tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 07

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 07


Both Katie and myself got up from the sofa and went over to Edward, each of us took it in turn to kiss him deeply, our hands all over his muscular ghostly body. I let me hands slowly move down to the top of his trousers as Katie continued to kiss him, I undid his brown leather belt and threw it to one side while I began to unzip and slide his trousers down to around his ankle's. As soon as I did that, his rock hard member sprang free and I heard him give a slight sigh of relief.

I grasped his shaft in my hand and slowly stroked away, I let my tongue flick over the tip of his member, with each flick of my tongue, his hips jolted forward a little, like he wanted me to take him into my mouth, but I was not going to make it so easy for him, I decided to tease him a little before giving him what he wanted. I kissed the end of his throbbing, hard cock tenderly, and I felt his cock twitch under my touch, Katie mean while was still kissing him and running her hands down his chest.

"Maybe we should move to the sofa," Edward said almost breathless. We both followed him over towards the black leather sofa where he sat down, I knelt in front of him and Katie sat next to him on the sofa and continued to kiss him. I lowered my head once again onto his hard member, it continued to twitch under my touch. I licked the full length of his shaft and then lowered my mouth onto him once more, I heard him moan slightly under the kisses of the curvy woman that sat above me.

"Maybe you should go and see to Lisa my dear," he said to Katie with a smile, "Lisa, get up onto you knee's, spread your legs a little and let Katie come behind you." I did as I was told instantly, I leant further onto the sofa and spread my legs while Katie moved to behind me. My pussy was so wet after I had made Katie climax, she lapped up my juices like a hungry dog, I moaned softly on Edward's hard cock in my mouth sending small vibrations down his shaft as I sucked gently on him. Katie was flicking her tongue over my clit time and time again. Her tongue was joined by one of her slim fingers, she prodded my pussy like a pro, every once in a while, curling her finger within me sending pleasure shivers through my body, I moaned over and over on Edward's cock, my body moved in time with her finger and tongue. My head pumped up and down on the pulsating cock in front of me, my hands gripping the leather of the sofa, I was so close to climaxing I felt like I would explode. Just as I was about to tip over the edge, she stopped, I took my mouth off Edward's cock and looked around at her with a questioning look on my face.

"I don't want you to cum yet sweetie, I have so many more things planned," she grinned as she said this and looked up at Edward who in turn nodded and placed his cold hand on my head and forced my mouth back onto him, he gave a laugh as I started to gag and tried to force his hand off the back of my head.

"Lisa, you want to please me don't you?" I made a muffled noise.

"Then relax my dear and you wont gag when I push your head all the way onto me, trust me, you will love it after a while because that is what pleasures me the most." I tried as hard as I could to relax, I felt him pushing my head down again much harder this time, I resisted. He lifted my head up and off him and made me look him in the eyes.

"I told you to relax didn't I?" he gave me a powerful slap around the face, "so relax, Katie, put it in her now, maybe that might help a little." I felt something being pushed against my ass, my heart was thumping wildly in my chest as I saw a small butt plug being pushed into my ass, I flicked my head back and moaned loudly as it reached its place, my dark hair cascading over my back.

"Now my little slut, shall we try again?" Edward said then he ran his tongue across his teeth.

He placed my mouth back over his cock, but this time instead of forcing my head down onto him, he rammed his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat, once he had done that he then grabbed a handful of my hair and began pumping his hips and my head at the same time. His movements where getting faster and faster, I could hardly breathe with his member shoved halfway down my now sore throat.

"Mm, do you like that bitch, oh I know I sure do, you filthy whore take it all my little slut, yeah, that's it." Edward said as he pumped further and further into my mouth.

"Mm oh yes you slut, take it all, you like being used like this don't you, mm I am going to cum soon and you are going to be a good slut aren't you and take it all." Edward nodded to Katie, she clamped closed a set of handcuffs onto one wrist and then forced my hand to my back and forced my other hand to my back and secured my wrists together. This forced me further onto Edward's throbbing cock. She then began to lick and finger me again, this time with 3 fingers, her tongue flicking over my clit hard. I heard Edward moaning louder, his grip on my hair became stronger, his thrusts into my mouth deeper.

"oh yeah, here I cum you bitch, take it all, you know you want it, oh yeah, I love fucking your dirty filthy mouth, oh yes yes, oh fuck yes," he started screaming at the top of his lungs as I felt him cum into my throat, he let go of his hold a little so I could swallow but he did not allow me to take him out of my mouth.

"Don't think I have finished with that filthy mouth of yours slut, I am no where near done," he said as he stared to pump once more, he looked down to Katie and nodded. She held something in her hand which she squeezed, as she did so, I felt my ass being stretched.

"Now lets see how much you have learned slut, we are going to do it all over again and if I feel that you are not relaxing, I will nod to Katie to pump it up further." I looked up at him with my eyes wide, my mouth still full with his cock, without warning he rammed again into my mouth, I wasn't expecting it so I had not relaxed. He nodded to Katie who pumped once more, I made a little muffled whimpering sound as I felt my ass being stretched more by the butt plug.

"Shall we try that again whore?" He said looking down at me with a grin. I tried to nod my head but as soon as I tried to move, he slapped me around the face, "who told you that you could move slut, I know I didn't" I remained still as he began to pump my head and his hips again, this time he was not going deep, just in small strokes, then, once again, he rammed into me without warning, once more he nodded to Katie, but this time he did not stop thrusting into me as Katie pumped the butt plug again.

A few short thrusts later, he rammed in again, but this time I was relaxed.

"Mm, oh you are learning my little whore, now, our next test," he said to me pushing me away from him and standing.

"Katie, move that small table over here," he said standing against the wall and pointing to the small, low wooden coffee table. She did as she was told and placed it right in front of him.

"Did you bring the other thing I asked you to Katie?" he asked. I had no idea what she had brought with her in her small bag.

"Yes I did Sir, do you want them now?" Katie asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Yes, I think she is ready, do you not think so?" She gave a girlish giggle and went to her bag. She pulled out 3 clips and a long chain. I had no idea what they where for.

"Come here slut, see what I have brought for you," he said looking at me. I got up and walked slowly over hands still cuffed behind my back, the butt plug still in my ass and every step I made, it moved a little inside of me.

"GET ON YOUR KNEES NOW BITCH!!!!" he shouted at me, "who said you could get up and walk over here like an equal?" I went straight to my knees in front of him not wishing to anger him more.

"Mm, maybe you would make a good slave after all," he said patting my head. Katie handed the items to Edward who then looked them over, "Good choice my dear, Lisa, Stand." he commanded. I stood up at once, he pulled and tugged at both my nipples until the where hard and erect, he then placed a clip on each and squeezed until he knew they where secure, I did not make a sound as he placed them on me, but with each one, a wave of pain went shooting through my whole breast.

"Now I want you to spread your legs for me, nice and wide, Katie will kneel on the table and keep you steady on your feet, wont you my dear," he said looking at Katie.

"Of course I will Sir," she said turning my head with her hand and kissing me deeply as I saw Edward go to his knee's. I felt his tongue lick at my pussy lips and then his fingers stretching my pussy lips apart, he licked my clit hard until it gave him the response he wanted, that's when it came, he clip the last one on my clit, I could not help but scream, that only made it worse as he squeezed it together more.

"Be quiet slut," he ordered. I bit on my lip as he finished placing it.

"Now, all I need to do is add the chain," he said with a smile on his face.

He slapped each breast in turn, causing them to jiggle and my nipples became sore under the clips as he attached the chain to each one, off that chain, there where 2 others, one short, one long.

"Katie, take hold of this long chain and keep stimulating her nipples with a tug now and then," he ordered as he handed a chain to her.

"Oh yes, Sir, thank you Sir," she replied with excitement. Once again he knelt down in front of me and flicked the clip on my clit with his fingers, I made a slight moan.

"Did your Master tell you to make any sound?" Katie said in my ear before biting hard on my neck. I clenched my lips together as I felt Edward fiddling around attaching the chain to my clit clip, he could not resist to push one of his ice cold, thick fingers deep into my pussy and pump it a little, my breath caught in my throat. Edward stood up again and took the longer chain off Katie and smiled at her.

"Now, lets see if I need to make any adjustments my little slave slut," he said as he pulled on the long chain, I felt my nipples being stretched and a slight pull on my clit.

"Mm, seems like just a little adjustment is needed," he said walking up to me and detaching the shorter chain and moving it a little so there was a little dangle of chain brushing against my skin.

"Now lets see," he smiled and pulled again. Both my nipples and my clit where being pulled at the same time, he tugged the chain again and again, I leant hard against Katie as the sensations where filling my body.

"Oh yes, perfect, now my little slave, back on your knee's and follow me to the sofa again," he said tugging softly on the chain. I sank to my knees a shuffled back towards the sofa, kneeling at his feet like a dog, I looked up at him to try and work out what was coming next, I was met with a slap around the face.

"Slaves do not look at their Master's unless told to do so," he growled.

"I am sorry, I didn't know," I replied in shock. I received another slap, "and slaves are not allowed to speak unless given permission to do so, and when they are allowed to speak its Master and Mistress, you understand slut?"

"Yes Master, Yes Mistress," I replied looking at the floor.

"Now stand up, slut and straddle facing me," Edward commanded pulling a little on the chain. I did as I was told, I knelt over him, he positioned his massive member to the entrance of my pussy and commanded me to fuck him. I lowered myself slowly onto him, the butt plug still in me wanting to come out as he entered. Katie saw that it was trying to come out and held it fast and nodded up towards Edward.

"Too slow whore," he said as he rammed into me. I let out another scream as he ripped into me without any warning, my scream was met by another ram of his hips causing his cock to embed itself once again into my tight pussy, this time I made no sound, I just tightly closed my eyes and let my head flick back, my mouth open but I made no sound.

"Now fuck me you bitch, fuck me nice, hard and take my cock all the way in the hot tight pussy of yours. I don't want to hear a sound escape those lips, do you hear me, if I do hear anything, Katie will soon pump the plug again," he said in my ear. I kept my eyes closed while moving up and down on him, each time I went down, I went as far as I could, but he was no where near fully in me, I decided that when I was down as far as I could, I would just sitting there and wiggle a bit to try and get the rest of him me, I made small but fast up and down movements on him, and then I felt it, the tip on him pressed all the way to my cervix, that's as far as I could go, I lifted myself back off him and paused for a moment before plunging back down onto him, oh it felt so good, I was so stretched in both holes, I forgot myself for a moment and let out a moan. Katie heard it and pumped the plug again, there was pain this time, I wanted to scream out, but resisted.

Katie unhand cuffed me and told me to use my hands as I saw fit. Immediately my hands went around to the back Edward's neck as I fucked him harder and faster with each rise and fall. With his hands on my hips now, he was matching me, ramming himself deep within me.

"You can make any sound you want now bitch and look at me in the eyes, I want to hear you scream as you cum on my hard shaft, and I want to see the look in your eyes," he said breathing heavily into my ear. As soon as he said that, I let out on almighty scream and flick my head backwards before looking at him in the eyes. My legs where tired and turned to jelly but he kept up his relentless pounding of my pussy, helping me rise and fall with each of his thrusts, each time he he re-entered me I gave a moan and slight scream.

"Is that good my little slave whore, mm I know it is for me, oh my little slave, I am going to use you so much in the week to follow, you are going to love and hate me and Katie will be here ever step of the way while I train you, mm, that's right, your going to be mine and hers slave, no matter what time of the day it is if we call you, you must come to us, will you like that my little slut? You can answer me." he said running his hands all over my breasts and squeezing them tightly.

"Oh yes Master, I will love every second of it Master, thank you Master, thank you Mistress," I replied between each moan.

"There's a good slut, now, are you ready to cum for me?"

"Yes Master, I am so ready, I have held it back Master," I replied want to cum so badly all over his rock hard cock.

"Then you may do so slut, but you may only cum the once, so make the most of it," He said pulling on the chain hard. I quickened my pace, my legs now rested a little. I was falling down on him so hard that each time I felt him hit my cervix harder than the last, each time I raised, he would hold the chain a little further away so that each time I went back down, the clip on my clit pulled just that little bit harder. Katie suddenly ripped the butt plug out of my ass which set me right over the top, I bucked and thrashed wildly as I came, I screamed so loudly that the windows rattled and the pictures on the wall. I collapsed in a heap on his chest and out of no where there was a knock at the door.

"Ah, just in time," Katie said jumping up and taking my robe and putting it around herself, "the special delivery is here."

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