tagNonHumanGiant Ch. 02

Giant Ch. 02


(continued from Giant : (chapter 1))

"He hasn't finished," said one of the elders. Some close by agreed with him.

"We must act, to save the girl," said another. "She will not take much more, nor should she."

"What shall we do then?"

"Talk to him!" said one mature elder. "He has been a good master to us this giant. He can see reason. I have lived long enough in this village to observe a fair few giants, and our master is the best."

"If he lusts for this girl as much as this surely he will act to preserve her. Why else does he change his women, but to preserve them?"

"He changes them when he is ready for another, when he tires of the inspiration they give him. This last lady is such a beauty, I fear he will never tire of her. And a part of me can understand. If I were the master I do not believe that I would tire of this one either. She is very beautiful." The other elders looked in surprise at the speaker, a stout and well respected man of the next village down the valley. It was most unusual for a villager, even an elder to voice such a strong opinion towards the women who were chosen by the giant, or the other contenders who might not be chosen. Their respect was perhaps shown in another way, by the frequency or ferocity of their spunking, if they were so inspired; a more natural compliment, the honesty of which could not be denied. This young beauty had indeed inspired copious quantities of semen cream from the penises of watching males, and, it seemed, her performance with the giant had even motivated female cunts to wetness and ecstasy.

"If he cares so deeply for her then he will want to save her for the future," said the mature elder who had spoken earlier. "We have not much time if we wish to save her from pain. Now who will speak to the giant?"

None of the villagers were brave men, or the women. They were all cowed by the likely wrath of the giant. Giants could by the sweep of their hands, the flick of their fingers, or the kick of their legs, badly injure, even kill a man who sought to restrain them from their sport, whatever that might be. Their master was a good giant, one who had protected them from other giants over the years, goblin armies and greedy dwarves, trolls, and other dangers, which from time to time threatened their beautiful vale. But he was one of his own people, a beast born to dominate, filled with a sexual hunger which belittled anything contained in the merely human. Rarely did the giant seek to satiate his sexual appetites, perhaps because his arousal would become such a protracted erotic contest. When the giant was in this mood the whole work of the castle and villages stopped, for a whole day, sometimes two. The giant would not sleep in this time, until final satiation. The villagers were bidden to watch, to offer themselves, to wait upon their master. While most might gain some periods of sleep, there would be the sobbing or ecstatic moans of the women who were spent beneath or on top of him, and the calls of ecstasy as watchers ejaculated, or emulated the beast before them, by turning upon each other, male and female.

All the observers were thankful, at the least, that the giant's fucking was more gentle than before. Perhaps he was conscious of her endangerment. But the young woman moaned still with pains and who knew what mental anguish. Her arms had long since given out, and her pretty face lay on its side, pushed forward onto the cold stone floor, now warmed by her tears. Her slender white body seemed only held in its place by the strength of the giant master's engorged weapon.

While the cowardly elders debated and racked their consciences the giant drew himself back further onto his haunches, picking the woman like rag doll from the floor. 'What next?' the onlookers thought, hopeful again, but concerned, for the young lady screamed and wriggled, thrashing with the last of her strength, as the giant bore her up, maintaining her upon his member, and gently, carefully, it had to be agreed, twisting her around upon his huge erection in mid air, so that she could gaze into those lust maddened brown eyes of the giant directly. Her legs kicked out in panic. She screamed awfully, riven by fear, but then, mesmerised she appeared to become, by the sight of her insane tormentor, who drank the beauteous sight of her fully in. The giant leaned forwards again, placing his weight on one arm while cradling the young woman in his other arm and gently lowering her back onto the stone floor. As he let her down he moved her legs into a safe position, back and stretched wide so the master was better able to dominate her and exercise his huge member inside her.

The watchers were disappointed that their master seemed to be embarked on continuing his lustful assault. While he had displayed some gentleness and care there was as yet no sign that he was ready to change his mount and give this unfortunate girl her relief. His search for complete satisfaction, which eluded him yet, continued to dominate his actions to the exclusion of rational sense. As the rhythmic ebb and flow of his engorged member in her frail body began again he was mercifully gentle, but the beauty seemed barely conscious, and the watchers continued their urgent conversations.

"You should speak to the master," suggested one elder who had spoken before, pointing with a cowardly finger at the mature elder who had praised the giant's goodness of heart. "You Withion know him as well as any of us. He will listen to you, if any of us."

"I am not young any more Aland," replied the mature elder Withion. "If he should swipe me my heart will give way, the excitement would be too much. A few years ago, you younger men may not remember it, I tried to intervene as a young woman fainted upon the master's prick. Our master was unwilling to recognise that she should not hang there suspended. He was maddened by my intrusion and lashed out at me with his hand, as if to swat me like a fly. If I had been less quick I would have been flattened by him, with every bone in my body broke. I am too old now, and insufficiently agile."

"I recall the master did hear you," said another elderly elder, who had not yet spoken. "When he pondered upon your warning I remember him cradling the beauty as he extricated her from his penis and laid her down to be carried away.

"If not Withion, then who?" said the elder who had pointed. "This is urgent. The woman may die while we debate."

"What if we could offer encouragement to whoever amongst us is brave enough," suggested Withion. "Surely the young lady would look favourably upon the elder who is brave enough to act on her behalf, when she is recovered fully of course. Maybe she would in gratitude agree to spend a night with the noble soul who risked his own life for hers, or at the least to allow him to relieve himself of his semen while she strokes his body."

There was, amongst the gathered group of elders, a noticeable stirring of desperation. Reddened faces twisted in an inner turmoil of personal lust and naked fear. There were more than a few of these pillars of their own village communities who displayed an undeniable interest in the possibility of acquiring the generous gratitude of the beautiful young maiden, who gasped and cried out now in fear beneath the moaning giant.

"Raise your hands any of you who would consider yourself worthy of the honour of attempting to save this beauty's precious life," asked Aland, who had become, without election, the chairman of this urgent gathering. "If she survives this I am sure she will see fit to give you some reward, perhaps even devotion."

Three hands went up, one hesitantly, as if the volunteer wished to countermand the involuntary reaction of lust's stupidity. This one was the stout, well respected elder from the next village down the valley, who had spoken of his understanding of the giant's reluctance to give up this dark haired beauty.

The other two were younger men, but both good villagers and regarded among the ranks of elders, having wives, children and trades of responsibility and note. One was a handsome man, sought after by many a village woman in the periods of sexual excess typically brought on by the giant master's indulgent example. The other man was a nondescript in appearance, but burned with a lust for the beauty whose wellbeing was at stake, which was evident in his tearful red face and his shaking hands.

"Well, go on then. What are you waiting for?" chided Aland. "Her very life is at stake. Your actions will be noted and explained fully to the maiden, we assure you."

"But," stammered the nondescript man, "which one of us should go first? We cannot all shout to him at the same time."

"You can be sure that I will inform the young woman, if she comes out of this happily, which one of you was the bravest and went first, or was most effective in persuading the master." Aland was noticeably imbued with greater clarity and confidence now that bravehearts had been found who would risk themselves in the giant's presence.

At the wise elder's words the three men turned to face their master, each one calculating how best to approach him, where the giant would see or hear them most clearly, and whether they would be quicker than their rivals. Each one beheld the woman, for whom they felt such lust that they could be motivated to do what none of the other elders would dare. Her pretty flesh heaved as the giant thrust his huge instrument slowly as far as it would go into her pale body. Mercifully, since his long pause, his thrusting was slow and far gentler than it had been before, but the woman was worn out. She still moaned in pain, which the lustful watchers could still confuse with sensuous exaltation, but they all knew she had suffered too much.

For the stout man from the village down the valley the moaning of his beauty, and the fear that his rivals might be braver than him and win the girl, was enough to send him within the range of the giant. With all his courage he came within the eyesight of the master, to his right, well within the reach of an angry fist. His hope was that the giant needed his arms to steady his strong body as he penetrated the lovely dark haired woman. Surely he could not strike him if he must bear his own weight. The eyes of the master were transfixed upon the woman, as if he were concentrating on her to gain that last degree of inspiration which would send him over into that complete ecstasy, his giant's need, bringing satisfaction and calm, a prelude to a returning normality.

"Master?" he called. The stout man's voice sounded weedy, not loud or confident enough to register upon the giant's sweat covered face. The stout man was shaking too much, but he had exercised his voice. He tried again, "Master, please. She is weakening. The lady is at risk!" That was better. The master emitted a grunt, distracted a little from the object of his lust, not yet aware of the source of distraction. His huge brown eyes flickered away from the young woman to see what was trying to take his attention.

"Master? You must let her go. You have worn her out. She may bleed. She will lose consciousness if you go on." The stout man was a brave man indeed to say these things to the giant, to interrupt him from his rising ecstasy.

The giant focussed those watery eyes upon the stout man and a frown shadowed his face. There was no indication to those who could see his sweated face that the master had understood. Perhaps he was beyond the limits of normal communication, so wrapped up had he been in his arousal.

Just at that moment there was a further call to divert his attention. The young nondescript man, keen not to be undone, leapt to the stout man's side, not right next to him, lest the giant strike them both, but nearby, so the master could see him also. The younger man called out to the giant in similar fashion, "Master you will harm this woman if you continue. Take the other women, they are waiting for you, all of them." Indeed the other village women were there, not far away, sheltered against the castle walls, although it was unclear whether the giant saw them at this time.

A loud booming voice struck fear into the three brave elders. The more handsome younger man had come forward too, on the other side of the giant and the woman, although as yet he had not addressed the giant. "She is mine!" boomed the voice, which was not loud for a giant, but to man's ears could not be missed. Every man and woman in the castle hall was shaken by it, the voice of a giant maddened by his lust, and not of a rational creature. "I will spurt my seed inside her!" he raved. The master's muscled right arm swung out, as he transferred weight onto his left side, sweeping towards the two who had spoken so bravely. As the giant hand became a fist the two elders scattered as best they could. The stout man found speed which no onlooker would have guessed and backed out of range, while the nondescript man dived forwards out of the way, cracking bones on the stone floor, but picking himself up nimbly.

The stout man and the nondescript younger man both breathed sighs of relief that they were unharmed. They had the giant's attention now, but could they return across the stone floor after their close escape?

The giant roared with anger at his failure to swat them, "Who dares interrupt me? I want her!" The handsome man, on the other side, appeared not to have been noticed by the giant.

The giant returned his concentration quickly to the beauty, so frail beneath him. Slowly fuller understanding of the words, so bravely spoken, began to reach his hidden consciousness, through the waves of mad passion. He looked at her pale face, tear strained, the eyes half closed, closing, half conscious, and then opening again to stare in naked fear. When she screamed something connected in his mind. He was able to distinguish between the cry of erotic release and the scream of desperate fear. He found he desired the dark haired woman's sexual devotion. He wanted her to miss the warm throb of his prick when he removed it. Like the earlier woman, he wanted her to hold herself in ecstasy and finger herself to another earth moving orgasm when he left her. This way she would be of no further use to him, she would be still, and hateful, all erotic feelings expunged by ill use.

The handsome man, still close to his master, could see the confusion wrought in his face, even as a slow penetration resumed. He judged that his master had heard the words of the two bravest men, and failing to swat them, was considering their meaning. Now was his chance to prove himself. In a sensible voice he reasoned so the giant could hear, "Master, if you wish to enjoy Clementine again you must let her mend. She will be damaged if you continue. I do not think you want that sire, surely!"

There was a rising mutter amongst the watchers. This man knew the lady's name! He must come from the same village, it seemed. He was not the only villager here who knew the poor woman. Indeed she was renowned in her own village, and among those who visited it regularly, as would any fine looking woman be, amongst the men in particular. But to those from other villages who knew her not, this was the first time they had heard the poor girl's name.

This time there was no violent response from the giant. He listened, and appeared to consider. Then, to the surprise of all who watched, he spoke in passion, "I need this woman! She will make me explode. Without her I cannot. You cannot have her back!" His voice boomed loudly in anger and desperation, and, to those who observed, it seemed in confusion, because he did not wish to ruin this woman, but was compelled by the force of his sexual need.

"Master there are other women here waiting for you. Lovely women, beautiful ladies, all wanting to feel your magnificent cock deep inside them. Don't you want to explore them?" asked the nondescript man, as he overcame his fear and again approached the mighty master. Other elders were surprised at the elegance of his words, which to many of them belied his nondescript looks.

The giant replied again, the rhythm of his fucking completely disturbed now, "I must have her. Other women are good, but this one is the only one who can finish me!"

Some of the watching elders parted as one of their number attempted to come through them, with a stick in his hand to walk with. It was an elderly elder, one with years of experience of negotiating with, and sometimes advising, this giant. Withion approached his master, knowing, by the giant's words, that he was now safe. "Master you are a kindly giant, and in the years you have been amongst us we have grown to respect you for the good things you have done for us. You have earned the right to be our master by the protection you have given us, and by your sensible rule. You have fought to save us from evil giants and goblins, and the other creatures who have periodically invaded out valley. We respect you because you have never purposely attempted to injure or kill your loyal servants, and have shown the desire to look after us." The giant appeared to listen closely to the good things this familiar elder had to say.

"I can see you have become very attached to this young beauty. I think most of us can well understand why. May I make a suggestion? If you must continue to have her for inspiration there may be a way, without doing further damage to her. You must see that she is weak. The poor girl is in and out of consciousness. When she is awake she has become terrified and in pain. What must she think of you now you have done this to her? If you ever allow her to leave your presence she is as likely to run from this homeland of hers as to risk her life with you again. She is sore and doubtless bleeding. If you will not remove yourself from her now she may be done irreparable damage, and what will then happen to your good reputation amongst our people. Master, do you wish to know my suggestion?"

"I am listening Withion," boomed the giant, in what must have been a whisper to him.

"My idea, master," declared Withion, "is that she may be laid to rest within your sight, fully naked, as she is now, so that you may continue to observe her beauty while you seek to continue your quest for the final explosion of seed. You may have your choice of female mounts, as many as you wish, more than one at a time, if you so desire. All the while you may gaze upon her naked body and draw inspiration from her. Surely, in this way also, you will be motivated to achieve your desired outpouring, and the other women will have their chance to inspire you also, even to bear your seed."

"I want this woman to bear my seed!" said the giant, his voice spread clearly around the room.

"She cannot master, not if you truly value her. As we have said, for her sake you must stop now. You can impregnate her again on some future occasion, hopefully, if that is your wish."

The giant pondered, his fucking movements now suspended, although he remained hard and full within the girl. She appeared semiconscious or even unconscious, her pretty eyes closed, and her breathing fast and urgent. The watchers were thankful that her screams were for the time being ceased. Slowly, gently, as a fresh tear escaped from the giant's eye, his huge penis unsheathed itself from the beautiful dark haired woman, and he eased himself across the stone floor to sit back against the castle wall, holding his huge aroused penis.

"Bring me cushions," demanded the giant. "And lay the girl here before me, on cushions. Cushions for both of us. And bring me more women, so I may choose." And so the giant had chosen the sensible way. His arousal could continue.

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