Ghost Whisperer Ch. 02


"Delia, please don't talk about ghosts, that's what got us into this predicament in the first place."

"Jim, what are you talking about? Come on over here and talk to me."

Jim came around and sat in the stool as Delia rubbed his shoulders. He leaned back against the huge pillows on her chest and he began to spill his guts out. He told her the entire story, from the tryst with Andrea on his anniversary night, to what he just finished seeing in Professor Rick Payne's office.

Delia, being alone for over two years now was both sympathetic and turned on by the story Jim had laid on her. She lazily stroked his hair as he nuzzled her huge tits. She could feel her juices leaking between her legs for the first time in a couple of years. She rubbed his shoulders and he let out a tiny groan, turning her on even more.

Jim turned his head looking up at the large features of Delia, their eyes met and she slowly lowered her mouth to his. Their lips met tentatively, separating they looked into each other's eyes and once again their lips met. This time there was a little more urgency as their lips parted and their tongues stabbed at one another and retreated. Advancing again they locked on a passionate kiss as her hands traveled down his chest dipping into his shirt and raking her nails across his hairy chest.

Reaching back he slid his hand up under the hem of her jumper. He brushed the back of his hand against her panty clad mound.

She moaned in his mouth and her hand slipped into his pants and gripped his growing cock. She let out a gasp when she realized just how large and fat Jim's cock was.

Turning on the stool, Jim stood up and wrapped his arms around Delia's large body. Fumbling with the zipper on the back of her jumper he drew it down and peeling it off her shoulders it dropped to her waist. Jim went to work on her starched white blouse opening it and slipping that also off her shoulders. Pushing the jumper off her hips it pooled about her ankles and he pulled her to his body.

Their lips met again and they kissed deeply as she went to work on his pants, slipping them down along with his boxers she slipped to her knees, Opening her mouth wide she took the fat head into the warmth of her mouth, her tongue lapped away at his shaft as her hand stroked him harder.

Jim stripped off his shirt and reached to cradle her head in his hands. He guided her up and down on his shaft. She lapped away at his balls as he pulled her hair tie out of her hair and it cascaded across his thighs. Her long light brown hair reached her waist and covered her breasts that were hidden by her matronly bra.

As she continued sucking his cock, rubbing her face back and forth against his saliva covered cock, Jim reached down and popped open her bra. Her melon sized tits floated out and swayed back and forth as she worshipped his cock.

Grabbing her by arms he lifted her up off his cock. They mashed their bodies together as they kissed once again. He moved to her neck and down towards her huge tits. Sucking on her pencil sized nipples she crushed his face against her tits. He slowly knelt before her, pulling her panties down he was presented with a full brown bush that sparkled with the juices from her pussy. Slipping his fingers between her full lipped pussy he parted them. He dove in and began licking her pink gash and she let out a groan when he uncovered her blood red clit. Stabbing at it with his tongue as he dipped two fingers into her cunt she gripped his head and letting out a loud guttural moan came all over his face.

When she stopped shaking he stood up and bending her over the back counter stabbed at her cunt from behind. Like a vacuum she nearly sucked his cock into her tight dripping cunt. He began banging her with such force that her tits slapped back and forth on the counter. Her long hair tickled his cock as he fucked away at her large form. She was moaning constantly as he raced towards an orgasm.

Delia matched his thrust for thrust, pushing back against him as hard as he pushed forward. "Come on Jim fuck me, I'm there please fill me with your jism, oh fuck it's been so long, yes, yes I'm cumming!"

Just about the same time Jim pulled hard on her long hair and shot his load in her pussy. He collapsed against her back and they both shook as the last spurt was sent into her pussy.

Slowly he regained his composure and slipped from her pussy.

Delia stood up and reaching down captured the jism that was leaking out of her pussy. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean.

He took her in his arms and hugged her lovingly. Kissing her neck, cheek and lips, he whispered to her; "Thank you Delia, I really needed that, I'll never forget it!"

She kissed him hard and when she broke the kiss smiled at him; "No Jim, thank you, I never realized how much I needed physical contact." She chuckled; "Boy and that is what I call physical contact. Anytime you want a repeat performance, let me know, no strings attached and you can depend on me keeping this just between the two if us."

He kissed her on the forehead with affection; "Thank you Delia, I'll remember it always, now let's get dressed and head home, again thank you!"

She smiled weakly as they dressed in silence. When they were dressed they left the shop locking up he walked her to her car, gave her a big hug and kissed her on the lips.

She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue out, but before she could take it any further, Jim stepped back, opened her car door and helped her in. Closing her door, she lowered her window and he reached in and gave her one last goodnight kiss

As she drove away his thought of seeing Rick shoot his cum all over his bride came rushing back. He fought back the urge to cry, taking a very deep breath, walked to his car and drove home.

Melinda was waiting for him in the living room when he returned home. He knew from her reaction that she saw him at the doorway to Rick's office. She tried to speak, but he moved past her and started up the stairs. Halfway up he turned looking at her pleading face he spat; "Tonight, I'll be sleeping in the spare bedroom!"

He turned and hurried up the stairs, she heard the door slam shut, and she just hoped it wasn't slamming shut on their marriage.

The following morning Jim was gone when she awoke; she dressed and headed to the shop. She spilled her guts to Delia, but to her surprise Delia seemed a bit indifferent to her plight.

"Maybe you and Jim need a brake, if not maybe consoling? Let me ask you Melinda, what was the best and worst part of both situations that happened?"

"What do you mean Delia? What are you getting at?"

"Well Melinda, I was wondering if watching Jim fuck Andrea turned you on. When you fucked Rick, what was the best part? Does it turn you on being caught and having Jim watch you?"

"I still don't see what that has to do with anything. If you must know, yes watching Jim fuck Andrea turned me on, I fingered myself as I sat there watching the two of them fuck. Oh my god watching his big fat cock sliding in and out of her pussy, his white skin against her black body, wow, what a turn on."

Delia slipped in behind Melinda and breathing hot air on her exposed ear whispered; "And what did you like best about fucking Rick?"

Melinda stiffened as Delia's lips nibbled at her ear, her tongue left a trail of saliva down her graceful neck. Licking her lips she let out a tiny moan through a husky whisper she started; "I loved the way he played with my large tits as he kissed my neck. I loved his long stiff cock sliding in and out of my tight asshole. Oh my god Delia, what are you doing to me, oh yes harder!"

Delia was squeezing Melinda's huge tits through her white nearly see through blouse. Her fingers began unbuttoning the blouse and she tugged it out of Melinda's full black skirt. Delia continued nibbling at her neck and shoulder. Her fingers found the clasp at the back of Melinda's white lacy bra and it went slack.

Melinda let out a loud gasp when her tits here cupped my Delia's large soft hands. Her fingers bought her fat nipples to erectness quickly as Melinda spun her body around and their lips met. Her tits flattened against Delia's larger tits and the material of her blouse caused her nipples to ache even more.

Delia broke the kiss and dropped her lips to one of Melinda's fat nipples as she rolled it around her tongue sending Melinda into erotic heaven.

Melinda caught her breath as she looked across the room and saw the image of the two of them in a large mirror. Her eyes glassed over as she felt Delia's hands move down her body and slide up under her full skirt. She held her breath as Delia's fingers found their way into Melinda's wet panties.

Pulling her mouth off of Melinda's dripping tit she whispered in her ear as she continued to finger her; "Tell me Melinda, tell me what you want me to do. Would you like to have Jim or Rick watch us as we make love to each other?"

Melinda's head rolled back her long dark brown hair in a ponytail dances along her naked back, licking her full red lips and staring at the dominant Delia before her with her fingers deep in her pussy blurted out; "Oh yes Delia, I want them both to watch us make love, I want you to fuck my pussy with you fingers and then lick me while you finger fuck my ass. Oh god Delia, I'm going to cum."

All of a sudden Delia pulled her hand from Melinda's pussy. Stepping back she licked the warm sticky juices from her fingers.

Melinda looked at Delia like a deer caught in the headlights of an eighteen wheeler. "Delia, why did you stop, I was so near, oh my god, please finish what you started."

Delia had a wicked smile on her face; "Later my dear, later."

She bent down and picked up Melinda's bra and blouse, planting one last kiss on her stiff nipple said; "You better get dressed, we wouldn't want anyone to walk in and catch you in this state."

"Delia, why are you doing this to me, don't be cruel."

Kissing Melinda lightly on the lips she smiled' "I'm not being cruel my dear, I'm just preparing you."

"Preparing me? Preparing me for what?"

"You'll see my dear, you'll see. What I want you to do is leave early today. Go home, take a long leisurely bath and dress nice and sexy. Fix your hair and do your make-up. I'll be at your place about six and be prepared for an evening you will never forget."

Delia turned and left the shop before Melinda could reply. She stood there clutching her blouse and bra against her naked chest when a customer walked in. Quickly she dropped down behind the counter and slipped her blouse on without the bra. Buttoning the blouse she stood up and was now face to face with Rick. His eyes shot immediately to her chest where her fat dark nipples showed prominently against the sheer white material. Looking down herself she let out a gasp, grabbed the bra and ran into the back.

She returned a few moments later red faced, but now with her breasts concealed.

Rick smiled; "You didn't have to do that for me. I sort of liked the way they looked without the bra."

"Very funny Rick, what can I do for you?"

"Oh Melinda, that's a loaded question. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Okay, how can you ask such a question? No I'm not okay, my marriage is in shambles. I had an affair with a man I highly respect and most recently just had a semi-lesbian encounter with Delia. How can you ask if I'm okay FUCK NO, I'm not okay?"

Rick came around the counter and took her in his arms. She placed her head on his shoulder and took a deep breath, Rick caressed her dark locks as she just stood there loving being held and at the same time she felt frustrated. She felt his cock growing against her belly and remembered Delia's fingers buried in her pussy.

She pushed Rick away; "I can't do this now. I'm too confused; my life is falling apart around me. I need to leave early today; I'm meeting Delia at my place tonight."

He slipped, "Yeah I know."

She looked quizzically at him; "What do mean, you know?"

"Oh nothing, well I got to go, talk to you soon."

He turned and left before she could question him about what he said.

She spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon doing busy work. When she stopped to assist a customer she thought back and had no idea what she did for the past few hours. Once she finished with the customer, she slipped on her coat, turned off the light and locked up the shop leaving a note that there was an illness in the family and drove home in a daze.

When she got home she ran a hot bath, putting half a bottle of bath oil in the tub. Slipping out of her clothes she stopped to stare at her figure in the quickly fogging mirror and smiled at what she saw before her. Pinning her hair atop her head she slipped into the tub. As she relaxed in the tub she thought; "Delia was right, I needed this, I just hope whatever she had planned will make everything right."

Nearly turning into a prune from the hot water Melinda finally stepped out of the tub. Picking up a huge fluffy towel she slowly began drying her lush body. As the steam cleared in the bathroom she once again stared at her body in the full length mirror. She smiled at what she saw, for a woman approaching thirty she was still fit and trim and very firm. Her large nippled tits stood high on her chest, her long graceful neck held her tiny featured face, full lips, dark brown eyes and luxurious dark brown locks. She decided to curl her hair for tonight in long cascading waves; Jim always liked her that way. Looking lower, her waist was still tiny and her hips flared out nicely to a gorgeous bubble butt. Placing one foot on the stood she inspected her pussy. Picking up the razor, she did a little maintenance, removing a few stray stubbles. Her legs were full, firm and beautifully shaped. She wished her legs were longer, but realized it would take away from her full rounded ass.

She sat on the cushioned dressing bench, feeling the fluffy material tickle her bare ass and pussy. She squirmed and regaining some composure, began applying her make-up and curling her hair. Once finished she stared at her image in the mirror and was happy with what she saw. Applying perfume and powder on her body she shivered thinking of Delia's lips on her skin, shaking her head free of those thoughts she walked naked into the bedroom to pick out her lingerie.

Opening the drawer she picked out a lacy pink demi-bra. Between the lace was see through pink nylon. Slipping it on her shoulders she reached behind and fastened the clasp. Adjusting her heavy breasts in the cups she looked at reflection in the mirror. Her large aureoles peeked over the top of the cups and her fat nipples poked out invitingly against the thin material. Finding a pair of sheer white hosiery she slipped them both over her feet and tugged them tight against the skin of her thighs. Smoothing the silk against her legs she caressed them and licked her lips and thought about Rick and his lips running up and down her silky thighs.

Shaking her head to clear that image from her mind she noticed her pussy getting damp and her nipples tightening. Pulling out a pale pink garter belt she fastened it about her waist and proceeded to attached the sheer white stockings to them. Finding the matching lace pink panties, she slipped them on, they were cut high on her hips and did very little to hide her creamy ass cheeks. Smoothing the material against her pussy she felt the lace dip into the tight lipped pussy.

Standing up she looked back at her ass in the mirror and smiled; "Mmmm this will do nicely, if this doesn't turn her on, nothing will."

Walking over to the closet she picked out a sheer floral wrap-around dress. Slipping it on, she tied the first fastener at her waist on the inside; crossing the material she took the wide ribbon belt and tied it in back.

Walking back to the mirror, she spun around playfully and the material flew about her legs, showing off her stocking tops and tight ass. Looking back at the mirror her breasts fought to burst from their restraints. A hint of her lacy bra peeked from the top. Finding her heels, she slipped her dainty feet into them and wrapped the pink ribbons halfway up her calves, tying them behind her shapely calves.

Sitting down she pulled the curlers from her hair, brushing it out she put the brush down and stared at her image once again in the mirror. She was very pleased at what she saw. Her dark eyes sparkled, her tiny nose fit her face nicely, her full lips had a matching pink lip gloss on them and they looked wet and inviting. Her long luxurious dark hair cascaded in shiny waves across her shoulders and down onto her breasts and back.

Standing she took one last look, the high heels caused her calves to perk up and her knees and lower thighs screamed an invitation to seek her treasure that was hidden several inches above the hem of her dress.

Going downstairs she prepared some light appetizers and chilled a couple bottles of wine. She tried to busy herself, her mind traveling at a million miles an hour trying to figure out what Delia had up her sleeve for this evening.

Jim came home about five and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Melinda.

She smiled when she saw his reaction and spun about giving him a glimpse of her bare thighs and her tightly encased ass in her pink panties. "You Like?"

All he could do was nod; he walked over to her and gave her a light kiss on the top of her head. "Delia called me today and gave me some instructions. I'm going upstairs to shower and change. DO NOT come upstairs; I'll be down in awhile, okay?"

She looked puzzled; "What instructions, Jim what is going on?"

"Just you wait and see, everything will unfold over the next hour or so and I believe we will all be pleasantly surprised at what's going to happen."

He turned and hurried upstairs before she could question him further.

She sat in the living room staring at the roaring fire she made in the fireplace. She heard the shower turnoff and picking up a magazine she thumbed through it mindlessly trying to pass the time away.

Just before six, Jim came downstairs dressed in a maroon silk bathrobe. It ended at mid thigh and she could see his bare chest under the material. His sexy hairy chest made her juices start to flow. She stood and approached him, but he held her at arms length keeping her from making contact with his body.

She was about to protest when the doorbell rang. Jim broke her grip on his arm and went to answer the door. When he returned Delia was walking if front on him. She was dressed in an ankle length coat.

"Delia, may I take your coat?"

"Why thank you Jim." She unbuttoned it and it slipped from her body.

Melinda drew in her breath as she stared at Delia. Her large lush body was encased in an ankle length sheer satin lavender slip type dress. It had thin spaghetti straps and sat low on her chest. Her huge melon sized tits threatened to pop from her dress. Delia's enormous nipples showed plainly against the smooth material. Her aureoles even showed prominently against the material. Delia's long straight light brown hair was loose about her shoulders and flowed down her back nearly to her ample ass. Her large feet were in black high heels.

She approached Melinda, taking her face in her hands she slowly lowered her mouth to hers and as their lips met, Delia's tongue came out, darted in and out and pulled away slowly.

Melinda let out a quiet moan and slowly opened her eyes and licked her full pink lips.

Delia looked down at the lovely Melinda; "You look ravishing Melinda, good enough to eat. I sure hope to find out if you are."

Melinda looked up at Delia; "Find out what?"

She smiled at Melinda; "I'm going to find out if you are good enough to eat. I'm going to taste you and let you know."

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