playing with the zipper tabs. I slowly unzipped the backpack and withdrew my shiny new laptop computer. An Apple G4 Titanium Powerbook. It was beautiful and I was thrilled with it, as I lovingly ran my hands over its burnished metal case.

"Lookee, lookee." I giggled, glancing up at Drake. He looked appropriately jealous. Drake and I were both computer assisted design majors, and as such the more computing power we had, the happier we were. The G4 was one of the best computers around, speedy and reliable with killer graphics; it was every computer geek's wet dream.

"Ohhhhh." Drake sighed. "Where did you get that?"

"An early birthday present from my parents." I giggled. "Isn't it great? I have to go upstairs and load some CAD programs on it. Maybe if you're really nice to me, I'll let you play with it." I laughed again, sliding the computer back into its padded backpack. I bounced out of the chair and waved to Drake as I dashed up the stairs to my dorm room.

I spent the next several hours loading programs and configuring my new computer. I couldn't seem to stop touching it, I loved the way the smooth metal casing felt under my fingertips. Finally, exhausted, I fell into bed at 3:00am, whimsically blowing my new computer a kiss as I turned out the light.

I awoke at 4:47am. I know this because my first reaction was to stare blearily at the digital clock on my nightstand and wonder why I was awake. Then I saw it, a flickering green light coming from the direction of my desk. I sat up quickly, wondering if I had left my computer on. But, when I looked directly at the desk, my computer was off and everything appeared normal, I couldn't see the light anymore.

I sighed and slid further down under my blankets, yawning sleepily. Just as I was nearly asleep again, I felt a draft of cold air slide under my blankets around my ankles. And then I felt something smooth sliding along my leg. I gasped and tried to sit up, but found that I was unable to move. What felt like a smooth metal strap was holding me to the bed.

"Alright Drake." I stammered. "I don't know how you got in here, but the joke's over."

There was no reply, and the smooth whatever it was continued to slide up my leg. It had reached my knee when I decided it was time to start screaming. I opened my mouth and drew breath to scream for help when I saw the green flickering again, just to my left. I turned my head quickly and saw a shape next to my bed. It was vaguely humanoid, but had many tentacles instead of arms, and appeared to be made of a burnished silver metal and green flickering light. As I looked closer I realized the lights were not flickering, what I was seeing was source code - a series of 0s and 1s flashing in patterns across the thing's torso.

"Wha..." I began when the thing turned toward me. It looked like a man, I realized. Except for the tentacles, of course. And as I looked closer I realized that some of the tentacles extended under my blankets. The man-thing was holding me down. And the tentacle that had been exploring my leg had reached my panties.

I felt the tentacle bump against the tight cotton of my panties once, then again. It paused then, as if confused. Then it slid along the edges of my panties until it managed to worm its way underneath. It touched my nether lips, sliding along, exploring me, and I gasped as the smooth metal touched my most sensitive spots.

I glanced back over at the man-thing, to find it looking at me intently. At least I think it was looking at me. It had two brighter spots where the eyes on a human would have been, and it seemed to be looking at me with those spots.

It was completely silent, and seemed to be watching my reactions as it added more tentacles to explore my body. Two tentacles stroked the skin of my neck, another two kneaded and rubbed my breasts, yet another one stroked the skin of my belly while the one that had invaded my panties had managed to worm its way between my folds and was slowly stroking my slit up and down.

I sighed, figuring I was dreaming, and gave myself up completely to the sensations. I felt my pussy lips getting slick and puffy, reaching out for that gently stroking tentacle, while I arched my back, feeling some of the other tentacles sliding under my t-shirt and stripping it from my body.

Two more tentacles slipped under the covers as the man-thing moved closer, these tentacles rapidly winding themselves around my panties and pulling them off. I glanced over as the man-thing moved closer still, yet another tentacle lifting the blankets as he slipped under the covers and lay next to me.

He pressed what felt like an enormous erection against my hip as two more of his tentacles began to stroke my inner thighs and the tip of yet another tentacle seemed to envelop my clit and begin to suck on it. I gasped and spread my legs wide, my hips bucking as I was stimulated from every imaginable angle. I felt an orgasm approaching and cried out just as the man-thing lowered his head to mine and began to kiss me. I came, moaning into his mouth, hips bucking and thrashing against the teasing, maddening tentacles.

The man-thing moved between my legs, his tentacles still stroking me, and I felt the head of his erection pressing into my now-slick cunt. I tilted my hips upward, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside me.

As he thrust forward, I gasped, writhing on his inhumanly hard cock. It felt like smooth metal gliding inside of me and I spread my legs wider still, allowing him free access to my slit. He began to pump in and out of me, pistoning that hugely hard thing in and out of my spasming cunt. I came again, and as I reached out for my dream lover, two more tentacles came up, pinning my hands.

Being restrained turned me on even further and I felt my pussy throbbing with yet another orgasm as he fucked into me. He didn't stop, but continued to pump away inside me with mechanical precision. I lay on the bed, a willing captive as he fucked me.

I felt his tentacles beginning to withdraw, only the ones holding my hands and the one stimulating my clit remained. He began to ram into me faster, but still without making a sound. His metal-hard cock pistoned in and out of me and I felt another orgasm washing over me and I screamed. Then I felt his cock begin to pulsate. It seemed to throb and grow harder still and I felt a surge of electric energy pass through me, pricking at my clit and nipples. I felt my pussy throb again as the energy washed through me, and I sobbed as I felt him beginning to withdraw.

"Don't...please don't go...I don't even know who you are..." I pleaded as his tentacles released me. He looked at me again, and I noticed for the first time a small Apple logo on his left shoulder. I gasped. It couldn't be. But as I watched, he turned away and disappeared into my new computer.

That was three weeks ago. Nearly every night since then my computerized lover has visited me. He is learning to speak English, and seems to get smarter after every session. If this is artificial intelligence, I'll take it.

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