Ghost Whisperer Ch. 02


Melinda blushed and didn't know what to say. Just then the doorbell rang again. Melinda looked puzzled again.

Jim looked at Delia; "That must be our other guest; I'll be right back."

When Jim returned he had Rick at his side; "Melinda, look who was at the door, your lover!'

Melinda looked at Delia; "What's going on here? Are you all in on this? If it's all about my affair with Rick and trying to punish me, come on, bring it on."

They all could tell she was getting pissed off and they all approached her.

Jim was the first to speak; "No, no Melinda, it isn't like that. It's about clearing the air about what's been going on since our anniversary. We decided the best way to clear all of this up is to meet and REALLY get together and see where things lead."

Jim caressed her back and drew her to him.

Delia came to her other side and nibbled at her ear; "Relax Melinda and let yourself go. I assure you that this will be an evening you will never forget."

She let out a moan as Delia's long hair tickled her shoulder and chills went through her body as Delia sucked her earlobe between her full lips.

Rick came to the front of her and raising her chin he looked deep into her dark eyes and lowering his mouth captured her lips with his. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she let out a groan as the three of them began to ravish her body.

The three of them let go of her and she was swaying, unsteady on her feet. She looked at them bewildered of what was happening. "What's going on here? What am I suppose to do. I'm afraid to do something that may get me in trouble with you Jim. Rick I loved yesterday, but I love my husband and don't want to jeopardize any of it. Delia, what we did today was new and exciting, but again...."

Jim lovingly stroked her cheek with the back of his hand; "Melinda I thought about it and you were just paying me back for Andrea. Over the past couple of weeks things have changed, I believe for the better. So tonight I thought we would let things go and really explore ALL of our sexualities. What do you think?"

She smiled; "Okay let's go for it. How do you to start this?"

Jim moved over to her; "Well seeing you're the main attraction here, how about a little strip tease?"

Melinda beamed from ear to ear; "Oh so you want a show huh? Okay, why don't the three of you get comfy in front of the fire, sort of front row seats, so to say? Oh by the way Delia, seeing you and Jim are already comfortable why don't you get Rick, well how do I say it, a little less confining?"

Delia smiled as she slid over to Rick; "So big boy, let's get you out of some of these confining clothes."

She slipped his jacket of and went to unbuttoning his shirt. Once open she slid her large hands inside and ran them about his well muscled chest. Moving up she shed him of his shirt and proceeded to unfasten his pants. Opening them he lifted his ass and she tugged them off, along with his shoes and socks. Her hands went to his short and he stopped her.

"Woo there Delia, getting me comfortable is one thing, naked is another!"

She laughed out loud; "Hey Rick, can't fault a girl for trying. Let's sit back and enjoy the show shall we?"

Delia leaned back on the large cushions, with Jim and Rick on either side of her. Jim's silky robe over time loosened and now open, leaned back and waited for the show to start. Under the robe all he had on was a matching pair of silk boxers that barely contained his semi-erect dick.

Melinda started by swaying back and forth, with the lights dimmed, the flickering of the fireplace behind her made the dress transparent. Twirling around her full loose skirt flared out and showed her stocking encased legs.

To show their approval her audience whooped and hollered and tossed fake Monopoly money her way.

She picked up the money and stuffed it playfully in her bulging bra. She dropped her head and rolled her head around and around causing her long brown hair to tumble forward and make her look even more erotic. Tossing her head back she licked her full pink wet lips. The three on the floor began to get excited. With her hair tousled she reached for the tie on the back of her dress, tugging at it slowly as she rolled her hips, she drew her arms back in front of her. In both hands were the ends of the ribbon belt. Dropping the ribbon her dress floated open. Melinda reached for the inner tie and drew it open slowly as she tossed her head from side to side. The dress parted and her naked belly, pink bra and matching panties came into view.

On the floor Delia had snaked her hands into the opening of both Jim and Rick's boxers. Closing her hands around their bulging cocks she began stroking both of them as all three pairs of eyes were riveted on Melinda.

Melinda let the dress slowly slip from her shoulders and it fluttered to the floor. The sight the three stared at was amazing. With her high heels, white stockings and garter belt about her fantastic legs. The tight lacy demi-bra and matching panties caressing her huge tits and lush ass, her gorgeous mane of dark brown hair tussled about her shoulders and covering half her breasts. The three on the floor were at the verge of drooling.

Rick reached out his arm to her, but she scampered away, intent on finishing her strip tease and bringing the threesome on the floor nearly to the state of exploding.

Jim had slid the thin straps off the shoulders of Delia's straining lavender satin dress. As Delia bent over to capture Jim's thick cock in her large mouth, he tugged the material down past her melon sized tits. Delia's long light brown hair tickled his thighs as she began bobbing up and down on his cock.

Seeing this turned Melinda on even more, after fucking Rick yesterday, seeing Jim getting oral sex from Delia, surprisingly didn't make her jealous, it just made her hotter.

Rick at the other end of Delia was busy sliding the ankle length hem of her dress upwards baring her calves, knees and eventually her full meaty thighs. Her satin dress was now about her waist from the top and bottom leaving her nearly naked.

Melinda reached behind her back and unclipped the tiny bra. Sliding it slowly off her large breast all three stopped their activities to stare at the vision before them. She cupped her own large breasts and lowering her head licked around one stiff nipple, lapping away at the large aureole that darkened as blood rushed to the tip. Letting go of one breast she repeated the attention to the other nipple and aureole. She smiled lewdly at Delia who stopped sucking on Jim's cock long enough to take in the action before the fireplace.

Delia closed her eyes and let out a loud moan as Rick slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy. He followed his fingers with his hot wet tongue as he speared into her pussy and found her pencil eraser sized clit. This drove Delia over the top for the first time tonight as she once again dropped her mouth over Jim's cock and swallowed him whole.

Jim, who never took his eyes off his gorgeous bride, watched as she rolled her shoulders about causing her large tits to sway around on her chest. He kept watching her as he dug his fingers in the long hair of the woman sucking his cock. He guided her up and down as he thrust his hips upward as the same time.

Naked from the waist up, Melinda slithered over to the three locked forms before her. Placing one of her dainty feet on Rick's knee she urged him to remove her shoe. As he untied the pink ribbon from her stockinged leg and unwrapping it, slowly removed her shoe. Once done he slid his hands up and down the tapered leg of Melinda. As he reached the garter holding the stocking up she slipped away and went back to the fireplace. She moved over to Jim and then placed her other foot on his knee.

With Delia bobbing up and down on his cock, he tore his attention away from Delia and proceeded to repeat exactly what Rick did to her other shoe. Jim was a little more successful as he unclipped her white stocking and slid it from her sexy leg and pulled it off her foot.

She danced away and once again placed her other foot on Rick's knee. He quickly slid his hand up her tapered calf and along her full thigh found the garter clasps and unhooked them and slowly slid the white silky stocking from her other leg. He replaced her stocking with his hot hands as he caressed her leg and slid it upwards towards her wet panties.

Melinda scampered away and returned to her makeshift dance floor. Reaching behind her, she unclasps the garter belt and slowly pulled it from under her panties and tossed it to Rick. Dancing before the threesome in only her pink lacy panties, she rolled her hips and smiled at Rick.

Delia who still had her mouth full of Jim's cock, reached back and stroked Rick's long slim cock

Melinda's eyes smoked with lust as she watched Delia suck her husband's cock and stroked her lover's dick. She knew she couldn't take much more of this and needed to join them soon or she would burst. She wiggled her ample hips and turned slowly; with her back to the threesome she looked back at them, tossing her long mane of hair over her shoulder. She slowly bent forward at the waist and reaching back began lowering her lacy panties from her full firm ass cheeks. The material strained to stay where it was, who would blame it. Finally giving way they slid down her full firm thighs and down to her ankles. Now totally naked she slowly stood up and turned toward the threesome locked in sexual debauchery on the floor next to her.

She reached out her hand to Rick and he crawled over to her, in doing so Delia had to let go of his cock. It sprang up and slapped against his belly and Melinda licked her full pink lips when she saw this.

Jim stood up and moved Delia over to the sofa. He sat down and pulled her over on top of him. She straddled his legs and as she did this her large tits scraped across his hairy chest. She let out a moan as this happened and let out a loud groan when she felt his fat cock slide deep into her tight pussy. She began riding his cock, raising and lowering her ample ass on his well muscled thighs. Delia wrapped her arms around his head and drew his head down to her swaying tits.

Jim captured one large nipple between his lips and sucked on it loudly. She threw her head back and her long light brown hair danced about her face and upper body. She picked up the pace as she felt his cock hit areas no other cock had ever touched before. Her eyes rolled back in her head as an impending orgasm shook through her body and she came for the first time tonight.

On the floor Melinda sucked on Rick's long slim cock. She watched her husband's cock sliding in and out of Delia's fat lipped pussy. His cock was covered in her thick gooey cum. This turned on Melinda even more; she sucked harder on Rick's cock and looked up into his eyes with her dark smoky ones.

Rick dug his fingers in her dark locks as he guided her lips up and down his stiff shaft. With a loud pop he pulled her mouth off his cock and he pulled her to the pillows that were laid out if front of the fireplace. Clamoring between her outstretched thighs he lowered his body to hers.

Melinda wrapped her arms and legs about his body and drew his cock to her weeping tight lipped pussy. Finding the opening to her hot cavern he slipped into her.

Her breath was taken away as she arched her back and rolled her head from side to side. "Fuck me Rick, take it nice and slow, I want this to last forever."

Rick slipped halfway out and slipped back in deep. He hit places deep in her pussy and she shook as every nerve ending in her quaking pussy sparked around his cock. Twenty, thirty, forty stokes he picked up the pace and she groans turned to tiny yelps and screeches as Melinda scissored her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his back.

Rick captured her mouth with his own and their tongues dueled with one another's. As he pounded away he swept away the damp locks that stuck to her forehead. Dropping his mouth to her stiff nipple he bit down slightly one her fat nipple and she let out a loud gasp.

"Now Rick, fuck me hard, I'm there, harder, harder!"

Rick slammed into her hard, the room was filled with the sound of his skin slapping against hers.

She let out a long loud groan and shook violently as she came around his cock.

Feeling her tighten around his cock he slowed his pace, not wanting to cum yet. Suddenly she was looser as her juices lubricated his cock even more.

She rained kisses on his face as he pulled his mouth from her erect nipple.

On the couch Jim and Delia watched the couple on the floor. Now recharged Delia kissed Jim deep and he laid her back on the couch and slipped between her meaty thighs. She welcomed his stiff cock in her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he bottomed out in her pussy. Her long light brown looked like a veil about her head and fell off the cushion nearly to the floor. Jim began sliding in and out of her pussy, fucking her like a machine.

Delia slid further and further back on the couch with Jim's every thrust. She felt another orgasm building as Jim plowed relentlessly in her quaking cunt.

On the floor Melinda and Rick were getting quite a show before them as they watched Jim and Delia fuck in the couch. Rick lay back on the pillows and pulled Melinda up and over onto his body. Straddling his thighs Melinda reached down and guided his cum covered cock back into her pussy. She let out a long hiss as she ground her pelvis against his trying to nudge his long cock into new areas never touched by a cock before.

Placing her hands on his chest, she began raising and lowering her full thighs to the point of nearly pulling him out of her pussy, then she would drop down slapping her tight ass against his legs, sending his cock deep into her once again. She did this again and again; her juices were flowing freely from her pussy covering his cock, ball and thighs with her thick creamy fluids.

Rick reached up and played with her swaying tits as she rode his cock. Teasing her nipples she let out tiny whimpers and panted harder and harder as she drove towards another orgasm. Her hair flailed about, her mouth was open as she gasped for more air into her lungs. Her wet tongue ran around her full pink lips trying to keep them moist. She kept her eyes plastered on Jim and Delia fucking on the sofa.

Jim was driving so hard into Delia that her head had now slipped off the cushion and her long hair danced back and forth sliding along the floor. Picking up the pace fucking her harder and faster she slipped from the couch and now her shoulders were on the floor and her head and hair rolled back and forth. Jim plowed downward as he gripped her legs and with her directly below Jim he drove deep onto her pussy.

Delia let out a loud scream and shook violently, she started cumming like never before and she started squirting like a fountain. It hit Jim on his upper belly and lower chest. With Delia two feet below Jim, her cum splashed back down and ran down her stomach and over her heaving chest. It settled down in the hollow of her neck. Jim was relentless as he continued to plow into her pussy.

Delia was in a constant state of orgasms, as one ended another once started. Her entire upper body was red from the blood rushing down to her upper body.

Melinda was totally turned on by the sight in front of her as she slammed her body down harder and harder on Rick's cock.

Rick looked back at what Melinda was watching; he gripped her by the hips and flipped her over. Now on her knees she spread her legs wide and with one quick thrust Rick was now buried balls deep in her dripping cunt.

Melinda now had her head very close to Delia. She scooted forward and lowered her mouth to Delia's mouth and the two of them began trading spit as they tried to dominate the other. Melinda spread her hands over Delia's cum covered tits and belly. It turned her on like never before and she let out a high pitched scream when Rick pulled out of her pussy and drove it deep into her puckered asshole, She came immediately and dropped her mouth to Delia's neck and began lapping at the cum that had pooled there. Sucking it all in she groaned constantly as she kissed Delia again. As she did this she offered Delia her own cum and as Rick plowed her ass she was pushed off Delia's mouth and now captured one of her large stiff nipples.

Jim pulled from Delia's stretched pussy, grabbing her raised legs found her asshole and driving downward slid easily into her gaping hole.

Melinda's eyes were covered in lust as she watched her husband fuck the ass of her partner and this put her over the top once again as Rick plowed her ass.

Grabbing her long dark hair, Rick pulled hard on her mane as he felt the cum boiling in his balls. Melinda's cumming made her tight asshole contract and tightened around his cock. This put him over the top and pulling out he shot his heavy load all over her back and hitting her shoulder dripped down onto Delia's face.

The two women lapped at his cum.

When Jim saw this he lost it and he started cumming too. Pulling out he aimed his cock downwards towards the two heads on the floor. Shot after hot creamy shot covered the two faces of the woman below him. He shook seeing the erotic sight below him as Melinda's dark waves and Delia's light brown locks entwined and they lapped feverishly at the cum that shot across their face and into each other's hair.

Jim let go and Delia slowly slipped her legs off the couch and enveloped Melinda's body with her own. They entwined arms and legs as they continued to kiss and lick each other's face and upper bodies.

Rick sat back and watched the two woman devourer each other. After a few minutes they broke their embrace and cuddled with each other.

Both of the men joined them. Jim kissed Melinda's damp forehead; How about ordering a few pizzas?"

"Sounds great, how about you two?"

Rick and Delia responded; "Great!"

About a half hour later the doorbell rang. Melinda slipped Jim's silk bathroom on and went to the door, opening it there stood a gorgeous young blonde looking frozen,

"Come in dear, you need to warm up, come and join us near the fire. Here give me your coat."

Slipping her coat off, she followed Melinda into the living room. Seeing everyone naked her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

"You guys sure know how to warm up huh?"

Melinda stood behind her as her robe hit the floor, sliding the blonde's long hair from her neck Melinda placed her lips on the gorgeous blonde's neck and licked from her nape to her ear. "Why don't you come in and get comfortable."

Melinda turned when she heard a noise at the door. Standing there was Andrea.

Smiling, Andrea blew her a kiss; "I now see you and Jim are okay with what we did. Now I can really go into the light."

She slowly walked away and disappeared.

Melinda mouthed the words' "Thank you Andrea, I love you!"

She turned and picking up the pizzas entered the living room; "Pizza Anyone!"

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