tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGhoulish Needs

Ghoulish Needs


An icy wind whipped her hair in front of her face as she struggled to get the bags holding her purchases into the car. In the twilight, Maggie could see the faint, colorful forms of the young trick-or-treaters down the street, visiting the houses not far from the small antique shop she was struggling to establish in this tiny Midwestern town. Her only friend so far was the older gentleman who ran the corner grocery store in the building next to hers. Looking behind her, she saw him locking the doors. He noticed her turn towards him and he waved for a moment before disappearing into his now-darkened store. Sighing, pushing her long brown hair from her face one more time, she slammed the hatch of her SUV closed and darted into the open driver's door. Certainly with this unseasonably cold weather, the youngsters she saw cross the street on the next block would not be out for long.

Taking a deep breath, briefly hugging her arms about herself and rubbing her arms to warm them, silently scolding herself for not remembering her jacket in her shop, she fumbled in her pocket for the key to the vehicle. Glancing at the dimly illuminated clock on the dashboard, mentally adding the time it would take her to prepare for the festivities planned for the evening, she shrugged as she realized she was already running late. Perhaps she should just skip the party - she wouldn't know anyone there anyway. As she extracted the key from her pocket, suddenly a large arm wrapped around her throat, the key ripped from her hand. Her throat almost crushed, struggling for air, weakly she clawed at the arm about her. In a moment, while she remained held, another figure moved from the back seat up next to her, crouching before her, determinedly and forcefully taking each of her hands and holding them on her lap.

Eyes wide with fear, with only the dim light of far-off streetlights illuminating the interior of her vehicle, as she gasped for air, she shuddered at the sight of his face. For it was not a man's face. It was a horrific ghoulish face. The figure ignored her reaction to her sight of him; and proceeded to take both her hands and firmly hold them in one of his. His other hand took the key and placed it on the floor beside him. Looking back up, his eyes locked with hers. Maggie had thought he was wearing a mask, but as she looked into them, his eyes glowed eerily green. Barely able to fill her lungs with enough oxygen to remain conscious, her chest struggling to rise and fall with each breath, the arm about her throat continued to hold her firmly

Mesmerized by the eyes of the intruder before her, her body jumped as she felt his fingers gently running up the inside of her thigh, from her knee, pushing her short skirt up. Then his hand left her leg and reached up to her right breast, first brushing against the soft fabric of her crisp cotton blouse, then grasping it's firmness before doing the same to her other breast. Eyes wide with fear, aware of her hardened nipples from the unseasonably cold air, Maggie winced as the figure grinned evilly at her… perhaps thinking he had caused such a reaction in her. Closing her eyes, hovering between consciousness and unconsciousness from the lack of oxygen, a loud voice jolted her back to awareness.

"GO. You are to proceed with your plans. Do not attempt to stray from your appointed path."

Maggie's eyes flew open as the booming voice filled her vehicle, her ears ringing. Gasping, filling her lungs, shaking in fear, she looked around in shock to find the figures gone. Gone! Stumbling out of her vehicle, she looked all around, up and down the street, but there was no one. Quickly jumping into the car once again, grabbing the key from it's resting place on the floor; Maggie slammed her door, locked it, and thrust the key into the ignition. Loudly revving the engine, she took off down the street towards her small Victorian house about 5 minutes away, shaking in fear, tears streaming down her face.

When she reached her house, Maggie sprinted to the door, deftly unlocked the often-stubborn antique lock, stepped inside and slammed and locked the door. For a few moments, she stood at the door, the length of her body resting against the tall, solid oak door. When her breathing had returned to normal, she straightened and slowly walked to the kitchen. Still a little shaky, she picked up her cordless phone and headed up the tall narrow staircase as she dialed. Waiting for an answer, she began to peel off her clothes… first kicking off her shoes, peeling down her thigh high stockings, slipping off her skirt.

Frowning to herself, taking the phone from her ear, Maggie pushed the button to hang up. "Hmm, that party must really be going well!" she mumbled to herself. Placing the phone on the bedside table, hands still shaky, she fumbled with the buttons on her shirt, then shrugged out of it and tossed it onto the hamper. Turning, looking across the room at herself in the tall antique standing oval mirror, she saw her nearly naked figure, tiny undies covering her neatly shaved pussy, hard nipples still pushing against the thin fabric of her bra. Well endowed enough not to need any of those new-fangled pushup bras, the bra she wore today was not the normal one she would wear to work. She had noticed several of the few customers, male and female alike, admiring her deep cleavage. Perhaps she should have buttoned one more button of her blouse. Perhaps those intruders were one of those customers! She had flirted just a bit with a very handsome gentleman who was interested in a large trestle table. Perhaps…

But she had not meant to return home after work. Her plans were to attend a Halloween party a business acquaintance was throwing. Now, a quiet night at home sounded much more appealing. What had they meant, anyway? Throwing herself onto the large four-posted bed, she lay back staring at the ceiling for a moment, considering. She ought to have called the police. She could do that now. But what would she say? They had not hurt her, at least not very much. They had not taken anything from her. Perhaps it was just a prank. That must be it….

As she lay thinking, rationalizing the strange incident, her hands strayed to her breasts, causing the now-relaxed nipples to harden again. She thought of that very handsome gentleman she had tried to make a sale to… the strong line of his jaw, the firmness with which he shook her hand, a body she would love to take the time to explore… closing her eyes and considering, lifting one knee up, one hand moved between her legs and stroked the outside of her pussy through her panties. Oh yes, she would very much like to…


The booming voice again! Maggie bolted upright, eyes darting around the room, though she could not see anyone or anything unusual. Frozen in position, unsure what crazy prank this was, an anger was building in her. She did not find it amusing at all.

"Who… whoever you are… this isn't funny!" Maggie blurted out, brows furrowed, trying not to let her fear show through. As if in answer, a cool draft moved through the room, and suddenly there were arms around her, the warmth of a body behind hers, hot panting breaths in her ear. Her scream was cut off as one of the arms moved up to cover her mouth, while the other savagely grasped one of her breasts and squeezed it tightly. In her ear, the figure whispered hoarsely, "you MUST go, you MUST! If you do not, I will be BACK!" With his words, he released his hold on her mouth to grab at her pussy, only for moment, and then she felt a hard wet kiss on her neck.

Then it was all gone. Not only was she released, but whoever.. whatever it was.. was gone. With angry tears, she ran to the windows, checked each one and found them all locked. Running through the small Victorian, she found all the doors and windows were locked. Slowly making her way back up the stairs to her bedroom, she contemplated. Why??? Why should she.. no … why MUST she go to the party. Well, it wouldn't hurt to be around other people right now. Hurriedly removing her costume from her closet, one she had worn numerous times though always enjoyed playing the role it thrust her into, she quickly removed her bra and panties and pulled on the loose-fitting blouse and voluminous skirt. The coup de grace was the tight-fitting corset. Arranging her breasts just so, and pulling the laces tight, in several minutes she looked up into the mirror to check her work.

Ah yes, her breasts were held so tightly, the nipples and areola just barely hidden beneath the edge of the blouse. She wore no panties under the skirt, though no one would tell that. Only she would know. Smiling grimly, she took several deep breaths, which were somewhat hampered by her outfit. Laughing at herself, knowing how her breasts rose with each of those breaths.. . if only that gentleman were there tonight. Unfortunately the guest list was unknown to her…. Determinedly, she slipped on some soft leather shoes to complete her outfit. Grabbing her keys and purse, she practically ran down the stairs, threw open the lock on the door, and quickly exited. As fast as she could, she belted herself into her car and sped off to her destination.

Relieved to see a large number of guests on the front porch of the residence where the party was going on, she found a parking spot about a block away and jogged back in the cold night air. Slightly breathless, she sauntered up the brick pathway, smiling at the other guests, none of which she knew. Happy, feeling safe around other people, Maggie made her way through the crowd to the front doors, which were propped wide open to permit easy access to the large wraparound porch. Taking a deep breath, she felt herself slipping into her character, a medieval woman, ripe and ready. Grinning, the unpleasant events of the evening slipping from her mind, she made her way through the crowd, eager to find a drink. Curtseying low to the men as she moved through the crowd, she smiled and nodded to them, returning their greetings by offering her hand and lowering her eyes suggestively. Several conversed with her, smiling at her affected accent and the character she played. The house was exquisitely furnished; and decorations of the season set the mood for the eerie night. Large spider webs were hung from the ten-foot ceilings; one wall of the dining room was "decorated" with a wide variety of torture implements; lighting throughout the house was replaced by only candlelight. In one room, there was a woman in the stocks. A crowd gathered around her, watching her beg to be set free. Maggie smiled and moved on, wondering what other unusual party games might be played tonight….

Turning from the room where the woman was held, she collided with a person coming from the other direction. Gasping in surprise, she began to apologize profusely. Looking up into the face of the person she collided with, she blushed brightly when she realized it was the gentleman from her shop earlier in the afternoon. Stammering, dropping her character in her shock, she tried to apologize. "I… I'm sorry sir! I wasn't… looking … where I was going…." As she spoke, she noticed that he simply smiled at her. Her words faded away; a puzzled look grew on her face as he simply continued to smile. At that moment, Maggie heard a loud, sharp noise, and a cry of pain from behind her. Beginning to turn, her gaze was held firmly a bark of a laugh that escaped the gentleman's lips, and he reached towards her to take both her hands in his. His eyes penetrated her and held her, overcoming her desire to turn to see the source of the noises.

Leading her slowly, pulling her into the next room, he walked backwards so that he could continue to keep eye contact with her. "No apologies necessary, my dear. Now, what happened to that lovely character you were portraying earlier? I would have expected you to take advantage of me by now considering that we have already had full body contact." Grinning widely at her, he continued, not allowing her to answer. "Ah, but perhaps we can remedy that." Clearing his throat, he bowed deeply to her, and bringing her hands to his lips he kissed the back of her hand lightly. "My dear, mayhap you would permit me to guide you to find what you seek?"

Tearing her eyes from his for just a moment to hazard a glimpse behind her, Maggie frowned when she realized that the man had led her too far to discover the reason for the noises. Sighing and turning back, still looking puzzled, she shrugged and decided that is anything were truly wrong, her companion would have shown some evidence of concern. Lifting her eyes once more to meet his, she grinned widely and dropped a deep curtsey without breaking eye contact. "That would be most welcome, kind sir. I seem to have a great thirst. My name, by the way, is Maggie. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance."

The gentleman's eyes left hers to take in her entire form, examining every inch of her. Maggie shivered slightly, not from the cold, though it seemed that she felt his gaze as the light touch of fingers touching every inch of her. Knowing his eyes examined her body so thoroughly thrilled her; and she felt her nipples harden in excitement. As his eyes returned to hers, he smirked at her, and pulled her towards a far door. "Well my lass, you seem a fine wench to spend an evening with, please, let me help you find … what you are looking for."

He now turned and led her holding both of her hands tightly in one of his. The door led to a small foyer with a circular staircase. Wordlessly, he led her upwards, their footsteps on the metal staircase echoing in the small foyer. At the top of the stairs was a thick wooden door, intricately carved, with a large keyhole. The gentleman produced a large metal key from his pocket with his free hand, and carefully placed it in to the keyhole. Slowly he turned it, and with a loud "snap" Maggie heard the lock thrown open. The door creaked open on it's own… only the lock held it closed. Pulling her quickly inside, he turned and closed the door quickly, throwing a bolt on the inside of the door. Maggie suddenly started to panic, and her mouth dropped open to speak. What were they doing here? What was going on? How… The gentleman taking her face in both his hands and kissing her deeply, passionately, and almost fiercely disrupted her thoughts. He held the kiss for many moments, thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth, pressing his lips hard against hers. At first, surprise kept Maggie from reciprocating. Shortly she was returning the kiss, intertwining her tongue with his, moving to press his body against hers, placing her hands around the back of his head, then running them lightly down his back to rest at his waist to pull his hips against hers.

Finally he released her, and pushed her away, though he was smiling down at her. "Ah, so you are a wench, aren't you? I knew it when I met you this afternoon. You were needed then. It was very difficult to wait." Grabbing one of her hands, he pulled her roughly across the candlelit room. When they reached the other side of the room, Maggie's puzzlement peaked. She was left standing, staring at the object in front of her. There was the large table the gentleman had looked at in her store, but had not purchased. "How…." She began questioningly as she turned back to face the man. He was right behind her, something in his hands. Confusion filled her face, quickly followed by fear. From the dark corners of the room, two figures emerged, ghoulish faces coming towards her, each grabbing one arm and a leg. In moments, as they held her, the gentleman had slipped wide leather straps around her wrists, and motioned the other figures to lift her up onto the table. Roughly throwing her onto her back, they held her spread eagle. Screaming, she tried to sit up, though the figures… were they men??? Held her tightly. The gentleman moved up next to the table, reaching down to lift something from one of the legs of the table. It was a leather strap with a clip on the end. Deftly he clipped it to one hand. He then moved to the other side of the table and repeated the process so both her hands were held.

"What are you doing???????" she half screamed, half demanded. Tears began to flow down her cheeks. She did not look into the faces of the shadowy figures, but concentrated on the gentleman who straddled her.

"I told you, you are needed." Looking down at her for a moment, smiling, gently he traced the line of her jaw with the tips of his fingers, then dragged them lightly down her neck, along the line of her blouse along the top of her breasts. Holding his other hand out, palm up, he beckoned to one of the ghoulish-faced figures who handed the gentleman an ornately handled dagger. Biting her lip in fear, Maggie began panting in fear as the man took the blade and brandished it in front of her, the blade catching the reflection of the candlelight. Whimpering, holding her breath as he moved it near her breast, he lifted the fabric of her clothing just enough to slip the blade under. With a swift upward movement, her clothes were sliced open and her breasts fell free of their confinement. Climbing off of her, he did the same to her skirt. Handing the knife back to one of the figures, he came to stand beside the table.

Maggie struggled not to panic. Thinking furiously, she considered. No sense in screaming… no one would hear her. She simply needed to look for an opportunity to escape. In the meantime, she hoped that he would not hurt her…. Looking up at him, determined not to show her fear, slowly she brought her breathing under control. Knowing she now lay naked before him, helpless. It was a strange mix of sensations. Her body still aroused from the kiss, the fear, her attraction to this man, her helplessness. All of it whirled in her mind.

The gentleman stood next to the table, examining her. Each hand reached out and took a hold of each of her nipples, gently squeezing at first, gradually increasing the pressure as he rolled her nipples in his fingers. Maggie felt her eyes close, her head tilt back, her knees pull up, her legs fall open. She wondered what he was doing, what he would do. "Please, sir, what…." Gasping as he slowly, continuously pulled upward on her nipples, feeling her body respond, her muscles tensed for a moment, a streak of excitement ran down her body and she felt her pussy throb with excitement.

"Maggie, my sweet little wench, you are here for giving pleasure. I knew it when I met you today. I had to make sure you came tonight. I had a feeling you would enjoy this." Releasing one nipple, he moved one hand between her legs, running a finger between her pussy lips, her wetness coated his fingers as he dragged them across her clit and back down towards her ass. Smiling as she moaned loudly, he chuckled, "I see I was correct. There are many things I think you will enjoy. For tonight though, my needs are simple."

Maggie barely heard his words. His fingers, so wet and slick, slid across her clit, causing her to raise her hips, wanting more. She pulled on her restraints, writhing in wanton desire. Murmuring agreement, her head spinning, she spread her legs, her hips rising and falling to meet his fingers, her back arching with his continued pulling on her one nipple. Her chest rose and fell quickly, her breasts heaving. This was what she was - slut, a bitch, a wench. She needed this. She needed to be fucked.

As those thoughts ran through her head, on the brink of begging the man to take her, she opened her eyes when he stopped his attentions to her body. Looking around, she could not see him at all. Where did he go? In a moment, a figure emerged from the darkness. But it was not the gentleman.. it was one of.. the others. He might not be human in face, but he was definitely human in body. His huge erect cock stood straight up, pointing to his belly. His glowing green eyes locked with hers. Slowly he approached her. Fear welled up inside her. As the figure climbed up on the table between her legs, she took a deep breath, preparing to scream. Abruptly, her breath was cut off. The other ghoulish figure had come up behind, and now had his hand over her mouth. Struggling to breathe through her nose, she mumbled through the hand, to no avail. The figure between her legs didn't waste any time. Holding the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy for just a moment, he brutally plunged into her, slamming his cock it's full length into her. Maggie's muffled scream filled the room. Soon, as his cock was quickly coated with her juices, he began fucking her swiftly and deeply. Despite her revulsion, Maggie's pussy throbbed at the intrusion; clenched the cock driving in to her, pulling it deeper, deeper. In only a couple minutes, he groaned loudly in words unintelligible as Maggie felt a huge load of cum fill her belly. She screamed, this time in ecstasy as she added her own juices to his, cumming hard around his emptying cock.

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