tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGhost of a Chance Ch. 10

Ghost of a Chance Ch. 10


"Where are you, you fucking pricks?"

The shout echoed throughout the storage area of the warehouse as the shouter frantically looked around him for his tormentor.

Isaac 'Itchy' Painter waved his gun around, eyes wide and with sweat pouring off of his forehead. All around the area, his 'back-up' was lying on the floor; all ten of them, out cold and useless to their boss now. The gentleman he was doing business with was in much of the same condition, as well as the cohorts and bodyguards he brought with him. All of the weaponry they had used was strewn about the grimy floor; some out of bullets, others had their ammo clips removed.

"I know you're still here," he called out, his breath coming out in hisses and fits.

"Yes...we are."

Itchy whirled to the right, aiming his gun in the direction of where the eerie voice was coming from.

"I'll kill you, you mother fuckers!"

"You can try." The voice came from another area of the warehouse.

Itchy turned quickly and fired four shot in the general area to his left, and waited. But his whole body jumped in fright when he heard, "You might as well stop wasting your time... and your ammo; you'll never hit me with that."

"I'll hit you sooner or later!" Itchy aimed again and squeezed off two more rounds.

"Like your friends tried to do... and failed?" The fire fight that had ensued left holes in the walls, letting in streamers of light from the outside. "If you give up now, I'll give you a one minute head start."

The gun in Painter's hand started shaking as the sound of creepy laughter bounced off the walls, but he refused to surrender.

"I'll find you, you asshole, and..."

Suddenly, the gun disappeared from his grip. As he started to turn, Itchy's jaw was treated to a fist, sending him sprawling across the paltry table and down to the dirty floor to join his buddies. Scattered all around his feet were bags of white powder that were bounced out of another case when it hit the floor, possibly cocaine or heroin.

"Last chance!"

At the sound of that ultimatum, Painter picked himself up off the floor and bolted for the side door. Just as he got passed the threshold, he was tripped up by something and found himself on the ground again.

"Have a nice evening; forty-five seconds."

The voice this time was a little higher, a little softer than the first one, but still as gravelly and creepy. So was the laughter that followed it. Painter took off like a shot around the end of the warehouse and disappeared into the night, knowing his 'forty-five seconds' was now down to thirty.

Ghoul, unseen to everyone (if any of them were still conscious) except her partner, strolled up to him dangling a case full of money in her grasp.

"Piece of cake."

Ghost, Ghoul's partner in crime fighting, nodded to her, "The roof."

Both of the invisible heroes headed towards the stairwell, leaving behind about two dozen lowlifes zipped tied and ready for the police to cart off, and climbed to the top.

The warm night air enveloped them when they walked out onto the roof of the building. At one end of the expanse, a lone figure waited for them.

"No problems?" The figure, seeing the roof access door open and knowing they were there, waited for the duo to touch him, for it was the only way he could see them. Once he felt their hands against his shoulders, his surroundings went fuzzy but the pair emerged from the mist.

"No," replied the dark voice of Ghost, touching at the detective's jacket lapel, "but one of them took off."

Detective Robert Trent just nodded as Ghoul handed him the case, "I've got men all around the site, as usual; we'll pick him up," he hefted the satchel loaded down with money in a rubber gloved hand and said, "Nice work."

This was the routine for the past few weeks: go in and bust up any dealings going down, take out the lead goon and any minions they had with them, and bring the money to the roof leaving any other evidence behind. The daring pair managed to take out and bust up six different drug deals, each one more risky and involving more money and merchandise than the one preceding it. The police swarmed in afterwards and toted off drug dealing scum by the dozens; it seemed to be working, for now.

One thing that the pair didn't do was keep in constant contact with Trent; they didn't hook him in to the communication devices they wore, their throat mikes and their ear pieces. Nor did he or Ghoul tell him how the rings they wore made them invisible. That was a line Ghost wouldn't cross, because of the promise he made never to tell anyone about the rings and their special ability (Ghoul being the only exception) and allow them to potentially fall into the wrong hands. He was starting to trust Trent... but only up to a point; even though he had no solid proof as of yet, Trent still knew their identities.

That wasn't the main reason, however. It still nagged at the back of Ghost's mind that there was something not quite right about this whole affair, and it bothered him that he couldn't figure out what it was or why.

"I need to ask:" said Ghoul, "why are we bringing the money to you instead of leaving it with the drugs for your team to find?"

"Just making sure it doesn't take off with the wrong person." Ghost bristled at that remark from Trent, not sure if the comment was directed at him and his partner. "This money will positively nail the coffin shut on these scumbags, and I'm not taking any chances. There are rumors going around about a few cops who are 'on the take' and working with some of these assholes, and evidence that disappears during a trial doesn't go over very well with the D.A."

"How is the operation proceeding?"

Trent smiled at Ghost, "One more bust should leave a sizable dent in drug trafficking around here; that'll get the main man's attention and smoke him out of the woodwork. Once he swallows the bait, he's ours; hook, line, and sinker. Game over."

His vision cleared when Ghost and Ghoul released him from their power fields and he called out, "Still on for the next round?"

"Call us," was the grave response, "we'll let you know."

Trent heard two hissing blasts from their grappler guns and was now alone on the roof. Heading down to the main level, he was stopped in the stairwell by his phone buzzing at him. He snapped the phone open, and...


Frantic yelling blared out of the receiver.

"Calm down!" Trent barked back, "So they got roughed up a little; nothing they're not used to."

More yelling.

"We'll still get the convictions on them and put them away; they'll be out of the picture."

Some more frantic talk, this time somewhat calmer.

"In my hand; the rest is being gathered up and tagged."

Trent's face screwed into an exasperated look after more heated buzzing from his phone.

"I told you not to worry about that; I've got it covered. Just meet me downtown and I'll give you the details." Trent flicked the phone shut and roughly shoved it into his pocket, mumbling, "Partners...", and shaking his head.

The detective made his way downstairs and out to the expanse of warehouse floor, nodding in approval at the officers rounding up the assorted thugs and stuffing them into squad cars.

One more, he thought. One more bust, and... game over.

* * *

"Ohhhhh, I need a shower," moaned Brenda as she slipped out of her costume.

Tom, wriggling out of his own get up, asked, "Want some company?"

"You know I do," she answered with a grin, peeling off her pants. They stripped down in the bedroom, eagerly anticipating the hot, steamy water that will sooth their aching muscles not to mention the hot, steamy sex to go along with it.

Brenda slid her panties down her thighs as Tom's underwear slipped off of his hips hitting the floor, and the couple trotted naked into the bath room. Tom felt his cock starting to stir as he watch Brenda's round butt cheeks jiggle their way to the shower stall.


Turning the shower on, Tom turned to Brenda's question as she fished through the cabinet for clean towels, "You're going to ask me if I think I was wrong about Trent, right?"

"And do you think you are?" Brenda laid the towels on the sink counter, waiting for his answer.

Tom didn't say anything at first, but after a moment, "Don't you think this whole thing is just a bit... easy?"

"'Easy'?" Brenda's eyes widened as she continued, "You're kidding, right? Did you see the hardware we took off of those idiots? Sub-machine guns! Those nitwits were serious!"

"And we managed to take 'em down without a hitch," Tom said, still skeptical.

"We did have the advantage, you know; the rings..."

"They may give us the power to be invisible, but not invincible. With all of that fire power, the odds were in their favor of us getting shot. All of the bullets they were spraying the building with... and not a single hit. It was the same thing that happened the other times before. Now you tell me: too easy?"

Brenda put on a cocky look and answered, "Maybe we're getting good at what we do; did you think of that?"

"We're not that good, not yet."

She folded her arms in a huff, "Thanks a lot! When the Hell did you get so pessimistic and paranoid?"

Tom responded, holding up his hand, "The day after I found these," and pointed to his ring.

Brenda scowled at him and left the bath room; Tom followed her out and caught her before she sat down on the bed.

"Alright; I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to sound the way it did. I'm sorry."

Brenda edged close to him, the hurt look still on her face.

"You're right," said Tom in a soothing voice, "we are getting good at this, and maybe there is something to all of this that's making a difference."

"But?" asked Brenda, her eyebrow cocked again.

Tom sighed, "Look, I don't mean to sound pessimistic about it. It's just that..."

"That nagging feeling you have, right?" Brenda changed her look to a quizzical one, "You're still trying to piece something together, aren't you."

Tom sighed again, "It's that obvious, huh?"

She threw her arms over his shoulders and kissed him, "Can we just forget about it for tonight? I'm need to relax, I need a shower," she pressed her nude body against his, "I need you to make love with me, and I need to fall asleep in your arms."

"Well," Tom smirked, "when you put it that way..."

He gathered her up in his arms, Brenda wrapping her legs around his waist, and carried her into the bath room. As he held onto and fondled her ass, she humped at his crotch rubbing her pussy against his growing cock. He set her down inside the big shower stall and grabbed the soap, lathering up his hands as Brenda stepped under the shower head. She tilted her head back and let the hot water stream through her hair and run down her body.

Tom turned her around and started kneading her shoulders and back with his soapy hands.

"Oooooh," she purred, "that feels so good."

Tom continued his massage, working his hands over her round, soft ass and caressing her thighs. Brenda leaned back into him as his hands traveled up her hips to reach around and lather up her tummy, pressing more of her against him. She laid her head back against his shoulder and mewled when his hands cupped her full round breasts, his fingers brushing and pulling at her swelling nipples. Pushing her hips back, she felt his large, rigid cock slide into her wet ass crack.

After a few minutes of fondling, it was Brenda's turn. She took the soap from Tom and lathered up, getting behind him and allowing him to soak his body under the steamy water. He ran his fingers through his wet hair as Brenda massaged the suds into his back, kneading away the cramping stiffness and relaxing his aching muscles. His taut buttocks and thighs received the same loving treatment.

"Mmmmm," he moaned, as she gave him a reach around and lovingly stroked him, "I love how soft your hands are on my cock."

Tom enjoyed the sensation of her soapy palms as they caressed and fondled his thick shaft and bloated balls, and shivered when she ran her thumb across and around his dickhead. She loved playing with his dick, stroking and teasing it.

Finished with her soaping/playing, Brenda stood up and backed herself against the shower wall, raising her arms over her head and putting on a grin that said, 'Take me'.

Taking in and ogling all of her delicious curves, Tom took her in his arms and buried his face in her deep cleavage. He kissed and nibbled at her delectable mounds of creamy breast flesh, flicking his tongue over her budding nips, as Brenda moaned in pleasure bracing herself on one leg and brought the other up to wrap around one of his hips. The ball of her foot pressed into his back, urging his cock closer to her pussy, wanting to feel his hardness against her soft wet lips and pulsing clit.

The hot water and steam drenching their bodies only serve to make the two of them yearning for more and Tom, his dick swelled to the point of bursting, couldn't wait for the bed that awaited their love making. He wanted her now.

Grabbing her luscious thighs and hoisting her, Tom lifted Brenda onto his body, her arms and legs immediately wrapping around him. His rock hard prick smashing against her swollen clit, Tom braced his arms against the wall leaving Brenda to cling to him. She lifted herself up onto his chest and maneuvered her hips until his cockhead was pushing against her velvet opening. Once the tip was firmly wedged inside of her, there was no turning back.

Brenda clung to Tom's body, gripping at his shoulders and clawing at his back, as she lowered herself down onto his shaft. Grunting and panting, she stuffed his cock into her hot and horny hole.

"Oh... oh... oh, yes... yes... YES!" she cried out as his dick was engulfed in her inner folds, causing him to release a satisfying groan. Her vagina pulsed and squeezed him, massaging his prick with her love spasms.

Brenda propped her arms on his shoulder and rhythmically raised and lowered her body, letting his hard meat slip in and out of her snatch while Tom held firm against the wall steadying the two of them in place. She humped him faster and faster, riding him with hot lust and moaning as his thick cock stretched her hot and eager pussy, letting the shower cover them in hot liquid love.

"Oh, shit," she hissed out, "I love riding your fat, hard dick."

Tom attacked her neck with bites and passionate suckles while she clenched at his shoulders and yelped with every downward thrust of her body. Tom made sure he had a solid hold on the wall before he moved one of his hands away from it, and reached down to take in a handful of Brenda beautiful round butt, helping her ride his prick. He slipped a finger in between her cheeks to find her tight asshole and eased it inside, his wiggling digit causing her to quiver and sending her over the edge.

"Oh, yeah," Tom moaned, "Your pussy is squeezing my dick. I love it when you do that; it feels so good," he started breathing harder, enjoying the way Brenda's body wriggled and squirmed as his finger tickled the inside of her ass.

"Oh, God... oh, Tom... Tom, don't; not that! No, not that; please! Oh, God; you're gonna make me... make meeeeeeeee..." Fits of giggles erupted from Brenda's mouth as she humped more forcefully, wanting all of his cock inside her when she reached her breaking point. She wanted it to last longer, but between his throbbing dick furiously rubbing against her clit and his finger dancing in her ass, she couldn't hold back the orgasm building up in her drenched and clenching pussy.

"YYYYYYYYYYES!" Brenda screeched in orgasmic waves as she arched her body and plunged her cunt down, impaling herself onto Tom's swelling and twitching prick. The spasms of her convulsing pussy gripped his member and wouldn't let go.

Tom, arching with her, let out a teeth clenching groan as his cock wiggled and throbbed inside of her and semen erupted from his pisshole, exploding all over her inner walls and mixing his cum with her squirting love juices. His balls seemed to curl up inside of his sack as the last of his spunk blasted out of his dick, emptied.

Her whole body quaking with the throbs of her orgasm coming to an end, Brenda clung to Tom and bit into his shoulder and rode out the final spasms, calming down as they subsided. She whimpered and gasped with the end twitches of his spent cock pulsing against her pussy folds and, with the last flutter of her cum vibrating through her pussy lips, collapsed against him.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck," she gasped as she unfolded her legs from his hips and slipped his cock out of her tingling pussy, "Oh, God; I love it when you make me cum like that."

Tom helped her down off of him, gently lowering her legs and held her for a moment, making sure she had solid purchase on the tile floor of the shower. He helped her wash away their combined love fluids, delicately brushing at her tender vagina and thighs, and she did the same for him by lovingly stroking cum off his slowly shrinking cock. Once done, Tom turned off the water and held onto the beautiful, naked woman as they exited the stall.

"That was fun," said Brenda, handing her big, handsome lover a towel, "we definitely need to do that more often."

"I wholeheartedly agree," Tom replied. He grabbed the other towel and wrapped it around her nude, wet form from the front, giving him an excuse to take the gorgeous, sexy gal he fell in love with into his arms again. The kiss they shared before heading into the bedroom was one of passion and pure love.

The lovers went into the bed room, weary but satisfied, and climbed into bed. Tom clicked off the nightstand light as Brenda snuggled up to him, draping a leg across his and lightly touching his chest with her fingertips.

"So, I take it we're on for tomorrow night."

Tom looked down at Brenda, her head resting on his shoulder, "I thought you said you wanted to forget about it for tonight."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just checking with you," Brenda looked at him, his face set in concerned stone, "Look, I know this operation is taking us away from our 'regular patrols', but it won't be forever. He did say all it will take is one more bust and the drug ring is done... well, at least this one will be."

Tom shrugged a little, "I suppose."

"You didn't like what Trent said, did you," Brenda uttered, still seeing the stony scowl.

"About what?"

"About the money and 'making sure it doesn't take off with the wrong person'."

Tom sighed, "To be honest, yes."

"You thought he was talking about us."

"Oh, I'm almost sure of it."

Brenda shrugged her head, "Well, we did it the last time; he's just making certain it doesn't happen again. 'Removing evidence for a crime scene', and all that."

Tom was about to say something, but the words caught in his throat. Even in the darkened room, Brenda looked up at him and could see his eyes widen a bit, his mouth slightly open as if he was going to sat something but wasn't sure.

"Tom, what is it?"

He blinked and forced himself out of the thoughts that were racing through his mind, "Uh, nothing... it's nothing." Tom peered back into her loving brown eyes and kissed her forehead, "Go to sleep."

She kissed his chin and snuggled back down under the sheets, resting her head on his shoulder and her arm across his chest.

After about twenty or so minutes, Tom could hear the small sighs of Brenda as she drifted off. But he was still awake, the 'pieces' still floating passed his vision of a puzzle frame and thinking Brenda just might have given him another piece. It was starting to come together... but not quite yet.

"'Removing evidence...'" he muttered, as he closed his eyes and joined his love in quiet slumber.

* * *

"Stay close!"

The shout came from the lead goon to the other two as they surrounded their boss, who was busy trying to stuff bags of heroin back into the large case cracked open on the floor.

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