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Ghost Train

byjust 4 fun©

A warm summer's breeze gently brushed against Rachel's soft face. The sun dropped behind the horizon sending shards of golden light across the sky. The sound of a travelling fair filled the night air, getting louder as she approached.

It had been a while since Rachel had been to a fair. She wandered around looking at the various stalls. Remembering what fun she used to have as a child. Her mind returned to the fun she used to have when she took a ride on the silly ghost trains, they had always scared her, but that had never stopped her riding on them. On that thought she decided to seek out the ghost train wondering if she had overcome her fears.

Wandering around through the stalls, looking out for the cheap tacky Ghost train, set up in a corner with plastic ghosts, water squirting from the ceiling, and spooky noises playing through an old broken tape player, she wondered how she could ever have been afraid.

Eventually she found it, as expected an old rickety shack, shabbily painted, run by a fat balding man, trying to make out that this was the best ride in the world.

Rachel handed over a crisp ten pound note, although she thought this was a lot to pay, the sign had attracted her to the ride. 'The ride of your life or double your money back' she couldn't resist an offer like that. She stepped into the cart, and settled into the seat.

The doors swung open and the small cart rattled into the darkness. The cart travelled into the darkness, with a sudden jerk it came to a halt. The lights flashed, and she felt a sudden drop in temperature. The coolness made her small nipples harden. She felt that she was being watched; she turned quickly but nothing was there.

As Rachel returned her gaze to the front of the cart, two cold hands reached around her sides, they were placed firmly on her small, firm breasts. The fingers spread slightly allowing her hard nipples to be trapped between them. The coldness made her gasp; in a state of shock she swung round trying to see who the cold hands belonged to. Once again there was no one there. She began to wonder what else the ride would have in store for her.

With a sharp jolt the cart began to move again. It continued through another set of doors, this room was dimly lit by the glow of a small fire set in a grand fireplace. Above the fireplace was a large mirror, Rachel looked at her reflection, noticing her hard nipples poking through the thin material of her top. She noticed a tall figure stood behind her in the corner of the room. She turned sharply to look at the figure, but saw nothing. As she wondered how the figure could have just vanished, she felt the cold hands on her breasts. The grip was firmer this time, the fingers icy cold against her nipples, the slight movement in the fingers arousing her.

Rachel bit her lip, stifling her moans; she no longer felt the need to locate the source of the cold hands. Suddenly the cart began to move. The cart crept out of the room and through another set of doors.

This was a large room, lit by three elaborate candle sticks. Rachel glanced around, the light flickering creating a soft glow in the room. She saw the large figure stood in the corner of the room, this time it was accompanied by a smaller figure. When she looked directly at the place the figures had stood they vanished. Assuming it was the light playing tricks she returned her gaze to the track in front of her.

The sound of creaking floorboards filled the air, as if someone was walking around the room, followed by the sound of a chair being dragged along the bare floor. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as the room chilled again. Silence fell on the room, not a sound could be heard.

Rachel felt the cold hands running over her tight trousers, the chill heading up her thighs. She felt a little uneasy, due to the continued touching of her body, yet strangely she began to feel aroused. The cold shock of the touching heightened her senses, each touch made her want more.

As the cold hands caressed her thighs, two hands returned to her breasts, teasing her nipples. Rachel gasped as the four cold hands stroked her slim body. Wriggling in her seat as the hands teased her young body. She couldn't remember the last time her body had felt so alive, the hands knew exactly where to touch. Her soft moans were silenced as a pair of cold lips pressed against her own.

A cold icicle slipped into her mouth, flicking across her tongue. She kissed back with more passion than she ever had before. She looked down and saw her belt being undone, as if my magic she couldn't see any hands at all. Next the button was undone, closely followed by the zip. Her body seemed to be taken over, she knew she should try to escape, but strangely she wanted this to continue.

The thin t-shirt Rachel wore slowly began to rise up her toned flat stomach. She flinched as cold kisses covered her tanned flesh. The kisses followed the t-shirt rising up her body, with each kiss she let out a gasp. Eventually, the cold mouths reached her hard, pink nipples. Rachel groaned with pleasure as her nipples were engulfed by the two cool mouths, the icicle like tongues flicking her nipples and still she couldn't see the source of all this pleasure.

Rachel's body writhed in pleasure as the two mouths devoured her soft tits. Their teeth clamping down on her nipples making her moan. Never before had she experienced such sexual pleasure and little did she know the best was yet to come. The mouths suddenly left her nipples, her heart sank, was this the end of her pleasure?

A smile grew across her face as she again felt the hands wrap around her from the back. This time they had crossed over, but still they massaged her tiny boobs. Rachel felt herself being lifted up out of the seat. She floated through the air towards the table, there was a sharp tug on her trousers and they dropped to the ground. As she was lowered to the ground her t-shirt was lifted over her head.

Stood in only her small tight pink knickers, heart pounding from the stimulation Rachel looked around the room desperate to see the source of all this pleasure. A cold chill once again filled the air. Her tanned, soft skin covered with tiny goose-pimples. She felt a cold body press up behind her, making her shiver. The cold hands drifted over her flat stomach, inside the waistband of her cotton panties. They continued their journey down to her smooth pussy, the cold hand resting against her little clit. Her body trembling slightly as the finger slowly rubbed her bud.

A low moan passed Rachel's lips, as the finger traced down her waiting pussy, the coldness a strange contrast to the heat she felt inside her. She felt herself being lifted again, carried over to the table and gently laid down. Her small body trembling with excitement and fear as her underwear was slowly removed.

Rachel slide across the table, pulled towards the edge her knees lifted and legs spread. The trembling beauty lay there still unaware of whom or what was the source of the immense pleasure she was experiencing. Her bald snatch needing some attention, her small clit clearly visible.

She took a sharp gasp as she felt a cold tongue trace her slit from ass to her clit. The lapping up of her sweet juices continued, her moaning increased. Rachel felt a different tongue on her clit, this one seemed gentler, more caring. Making slow circles around her clit before delving into her moist pussy. The tongue lapped the juices, like a cat desperate for every last drop of cream.

The tongues left her as she approached her climax, a feeling of disappointment washed over her body. Was this really the end of the ride? Feeling let down by the sudden lack of interest in her pleasure she wriggled into a seated position.

Rachel shrieked as she looked ahead, she could just make out two figures in front of her. As she watched it became easier to see them, as they turned to a more opaque form.

"Don't be afraid." One of the figures whispered.

"It's ok, we mean you no harm." The second figure said.

Stunned by what was in front of her Rachel sat starring at the two figures.

"W...w...w...who are you?" Rachel stuttered, once she had regained some of her composure.

"I'm Robert, this is my maid Rebecca." The tall figure replied pointing at his female companion.

"We, as I'm sure you have already realised are ghosts, we are trapped in this ride forever along with many other ghosts of years gone by. The only way we can return to this world is by tasting the sexual juices of the living. We use the energy they provide through sexual acts to return for a short time." Robert went on to explain.

Still in a state of shock Rachel starred blankly at the pair, amazed at their ability to pleasure her in ways she had never experienced, yet scared by the situation.

"Please Miss, would you mind helping us?" Rebecca asked sheepishly.

"You see we only get a short while, and it's been such a long time, would you mind if we played with you a little longer?" Rebecca continued.

"My master has a wonderful cock and he knows exactly how to please a girl" Rebecca added.

Rachel's mind was racing; the strangeness of the situation had her deeply confused. On one hand she wanted to dress and leave, but another part, a stronger part wanted to continue. Thinking about the pleasure she had already received and what may still be in store how could she waste such an opportunity.

"I... I... I suppose it would be ok." Rachel said nervously.

"I'm so pleased!" exclaimed Rebecca as she flung her arms around Rachel. This time the coldness had gone, Rachel felt a warm body wrapped around her. Robert headed over to the pair,

"Leave the girl alone at once" commanded Robert

"She doesn't know the most important part" he said scornfully.

A little taken aback by the abruptness of Robert, Rachel lent back on the table edging away from him.

"It's ok" Robert said firmly,

"You just need to know that we will only remain in the living world until you have an orgasm, once you have reached climax the energy is lost and we return to the non living world." He said.

"I find it is usually best to let you know before we start rather than us just vanishing later." Robert said.

Rebecca moved back to Robert and ran her hand along the front of his suit, caressing his chest through the material. Robert was a tall man, in his 50's Rachel thought, he was of average build and although a little abrupt seemed to be a kind man. Rebecca however seemed to be a little younger than Rachel, 18 or maybe 19 she was dressed in a serving girls uniform, long black skirt with a white blouse on top.

A sly smile spread across Rebecca's face, as her hand slowly ventured to the bulge in Robert's trousers. Still unsure of what was really going on, Rachel sat on the table watching the show before her. Rachel watched as the bulge seemed do double in size, Rebecca beckoned to Rachel, inviting her to join them.

Reluctantly, Rachel slid herself off the table and cautiously she approached the pair. Rebecca and Robert were engaged in a passionate kiss, there hands exploring each other. Rachel could tell that the pair hadn't enjoyed any physical contact for a long time. As she reached the couple they immediately broke their passionate embrace and turned their attentions to Rachel.

Although the coldness had gone, Rachel felt immense pleasure as Rebecca and Robert attached themselves to her small nipples. They sucked and nibbled on her pink nipple, making her moan.

Rebecca began to kiss her way down Rachel's thin toned body, continuing down until she reached Rachel's smooth pussy. Rebecca's tongue licked gently at Rachel's soft pink lips, tracing her folds lightly. Rachel's hand had found the bulge waiting under Robert's tight trousers; skilfully she rubbed the tip of his hard cock, encouraging him to suck on her nipple even more.

Robert moved away from Rachel's nipple, he straightened up and undid his trousers allowing them to fall to the floor. Glancing down, Rachel gasped at the size of Roberts manhood, while she didn't claim to be the most experienced of girls she had seen some large members, but this, this was the biggest she had seen.

Without hesitation, Rachel pushed Rebecca's head out of the way and dropped to her knees. Rachel reached for the large cock with her small feminine hands and gently she rubbed along Robert's shaft. Rachel sat mesmerised as her hands slowly massaged the still growing cock. Rachel began to tease the tip of his member with her tongue, lapping gently. The flicking of her tongue made Robert groan, he loved the feel of her soft tongue as it left a moist trail of saliva on his cock.

Not wanting to be left out, Rebecca had removed her clothes and positioned herself behind Rachel. Rachel felt two large breasts pressed against her back, and a mound of thick pubic hair tickling the top of her ass. Although Rachel had always considered herself as a strict heterosexual girl, the combination of Robert's large member and the closeness of Rebecca turned her on more than anything she had ever experienced before.

Rachel slowly guided Robert's cock into her small mouth; she managed to get only the tip in before feeling full. Her lips passed back and forth over the tip, the groans coming from Robert told her that he was enjoying this. Rachel felt his hands on her head, softly at first, almost comforting. Rebecca still pressed against Rachel, began to stroke Rachel's firm body, her hands caressing Rachel's small firm boobs, massaging them. Rachel felt extremely relaxed by the pair.

Rebecca moved alongside Rachel and removed the hard cock from her mouth. Rachel watched in amazement as Rebecca swallowed over half of Robert's cock. Rebecca continued to take Robert's cock deep in her throat; it was obvious she had done this before. Rachel's gaze drifted down Rebecca's body, looking at Rebecca's firm, round breasts; they were much bigger than her own 32B boobs.

A guiding hand from Robert moved Rachel's head back to his throbbing cock; the two girls began taking turns sucking on his large member. Rebecca began sliding her mouth along Robert's shaft allowing her tongue to gently brush against Rachel's as she did. The girls continued to lick and suck on Robert's cock, their mouths meeting occasionally allowing Rebecca to slip her tongue into Rachel's mouth.

Returning her attention to Robert, Rachel slid her mouth back along his shaft, trying to take more of him into her tiny mouth. As Rachel sucked on his meat, Rebecca had risen to her feet and had started to kiss Robert. Both of Rachel's hands were stroking the long cock, pumping it as hard as she could.

Rebecca's muffled groans filled Rachel's ears, as Rachel turned her head she saw Robert massaging Rebecca's pussy. His finger gliding in and out of her moist slit, Rachel watched in excitement as Rebecca moaned louder. Robert let his finger slide out of Rebecca much to her disappointment. He placed it into Rachel's open mouth, at first she pulled away, but Robert persisted. Rachel began to suck his finger tasting Rebecca's sweet juices; this was her first taste of another woman.

A hand guided Rachel's head towards Rebecca's pussy; Rachel felt Rebecca's pubic hair against her nose as she slowly lapped at the small clit. Waves of pleasure ripped through Rebecca's body with each tender flick of Rachel's tongue.

Rebecca pulled Rachel's head back and motioned for Rachel to sit on the table. Rachel sat on the table and Rebecca quickly spread her legs, opening up her shaved pussy. Rebecca lowered her head and began to lick Rachel's moist lips. Robert positioned himself behind Rebecca and slowly pushed his cock into her waiting pussy.

Slowly but firmly Robert began to pump Rebecca's pussy making her groan with pleasure with each stroke. It had been a long time since she had felt Robert inside her, his long member filling her. Each thrust sending her closer to orgasm. The pace quickened, Rebecca's breasts bouncing beneath her. Rebecca began gasping as her orgasm approached; she buried her face between Rachel's legs. The combination of moans and Rebecca's frenzied licking began to take its toll on Rachel.

Robert withdrew quickly, pulling Rebecca back.

"Not yet" Robert said firmly.

Rachel was shocked at first, but then remembered what had been said before the encounter started. She was enjoying things too much for it all to stop now. Rebecca however was in desperate need of an orgasm.

Rebecca lay next to Rachel on the table; she spread her legs allowing Robert to re enter her wet pussy. He quickly took up the invitation feeding his member deep into her. Rachel laid her hand on Rebecca's clit and rubbed gently as Robert fucked her slit. There mouths met again, Rachel slipped her tongue into Rebecca's mouth, their tongues massaging each other.

Robert guided Rachel on top of Rebecca, her small round ass pointing at him. He pressed her down making her grind against Rebecca, both girls moaned with delight. Rachel's delicate ass wiggling in front of him as he pounded Rebecca. Rebecca groaned more loudly as Rachel rubbed her bald pussy against her. The moaning continued as Rebecca's body tensed, her orgasm swept through her body almost knocking Rachel off her.

As Rebecca calmed down from her orgasm, Rachel turned her attention back to Robert, she slide his cock from Rebecca and began sucking the juices from him. His hard shaft glistened with Rebecca's juices. Rachel sucked greedily, loving the taste of Rebecca as it lingered on Roberts's long member.

Although Robert enjoyed the young girl's mouth around his cock, he wanted to feel her tight pussy wrapped around it. Robert sat himself on one of the chairs and invited Rachel to join him. Rachel straddled the large cock, sliding the tip in she squealed at the size. With each thrust she took a little more in, feeling full she began wiggling her hips. Her tight pussy squeezing Roberts's cock, with each of her movements he could feel his balls swelling.

Rebecca watched the action, the sight of Rachel being spread by the hard cock only served to turn her on more. Rebecca was massaging her large breasts with one hand while the other slowly rubbed her clit. Rebecca edged forward, resting her hand on Rachel's tight ass. Her tongue licking gently at Rachel's small brown ass, Rachel moaned, her pussy gripping Robert tighter. It was too much for Robert; with a loud groan he began cumming inside Rachel.

Cum oozed from her tight pussy, dribbling down Roberts softening cock. Rebecca was quick to lap up the cum cleaning Robert's member. Rachel was still close to cumming, as she climbed off Robert Rebecca quickly attached her mouth to Rachel's wet slit. She gobbled every drop of cum from the tight hole, this proved too much for Rachel. Her body began shaking; she rocked her hips against Rebecca's mouth.

Opening her eyes as she recovered from her orgasm, she caught a faint glimpse of Robert and Rebecca as they faded away. Rachel dressed quickly remembering where she was. She returned to her seat inside the cart. With a jolt the cart began to move again.

Returning to the night air the cart came to a halt back where the journey had started. As she rose, a little shakily as her body was still recovering from the most intense orgasm she had ever had, the ride operator smiled,

"I take it you don't need the refund" he said winking.

As she got out of the car she had another look at the sign, she saw a group of photographs, showing the stars of the attraction, and sure enough in amongst them was Rebecca and Robert. Rachel was certain that the pair winked at her as she turned to head home.

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