tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 09

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 09


When I came to, I was laid on the sofa, my Master had left to go somewhere and had left the delivery men and myself in the living room, Katie was no where in sight either.

I felt hands on me, they where rough hands, I open my eyes slowly and looked around myself and then looked into the eyes of the young man, he was kneeling beside the sofa, he had a smile on his face as he looked down at me and caressed my naked body.

"Are you ok?" he asked with a slight smile and care in his eyes.

"I am fine, I guess that my body isn't used to being treated like this, I am sure the training that my Master is to give me in the week to come I will soon get used to it," I replied trying to get up but was met with a slight push back.

"Your Master told me to make sure you where ok and to keep you here, he also said to use you in anyway I wanted, I just can't enter your lower holes," he said with a slight blush.

I willingly laid back down and let his hands wonder up and down my sore body.

I looked down and saw that he was hard under his clothes and reached for it and began to slowly rub on the outside of his clothes. The man gave a low moan as I did, his eyes closed and look of pleasure in his face. I heard a noise from behind me and looked, it was the older man still taking things out of the boxes, I still had no idea what was in them, but if the cat of 9 was anything to go by, there was going to be a lot of fun in the next few days.

The man in front of me moved a little and moved to his knee's so that I could easily unzip his trousers and free his cock, I did this eagerly and wrapped my hand around his shaft, he gave another low moan and let his head fall back slowly.

"My Master may have said that you can not fuck me, but there are many other ways of me pleasuring you," I said too him while I watched his reaction's.

"Oh, I am sure there are," he said looking back at me once more with a sheer look of pleasure in his eyes.

"Why don't you climb on top of me and place yourself on my chest, then you can fuck these," I said pushing my large DD breasts together.

I don't think he could move fast enough, he had taken off his trousers and he was on top of me in a flash, his hands squeezing my breasts as he held them in place and he began to move fast and rhythmically on my chest.

"Slow down a little sweetie, there is no rush, I am not going anywhere," I said looking up at him, I could tell that he so wanted to cum already.

He slowed, his cock rock hard between my breasts and the feeling of his rough, coarse hands squeezing my breasts hard made my nipples erect. He looked down at me with a look of pure pleasure on his face and love in his eyes.

I let my hands run slowly up his legs and then, dragging my nails, back down with a slight pressure, again, he moaned softly as I did this. He began to pick up speed again, his breathing heavier and his moans almost blended into one. He was getting so close to cumming, each time the head of his cock pushed through my breasts, I flicked my tongue over his end making him moan even more.

"Oh baby, that feels so good," he moaned as I dragged my nails harder down his legs, not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave red marks there for a while.

Just at that moment, the older man entered the room again and saw his friend.

"Go on Rich, give it to her good mate, and don't think your going to have a rest after young Missy, Your Master said we could both use you, so I am next," he said almost with an evil tone in his voice.

I could not think of what he was going to want from me, my attentions had to be on this young man, Rich.

I almost didn't want Rich to stop, his touch was so tender, I don't think he had an evil bone in his entire body. The older man came over and lowered his head to mine, kissing me roughly and biting my lip.

"Your Master isn't down here and he said he would be gone for a while, so I am going to fuck you so hard you will scream, but no one will hear you, cause I am going to have Rich here cover your mouth and hold you down, that's right bitch, whether you like it or not, I am going to fuck your brain's out."

"John, I am not going to do anything, she doesn't deserve being treated like that," Rich said as he stopped all movements.

"You will do as your told or face lining up for benefits again, I want some of that sweet pussy and ass, and I am going to get it with or without you Master's permission." John replied as he moved down to my pussy and began to probe his fingers in. I wiggled under Rich and tried my hardest to get away from John's attentions, but each move I made, he matched it.

"Just hurry up and finish will ya Rich, I want my turn," John said as he pushed two of his think, rough fingers into my pussy forcefully, I tried to move away from them, this just made him want it more.

Rich began to move faster and his cock started to twitch as he reached his climax, he shot his load all over my neck and chest. With that he climbed off and stood next to John.

"Right, you grab her hands Rich, I don't want them nails of hers digging into me, my wife will ask questions, and hold them down tight. Spread your legs bitch," he said as he forced my legs apart as he pulled his trousers down to release his large member, it almost looked deformed, the head was huge, but the rest of it looked normal.

"Cover her mouth will ya Rich, I am going to ram this right up her and its going to make her scream, you will fucking love it bitch," he said as he moved so his head was pushing tight against my pussy opening and lifting my legs, holding them firmly.

Rich covered my mouth with his hand as I looked on in horror at what was about to happen.

"I am sorry about this, I don't want to lose my job, if it helps, look at me while he is doing what he is doing and I will talk to you if you want, maybe help take your mind off it a little," Rich said softly in my ear, I nodded a little to say it would help and looked into his blue eyes.

John rammed his member full into my pussy, I let out a scream from behind Rich's hand and closed my eyes tight as my eyes filled with tears instantly. He pumped my pussy like a mad man, time and time again, he rammed it into me harder and faster. I kept my eyes fixed on Rich and his eyes, his hand firmly but tenderly around my mouth and the other holding onto both wrists above my head. After a while, I quietened down a little and Rich uncovered my mouth and he used both hands to restrain my hands, and his kissed me deeply and lovingly. I closed my eyes to his kiss and tried to forget all that was happening.

Just then, Edward came crashing into the room.

"What the fuck is going on?" he said in a raised voice seeing John's cock buried deep in my pussy and Rich holding my hands.

Rich broke the kiss and let go of me immediately but John continued to thrust deep and hard, I screamed and scratched at him like crazy trying to get him off me. Edward rushed over and took hold of him and pulled him off me.

"Both of you, get out this fucking house right now before I batter you both to within an inch of your life," Edward said raising his fist.

I got up from the sofa, stumbled a little and tried to calm him down a little.

"Edward, I mean Master, the younger one did not want to do anything, the other forced him to do it, he said if he didn't do as he was told, Rich would lose his job."

Rich started to pick up his things and began to get dressed again, John had other idea's.

He went behind me and pulled out a knife from one of the boxes, a packing knife that he was using while he was unpacking the boxes.

"You are going to let me finish what I was doing, or I will cut her," he said placing the knife to my throat.

Everyone backed off a little, Rich tried to go for the knife but Edward stopped him.

"Don't Rich, if you do and miss, he will kill her," Edward said softly to him.

They all had no choice but to stand there and watch, Rich turned his back as he did not want to see what was about to happen.

With that John pushed me so that I put my hands on the sofa and my ass was in the air, he turned and pushed his cock into my ass, I screamed the instant it entered. He pumped hard and fast while running the knife up and down my back, reminding me and all the others in the room that if we didn't let him finish, he would plunge the knife into my flesh. As he came closer to a climax, he pushed harder on the knife, I screamed as the blade pierced my skin and he ran it down my back, lifting it out and then going back up to the back of my neck and piercing the skin once more. The cuts where not deep, but deep enough that my crimson red blood started to flow out of the cuts.

"That's it bitch, scream, I do love a screamer," He said with each thrust into my sore and now blooded ass.

He finally climaxed and when he did, he drove the knife in even deeper and made a slash in my flesh, the blood began to flow freely out of my back and over my body. I screamed as I saw my blood dripping onto the wooden floor beneath me.

He finally dropped the knife, and when he did, Edward tackled him and began to punch him in the face. Katie came running into the room and saw the scene, she went straight over to Edward and pulled him off the delivery man. John scrambled to his feet, gathered his things and left, shouting for Rich to follow, but Rich had ran over to me the moment that Edward had freed me from John's grip.

"Come, laid down on the floor, let me see to the cuts, I know a little first aid, let me help you please," he said as I tried to get away from anyone touching me, "its me, please, I wont hurt you."

I laid down on the floor and cried as he touched my skin tenderly.

From outside we heard a vehicle start and screech away in haste.

"I don't think he will come back, you are safe now," Rich said seeing to my wounds.

"He better not," replied Katie still trying to calm Edward down, "is Lisa ok?"

I still lay crying on the floor, still flinching each time Rich touched me.

"So that is your name," Rich said looking down at me with a slight smile, "at least know I know your name now, I hate calling people slut or bitch." He turned around and said to Katie, "she is going to have to visit the hospital, the last cut he made, she is going to need stitches in it, its pretty deep and long."

"Do you know how to do the stitches? Rich isn't it?" Edward came over, finally calm.

"Yeah, I am Rich, just not in the wealth way," he said jokingly, trying to break the tension in the room, "I do know how to do them, but I don't have the equipment and I am sure she would need to have an anaesthetic, I can not do it while she still feels it, she should really go to the hospital."

"Rich, I understand," Katie said crouching down a little, "but if we take her there, they are going to start asking questions about everything, do you really want the police involved?"

"Well yes, he forcefully raped her, he should pay," Rich said in a slightly angry tone.

"But they will start asking questions about everything else, like the marks on her back from the whip, the clips on her, everything. Let me run home, my ex girl friend was a nurse and she brought loads of stuff back, I will be back in a few minutes Edward, please, both of you, be calm and take care of Lisa."

Edward came over and got to his knee's and tenderly touched my back with his cold hands, Rich was doing the same, their hands met and Rich jumped.

"Your hands are ice cold, is it the shock?" he asked.

I had almost forgot myself a few times that Edward was indeed a ghost. Edward tried to explain to Rich what he was.

"I am a spirit that has been blessed with the ability of touching things in this realm as well as my own."

"Oh, wow, that's cool, so, why did you come back to this realm for if I may ask?" Rich replied.

"The first day I came back, Lisa was living in my old house, this house infact, I watched her for months without her knowing, I wanted her so much, but I was no longer alive, I decided to show myself to her one night, and she was unexpectedly open towards me," Edward said looking down at me with a broad smile on his face.

"So how did you go about being able to touch things then," Rich enquired.

"I had to go and see someone in the spirit realm, it was not an easy thing to do, I was away from the realm of the living for a while as Lisa will tell you, but when I came back, she has enjoyed every minute of me, haven't you my dear," he asked me.

"Yes I have Master, I have a lot to learn, and I thank you for teaching me control," I said trying to be obedient.

"Lisa, while you are like this, you don't have to call me Master or say what you think I want to hear, I want you to be totally honest with yourself and me." Edward said softly stroking my back.

"Edward, I love having you like this, I am not sure what you went through to be able to touch and to feel me, but I know from my side, it must be worth it," I replied, turning on my side a little to look at him.

"It is worth everything I had to go through, I only wish I was mortal again so I could have you without question or worry that you would become old and grey and I still remained the same." Edward said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Edward, you have me, for ever and always until my dyeing day, and beyond, for I shall be beside you even in death, I belong to you and only you," I said looking into his eyes with love.

Katie came back with bags upon bags of things and placed them on the floor in front of us and stood back up breathing heavily.

"I wasn't sure what to bring, so I brought it all." she said taking off her jacket and throwing in on the sofa, her hair windswept and she was trying to put it back with her fingers as she knelt down beside me as well.

Rich opened each bag in turn shuffling through them as he went trying to find things that he could use.

"Katie, go and get the bottle of whiskey from the kitchen I saw in there earlier," Edward asked, "we can use it to sterilise the needle and the sutures."

Katie immediately got up and went through to the kitchen and came running back with half a bottle of whiskey.

Rich pulled out a kidney dish from one of the bags and poured some of the alcohol into it. Into that he added a curved needle and some suture thread.

"We had best leave it in there for a while," Rich said putting it up onto a table at the end of the sofa.

"Sit up Lisa, and drink some as well, it will dull some of the pain from the needle," Rich said helping me up, "just try not to move too much, or it will stretch the cuts more and make it worse."

I sat and drank the whiskey, each time I stopped, I was edged on to drink just a little more. Finally I started to feel a little light headed.

"Let us help you up Lisa and go into the dinning room, we can use the table in there to lay you on so that Rich can see what he is doing better," Edward said taking hold of my arm and Rich the other. I stood uneasy and lent against them as we walked through the door to the left of the hallway. Katie went before and turned the dinning room light on and cleared some of the chairs away from the table and moved the candle holders and the centre display off the table. Rich and Edward laid me down on my front gently onto the table while Katie went to get the lamp from my computer desk for a better light source and the kidney dish from the table at the end of the sofa.

Rich placed his hand on my back and began to shake, "Katie, can you bring me the rest of that whiskey," he requested, "just to steady my nerves, I have never done this before on someone that has had the right medication."

Katie came back in and handed him the bottle which he opened and took a large mouthful.

He took a set of latex gloves out of a packet and put them on, then, picking up the curved needle and suture thread out of the dish, he attempted to thread the needle, he missed many times, but he finally got it in the end. Katie positioned the lamp right where Rich was to work. Edward came to the head of the table and knelt down so that I could easily look into his eyes as Rich went about his work.

"Lisa, I love you, I have since the first day I saw you," Edward said taking my hand in his, "I hope that one day you will grow to love me back."

I looked at him and replied in slightly slurred words, "I already do love you Edward."

"Lisa, I am going to clean the cuts with some of this whiskey, its going to sting like hell, but I have to do it," Rich said as he soaked a piece of cotton wool in the dish.

I nodded and held Edward's hand tightly as Rich gently stroked the wound with the alcohol, I winced once or twice and closed my eyes tightly.

"Ok, now I am going to start, if you want me to stop at any point, let me know and I will give you a rest, but please, don't just be brave and not say anything, ok?" Rich asked.

"If it gets to much, I will say something, I promise," I answered looking round a little.

I went back to looking into Edward's eyes and braced myself for the pain to follow, I took a deep breath and waited.

I felt the needle enter my flesh, but there was no pain, I was totally lost in Edward's eyes, he was talking to me softly as the needle entered and exited my flesh time and time again, "I love you Lisa, I want to be with you always, I will not let anything like this happen to you again, I promise."

As I looked into his eyes, I saw his true sincereness when he said these words, my heart was his, there was no question in it now, I loved him with my body, heart, soul and spirit.

Time seemed to rush by and before we both knew it, the silence was broken.

"All done, I just have to put a dressing on the wounds," Rich said with a sound of delight in his voice.

[[Foot note]] If you like my work, have a criticism or have anything to say, please leave a comment in the comment section underneath. I do listen to what every person has to say, it can only make my writing better. Thank you.

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