tagBDSMGift For My Pet Ch. 02

Gift For My Pet Ch. 02

bywhores Master©

You look at me a little confused.

"What's wrong?"

"I've never made love to another woman before, Master and I'm not sure what you want me to do."

"Ok. It might be more fun to help you anyway. Lie next to her on the far side and I'll lie down on this side. Have you ever been in a sandwich before?"

"No Master, but it sounds delicious."

You and I take our positions.

"Ok now follow my instructions and do as I do. Let's start with her breasts and nipples. Suck the one near you like you like to have yours sucked and I will suck this one, and as we work on her breasts be sure to caress her and explore her body. We have this lovely young thing here for our pleasure so let's take advantage of her."

She giggles and smiles at both of us and then stretches her arms out and slightly spreads her legs, waiting for us to do as we please.

Moments like this are rare and you smile at me as you look at the feast we have laid out before us.

You lean down and begin to lick her breast in a long, continuous lick. Your tongue is extended as you move around the shape of her breast, then cross over her nipple and then circle her areola.

I watch as you settle down to enjoy this new adventure. Your tongue circles around her nipple and then as she moans, you start to flick it back and forth. She groans in response. The more she groans, the more exaggerated your tongue flicking becomes.

You suck and lick your assigned nipple and I join you with mine. You stare as me as I scrape my teeth across her nipple and you try that too. She heaves and breathes deeply at that rough sensation, so we do it again.

I take a finger and start to flick her stiff nipple, not gently like with my tongue, but hard like kids flick ears on a school bus. She cringes with each flick, but her nipples are becoming darker and harder.

Her moans give her away and I alternate my flicking with scraping my teeth on her nipples. Occasionally, I suck them tenderly for a contrast, but it is obvious she prefers rougher treatment.

You lovingly suck and kiss her nipples, relishing the feel of her hard buds between your lips. I see your eyes are wet and I know your pussy is also. I lean over and place my hand between your legs.

You lay your head down on her chest, still sucking her nipple and look at me. You spread your legs and I slide my hand up your thigh and feel your pussy.

Your wetness covers my fingers and I rub your lips a few times before moving back to work on her breast.

We look across her as we suck. I take your hand, which you cup her breasts with and I guide it across her chest, caressing her and then I place it on the breast I am sucking. I squeeze your hand and you squeeze her breast.

I show you how to start at the base of her breast and squeeze harder as you move up toward the nipple, causing it to be shaped like a cone. I release your hand and you mold her breast flesh as I showed you.

I guide your hand up to her neck and caress her neck with it. I brush it across her cheek and then around to the back of her neck and pull her up to face us more directly.

Your hand fills with her lush hair and you twist your hand in it, then release it. I place your hand back in her hair and pull, causing you to raise her up by her hair. I look at you and lean in to kiss her. I motion you to join me.

You pull her head by her hair and position her as you want, then you grind your mouth on hers.

Now for the first time, you realize she is yours to do with as you want and I see your expression change.

You push her head back on the pillow and you attack her breasts, biting at them and pinching her nipples as I had pinched yours before. She groans as you want. That seems to heighten the pleasure you get from her.

You reach back and grab her hair again and roughly pull her up and kiss her mouth. Your kiss is almost savage in its urgency.

When you move your mouth from hers, you lick her lips and then lick across her cheeks and her chin as a sign to her that you can do as you want with her.

You push her back down on the pillow with her face shining from the wetness of your lips and tongue.

"You enjoy that don't you?"

"Yes, Master."

I crawl down to the foot of the bed and position myself between her legs. I study her pussy. She was recently shaved with a narrow strip in the center that started at her hood. Her landing strip was about 2 inches long.

I place my nose to her pussy and take a deep breath, inhaling her essence deep into my lungs.

I stick my tongue out and press it against her lips and push inside. Her wetness flows over my tongue and I lap it up. I press my lips against her labia and push, causing her lips to separate.

The smooth flesh inside them and around her vagina was wet and that wetness covered my mouth. I look up with my face wet with her juices.

"Come here."

You crawl to me.

"Kiss me and taste her pussy.".

You lurch forward and kiss me hungrily, eager to taste her and to get as much of her cum as you can before it dries or I lick it inside my mouth.

Your tongue probes in my mouth for more of her cum and then you lick my lips and that area of my face that had just been against her pussy.

You are starved for pussy.

"You want to eat that pussy now don't you?"

"Yes, please Master."

"Maybe later. You need to learn patience".

You frown and when I give you a stern look, you look away.

"Lie back down now Babygirl and behave."

You lie beside her and I roll you on your side. I move your hand to her pussy, then take a finger and close the rest of your hand.

I move it to her pussy and I drag your finger between her lips. I rub around the outside of her lips then back between them, using your finger as an extension of my hand.

You stare intently at your hand and her pussy and occasionally back at her face.

I push your finger into her and I slide my finger in with yours. I curl my finger up and cause yours to curl also.

After a few curling motions, I pull our fingers out. I open your hand and press it against her pussy.

Your fingers are flat and you do not enter her, but I rub your hand over her pussy lips and mound in circling motions then up from between her legs and under her ass up to her navel.

I close your hand then and turn it so that your knuckles are against her lips and I drag them up and down between them.

I pull your middle finger out and push it deep inside her. I start your hand in a stroking motion.

You finger her pussy by yourself until I put my finger in also and we both finger her together. She moans and starts to thrash around.

We start to push deeper and soon we are jamming our fingers as deep into her as we can. Our hands fly against her as we finger her hot pussy without mercy.

She bucks against our hands and that only causes us to fuck her harder. Our fingers stab into her as hard as we can and our hands rub and grind against her labis.

She screams out as we drive on and soon she flails violently and then lies back on the bed. Her legs twitch and I see her stomach and chest rise and fall as she breathes deeply, almost in a panic.

I pull our fingers out and I take your head in my hands and push you down onto her belly. You face her pussy and I push you right to her clit, which tempts your lips only an inch away.

Your tongue appears from your lips and you lick at her clit. You move closer to her pussy and lick again.

Her hand goes to your head and she urges you to move closer. You comply, but I move her hand from your head and I push you back away from her needy pussy.

You look at me with a puzzled expression. I push your head down on her stomach on top of her navel, then I kiss her pussy and I flick her clit with my tongue as you watch.

I take your prize and show you the pleasure you sought for yourself. My tongue probes inside her and you see it flick in and out like a serpent's tongue. Flick...flick...flick.

I push her legs up into a bent position then, with her feet flat on the bed.

You look between her legs at me as I eat her out. I smile at you and flick my tongue tauntingly at you, then slowly push inside so you can see her fleshy lips part with my tongue's insistence.

I press my lips hard against her pussy and you see her meaty flesh crushed under the force of my kiss.

I look directly in your eyes as I lick my tongue in broad laps across her labia and then I squeeze them together with my fingers and suck them both at once.

She moans again as I take her back up to a higher level of orgasmic bliss and then I ply her and make her give up her resistance and fall into that sweet ocean of climax.

I watch as she cums. Then as I get up, I look at you and lick my lips.

I move to the couch and sit down. I motion for her to come to me. She stands in front of me waiting for my directions. I push her down to her knees.

"Suck my cock."

She takes my cock in her hands and strokes the shaft and squeezes the purplish head, then leans forward and starts lick the head all around.

She licks the shaft from my balls to the head and continues until she has washed my cock with her tongue and lips, then she sucks my cock deep into her mouth and I see her cheeks indent as she sucks harder and harder.

She pulls back and bobs her head on my cock a few times then begins to lick and tease with her tongue.

"Come sit by me Baby and watch her suck me."

You come and sit against me. I put my arm around you and brush my hand over your breast, teasing your still-hard nipple. You lean against me more so I can tease both nipples and so you can watch her better.

She stares into my eyes and occasionally looks at you as she works. She pulls my cock into her mouth and turns her head so I can see my cockhead pushing her cheeks out.

She begins to hum and pushes my cock against the back of her throat. I feel her vibrations on the head.

She knows how to suck a cock. I am pleased with her so far.

I push her away and move to the end of the couch. I pull her to me and help her up on the couch.

I position her so she is lying on the couch with her legs across yours and she resumes sucking. I look at you and you sit still with your hands resting uneasily on her legs.

I stand up and pull her to the end of the couch so she is lying flat on the couch on her back. Her head rests on the pillow at the end. I take your hands and help you up.

Then I guide you down to your knees. My hands are on your shoulders moving you where I want you. Soon you are beside her thighs.

I pull her legs apart. Her wet pussy is pink and her lips hang open. I notice you examining her pussy with your eyes and I see you licking your lips.

I put my hands on your head and push you down. Your face touches her thigh about midway. I rub your face against her leg and you soon start to kiss and lick her. I am behind you, my face close beside yours as you lick and kiss her.

I join you and we kiss and suck and lick her thigh, then move to the other and kiss our way up toward her belly. You pause for a moment and look up at her.

I roughly shove your face down and press your lips against her pussy. I hold you firmly there and you realize what I want.

You open your mouth and your tongue laps out against her lips. I watch you lap and suck at her lips one at a time and then you suck them together and your tongue probes into her.

You press your face hard against her pussy and you suck and kiss and lick her as deeply inside as your tongue will reach.

I pull you away from her pussy and I kiss your mouth, licking her juices off and sucking your tongue. You kiss me back with equal lust.

I turn to her and begin to twist her nipples. That sudden and unexpected sensation causes her to writhe and roll slightly.

I hold her down with one hand and pinch and pull her nipples one at a time. You watch as I abuse her tits.

"Get back to her pussy."

You immediately flick your tongue between her lips and pull them apart with your fingers so you can fuck her deeper without any obstructions.

I watch as your tongue slams into her in long thrusts, then you flatten your tongue and lick slowly from her ass up to her clit and you circle around her clit as she moans and begs you to lick her faster.

You move your hands from her lips to push her legs up and further apart and then you slide them under her ass and you lift her up to your hungry mouth.

Your eyes are determined and full of desire as you eat her. You are oblivious to everything except her wet pussy and you attend to her and love her and kiss and suck and lick her in every manner and way you can imagine.

She writhes and bucks and cums into your insistent mouth and you drink it up and your lips beg for more of her essence.

I watch you as you enjoy her and my hand is on my swollen cock, slowly stroking the length.

When she cums and you slow down, I sit back down in the chair for a couple of minutes. You lie down on her and you kiss her lips.

I love watching you on her. Your slim body is pressed against her fuller flesh.

Your pert breasts with their hard nipples stab into her full breasts. Your arms cradle her and you brush her hair back as you kiss her.

I allow you both those sweet pleasures, but after awhile I am greedy for my own. I move to you and pull you up from her. You stand next to the couch as I help her up.

I lead her to the back of the couch and position her against it. I push her shoulders to cause her to bend over the couch back. Her tits press down against the back pillows. Her ass juts back.

I go behind her and reach between her legs and feel her sopping wet pussy. She moves back against my hand in welcome.

"Lie down on the couch with your pussy under her so she can eat you Babygirl."

You jump on the couch and scoot your ass up against the back. Your legs are spread wide. I move an ottoman under your back to steady you and place a pillow under your head. You lay back, your hands holding your legs apart.

"It's your turn to eat her pussy now."

She drops down and begins her assigned task.

"Use her as you want Babygirl. She is yours now."

I see you smile and grab her head and pull her roughly to your pussy. You grind her against your open, hot cunt and rub her face on your desperate pussy.

Your hands hold her head tight and she gasps for a breath as you force her to rub and lick you. I see your fingers twist in her hair and you amuse yourself by pulling her up and then pushing her back down.

You laugh at the utter depravity of your actions and I know that you now know the joy I get from using you in that manner.

You continue your play and reach under her and twist her nipples as you saw me earlier.

She laps harder as you pinch and you soon understand how to control her actions for the desired effects. You gently feel her tits, then pinch and twist them and slap them. She has a different reaction to each and you play them to your pleasure.

She is yours now, as you are mine.

I go back behind her and I place my cock between her legs and I drag it between her lips from under her belly at her clit up to her ass ad then back and forth. I tease her clit with my cockhead and when I feel her moving against me, I place it between her lips again and hold it there.

She feels my hand on her ass, caressing and massaging her. I know it feels relaxing to her to be touched in that manner, because she coos and sighs and pushes against me.

I squeeze her ass for a moment, enjoying that firm, yet spongy texture of her flesh, and then I move to her waist. My hands grip her firmly.

I stay in that position for a few seconds and watch as you wrap your legs around her head like in a scissors hold.

I see you grinding your pelvis against her face as you hump against her. Your eyes are wide and I know you are about to cum again.

She gasps for air and braces herself with her hands on the couch cushions as you ride her face. And I take advantage of that moment.

I ram my cock into her pussy as hard and deep as I can, and I shove her down against you even harder. My cock pistons back and I slam it in again and again and again.

You push her up as I slam her back down and we hump against her like some multi-headed animal.

We fuck her face and cunt like we are possessed and she limply tries to stay in that position. We fuck her hard and soon we are both ready to cum.

"Cum for me now Baby. I want you to cum as I shoot my hot cum in our new pet's pussy. Fill her mouth with your cum. She is ours Babygirl. Cum with me. Cum NOW."

Your eyes are wild as you hold her head tight and push up with one last thrust and you keep her against your pussy as you cum and cum.

I ram my cock deep at the same time and we hold her as we cum into her hot, beautiful body. We are still as we feel that blissful moment.

And when we have our minds back, I pull out of her and help her stand upright. My cum drips out and runs down her legs. I lead her to the couch and help her sit down.

"I want you to lap up my cum from her cunt."

You smile as you kneel between her legs and suck out the thick and still warm cum.

Then, we sit together and rest and talk about things that don't mean much. We are comfortable together and know we will be together again.

It is calm and tranquil now. The room smells of sex and we are covered with sweat and we can't stop smiling at each other and laughing outloud.

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