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Giada DeLaurentiis


I am obsessed with Giada de Laurentiis, the Italian chef with the beautiful face and spectacular body whose TV cooking show featured her cleavage as much as her recipes. I watched every one of her TV cooking shows and those that I couldn't watch, I taped.I was entranced with her and I wanted to be with her just once, to see her naked body, her full, lush breasts and large nipples. Her trimmed pussy with long cunt lips that would open for my cock. To be inside her, moving faster and faster, with her breasts bouncing under my thrusts. To feel her vagina tighten on me as she came to orgasm. To feel the electricity as my cum spurted into her cunt.To lie on top of her, feeling her breasts against my chest, as we both came down from the intensity of the intercourse.

Yes, I had my obession, but I also had a plan.

Since I lived in Los Angeles, where I worked as a hospital orderly, and she lived in a beautiful hillside home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, she was accessible to me--to a point. Giada was a very public figure and much of the time she was surrounded by friends and co-workers. And when she was home, so was her husband Todd, and her house undoubtedly was fitted with the most modern security system. So getting to her directly was not an option. But I had a plan that I thought could work with minimal risk. That plan involved her husband. Todd was a fashion designer whose company was located in a downtown Los Angeles loft. Other than being Giada's husband, he wasn't really a public figure and because of that he took no visible, significant security measures concerning himself.

To verify what I thought was his accessibility, I began stalking him. Since I worked weekends at the hospital, I had two week days off, giving me time to check out his daytime patterns. As it turned out, Todd--like most of us--was pretty much a creature of habit. He came to work at about the same time each day, he followed the same route to work and home, and--best for me--he ate most of his lunches at restaurants near his building. That meant he walked to the restaurants, where he often met with others. His building was on a street that didn't have much foot traffic during the day--in Los Angeles we drive everywhere.

After a month of watching, I decided I was ready for action. At the hospital I had access to two drugs necessary for my plan. The first was a fast-acting sedative that, when injected, would make the recipient dizzy and then unconscious for a time. And a short time was all I needed.

I applied for my two week vacation and on that first Monday I drove my van to Todd's building and parked on the street just before noon. I slid open the side door and pretended to work with items on the back floor. I was in luck. In just a few minutes, Todd came out alone and walked toward me, on his way to a nearby restaurant. There was no one else on the street. With a syringe hidden in my right hand, I turned and pretended to stumble into him. He felt the sting of the needle sticking into his leg, but immediately, as I began to apologize for my falling into him, I saw his eyes begin to glass over. I helped him sit on the door of my van and then rolled him into the back of the van and slid the door shut.

An hour later, I was in my secluded house in the far western San Fernando Valley, where the still unconscious Todd (I didn't even know his last name) was strapped firmly into a chair. He was blindfolded and his arms were bare.

Before I was physically with Giada, I wanted to know all about her sexual likes and dislikes. I didn't want to rape her. I wanted to make love to her. I wanted her to feel so turned on by my lovemaking that she wouldn't feel afraid. I wanted her to join in the act. And for that, I needed information. And to get that, I was turning to my second drug--a "truth serum" that hopefully would make Todd tell me every single intimate detail about his wife and their love life..

When Todd started making noises like he was waking up, I injected him with the truth serum. I waited a few minutes, then began talking to him. "Todd, can you hear me?"


"I'm going to ask you questions and I want you to answer fully and completely. OK?"

"All right"--the answer came clearly, but somewhat sleepily.

"The questions are about Giada. When you answer I want you to say her name and the main word of my question. For example, if I say 'Describe Giada's breasts' you will answer "Giada's breasts are...and then complete the answer." Do you understand?"

There was silence and I feared the drug wasn't working, but then he began to talk in a low voice.

"Giada isn't a large woman, she's only 5 feet 3 inches tall, but her breasts are larger than normal for a woman that size. They are full and firm and white. They are even a little larger now than before she gave birth to our daughter and breastfed her."

"Does Giada like to have her breasts fondled and if so, how do you do it?" I asked.

"She likes fondling a lot," he said. "On her cooking show she often wears tops that are scoop necked and when she bends over she shows a lot of cleavage. That turns a lot of men on. So when she cooks at home I'll come up behind her and do what every male viewer would like to do. I slide my hand inside her top and into her bra and cup her breast. I'll squeeze it and move my hand around and I hear her gasp and I can feel her nipple getting hard."

I stopped him with another question. " Let's talk about her nipples. How large is her areola, what color are her nipples, how fast can her nipples get hard and how long are they when they're erect?"

"Giada's areola are about silver dollar size and they have little bumps around them that swell when she gets excited. They are light brown and her nipples are pink. When she gets turned on they erect very quickly and swell to over half an inch," he said.

I continued, "Does she like having her nipples sucked and lightly bitten? Could she have an orgasm just with breast play?"

He thought a moment. "I think she likes having her breasts played with as much as she likes to fuck. And she once had an orgasm just from me playing with her tits and sucking her nipples"

As he talked I could feel my prick getting harder and harder as I thought about me being with Giada and sliding my hand into her brassiere and fondling her breasts and rolling her stiff nipples under my fingers. It was mind blowing.

I went on "How about her pussy? What does she call it?"

"She calls it 'my gatta.' That's Italian for a female cat."

"Does she have pussy hair and if so, what color is it? Is it shaved at all"

"Giada's pussy hair is brown and she trims it so it goes into a V pointing right to her cunt lips."

"How large are her cunt lips and what color are they?"

"Again, Giada's cunt lips are a little bigger than you might expect for a petite woman. Closed, they are her normal skin tone. When they're open, they're large and it's really pink inside---almost red. And her vagina itself opens up almost right away, waiting for a prick to slide in."

I had been stroking my cock while he talked and now I jacked faster and faster as he described her cunt, and I finally came, shooting into my handkerchief. He sat quietly as I dropped into a chair. I was spent, but I needed more information. "What kind of sexual positions does Giada especially like?"

"I think she likes doggy style best. But she's very sexual and likes almost any position."

"How often do you have sex?"

"Not especially often," he said. "Maybe only once a month or so."

That answer not only surprised me, it also made me mad. Here was a guy married to one of the most gorgeous women on television, and he was only having sex with her once a month. What a complete waste and what a complete jerk. But I probed a little deeper. "Why do you have sex so infrequently?"

He thought a few moments and then answered slowly, "I don't think Giada likes me especially."

That really surprised me, so I said "But on her cooking shows she talks about making special dishes for you, and you're seen walking hand-in-hand on the beach, and you just had a new baby, so why do you say she doesn't like you?"

He hesitated so long I was afraid that the "truth serum" I had given him was wearing off, so I prepared another syringe, swabbed his arm with alcohol and then gave him another shot. I waited a few minutes for it to take full effect, then asked again "Why do you think she doesn't like you?"

This time the answer came right away. "We had known each other a long time before we were married and then when we did get married and were living together, there were things about me she hadn't known and didn't especially like--especially my sexual likes. I like rough sex and she likes cuddling and gentle sex. She also didn't like my friends and I didn't like her new celebrity status. It was bad enough that she was from a famous family. We started growing apart and really we're only together now because of her image and her TV show and her cookbooks and her live appearances. We had a baby because she thought it might bring us closer together, but it hasn't helped."

I needed another couple of answers. "Does Giada give you head and does she like it? And do you eat her pussy and does she like it?

He didn't wait at all to answer "I've forced her to give me blowjobs and she doesn't like it at all, especially when I come in her mouth. And I have never eaten her pussy. I think that's unsanitary and smelly."

That was strike two and strike three for Todd, as far as I was concerned. It was almost time to move to the final part of my plan, but there were a couple of more questions.

"Todd, when you e-mail Giada, what do you call her and how do you sign the e-mail?"

"I just start my e-mails to her with the letter 'G' and I sign it 'T.'"

That was enough to let me move to the final step of my plan. After making a couple of necessary phone calls, I took Todd's phone and sent an e-mail to Giada's address which was stored in the memory. The message read: "G, I'm sorry and I want another chance. Trust me. Meet me tonight at 8 o'clock in room 22 of the Sea Cliff Motel. Only two rules: First, once you knock on the door, put on your sleep mask over your eyes. And second, no talking. No talking at all. Just follow my lead. Again, please trust me. "T"

I didn't have to wait long, for the answer came just minutes later: "Todd, One more chance. Sounds crazy, but I'll be there. Don't let me down. Giada."

I was excited. I could hardly wait for 8 o'clock. It was now about 4 o'clock and I had to make sure Todd was secure until later that night, and then I had to shower, shave, dress and get to the motel and the room I had rented--a ground floor room that faced the back of the motel and, at this time of year, was bound to have few guests around to see anything. By 7 o'clock I was in the motel room, totally excited about what was ahead. Had Todd's absence been noted and reported? Had Giada been alerted? Were police going to be knocking on the door, or would it be Giada, and if it was Giada, would she follow the instructions? The time went by as slowly as I could ever remember, but right at 8 o'clock there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peephole. Not only was it Giada standing there, she also was putting on a sleep mask that covered her eyes. She was following "Todd's" instructions. I opened the door.

I reached out and took her hand. It was soft and warm. I was in heaven. Since I knew Todd was not a gentle person, and that Giada disliked that completely, I was determined to be as gentle as I could be. I led her into the room and sat her on the bed. I sat next to her. She was dressed simply, a full skirt and a thin sweater that emphasized her breasts. I put my finger across her lips to reemphasize that there should be no talking. Then I bent down and kissed her lips. They were everything I had dreamed of. I placed a dozen kisses on her lips, just once flicking my tongue across them, but making no attempt to get her to open her lips--for now. Then I began kissing her cheeks, her chin and then her ears, where I did thrust my tongue inside and was rewarded with a soft groan from Giada.

I moved behind her on the bed and continued kissing her, including her neck and her exposed upper chest. After a minute or so I stopped and, still behind her, moved my arms around her and cupped both her breasts. Her body tensed, but she said nothing and did nothing to stop me. I moved my hands up and held both her full breasts in my hands. I could feel her bra under her sweater and I thought I could just feel a bump of her nipple.

Getting bolder, I slid my right hand under her sweater until I could feel the top of her bra. Not stopping, I moved my hand into her bra cup and now was holding her warm breast in my hand. Wanting to be everything that Todd was not, I didn't start squeezing or manipulating her tit, but just held it gently. I felt my penis begin to erect and I felt her nipple starting to grow

With that, I slid my left hand into her other bra cup until both her full breasts were captured. There was another small groan from Giada and I took that as a sign to continue. Now I moved my hands gently over and under both breasts and then up to where I captured both her large nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed them gently and could feel bumps erecting on the areola around her nipples. I moved my hands out from her sweater, then reached down and moved it up over her head, being careful not to dislodge her sleep mask.

She moved her arms up to help me. That excited me even more and I could feel my prick as hard as it had ever been. I looked at her sitting there in just her pink, frilly bra and I couldn't wait to continue. But before I unclasped her bra, I gently stroked her arms and her back for a couple of minutes. I wanted her to love the foreplay and I wanted her to know that it didn't have to be rough.

Now I reached down and unhooked her bra. I slid the straps down her arms and tugged the bra cups away from her tits. She sat quietly as I marveled at the sight. Her breasts were large, but they didn't sag much at all, but pointed straight out. Her nipples were spectacular. As Todd had told me, her areola were light brown and her nipples--which now stood out at least half-an-inch long--were pink. I began fondling her breasts and gently flicking her nipples, then lightly squeezing them. I felt them grow even harder and longer.

I couldn't wait any longer, and bent down and took her right nipple in my mouth. I licked and sucked on the nipple and then moved to her left breast and began sucking that nipple, too. Her nipples were hard and spongy all at the same time. My tongue lashed them; my lips sucked them. I bit them, but gently. Giada's head arched back but she still didn't utter a word. For the next five minutes I paid full attention to her beautiful breasts and nipples, until Giada's body stiffened and then shook. She had had an orgasm.

I gently laid her back on the bed and began stripping off her skirt. Once again she helped me, by picking up her hips to allow the dress to be pulled off her legs. She now wore only a white thong that hinted at her prominent pubic mound under the cloth. I slid that down, too, and now she was fully naked.

Her trimmed, brown pubic hair pointed down to her cunt lips. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair and over her cunt lips. They were long and closed, but as I began stroking them they started opening and getting fuller. Inside her cunt lips it was bright red. Her clitoris was beginning to enlarge and poke out from its sheath.

Her vagina opened as if it was beckoning my penis. I bent down and licked slowly from the bottom of her cunt to her clitoris. Giada, apparently taken completely by surprise, gasped and appeared to start to say something, but once again I reached up and put my finger across her lips.

I began kissing her legs and the smooth, silky inside of her thighs, moving ever closer to her pubic mound. I put my fingers into her pubic hair and pulled on it gently. I became even more aroused as my tugging on her pubic hair opened and closed her cunt lips and opened her vagina even more fully. Then I kissed directly on her cunt and then continued licking inside her labia. I stiffened my tongue and thrust it as deep as it would go into her vagina. Giada's body began shaking. I tongue fucked her for a short time, feeling her vagina tightening on my tongue as if calling to my penis. I continued pushing my tongue deep into her body and then moved my attention to her clitoris. It now was fully extended and I was able to lick it and suck on it and bite it, but gently. As I did this, a second orgasm went through Giada's body and I could feel it in her cunt as her body stiffened and shook.

At this point I, too, was completely naked, having shed my clothes during our lovemaking, which by this time was over half-an-hour long. My penis was rock hard. I moved up on the bed, between Giada's legs and positioned myself at the entrance to her vagina. I rubbed my penis up and down her cunt lips, including over her clitoris again, and then slowly began entering Giada.

Her vaginal walls were almost hot as they closed around my penis. I kept moving deeper inside her until my penis was buried fully inside her and I could feel our pubic hair combining. Then I stopped and raised up so I could look down on the wonderful body underneath me. I had to remind myself that I was fucking Giada de Laurentiis, who I had often jacked off to as I watched her move on TV, tantalizing me and hundreds or thousands of other men as she bent over to put something in the oven and the camera focused on her cleavage and the hint of the spectacular breasts inside the sweater or blouse.

Once it had appeared that a nipple had inadvertently popped up above her blouse and the picture of this on the internet gave men across the country instant hard-ons. Now I was not only looking at those naked breasts and her erect, pink nipples, I also was buried deep inside her body.

I stayed that way--just looking--until Giada started moving underneath me. She started the small back and forth movements of intercourse. I began matching her movements, sliding my cock almost out of her vagina and then slowly thrusting back, deep inside her. Both our moves became more and more intense until we were fucking fast and furiously. Gasps were coming from Giada and she threw her head back as my penis pounded into her.

Suddenly I felt the first tingles of my approaching orgasm and I knew I couldn't last much longer, but I wanted to cum with the beauty beneath me. But then I felt Giada's body start to stiffen and I knew that she, too, was ready to climax. I fucked into her hard and fast and my cock started tingling. Both of us groaned. Giada's body jerked and spasmed with her orgasm. Shocks went through me as my penis began spurting my cum deep into her body. I was so turned on I jolted out five or six heavy spurts of cum, more than I had ever come before.

Although all the energy had drained out of me with my climax, I lowered myself gently onto Giada's body, with my penis still inside her vagina. I felt her breasts pressing into my bare chest, her nipples still hard. Her head had dropped over to the side and she appeared exhausted, too.

Finally she turned her face toward me, reached up with both hands and held my face, the sleep mask still over her eyes. Then she spoke the first words since she had appeared. "My gatta is still sending electric shocks through me," Giada said. "That was the best sex I have ever had." She paused and then added, "Whoever you are."

# # #

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