tagErotic HorrorGhost Queen of Halloween Night

Ghost Queen of Halloween Night


The letter smelled of an exotic seductive perfume. Nick could not ever recall receiving a letter in a black envelope. It had no return address but looked intriguing. Nick quickly opened the letter, which had a silver illustration of a half moon with stars on the front top portion of the letter. There was only one short sentence written in red ink on the black paper.

"If you desire to feel the erotic power of my passion and experience the ultimate in fright for you, and delight for me, on Halloween night, October 31, meet me at 8:PM on the corner of Central Rd. and River Rd. next to All Saints Cemetery." The bottom of the letter had a bright red lipstick imprint with the initials A.Q. underneath.

Nick thought the letter must be a joke, but he was never was one to turn down a challenge and possible adventure. Nevertheless, he wondered what the note meant by fright for him and delight for whoever wrote the letter.

It was two days until Halloween. Nick always loved this holiday. As a youngster he looked forward to "trick or treating" all over the neighborhood to collect candy and other sweet things. He regarded this holiday as a night of mystery, when the dark forces of one's dreams and nightmares took control. When Nick was a teenager he looked upon Halloween as a time of forbidden erotic fantasy. He recalls his first sexual experience occurred on Halloween night when an older woman pulled him into her home and gave him a two hour sex education before sending him on his way. Indeed, Halloween was a time of celebration for spirits of the night and seductive promises. The adrenalin rush of being frightened out of your wits was an appealing aspect of Halloween, and like other thrill seekers, Nick loved going to haunted houses.

It was finally Halloween night and he had planned to go to a few haunted houses, but decided to first stop by All Saints Cemetery to see if there was anything to the letter he received. There was a chill in the air with a full moon peeking out from the partly cloudy sky. He thought the letter was a prank and he probably looked stupid standing in front of a cemetery on Halloween night. He decided to give it ten minutes and than he would leave. It was 7:55PM when he parked his car on the shoulder of Central Rd. Nick got out and waited on the corner. He glanced toward the cemetery and thought he saw a dark figure floating in the night mist, but decided it was just his over-active imagination.

It seemed like a strange night with a cool mist hanging over the cemetery. There were quite a few cars out tonight and he saw many were filled with Halloween party people laughing out the windows. They were probably drunk. He wondered if they were laughing at him standing next to a cemetery. At 8:05PM he saw a black limousine coming out of the River Rd entrance to the cemetery. It turned east on Central Rd. and stopped on the shoulder of the road in front of his car about twenty feet from where he was standing. Nick approached the car cautiously and attempted to look inside the car but the windows were tinted. The rear passenger side door opened and a woman's hand appeared , her blood red index finger waved to Nick to come into the car. He thought this was really weird. Little did he know that it would soon get a lot stranger.

Nick climbed into the dark car and he could barely see a woman's face in the shadows next to him. It was so dark he could not see who was driving the car. The door seemed to close on its own as the driver pulled out. In a low sultry voice she said, "Hello Nick, I am glad you decided to meet me, but you really had no choice, did you?"

Nick was taken back by the boldness of this woman. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he could see her beautiful face. Her high cheek bones and full red lips glistened in the darkness. She was wearing a long black velvet robe which had the same half moon with stars design that was on the letter. Nick also noticed her red painted toes and long wide beautiful bare feet sticking out from the robe. Nick wanted some questions answered before going along with this mysterious woman.

"Who are you and how do you know who I am?

She smiled at Nick saying, "It is not important that I know who you are Nick, but one thing I will tell you. I am the woman of your erotic dreams and darkest fears. I am the woman you have always fantasized about, but were afraid to actually pursue. I am the woman you always wanted to surrender yourself to, body and soul. I am the woman who will turn you into my pleasure creature. You will be made to please and satisfy me all night-MY WAY. I am Andrea, the dark mistress of Halloween night. You will address me as Queen tonight"

She than kissed Nick on the lips, snaking her long tongue deep into his mouth. Nick could smell her perfume and it made him dizzy. He felt himself being drawn into her seductive web. Nick was excited and frightened at the same time. He wanted to pull away and run away from the creature of the night, but was frozen from the hypnotic gaze from her green, cat like eyes. He was always the type of man who was used to being in charge whenever he was with women, but somehow, he knew tonight would be different.

She looked directly into his eyes and ran her hand over Nick's face. "Sleep my slave."

As if in a trance, Nick woke up naked on his back on a low padded bench with his head on a large high pillow. Nick attempted to get up and realized that his arms and legs were tied to the bench. The room was dark with only candles providing a little light. He did not remember anything after she touched his face in the car. Nick was turned on and scared at the same time. He felt helpless being tied down with what felt like silk material on the bench. He attempted to break free, but this was not about to happen. His eyes began to adjust to the darkness. All of a sudden he looked up and saw this erotic ghostly woman of the night standing above him. Her voluptuous, big, beautiful naked body glowed in the candle light.

She looked down at Nick. "You are going to serve as my oral sex slave tonight." Your lips, mouth, tongue, nose and face are going to be used as my personal seat of pleasure. You will only exist this night to orally satisfy all my needs and desires."

Before Nick could respond in any way, she placed the bottom of her right foot on his face and said two words.

"Lick Slave."

Nick stuck his tongue out as a reflexive action. The scent and taste of her delicious sweaty foot intoxicated Nick. She increased the pressure of her feminine foot on Nick's face. This woman of the night brutally rubbed her sweaty foot up and down Nick's mouth and face, as he groaned in pleasure and pain. Somehow, he felt he would not receive any mercy from this strange woman.

"I just love massaging my feet on your face slave."

Nick realized he was becoming excited being in this dominant woman's erotic power. It was obvious she relished using him for her own selfish pleasure. She than began to force her wide, long foot into his mouth. Her toes reached his throat and Nick was about to gag.

"I am going to fuck your mouth with my feet slave."

For the first time, Nick felt some real fear as her foot stretched his mouth to the extreme, as she forced her foot deeper. Nick licked and sucked her foot, as her big toe pushed into his throat even deeper. She than began to brutally ram her foot in and out of his mouth, making him gag with each stroke. She was actually raping his mouth and throat. This clearly excited her because she laughed every time he gagged. She finally pulled her right foot from Nick's mouth, but quickly forced her left foot into his mouth to get the same treatment. Once both of her feet were orally worshipped to her satisfaction, she stood above him and he could see the cruel smile on her full red lips.

Nick could see her big strong thighs and wide powerful hips as her hands massaged her pussy. She straddled his head facing his feet. He could see her beautiful full jutting ass and wet pussy directly over his face as she spoke.

"It is now time for your mouth to serve another need I have slave. I am going to sit on your face and make you lick and suck my pussy and ass until I am completely satisfied. You will also lick and swallow all my pussy juice and pee slave.

Nick was turned on but frightened at the same time. He was about to be smothered by this woman's most feminine parts and there was absolutely nothing he could do to resist her lustful desires. He saw her dark haired pussy and big ass being lowered to his helpless face. In a split second his face was engulfed completely by this exotic woman's sweet pussy and ass.

Nick felt like he was being swallowed up by this lusty woman's scented feminine charms. He now realized that he was literally a slave to this woman's seductive desires and would do anything this woman demanded.

The Queen of the night showed no mercy or hesitation, as she lustfully and brutally rubbed her pussy, forward, backward, up and down on his face. She was in total control literally fucking his whole face. Her abundant flow flooded his mouth and nick swallowed all she gave him. She was relentless, pumping her pussy and ass down hard on his mouth, tongue and lips. Nick had eaten a lot of pussy in the past, but he had never experienced being face raped until this Halloween night. His face was soaked with her sweet juices as she just kept climaxing in his mouth and face. The assault on his face was so intense Nick almost passed out when she finally raised herself up slightly on his face and said,

"Slave, I have to pee really bad and I am going to use your mouth as my personal toilet throne. I want you to open your mouth, so when I sit on your open mouth it will be sealed tightly over my pussy. You have no choice but to swallow every drop I give you and be advised that I have a lot of pee to force down your throat slave."

She showed no mercy or concern as she sat down over Nick's open mouth with all her weight forming a seal, while at the same time his nose was forced up her asshole. Nick knew what she meant by fright for him because he was about to be smothered and drowned if he did not swallow every drop of her pee quickly.

He heard her laugh above him and yelled, "Swallow every drop slave." She let loose with her full load of pee directly into his secured mouth. With his nose up her shit hole, he could not breathe. This made him swallow in big gulps as fast as he could. He thought that this was sweet torture, being smothered by the pussy and ass of this Queen of Halloween night.

She bore down harder on his face and just kept peeing full force directly into his mouth. This obviously excited her, as she laughed cruelly hearing Nick struggling to keep up with her heavy flow. "I have lots more and I want you to swallow all my golden gift to you slave."

Just when Nick thought he was about to drown, she began to aggressively fuck his face again, sliding her pussy and ass back and forth, and up and down. She was using his whole face for her own pleasure and satisfaction. She was brutal, sitting hard and forcing his nose up her pussy as he licked and sucked her engorged clitoris. She than changed position again, so his nose was again being forced up her asshole, as she kept grinding her pussy against his mouth at the same time.

Nick had never felt so brutally used by a woman like he did this night. She once again changed her position, and was now sitting forward on Nick's bruised face. Andrea ruthlessly pounded her pussy and ass on his face, giving no thought to her slave's comfort. His face and hair was soaked with her pussy juice and pee, as she rode Nick's face with uninhibited passionate lust.

She was moaning loudly now, as she fucked her slave's face. Her strong thighs held Nick's face like a vice, as she bounced up and down on his face. Nick could not believe a woman could climax so many times. He had never felt so used and abused sexually by a woman in his life, as she kept thrusting her full hips down on his face harder and harder. Nick began to groan from her sexual assault on his face. Andrea was giving him the most intense face sitting experience of his life. Nick felt like he was going to pass out from being smothered under this evil woman's pussy and ass.

He felt the cool air on his face for a split second, but there was to be no rest for Nick this mystical evening. Andrea was not finished using him for her pleasure, satisfaction and personal needs. She again mounted his face with her soaked pussy and ass and began to pee, as she brutally kept pumping her pussy and ass on Nick's trapped face. Nick attempted to swallow all her juices and pee to keep from drowning in her feminine juices.

Amazingly, Nick was turned on being used by this devil woman. The Halloween Queen kept smothering him with her enchanted pussy and ass. Nick did not know how much more he cold take, as she still bounced her beautiful big ass up and down Nick's face without mercy. At point she bore down even harder on his face, cutting off his breathe, as Nick licked and sucked her pussy faster and faster in order to please this insatiable lusty woman. Finally, Nick could give no more and just passed out under her pussy and ass.

It was just beginning to get light out as Nick opened his eyes. His mouth, tongue, lips and whole face felt bruised. He was lying inside the cemetery and wondered how the hell he ended up sleeping in this place. He said to himself. "What a wild dream." He began to sit up when he noticed a half moon with stars design on a large tombstone he had been lying next to when he woke up. A chill went down Nick's spine when he read the inscription under the half moon and stars logo.

"Andrea Queen: May her spirit always be remembered." October 31, 1928 to October 31, 1968. There was a faded picture on the tombstone, as Nick looked closer at it. He felt an unknown presence near him, but there was no one else around. The photograph was of Andrea, the woman he had dreamed about last night and who born and died on Halloween night.

Nick felt spooked and quickly walked out of the cemetery. Nick used his key to open his locked car door and noticed a black envelope on the driver's seat with the same half moon and stars. Nick had the original envelope in his pocket and this one was a new letter. Nick froze in fear and amazement when he read the note, which had a poem written in red ink.

Ghosts of darkness come out tonight,
Erotic desires of passion and fright,
Grave yards come alive with restless souls,
They seek a slave to smother and hold.

Trapping you deep in my web of lust,
Tombstones with spirits turn to dust,
This Halloween Queen chose you as her slave,
At my feet you will worship and lay.

Your body and soul are mine to abuse,
Mounting my throne, your face I will use,
Taking my pleasure in lusty delight,
For I am the Queen of Halloween night.

Meet me the same time and place next year my slave.
Andrea Queen: Dark Mistress of Halloween night.


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