Ghosts of Voltariis 6 Pt. 02

byJames Cody©

Araa crossed her arms across her ample breasts and began tapping her finger on her arm. "I don't follow."

"Sedna Voltariis is a red giant – that means its been like this only for a few million years. That also implies that the star expanded from its original diameter. It would have engulfed any life bearing planets."

"Now, Voltariis 6 is a temperate planet with a mostly oceanic surface. To have reached that state the planet has to be a couple of billions of years old. Considering Sedna's been a red giant for a few million years, this planet would have been too far from the star's original life belt to have evolved naturally into this state, and it would not have had the time to evolve naturally to this state while orbiting a red giant."

"So your conclusion is that the planet was either terraformed ... or placed here," Araa gasped.

"Yes," Brecht whispered while the ointment on his hands allowed him to make hair on the Vik'sh scalp. "I think that's the real reason we were stationed here. The Starcane Foundation wanted to find out who made this planet. And by extension, who made the Vik'sh."

"You made me," Araa said as she walked up to the motionless being.


Araa pointed at the Vik'sh – Brecht's eyes followed her fingers and he fully contemplated what she was examining: a mirror image of herself, carved by Brecht from his memory of Deirdre and imposed upon the body of an unknown being from a mysterious race.

Brecht took a step back and trembled.

"I did this."


Araa pulled Brecht away from the young female he had just made and led him outside the life pod – Sedna Voltariis was approaching the horizon and shadows deepened. The inky black of the forest at the outskirts of the crash site seemed to bubble with patches of movement.

Brecht stared at the forest and was conflicted as his scientific mind reminded him that there were no large predators on Voltariis 6 and his survival instinct demanded he fear the dark. The symbiont a.i. read the neurochemical disturbance and projected the proximity sphere – it also sent a scan signal and found that the satellites that accompanied the devastated station were still operational.

"Why did you make it into me?" Araa demanded. Brecht looked at her and just shook his head.

"There was something in the ointment – the Vik'sh use an organic technology. Because she was injured by our crash, I think the elders hold me responsible for her life. The ointment it to facilitate communication."

Brecht leaned against the life pod and rested his head against the hull – Araa still held her Kriss super V with the muzzle towards the ground. She said, "The ointment told you that and then told you to play with her body and make it into me?"

"No," Landers sighed and pushed away from the pod. He looked down at his hands and cracked his knuckles. "But somehow it swapped a bit of genetic material between us. I've had ... images in my head of what this Vik'sh has been living. It hasn't matured – she's been here about 20 of our years. But she hasn't matured the way the rest of the Vik'sh have."

"You exchanged genetic memories," she noted and clicked the safety on her weapon. "I've been your only contact so you instinctively shaped her to who you want to speak to ..."

Araa took a hesitant step back and looked at Brecht. "Not me. Her."

"You have Deirdre's engrams but you're not her. That Vik'sh in there isn't her either. The image is clearer but its all echoes."

"Please, no more echoes."

Both Brecht and Araa snapped around and saw the Vik'sh take a few tentative steps out of the life pod and turn to face the setting star. It was flanked on each side by one of Voltariis 6's moons. Her hair was long and blond and her eyes were of a rich green -- Deirdre was as present in her as she was in Araa.

Brecht saw the world go dark before the Vik'sh came back into focus – he understood that the symbiont a.i. had activated a multi-spectral filter over his eyes so that it could fully analyze the Vik'sh as it was the second time its passive sensors did not register the entity.

"You only need eyes to see them," Brecht said as the filter retracted.

"Why are you here?" Araa asked as her eyes roamed over the bosom of the Vik'sh and compared it to her own. They were identical.

The Vik'sh turned to Brecht and walked up to him and pointed to Araa and the to the setting suns. "The guardians proclaim the Jubilation must continue and the heart is to be offered to the sky dragon," she said in clear Standard. The gravity in her voice was unmistakeable – as was the inflection from Deirdre that Brecht tenderly remembered.

Araa recognized it as well. She gazed at Brecht, appalled at how he was mesmerized by the newcomer. "What do you mean 'Jubilation?' Lands?"

Brecht slowly shook his head and glanced back in forth between the Vik'sh and the android – both were incarnations of the woman he had loved and he wondered if his sanity slipped away, would the symbiont a.i. speak in his voice? As his mind lingered on the word voice, the symbiont a.i. projected an oscilloscope graph before him and was analyzing a sound his enhanced ears were receiving, creeping up from beyond the forest.

Brecht turned towards the sound and Araa and the Vik'sh did the same.

"Jubilation!" the Vik'sh squealed.

Brecht nodded. "Their nightly rituals."

Araa felt and involuntary shiver as well as an almost shameful pang of excitement at the thought of an entire population engage in a planet wide sexual frenzy.

"Do you have a name?" Brecht asked the Vik'sh, placing a hand delicately on her shoulder.

The lady Vik'sh smiled and pointed at them in turn and said, "Landers Brecht. Araa."

They nodded.

She put her hand over where her heart would be if she was human. "Z'eth'I."


The Jubilation had always washed over the Vik'sh like a wave, pulling them away from their chores to seek out others and engage in permutations of limbs. Although Z'eth'I was no longer fully Vik'sh – her body had been enriched by the essence of the skyfallen -- she felt the tug as strongly as any other of the elders she had watched over many a night. Now she stood, matured outside of the Passing, looking at the skyfallen man and she wanted him. But the nature of the desire was odd – it was a specific desire, not like the holistic desire the elders felt.

Brecht felt the odd wave enter him and trigger a cascade of memories of all the times he made love to Deirdre – but while he fought to maintain a sense of reason he noticed a a faint shift in the scent the permeated the air. Pollen from the grass has been released after the sun set and it filled the atmosphere and had psychotropic effects on the Vik'sh and Brecht was falling a victim to it. The symbiont a.i. was unable to filter the pollen and it acted as an aphrodisiac in Brecht blood stream.

Araa stared at Brecht and the other female – she was able to measure an increase in their core body temperature as well as increased blood flow to the surface of their skin. But she did not need advanced sensory systems to see they were sexually aroused. Brecht's cock pressed against his service tunic while Z'eth'I was clearly wet between her thighs where he had formed her vulva. Araa touched her own artiflesh and wondered why she was not as aroused as they were – and she chided herself for envying them their mutual desire.

Brecht still had a hand on Z'eth'I's shoulder and he was peering deeply into her green eyes – without hesitation, she jumped into his arms and their lips crashed together in a corral of arduous kisses. Z'eth'I pulled a willing Brecht into the life pod and they feel onto the piled blankets where she had been changed. Brecht fell on top of her and pinned her lite form with his and ran his hands across her arms while they panted and kissed, their tongues ribald as they tasted their unique flavors – to him, Z'eth'I was like and exotic fruit whose silky skin was delectable. To her, Brecht was an embodiment that life existed beyond the bounds of the Passing and the elders. To celebrate that life, she pulled at his tunic and Brecht tugged it off his shoulders and lowered it to his waist – once his chest was exposed, she marvelled that he had hair on his chest and the his muscles were firm. Z'eth'I ran her tongue over his nipple and Brecht shivered as the sensation made his nerves flare – the sensation was augmented as the symbiont a.i. tried to cope with influx of sensory information. It was unable to classify the information as Brecht body seemed afflicted by pain while his brain raged with endorphins.

Araa watched the unnatural couple from the open hatch of the life pod – behind her two of Voltariis 6's moons hovered high amongst the stars. To her artificial eyes, it was like the tapestry of a memory made real beyond the mere photons striking her optic panels and sound waves resonating with her audio plexing software. The engrams encoded in her higher synaptic layers fired to life when she saw Brecht grab Z'eth'I and lift her off the blankets so he could lovingly suck on her nipples. Z'eth'I tossed her head back and her yellow hair fanned out and Araa relived a moment of happiness when Brecht had pushed Deirdre on a zero G swing – Deirdre's hair had fanned out in the exact same manner.

Z'eth'I was on her back and enraptured with the feeling of Brecht's tongue on her nipples – below her pleasure was a resentment that the elders kept such sensations from the youth until the time of the Passing. The feelings made it difficult for her to surrender fully to Brecht when he left her nipple and slid his tongue down the space between her breasts and across her belly till he found Z'eth'I's small tuft of pubic hair. When his tongue broached the lips of her pussy, Z'eth'I shuddered as bliss blossomed like a rapturous flower from her cunt and up across her limbs and crushed her resentment under the weight of maddening desire.

Brecht glanced at Araa as he spread Z'eth'I's legs and put his fingers on each side of her pussy – he leaned down and kissed Z'eth'I the way he would her mouth, swirling his lips against her cunt and plunging his tongue into her while caressing her thighs.

Araa stared at Z'eth'I while she arched her back in pleasure and released a loud moan – a memory bubbled in Araa's cortex of Deirdre lying on her back beneath the rising Earth while she and Brecht loved in a small habit-dome while on the Moon. Araa dropped her weapon closed the hatch of the life pod behind her and took a tentative step towards the couple. Each step she took was like passing through a layer of confusion, images of Deirdre shattering and the leftover shreds clinging to Araa. She was understanding that a synaptic homologation was rewriting her existing cortex. She was happy for that.

Brecht was lying on his stomach as he lapped at Z'eth'I when Araa reached out and touched his bare back. He shuddered and looked over his shoulder and was greeted with a smile he had not seen in over a standard year. Araa was fully inhabited by Deirdre's memories and she fell to her knees and undid the binding she had made for her breasts. Z'eth'I supported herself on her elbows and watched Araa grab the tunic bunched at Brecht's waist and pull it down. Araa pressed her silver/grey body against his broad back and she reached underneath his body while her hair cascaded across his shoulders. Z'eth'I admired the way Araa's body meshed with Brecht's with a sensual familiarity even while his tongue was studying the points of pleasure that peppered her cunt. Z'eth'I cast her head back and allowed the madness to consumed her and she came, dousing Brecht's chin with her juices.

Brecht's mind teetered as his sense of reality was assaulted by twins images of Deirdre – both so different and similar to the original. Araa urged him onto his back and Z'eth'I shifted to her knees; Araa gently took Brecht's cock in her hand and kissed his tip while Z'eth'I leaned down and while her yellow hair draped his face, she plunged her tongue past his lips and they shared bated breath as their nostrils stood even until Brecht sighed as Araa engulfed his member with a voracious knowledge where every swipe of her tongue and caress of her lips was meant to sweep him under the veil of bliss. Brecht moaned under the dual attention while Z'eth'I drank the breath from his voice – the proximity of her mind and the clarity of passion opened a bridge between her thoughts and Brecht's. Once their kiss had passed, she positioned a knee on each side of his head and she straddled his face so his tongue could once again taste her gulf. As Brecht licked and Z'eth'I moaned, her juices streamed down his throat as well as knowledge drifted into his mind. Brecht's thoughts were awash in a blur of bliss and erratic memories of beings residing in gigantic crystal constructs that expanded from a bright white star and connected the planets that orbited the star into a vast single, crystalline web. Beings and information travelled along crystalline pathways as billions moved freely from one world to a next. The symbiont a.i. woven into Brecht's mind launched algorithms to process the imagery from Z'eth'I and attempted to locate where the Vik'sh had once seen such structures.

Araa saw how Z'eth'I moaned as Brecht pleasured her – Araa took Brecht's cock in her slender fingers and she imitated Z'eth'I, straddling his lap and lowering herself onto his hard member. It felt particularly hard as his heart had less gravity to work against. Blinded by Z'eth'I pussy, Brecht felt the familiar tightness of Deirdre's pussy as interpreted by Araa's artiflesh rendering of her engrams. Brecht grabbed Z'eth'I's hips and braced himself as he thrust selfishly upwards, burying his shaft deep into Araa's depths.

As Brecht felt the passion of two versions of the same woman, his symbiont a.i. accessed Araa's optical software and Brecht was given Araa's point of view: she watched as Z'eth'I put her hands on Brecht's chest and gyrated her hips against his face. Seeing through her eyes, Brecht also savoured the slow way Araa rode his cock while he admired how Z'eth'I wore Deirdre's features, particularly enjoying how her lower lip trembled as pleasure inhabited her. It was then that Araa's point of view shifted slightly and he felt her lean forward – Brecht's heart raced as Araa's eyes focused on Z'eth'I's lips and the symbiont a.i. simulated the chill that cascaded across Araa's artiflesh when she touched Z'eth'I's mouth and they shared a twisted mirror kiss, their darting tongues unfamiliar with the similarities they shared. Brecht thrust more forcefully into Araa, pulling from her a moan while her slender fingers found Z'eth'I's breasts – Z'eth'I reached out and did the same. Brecht concentrated on the sensation of Araa's cunt on his cock and Z'eth'I's juices as his tongue and member moved in tandem while he summoned the symbiont a.i. to release Araa's optic software.

Z'eth'I slipped from Brecht's face and she carried Araa with her. Brecht manoeuvred from beneath them and stepped back as Araa laid upon her back and Z'eth'I kissed her way down Araa's artiflesh body – the Vik'sh found her doppelganger's skin to be amazing to the touch. Araa was cool, yet where Z'eth'I's lips and fingers came into sensual contact with Araa's flesh, it burned in those areas. When she found Araa's cunt, Z'eth'I's tongue explored the recesses of her artiflesh folds – they both moaned and sighed simultaneously as the bliss seemed to pass from Araa to Z'eth'I and back. Shared form connected their sensations through a form of subliminal conditioning where their existences were quantumly entangled.

Brecht moved behind Z'eth'I and observed how her body swayed into Araa's as she licked the android's pussy. Z'eth'I's own pussy beckoned him with the scent of lilacs and incense. Brecht remembered how Deirdre would present herself to him with lilacs in her hair and incense clinging to her flesh. Brecht positioned himself behind the Vik'sh – when he touched her hips, Z'eth'I paused and Araa raised her head and her artificial grey eyes met his. Z'eth'I sensed the connection borne of shared memories and she understood her role as a cypher between Brecht's memories and the echoes residing within Araa's core.

Z'eth'I slid up Araa's body till their lips and their nipples grazed each other and Araa reached her tongue into Z'eth'I's mouth and they moaned in unison – Brecht had moistened his fingers and let them flutter on the outskirts of their cunts. He watched their pussies grow slick and their hips writhe like some sensual beast awaiting to be fed. Sliding forward on his knees, Brecht gripped his cock and placed it at the entrance of Z'eth'I's pussy. Her ass trembled in anticipation at his penetration – when he gripped her hips, Z'eth'I led a hand to Araa's labia and gently rubbed the android's virtual clit. Brecht felt a moment of hesitation as the symbiont a.i. completed a complete pathological scan to ensure the Vik'sh was not hazardous and he finally pushed his cock past the fold of her alien cunt. The remnants of the life pod echoed with the grunts and sighs as Brecht fucked Z'eth'I with alternating rhythms while she played her fingers in Araa's pussy and they worked to achieve a communion of bliss.

While their bodies writhed, Brecht thrusting into Z'eth'I a few strokes before doing the same to Araa moist pussy, the symbiont a.i. reached out and touched the cortex uncertainty processor where Araa's deep random thought algorithms were organized. Qbits of information merged and a virtual presentation of the lives of the three beings entwined was created along a looped private network established between the human and the android. Brecht's mind expanded as his every thrust was answered by a feedback track that reverberated across his flesh – the track emanated from deep within Araa and swayed back and forth as he fucked her and then Z'eth'I. In their passion, Z'eth'I's thalamus flooded her frontal lobes with neuro-transmitters – where the thoughts of the Vik'sh would merge like clouds carried aloft by the winds, Z'eth'I's mind remained unique as she encountered the strange space beyond space where Brecht and Araa were connected. She saw how his memories and those that Araa carried were mirrored in the strange discordance of their individual perceptions. Z'eth'I Found herself carried towards the images of their memories on her own swell of reminiscence she did not realize she possessed.

Z'eth'I and Araa laid side by side while Brecht mounted the Vik'sh – his buttocks heave powerfully as he drove his engorged cock deep into the recesses of the cunt he had formed from his memory of Deirdre. Yet, the juices from Z'eth'I's cunt found his mind and filled it with fogged memories of a crystalline web shattering, the billions of lives woven in the glassy matrix surrendered to a quick and dramatic end. Silvery spheres shivered as they crashed into the orbiting crystal web – some inhabitants had travelled beyond the branes between realities, using portals located at the core of stars orbited by sentient life.

Araa turned and kissed Z'eth'I, tongues lustful serpents accorded to a tune of bliss. The android slid her hand down Z'eth'I's body till she found the Vik'sh's clit as created by Brecht's remembrance of the details of Deirdre's flesh. Araa was informed of the memories shared by Brecht and Z'eth'I as the symbiont a.i. projected images within the virtual network it had created with Araa's uncertainty cortex. Araa witnessed the destruction of a planet at the hands of an unknown species. Her processing attempted to map the stars but was unable to fathom any constellations from the images. Araa soon disregarded the processing of the images when Brecht turned his attentions to her and he filled her pulsing cunt with his stiff member.

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