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Ghostly Interventions



Copyright Oggbashan October 2008

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

The following are fifty-word Halloween stories. The title isn't counted.


01. Late Advice

Alone in my room I sat on the bed looking at the pile of tablets.

"Don't do it," a voice said quietly.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"I did it. I'm dead, waiting to go on. Living is better."

I decided not to die. That voice holds too much pain.


02. Succubus

Every morning I wake drained and tired.

Every evening I close my eyes expectant yet afraid.

Every night she comes to fulfil and satisfy my wildest imagination of sexual encounters.

Each night I am afraid she won't return.

Every morning I wish she wouldn't.

Soon, perfect sex will kill me.


03. An Incubus

Invisible hands stroke my expectant body.

Invisible hands caress my breasts.

Invisible lips press on mine.

Invisible fingers feel their way into my pussy.

An invisible erection penetrates.

My legs wrap around an invisible lover.

This invisible lover takes me to places I've never been.

I wish I could see.


04. Another Incubus

He says he's a ghost.

He feels real to me.

He says he's been dead an hundred years.

He feels alive tonight.

He says he died as an old man.

His body feels young to me.

He says he was tired of life.

His passionate lovemaking proves him a liar.


05. Tutors

We are dead, she and I.

We haunt this ancient house waiting to live again as young lovers.

Because of us the hotel is marketed as haunted.

The bridal suite is the greatest asset.

We enjoy teaching young people just how to excite each other.

We have years of practice.


06. What works for you?

I try to think of dead Helen, responsible for the launch of a thousand ships.

I try to think of asp-stricken Cleopatra of the Nile.

I try to pray to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.

I give libations to Priapus for a hard erection.

I need Viagra to satisfy my wife.


07. Halloween Disappointment

She hadn't come. I had asked her. She said she would.

My Knight should have matched her Lady.

There she is, walking towards me. I reach out for her.

My hands grasp nothing.

"Sorry, Sir Knight," She says, curtseying, "I crashed and died tonight."

Then she vanished. Who believes me?


08. The Search

I'm a vampire seeking blood. My fangs glisten in the moonlight waiting, waiting. Halloween is great for hunting.

Possible victims walk past hand in hand, arm in arm.

All I need is one, alone. The night is ending soon.

Are you be the one too drunk to be afraid? Please?


09. Illusion

The graveyard is no place for lovers except those that are no more.

They came to disturb our peaceful sleep. He, drunk, will never respect her whispered "No".

We can't stop him. We can't touch him.

We can make her see him as a grinning skull.

Shrieking she runs away.


10. Skeletal Advice

Can you handle a real skull?

Can you not feel that this will be your fate too?

In the end, all lovers become bones and dust.

He says he'll love you forever.

Can't you see that you don't have forever?

Imagine what his skull will look like.

Live for now.


11. Aennchen Von Thorau

Annie of Thorau lived in Germany long ago.

Her marriage gave birth to an enduring love song still sung today.

Is it Annie's love that is celebrated after so long?

When I sing, do I feel for Annie's love and happiness?

Or honour the poet that made her love sing?


12. Regrets

My chains rattle as I move. They clank as I walk awkwardly.

I moan, frightening the new owners of my house.

All I can do is moan. The shiny black ball-gag between my shining teeth gleams in contrast to my bare skull.

I didn't expect to die of sexual bondage.


13. Please Don't

I'm not your guardian angel.

I'm not a devil sent to tempt you to perdition.

I'm not here to scare you or to drive you away.

I'm just a ghost of someone who died in your house.

I'm no trouble, really.

So why the exorcism? It hurts but doesn't work.


14. Oops!

You want a ghostly lover?

One who provides guilt-free satisfying sex?

One who'll never tire, nor make unreasonable demands?

One who'll be there only when you want?

I'm here. I'm a ghost. I'm in your house.

But why, why, did you buy a nunnery if you want a male ghost?


15. Warning

Halloween can be scary. Halloween can be fun.

Fake ghosts and monsters generate fake horror.

Beware the real horror, the real monsters, the evil that lurks unseen, the evil that prowls the night.

Human horror, human monsters, human evil can be far worse than the imagined frights of Halloween.


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