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Ghost Whisperer Ch. 01


This is a new series of television shows that I watch. These are fantasies of the shows as I wish would appear on television. I will list the cast members and their television show names at the beginning of each episode that I write about. I hope you enjoy and join in my TV fantasies.


Cast of Ghost Whisperer; Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda Gordon); David Conrad (Jim Gordon/Melinda's husband); Camryn Manheim (Delia Banks/Melinda's new partner); Aisha Tyler (Andrea Marino/Melinda's old partner); Jay Mohr (Rick Payne).

As I stated in my previous story, I am an author of sexually explicit fantasies. I never claimed to be a "so called writer". If you are looking for a perfect composition please stop reading now. There may be grammatical and spelling errors (even though I do use spell check). So if you love sexual fantasies involving television stars, please read on. If you are an English teacher leave now!

When the series Ghost Whisperer began Melinda Gordon had a partner in her antique shop named Andrea Marino (played by Aisha Tyler). She was killed rushing to a plane crash that she believed her brother was on. He wasn't on the plane, but the debris from that same crash did kill her.

The story begins a couple of days before that ill fated day. Melinda was off trying to get one of her spirits to cross over. Jim and Melinda were to go out for a romantic dinner seeing it was their wedding anniversary. Jim came to the shop to pick up Melinda, but Andrea told her that she had stepped out well over three hours ago saying she would be back soon. Jim knew he should be worried, but he was finally fed up with her constant chasing of the spirits. He needed attention and Andrea let him know she could provide it.

Andrea had her long silky black hair pinned up, as always her make-up was done to perfection, her lipstick, a dark purple matched the silky blouse she was wearing. Below that she had a white ankle length flowing skirt on.

As she came around the counter she placed her long black fingers on Jim's starched white shirt and slid them along his pecs to his shoulders. As she did that she slipped his dark blue suit jacket off his shoulders. He just stood there knowing he should stop her, but right now he wanted to pay Melinda back for not being there for the umpteenth time.

As his jacket hit the floor she ran her hands around his back and running them through his dark hair slowly pulled his head down to hers. Just before their lips met he pulled away.

"Andrea, we can't be doing this. Melinda is your partner and she's my wife. Yes, yes I know she's off chasing another spirit and I should, and am pissed. This doesn't give us any reason to do what we were both about to do."

Andrea turned and walked to the door and turned the lock and turned the sign to closed. She slowly walked back to Jim, as she approached, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. As she reached him she took him by the hand and led him to the back of the store where in the small office Andrea had a sofa that she used as place to sleep when she worked late. When she had him next to it she gave him a playful shove and he flopped down onto it.

She stood before him smiling down at him as she finished unbuttoning her blouse. With one shake of her shoulders it fluttered to the floor behind her. Reaching up she pulled two pins from her hair and her long black hair fluttered about her shoulders. She scooped the hair from her back and covered her bra covered chest with it. Reaching behind her she popped open her bra clasp and once again shook her shoulders and the bra joined her blouse on the floor.

Jim looked up this black goddess, trying to get a good look at her chocolate kiss nipples, but they were hidden by the mane of black hair. For a woman as slim as Andrea, her tits were large, full and didn't sag one iota.

Slowly gathering her loose fitting skirt in her fists she pulled it up and she straddled his firm well muscled legs. She slowly sat on his lap feeling his stiff cock nudging the lips of her pussy through her white lacy panties. As she settled on his lap her hair drifted from her firm black breast and as she leaned forward she cupped one tit and pulled his head forward with the other hand.

Jim let out a groan as the stiff black nipple grazed his lips. Opening them he slowly drew the stiff flesh between his lips. Moving back he released the nipple and slowly ran his tongue around and around the tip. Tens of tiny bumps rose up around the nipple as the areola darkened as blood rushed to the straining tip.

It was Andrea's turn to groan as Jim teased the stiff nipple, flicking his tongue back and forth and then drawing the nipple back in between his lips. She arched her back as she pushed more tit flesh into his mouth and at the same time tried to grind her juicy cunt hard against his stiff cock. She began unbuttoning his shirt and as she placed her slim black fingers on his chest, all of a sudden he stopped her.

Jim pulled Andrea's half naked body from his and flopped her down on the sofa next to him. Standing quickly he rebuttoned his shirt and picking up her bra and blouse handed them to her.

"Andrea, this is a mistake. I love Melinda and neither of us can do this to her. God knows I want to, you are one of the sexiest women in this god forsaken town and if I wasn't married to Melinda, I'd have you naked right now, making passionate love to you. We both know this can't and will not happen."

He turned and left the room, a moment later the door open and closed and she knew he was gone, but definitely not forgotten. She knew there were going to be other chances and sooner or later she's have his big thick white cock in her juicy pussy. Damn she thought; "I was so close, feeling that big cock sliding back and forth across my pussy lips, damn I'll get that cock in me or die trying!"

Little did she know how true that last part of that thought would come true.

As Jim left the shop, Melinda was pulling up in her SUV. He thanked his lucky stars that he did stop the tryst with Andrea or within the next minute she would have caught the two of them.

Over dinner he stared at his gorgeous wife, he knew he should feel ashamed for what he let Andrea do, but all he felt was remorse that he didn't let her have her way with him, for he felt the same way. Jim knew that he would have to stay clear of Andrea for the next couple of days or he just may act upon their wants.

"Jim, Jim are you listening to me? You seem a million miles away. Did you hear what I said?"

"Sorry Melinda, I had a rough day and then you were late. I guess I'm just tired, sorry honey, what were you saying?"

"Jim honey, I'm sorry I was late, but..."

"Please Melinda, don't go there. I know you are doing what you think and know you have to, but now it's getting a little out of hand. My god Melinda tonight was our anniversary and you were late, very late and you left Andrea all alone for the entire afternoon."

"What more can I say, I'm really sorry and tonight I promise I'm all yours."

When they got home Jim went directly to the bedroom and got undressed and slipped into bed. A few moments later Melinda came in wearing a see through white nightgown. She slipped into bed and pulled back the covers and began licking Jim's large cock. He closed his eyes and images of Andrea filled his head,

Melinda slipped her lips off his cock and whispered; "My god Jim, I've never felt you get this big and hard, I guess make-up sex is the best."

She slid up his body and with one swift move mounted his pulsating cock. Once again he closed his eyes and imagined Andrea riding his cock. Through hooded eyes he squeezed her huge tits and mumbled Andrea's name, catching himself he let out a groan and thrust up into Melinda. Picturing Andrea's he stiffened and exploded deep in Melinda's pussy.

She slowly rolled off of Jim and tried to cuddle, but he said that he had to get up early and rolled over and went to sleep.

Melinda laid there unsatisfied and wondering if she had heard him right, did he call out Andrea's name? She curled up in a ball and slowly cried herself to sleep.

On the other side of the bed, Jim lied there slowly stroking his cock; he kept imaging Andrea's firm black nippled tits. He wondered what her pussy would taste like. Would it be tight, did it have a lot of hair or would it be bald like Melinda's? He stroked himself faster wondering if she moaned or screamed when she came. Would she take it in the pussy or did she like cum shooting across her lithe black body? He let out a quiet groan as he came all over his pounding fist. He drifted off to sleep thinking about fucking Andrea.

The following morning Jim was already gone when Melinda woke up; she struggled out of bed and slipped into the shower. She had her lush dark tresses piled high on her head, seeing didn't have enough time to wash and dry her hair and get to the antique shop in time. As she washed her plush body she imagined Jim's hands caressing her massive tits and sucking on her silver dollar sized areolas. Her hands drifted down to her to her bare pussy, separating her outer folds she uncovered her clit and ran the tip of her index finger around and around the stiff blood red button. She moved her other hand around to her ample ass and squeezed those full round white globes of flesh. Spreading her cheeks she tickled her puckered asshole and poked at the hole with one of her fingers. Pushing forward the manicured finger slipped into her asshole and she arched her back as she neared an orgasm that she desperately needed after last night's frustrated love making bout with her husband. One finger plucking away at her clit and the other sliding in and out of her tight asshole, she stiffened and let out a loud guttural moan and came all over her cupped hand. Leaning against the shower wall she shook as she came down from the much needed orgasm.

Melinda finished her shower and stepping out, dried herself and walked naked to the bedroom where she picked out her wardrobe for today. Melinda picked out a strapless black bra to hold her huge tits in, slipping into marching lacy panties she surveyed her gorgeous body. Picking up the black dress she slipped into it. It hugged her upper body like a glove, shoving her massive tits together and pulled in tight about the waist. Her skirt flared out wide and ended just above the knees. As she spun around the skirt rose and the cool breeze tickled her full shapely legs. Slipping her tiny feet in black strapped shoes she tied the laces about her ankles. Appling a bright red lipstick to her full lips she looked at her image in the mirror and her dark eyes sparkled. Thinking back to the welcomed orgasm she had in the shower, she shook slightly and felt a rush of fluids moistening her lacy panties. Finding a white lacy wrap, she draped it over her shoulders and ran down the stairs and out the door.

Andrea was already at the shop when Melinda strolled in and she gave Melinda an icy stare; "Glad to see you could make it today. What the fuck happened to you yesterday? You said you would be back in an hour and never returned. Jim came here looking for you on YOUR ANNIVERSARY and I had to entertain him."

"I'm so sorry Andy; you know how I get when I meet up with a spirit and help them to cross over. By the way, did anything happen between you and Jim?"

Andrea looked down and responded in a lower tone; "No, no nothing, why do you ask?"

"Well it's sort of personal, but while we were making love last night he barely looked at me. He had his eyes closed most of the time and I could have sworn he muttered your name just before he came."

Even though Andy was black Melinda could have sworn she saw her blush and fidget about and responded; "No, nothing happened, he was visible upset that you were not here on such an important evening. We hugged and I gave him an innocent kiss on the cheek as I always do. Other then that he left and waited for you outside."

"Well thanks Andy for being such a good friend and once again I'm sorry I didn't call to let you know where I was. On another subject, isn't your brother coming in today for a visit?"

"Yes he is, as a matter of fact I was going to take off soon to pick him up at the airport if that's okay with you?"

"Andy after what I did to you yesterday, why don't you take off the whole day. I'll take care of things today."

"Thanks Melinda, I appreciate that," she came over to Melinda and gave her a big hug. Picking up her handbag she turned and waved goodbye to Melinda. Little did she know that it was the last time she would ever see her alive.

Andrea left the shop driving out in her convertible towards the Gordon house. She knew that Jim would be back from the early morning shift at an EMS tech. When she turned the corner she saw his car in the driveway. As she approached the house her cell phone went off, checking the display she saw it was from Melinda.

As she pulled in front of her friend's home she mumbled to herself; "Fuck, what the hell does she want now! Hi Melinda, what's up?"

"Andy, what flight is Tom coming in on?"

"Flight 708, why?"

"Now don't panic, but the news on the TV said that flight was experiencing some problems and was going to be making an emergency landing,"

Andy didn't reply, she just dropped the phone and tore off in the direction of the airport. As she headed out of town suddenly there was a loud roar behind her, she swerved off the road and there was a loud boom, a flash and suddenly everything went dark.

The plane didn't make it to the airport and crashed on its approach, unfortunately Andrea was in the crash path.

Andrea saw a bright light in the distance; turned back she saw her burning car and her body in it. She refused to accept what was happening and turned away from the light and walked slowly back towards town.

Turning the knob of the antique shop she saw Melinda crying. Jim had given her the news about Andy and her demise. When Melinda saw her she was confused at first, but then realized that the spirit of Andrea was here.

"Andy, oh my god, I'm so sorry, if I didn't call you and tell you about Tom's flight you would still be here with us."

She started sobbing uncontrollably, but Andy could not feel sorry for her. Melinda wasn't dead, she was.

Melinda stopped long enough to blurt out, "Tom called a few minutes ago looking for you, he missed the flight and wanted to make sure you had the new flight information. My god Andy, I'm so, so sorry, if I only knew a few minutes earlier you wouldn't have sped off into the line of the crash."

All Andrea could do was shake her head, she thought to herself that this was payment for trying to steal Melinda's husband away from her. She got madder and madder by the second. All of a sudden glasses were flying off the shelves, crashing all around Melinda.

Melinda had the look of shock on her face and then Andrea was gone.

"Andy, come back, let's talk this through, you need to cross over and be at peace!"

She was gone and didn't give a fuck what Melinda thought. She was now standing in the Gordon's bathroom looking at Jim as he stood in the shower. Concentrating she could hear him thinking about her as he stroked his cock.

"Oh my god, I'm thinking about Andy and how I'll never get to fuck that black goddess, what am I thinking, poor Andy's dead and all I can think about is myself and how much I want to fuck her. I should have fucked her yesterday,"

Suddenly the door opened and Jim looked shocked, but called out Andy's name knowing she was in his presence but unable to see her. He felt a flutter on his lips as she reached up to kiss her. He let out a sigh and turning off the water, dried himself off and he started to cry too.

Andrea couldn't take any more of this and quickly disappeared.

Three days later everyone was surrounding the casket of Andrea Marino. Her brother Tom was last to say a few words as the services were concluded. Off to the side where she was sure no one, especially Melinda, Andrea watched on as all of her friends and family said farewell to her. She still couldn't get around the thought that she was dead. She knew now that when she first died she should have gone into the light. Now she was stuck here. She knew she would see it again once she completed the reason she didn't go into the light. She knew now what she needed to do, she had to have Jim, she wasn't proud of it, but knew she would never feel complete, no matter where she went until she completed her task. The biggest stumbling block would be Melinda. How could she ask her best friend to help her cross over, knowing she would have to give her husband to her to make her whole. She turned and drifted away from the cemetery knowing she would have to confront Melinda.

A couple days later Melinda was alone in the antique shop going over some invoices when the new realtor came in.

"Hi I'm Delia Banks, my boy and I moved into town recently. I'm trying to establish a realtor office here. Are you aware of any businesses that are available?"

Melinda stared at her; "Hi I'm Melinda Gordon, I own the shop, well part owner. My partner died recently in the plane crash."

"Oh I'm so sorry. I know how you feel, I recently lost my husband and we moved here to make a new start. I've always loved antiques and if you are looking for a new partner I may be interested, that is as long as I could also use part of the shop to conduct by realtor business."

Thank you Delia, but it's too soon to think about a new partner, I fell like she's still here and... once again, it's just too soon."

"Well Melinda, here is my card, give me a call if you change your mind."

As she closed the door behind her Andrea spoke up; "Melinda she seems perfect, you should talk to Tom about selling his share of the shop to her."

Melinda turned and tears ran down her cheek, "Oh my god Andrea, I'm so glad to see you. You'll never know how sorry I am about what happened. Where have you been all this time?"

"Oh I've been around, watching you, Tom and Jim trying to decide how to approach you about completing things so I can cross over."

Pulling Andy to her full chest she cupped her face and kissed her tenderly; "You know Andrea I'll do whatever it takes to help you cross over. I feel so responsible for what happened. You name it and I'll make sure I'll do everything in my power to help you cross over."

Andrea let out a sarcastic laugh. "Melinda when I tell you what I need to do before I cross over I doubt very much if you'll agree. In fact I can't even get the words out to even ask you. Why do you think I haven't been around lately?"

"Come on Andrea, whatever it is, it can't be worse then being dead can it?"

"I guess you're right, just remember in the past we stopped and never finished what I started."

Melinda looked puzzled, her dark sultry eyes looked sympathetic but went wide then she heard what Andrea said.

"Well when you were late for your anniversary dinner, I persuaded Jim to join me in the back room. I pushed him onto the sofa and took off my blouse and bra. I straddled his body and we sort of made out. I rubbed my pussy against his hard on and when I tried to get him to go farther he stopped me. Just remember he loves you and in that moment of weakness he stumbled, but only because I pushed and pushed. Nothing more happened, but I need to be totally honest with you. That day... when you called me on my cell to tell me about the plane problem, well I was on your street, headed to see Jim and try to seduce him. He knew nothing about it; I was going to surprise him. Now we'll never know if he would have gone through with it."

Melinda was shocked and although she had helped literally hundreds of people cross over, she didn't know what to do, or what Andrea was asking her to help her cross over.

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