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I would also ask you to take notice of the story codes before you read.

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The Possession of Melinda

Romano, the Black Demon of lost souls, was a little pissed off at the moment. The Demon was not happy because in the past 6 months he was not having much luck collecting any of the lost souls that inhabited earth.

It seemed to the Demon like more and more of the lost souls on Earth were either choosing to stay or crossover, with the Ghost Whisperer's help.

The Demon's recent failure to collect the lost souls on Earth was becoming more troublesome to him, and he knew that something had to change for him soon. It was also starting to get some notice in the darkness world that he inhabited.

The Demon knew that if things did not change soon, that he would not be able to visit Earth anymore. So he had to find a way to collect the lost souls, if he wanted to keep coming back.

Romano did not want to go back into the darkness again forever, because he loved it here on Earth. He also enjoyed all the evil havoc that he could create when he visited.

The Demon had a broad grin on his face, as he thought about all the debauchery and misery that he had already inflicted on some of the young women he had met.

The horror Romano had done over the years to them made his cold black heart fill up with much joy.

On rare occasions the Demon could gain a temporary physical presence here on Earth. It meant he could go out and rape the purest and the sweetest of the girls that he could find when he visited. He loved ravaging virginal vaginas and chewing on tender young tits. But rape did not gain him the souls of his victims.

The Afterlife had been good to Romano but the darkness was always moving, and news of his constant failure to gain souls on Earth was starting to become a problem for him.

The Demon also knew just the person to blame for his current failures in the real world. It was the big tit white bitch known as Melinda Gordon. At that point Romano decided he was going to make Melinda pay one day and suffer for all the times she had cost him a soul on Earth.

The Demon wanted revenge on the Ghost Whisperer and Romano also knew that someday or somehow, he was going to get his ultimate revenge on Melinda Gordon.

Romano kept thinking about it. If only he could maintain his physical presence on Earth long enough so he could manage to rape her young body.

He also wanted to do the same thing to Melinda's hot body that he had done to the other younger girls on Earth. He knew once he materialized to a physical form that Melinda Gordon would be his forever, just like the other young girls he had fucked in the past.

Romano also thought that vile of an act on her young married body, would be his ultimate revenge against the sexy young Ghost Whisperer.

The Demon kept thinking that if he could manage to do that to her body that it would ruin her life forever.

In truth the Demon knew, deep down in his own black heart that he just wanted to possess Mrs. Gordon's beautiful body and destroy her soul for his own twisted Demonic pleasure. He could not stop thinking about Melinda's curvy white body.

He had envisioned, on many different occasions, the images of the Ghost Whisperer's nude body. The images of her body kept playing out over and over in his twisted mind, almost to the point of becoming an obsession with him.

The Demon also could not stop thinking about all the times he had seen her in the past, in various sexy outfits in public.

Romano had often wondered if maybe Melinda Gordon was not as innocent as everyone thought. It seemed to him like Melinda was always strutting around town in her skimpy little cleavage tops, with her big titties always bouncing.

Romano was now thinking back to the one time he actually got the opportunity to watch Melinda changing for bed one night. He now remembered just how much he had enjoyed watching her undress that evening in her bedroom.

The Demon actually got a great view of all of Melinda's nude body in its entire splendor, that night as she changed into her nightgown for bed. Now the image of her nude pale white body kept playing out in his warped mind over and over.

Romano saw Melinda's breasts that night, in all their naked glory. Her big breasts looked so pale, almost milky white in color, and they were capped with tiny little pink nipples.

The Demon also remembered thinking that her boobs had some droopiness to them. Maybe her big ole white breast was not as fresh and firm looking, as the other teenage girl's he had the pleasure of torturing in the past; but her body was still very sexy indeed.

Romano was thinking just how good it would be if he could hurt her precious white breasts. He only wished that he could put her big boobs in a rack and torture her prized melons until she screamed out to him for mercy, to stop hurting her breast.

In truth, Romano just wanted to hear Melinda Gordon begging him for mercy. The Demon knew that he would show her none, when she did beg him to stop hurting her. Romano also thought about the rest of her nude body as well.

The Demon had only a brief look at her naked pussy that night but the image of it was still vivid in his warped brain. Her pussy had a thin strip of hair covering her mound, neatly trimmed down the center.


The main images of her nude body, and the longest view that Romano had gotten that night, was of her lovely backside and her big fat white ass.

The Demon also was curious as to why she seemed to take forever to pull her nightgown up to cover her big ass.

He also thought that he heard her giggle once or twice as she stood there with her bare ass on display to him, while she slowly slipped on her nightgown.

Romano also was sure that Melinda seemed to pause as she pulled up her gown over her big ass, a little longer then needed. He wondered if the bitch knew he was there watching her undressing and she just wanted to tease him with her sexy nude body.

The Demon wondered why she did not sense his presence that night in the room, when he watched her undressing.

The fucking Ghost Whisperer slut! Maybe Melinda is just a cock-teasing little bitch after all, he thought.

The images of that night, and of her curvy nude body, kept playing repeatedly in his warped mind.

"I will get her somehow," he thought. "The Ghost Whisperer always had me, with her uncanny ability to get the souls to pass into the light," he thought. "It was starting to strain on me, my constant failures to her. I could see it now in my cold dead eyes, heavy with bags, and my brow lined with worry, and I had no idea how to defeat the Ghost Whisperer just yet."

However, luck rode hand in hand with the unforgiving darkness, and Romano had just spent a long week in the deepest darkest jungles of Africa where he came across an old spell book. It was a very old book with the brown cover crushed and it broke away from the lightest contact of human hands.

The writing in the book was very old and faded. It was also in a language not used by man for centuries. Patience, said the darkness, so Romano studied the old text until he worked the writing out in his head and he learned the ancient ways of the Dream Stalker.

In ancient times, the biggest danger was the feared Dream Stalker; a man, the book said, that could take the dreams of the living and bring them to reality.

Romano read the dreams never ended in death but in a series of joy swiftly moving into unbearable sadness. The Dream Stalker sounded like a man Romano could get to like, and now he had his book and all the knowledge from the text.

The demon studied the book's text religiously, from cover to cover, and learned all the magic from it. Once he learned everything in the old book, he knew the right person to attack with his newfound knowledge: the Ghost Whisperer herself, Melinda Gordon.


Melinda was very tired after a long exhausting day at work, and from the many spirits that approached her during the day in town all wanting her help.

It had been a long day for Melinda Gordon but she was now safe at home and all she wanted to do was to get in her big bed and get some much-needed rest.

She started changing for bed by putting on one of her favorite nightgowns. The gown she put on was one of the most revealing nightgowns that she owned.

The night gown always made her feel very sexy when she wore it to bed, and wearing it normally turned on her husband so much.

That when she wore the sexy gown to bed, it would often lead to a great night in the sack with her hubby.

Melinda was feeling horny as hell at the moment, even though it had been such a long day.

The minute she put on her favorite sexy nightgown, she could feel her tiny nipples hardening through the thin nightgown.

She even begun to giggle while, talking to her own breasts.

"Why it looks like my big boys need some loving attention tonight from my husband."

Melinda looked at her own reflection again in the mirror, and she was very satisfied with the way she looked.

"Oh, god I'm feeling so horny right now and I want my husband to fuck me tonight," she said to herself. "I look like a wanton little slut." Then a wicked little smile came across her face.

Melinda decided to feel up her own breasts, reaching up to cup both of them in her hands. She gave each of her soft fleshly mounds of joy a playful little squeeze.

She continued to play with her tits for a while longer until she felt the dampness in her pussy start to build.

Melinda then noticed her own sultry looking reflection in the bathroom mirror again, her eyes were now partially closed and her gown had slipped off her left shoulder to reveal one of the breasts she had been so lovingly playing with.

"Oh Jesus, I had better stop fondling my babies before it's too late and I make myself cum."

Melinda, was thinking, "Oh, God, I want to be fucked tonight by my husband's big hard dick and I cannot wait to have him fuck my horny pussy tonight." Therefore, she reached back up to adjust her nightgown before heading to the bedroom to find her husband.

She also decided to pinch her tiny nipples with her fingers a little bit first, to make sure they were both fully aroused before heading to bed.

She also knew that her hubby would be so turned on by the way she looked right now. With her tiny little pink nipples already aroused and poking out noticeably through her thin nightgown.

She giggled out as she approached the bed. "Honey your horny little slut wife needs some loving tonight."

"Oh, fuck," she thought, when she heard Jim already snoring soundly in bed.

Melinda climbed into bed, feeling frustrated and very horny. She could not believe just how horny she felt, right now as she got into bed.

Melinda just sat in bed for a while longer, thinking about nothing but having sex with her sleeping husband's big cock.

She could not stop thinking about just how good it would feel to have her husband's cock stuffed deep inside her pussy right now.

"I would even suck on his cock if that would make Jim happy enough to fuck me with it," she thought.

Melinda decided to just lie down in bed and try to go to sleep. She knew that she had to stop thinking about sex if she ever wanted to sleep tonight.

She did manage to fall asleep but it was a restless sleep as images of sex filled her brain, while she slept.

As Melinda slept, a faint mist of red dust blew through the open French windows, circling around the room a bit before falling down and resting on Melinda's soft skin.

She smelled a strange smoke blowing up her nose, causing her to choke and gasp for air.

Melinda's sat up and reached for the glass of water on her nightstand, taking a big sip from the glass.

The water tasted strange as she gulped it down her throat. It had a very tart taste to the drink.

"Oh, god, what happened to my clothes?" Melinda wondered as she looked down over her naked breasts. She soon realized that she was now completely naked in bed.

Her eyes soon drifted shut and Melinda felt suddenly very tired.

She laid-back down on the bed, without even pulling the cover's back up to cover her nudity.

She then feels the presence of someone else in the room and Melinda could even hear at least two other voices, talking in the room.

"Oh, honey, just look at her gorgeous naked body."

Melinda thought that it sounded like a female voice in the room speaking, and then she heard another voice thinking it sounded more like a man's voice.

"Oh, baby look at the white bitch and her big white breasts just lying there."

The female voice speaks again. "Oh, baby just look at her naked body. She has a nice flat little tummy and look at the little patch of hair down there between her legs! My, she does have a splendid body, darling."

"I cannot wait to have a piece of her lovely body," the male voice said.

"Oh, you must wait Darling, we will have her soon enough."

Melinda tries to grab the sheets and pull them up to cover her nudity, but she cannot seem to move her arms. She can hear the soft voice telling her, "It's time to dream, darling."

She tried to speak but the soft hand covers her mouth.

"Hush my sweet angel, just try to relax and enjoys the ride."

Melinda could feel a callused hand now touching her soft breast, and another hand running down her flat stomach. She then felt a softer hand grabbing her other breast and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Oh honey, you're right! This slut's body is awesome. Just feel how soft her breast feels," the male voice said, while he also slipped a finger in her pussy. Then the long finger starts to finger fuck the young wife.

The female was still playing with her other breast, running her thumbs across the tiny pink nipples, making them hard as pebbles from her soft touch.

Melinda could not see the faces of the people in the room with her, but she knew someone was fingering her pussy and a softer pair of hands was now massaging her soft breasts.

She wanted to stop them from touching her naked body, but she could not seem to move a muscle in her body.

The softer sounding voice spoke again. "I think she is about ready for her dream now." The woman's voice, she thought.

"Oh, stop that you horny old toad," the woman's voice said. "Put that thing back in your pants. We will get her horny body later."

"I will be quick," the male voice said.

"Darling it is not our time to be with her, and you do not want to make him unhappy, do you?"

Melinda could feel something slipping between her warm breasts and the object was very hard. She could even feel her breasts being squeezed together in a vice around the hard object lodged between them.

"I want to fuck her white tits but do not worry no one will know."

Melinda thought it was a male voice talking.

The female voice spoke softly. "Darling if you get to sample the white slut's naked body. I get to play with her naked body too."

"OH!" Melinda moaned when she felt something wet touching her clit.

The pair of hands that were still holding her soft breasts was squeezing them tighter now, and the other hard object that was lodged between her breasts kept bumping into her chin.

Melinda was confused at first, trying to figure out what was lodged between her naked breasts, but whatever it was it felt warm against her skin and very hard.

Then Melinda felt something heavy sitting down on her stomach.

"Oh god!" she thought. "It feels like someone is sitting on my stomach and trying to fuck my tits! I can't breathe!"

"Get the fuck off of me", she wanted to scream out, to him but no sound came out of her mouth.

The black man started to squeeze her white breasts harder with his hands.

"Oh god it hurts," Melinda shuddered. "What's happening to my breasts and why do they hurt.

Who is the person squeezing my breasts and why can I not see them?"

"Oh, please stop that you are hurting me," she cried.

Melinda could feel the pain in her breast but she could not scream or make any sound even though the pain was getting more unbearable by the minute...

The softer voice spoke, "Why, so rough, darling? You do not want to mark her just yet."

"I was just checking to make sure she is ready."

"Oh, do not worry about that Darling. The drink and the dream will take care of her young body for the rest of the night.

She is going to find out soon that many men will fuck her horny young body tonight in her dream, but only one person or beast will ever please her and satisfy the horny bitch from now on.

"The Demon wants Melinda to learn tonight that she is just a slut, just a whore that was put on this Earth to satisfy anyone who wants her body, men or women.

After tonight Melinda Gordon will no longer have the ability to say no to anyone, who wants to use her body sexually from now on."

The woman's voice spoke up again, "Oh Darling, you know the Demon wants Melinda to experience a sexual awakening tonight while she sleeps. He wants the pretty bitch to lose all her inhibitions and her self-control.

The Demon wants her body to experience many different types of physical pleasures in her dreams tonight from men and even woman."

The man's voice spoke again, "Why does Romano want her to experience so much tonight in her dreams?"

"Oh Darling, Romano thinks that if the young woman loses her self-control in her dreams tonight, that Melinda will then be unable to control her own sexual needs and wanton desires from now on in her daily life.

The young woman will no longer have any control of her own sexual needs and Melinda Gordon will not have the ability to prevent the sexual advances from others, even.

Melinda will find herself giving away her beautiful young body freely to all the men and even the women that want to have her sexually.

Yes, Melinda will become so obsessed with having sex with anyone that any male or female will be able to have her body almost at their will."

Melinda heard the voices speaking to each other in the room.

Then a soft voice in her ear whispered to her, "Sleep,

Darling, and have a nice dream."


Melinda was now running in a massive rain forest; there was green everywhere, and Melinda's bare feet squashed down on the wet mud as she ran in the dream.

She also had no idea why she was running in the dream or what she was thinking about at the time.

Melinda barely remembered her own dreams in the past, let alone has any conscious memory of her dreams.

The sun shone through the wet leaves of the jungle as Melinda keeps running and she looks down to see that she is wearing a purple low cut dress. Her big white breasts were nearly popping out with every step she took.

Melinda's big boobs were bouncing up and down like beach balls inside her low-cut dress as she ran. Normally this would embarrass Melinda, but here, running though a forest in her dream, she let her inhibitions slide and kept up the fast pace as she runs though the rainforest.

The water was collecting on the leaves of the giant trees and was dripping down from the leaves every so often onto her exposed cleavage.

Her dress was now becoming soaked from all the water falling down on her clothes.

Her nipples were soon fully erect inside her soaking wet dress, and they were now poking out noticeably from it, but Melinda was not worried; this was her dream. She can do whatever she liked in her own dreams.

The heat of the jungle had made Melinda all sweaty, and soon her entire body was soaked in cold water and body sweat.

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