tagErotic HorrorGhostly Visitation

Ghostly Visitation


Something wasn't right. I felt as if I was sinking deeper into the mattress and there was a weight settling onto my back. I had been sleeping pretty deeply but something was tugging my mind closer and closer to wakefulness. I opened my eyes. My bedroom was dimly lit through open curtains and dark, angular shadows from a harvest moon slashed across the floor and up the walls. I was alone, but I didn't feel like I was alone.

I tried to roll over onto my back but I couldn't move under the weight of something I could not see. I drew a deep breath and tried to keep down the surge of panic I felt welling up inside me. I couldn't speak. I could barely breathe. I could hear my pulse pounding in my ears. What the hell was happening?

I could feel cold breath on my neck and it made my hairs stand on end. Something was pressing into the crack of my ass. I strained my eyes to look over my shoulder. There was nothing to see, but I could definitely feel something firm and cool slowly forcing its way into my anus. My muscles refused to answer my mind's desperate instructions. I was paralyzed and some invisible thing was violating me from behind! There was no pain, but I could feel my asshole stretching and filling, then contracting as the ghostly presence slid in and out of me. Underlying the panic was a completely different sensation...I could feel my cock beginning to get hard. How could I be aroused by this?

The all-encompassing feeling of weight shifted and narrowed. I could distinctly feel hands on me. There was a hand on my lower back, just above my ass, its fingers spread over the base of my spine. There was a hand on my neck keeping me pressed into my pillow. Cold fingers traced up my thigh and began to caress my balls. My breathing became rapid and shallow. I could hear whispering and female laughter as if from a great distance away. Then a deep, low moan sounded behind me and the thrusting into my ass became quicker and more insistent, and a pulsating, cold sensation filled my rectum completely. Another deep moan and then the weight collapsed onto my back once more.

After a minute or two, the weight was gone. I felt myself rise above my bed. I turned over in mid-air, then I settled onto my back. I was still unable to move. My mind cried out to my arms and legs to get me up off the bed and out of the house, but from the neck down, there was no response. I could feel everything, but I was powerless to move.

I could feel hands. First two, then four, six, and eight hands traced lines all over my flesh in ghostly exploration of my body. My rigid cock stood stiffly at attention and soon several hands found their way to it. Cold fingers were running through my hair, pinching my nipples, cupping my balls, and stroking my hard cock. Hands were everywhere on my body, coldly massaging my legs, chest, and arms. The whispering and giggling grew less faint in my ears.

Soon I felt other things as well. Soft cool lips placed kisses on my skin. Teeth nibbled at my earlobes and neck. The hands all moved toward my feet and hands and I felt something different on my chest. A cold thin line pressed against my skin and drew slowly down toward my stomach as if an invisible razor was being drawn across my flesh. I looked down and saw my chest hair falling away as the cold line progressed down my body. Soon my chest was completely bare and the hands resumed their play. The cold thin line was resting at my pelvis and I could feel the hands grasp my cock and hold it still as my pubic hair was shaved away. I felt a surge of panic when the ghostly razor reached my balls and began to shave them clean.

Soon enough there was not a hair to be found on my body below my neck. My newly bare skin was extremely sensitive; especially on my balls. The hands continued to stroke my skin, the teeth resumed their nibbling and the lips their kissing. I could feel the distinct sensation of breasts pressing against my smooth chest as an invisible female body rolled onto me and slid down to engulf my throbbing cock between her ghostly thighs. I slid inside her and it felt cool and slippery and tight. I looked down and I could see my cock moving back and forth in time with her transparent gyrations and it felt incredible!

The hands were roaming all over my body as the spirit straddled me and rode my dick. Hands were stroking my inner thighs and caressing my chest. I felt a large breast with a very hard nipple press against my face and I pinched the nipple with my lips and flicked it with my tongue. One hand was massaging my balls and another slid a slender finger into my asshole which was so recently loosened up by something much larger. There were so many sensations! So many hands, lips, teeth, and tongues in so many places at once! I had never been touched by more than two hands at a time and now there were too many to keep track of!

The pressure was building in my balls as the unseen woman on top of me rocked her hips back and forth, massaging my cock. I could hear soft female moans and more whispering and giggling. Then a larger, firmer hand took hold of my right wrist and lifted my arm up off the bed. Something long and firm and round was pressed into my palm and another hand closed my fingers around it as the hand that held my wrist began to move my arm back and forth. I was sure that the same ghostly prick that filled my ass earlier now filled my right hand.

The spirit on top of me continued to writhe and gyrate as other ghostly fingers played with my balls and slid in and out of my ass. Slender fingers tangled in my hair and lips brushed my neck as breasts were offered up to my mouth while an invisible cock slid back and forth in my grip. I felt the spirit's fingernails dig into my chest and I heard a soft, high-pitched moan as she shuddered in an ethereal orgasm on top of me. Still, she didn't slow her gyrating one bit.

The slender fingers in my hair suddenly took a firmer grip and turned my head to the right. The large hand working my wrist in a spectral hand-job let go of me and my hand fell heavily back onto the bed. I felt fingers cup my chin and force my mouth open and the cock I had been unwillingly stroking found its way between my lips. I could feel it slide over my tongue and press against the back of my throat. It began to move in and out, deeper with each thrust, until it was all the way inside and I could feel smooth, cold balls against my cheek.

Teeth and lips pressed against me in various places, sucking and nibbling, forming hickies on my thighs, stomach, chest, and neck. My balls were about to explode as my cock was buried in a woman I could not see, and a cold invisible penis was thrust into my mouth. I briefly wondered what someone might think if they walked into the room and saw me like this; apparently alone, hairless and hard, with my head turned to the side and my mouth stretched open wide. I didn't have time to reflect on that idea because my body was beginning to tense and shudder with my impending orgasm.

I heard the deeper moaning sound again, this time right above my face. The cock in my mouth began to quiver and thrust more rapidly. There was a final deep thrust and I felt something thick, cold, and slippery splash into my mouth and throat. My balls could not take any more. I felt my asshole clench tightly around the slender finger inside it. My scrotum tightened up and the hand caressing it squeezed my balls gently, yet firmly. The fingernails dug once more into my chest and the higher-pitched moan sounded again as I felt the spirit on top of me writhing in another orgasm.

I exploded. Thick, hot jets of cum shot forth from my cock in the biggest orgasm I have ever had! It just kept coming and coming. My whole body convulsed, over and over again. I could feel cum gushing out of me. I could see my hard cock standing straight up, but I could not see my cum or where it went. All I knew was that I was completely spent. I felt myself drifting back into unconsciousness.

I woke up late and still felt tired. I marveled at the startling realism of the dream I had during the night. I have had sexual dreams in the past, but nothing that vivid. I recalled the absolute powerlessness I had felt in the dream and it made me shudder. I felt somehow dirty after that nocturnal fantasy and I decided a hot shower was in order. I pulled back the covers and stared in amazement at the hickies on my smooth, hairless chest.

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