tagMind ControlGift From A God Ch. 02

Gift From A God Ch. 02


I started first by trying to establish the link to her mind. It took me a moment to get it worked out. I knew the layout of her room and bathroom and so I cast my awareness out, visualizing her room and that, as Hermes had said, was the key. It’s just like when you imagine a room in your house or some other place where you aren’t at the moment. You see it in your mind, the location of objects, colors, the general look of it the last time you saw it.

This was just like that only with definition. I could literally see in my head her room as it was at that moment. If I looked down in my mind I saw her floor, and where she had kicked off her little white canvas shoes. Strait ahead was her bed, unmade with a few articles of clothing strewn about. To my left was her bathroom and shower. It was set up like some hotel bathrooms where you have the vanity and mirror and then through a small door adjoining that, in a separate room, the toilet and shower.

Kristel was there through the door standing in her robe with her hand stretched towards the water testing the temperature. I could see her as clearly as if I were standing there. Still I wanted to be there myself, so I would have to make some adjustments. I quested for her mind, very gently. I didn’t yet know the extent of what I could do and I was worried that I would give her a stroke or something. I willed myself to read her thoughts. Slowly I became aware of a multitude of different thoughts, all of them coming from her brain.

She was thinking about how relaxing the shower was going to be, feeling out the water temperature, noticing the cold tile against her feet, the softness of the robe against her skin, feeling the slight cramp in her back that she had acquired earlier that day, thinking about the guy that checked her out when she stopped and got gas on the way home, the letter that came from a friend back home in Washington, what was on TV tonight, what she wanted to eat for dinner....

It was a mess. That is only the first few things I could decipher from her. The human mind works so quickly and shifts gears so often that it’s amazing we get anything done. Slowly I felt my way around and was able to drown out all that background thought and focus just on her top couple of layers of thought. The one or two occupied with what was going on around her at the moment. Time for a practice run. I sent out a simple command to test my own waters.

I impressed into her mind the feeling of her left ear itching. Just like that, she bent her head down to her shoulder and rubbed her ear against the cloth.My heart began racing and I started to breath a little heavier. It was really happening. She was satisfied with the water and undid the robe and let it slide to the floor. God her body was delicious. Her breasts were as firm as I’d always imagined they would be, standing out proudly from her chest. The curve of her back flowed into her the roundness of her butt like water flowing over a rocks in a stream. I had an overwhelming desire to run my hands over her silken body and leave trails of kisses in their wake.Now for the good stuff. I thought for a second as to how I would word it.

*When Stephen comes into the room, you will completely ignore his presence. Anything he does will go totally unnoticed by you and you will carry our your activities as if you had the entire apartment to yourself.*

There, that sounded good. It was done.I closed the connection and I got up and left the room and walked up to her bedroom door. I stood there for a time, my heart racing and sweat breaking out on my forehead. I had no idea what I would do if this didn’t work, how I would explain myself. The least was that I would be looking for a roommate, the worst is that I would be spending the night in jail. I didn’t think I could go to jail for peeping because if it didn’t work that was as far as I’d get. Everything else had worked though, no reason why this wouldn’t. I hoped.

My decision made, I opened the door. It opened with a slight click and I paused to hear if there would be any protest. Nothing. I pushed the door open soundlessly and crossed the threshold. The sound of the shower was much louder and I peered in and saw the shadow of her moving behind the curtain. I crept closer, still terrified of discovery, and walked to the door of the bathroom. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous. The sweat that at first confined itself to my forehead had spread to my back and hands.

I could see her outline in the shower, she was bent over and looked to be lathering up her legs. Some perfume of hers, or perhaps the smell of her body wash I don’t know, was particularly strong and I sneezed suddenly. My heart stopped as I waited for the scream to come, the yells, the panic to cover herself,but there was nothing. There was no way she could not have heard that but she hadn’t missed a beat. In fact she started singing softly to herself.

YES! It was all true. Every bit of it. YES YES YES!

Filled with confidence now I approached the shower and pulled back the the curtain at the back of the shower enough to stick my head in. She was there in all her soaping wet glory, completely unaware of me. Her hair was plastered into one long dark golden strand down her back. She had large dollops of soap around her shoulders and along her sides. I could see her raise her little scrunchy thing up and she looked to soaping up her breasts. She leaned into the shower's stream and the water cascaded down her body carrying the soap with it and all that was left was was her glistening flesh seeming to taunt me with promises of sinful pleasure.

She turned around suddenly and I swear she looked right at me but she quickly closed her eyes and leaned her head back to rinse her back and re-soak her hair to prepare to shampoo it. I took a good long look at her body. I looked down at her pussy and was shocked to see it bare except for a light blonde racing stripe. She didn’t seem the type to me. I could see the diamond glare of tiny water droplets collected in her delicate blonde hair. Her legs slightly spread I watched as the water ran to the halfway point between her slit and her unseen rosebud. Over and around her slightly puffy but perfectly smooth pussy lips, then falling in a waterfall of sex to the shower floor. God she was hot. My dick, already hard, started throbbing. A line from some book I head read as a child popped into my head: Oh the places you’ll go. Oh indeed.

Looking at her it was much easier to establish the link with her mind. After a brief second or too of fading out the background noise that is in every human mind I had what I wanted.

*Your nipples are aching and would feel much better if you played with them *

With her head still tilted back she brought her hands down from her hair and tweaked her nipples and ran her fingers in circles around each one. She leaned back a bit and tilted her head to the side and let the warm water run down and over her breasts as she pinched them and gave them a small tug. A tiny sigh escaped her lips.

I decided I would have more fun if I wasn’t getting wet and leaning against a shower wall so I withdrew my influence after instructing her to finish her shower as usual. My dick was starting to ache in an unpleasant way and I figured I would take the next few minutes to calm myself before I came in my pants. I looked around her room for a few minutes and then sat on in the chair next to her bed and waited. Shortly the water turned off and I heard the clinking slide of the shower curtain being pulled back. Completely at ease now I sat and formed my plan.

I didn’t want to have her just spread her legs so I could fuck her until I got my rocks off, that would get old fast. I’m an imaginative guy, I’m sure I could think of something more exciting then that. One of my recurring fantasies has always been to have a woman pleasure herself for me. I’d seen it in some porno’s but none of my girlfriends up to this point had been willing to do that for me. Problem solved. I would have Kristel do that for me. For starters.

She came out of the shower with her hair all twisted up in her towel and wearing her robe. She stopped at her sink and began working on her hair, pulling it out of the towel and rubbing it dry. I was held spellbound by the sheer intimacy of the entire situation.

I guess she got it where she wanted because she tossed the towel aside and reached for the hair dryer. I intervened there, I didn’t want the noise of it to disturb my tranquil state.

*Your hair is fine it’s time to relax.*

The hair dryer halfway to her head, she put it back down and walked over to her closet. She reached in and pulled out an old worn pair of white cotton shorts and slipped them on under her robe. I got the briefest glimpse of cheek before the robe slipped back down. She then grabbed a faded blue t-shirt, undid her robe and let it slip to the floor before throwing the t-shirt over her head and pulling it down into place. I was prevented seeing those fabulous tits again because she was facing away from me.

I realized that there was more then one way to work with her mind. With her ear, I had simply imagined the feeling of my itching and then sent that thought to her mind. I didn’t tell her it itched, I simply communicated the feeling. With the instructions regarding my presence in the room and her nipples, that had been more like a command. The same with the hair dryer. She seemed to interpret these things the same way however. From her point of view it appeared that these thoughts were coming from her own mind. This was interesting. And useful.

Kristel had come back and laid on the bed, adjusting the pillows under her so she was propped up. She reached out for the remote and began channel surfing. It was time to begin. I linked with her mind (it was getting easier each time) and sent to her feelings of arousal. It wasn’t hard to imagine them because I hadn’t been this turned on in a long time. I found the pleasure part of her brain and gave it a little tickle. Just a little one.

This, I discovered, was even easier then sending her my thoughts. I was manipulating her mind from the inside.I don’t know how to explain how I found it. If your in a dark room and you want to feel your face your hand finds it just fine. It was like that. I felt for it and seemed to know right where it was. I suppose I could have just told her ‘masturbate’ but I’m a man of subtleties. The pleasure is in the details.

Kristel's breathing started to deepen. Her left hand came up and started to idly stroke around her collar bone and neck. I was monitoring her thoughts and so far she wasn’t consciously aware of her arousal, not in a sense where she was thinking ‘God, I’m horny’. It was more of a warm fuzziness. I increased my little tickle to a soft caress. She felt it now. I watched as she brought her legs together and clenched her thighs. Now we were getting somewhere.

Her nipples started to harden and I stared as they created two tiny tents in the fabric of her t-shirt. Kristel noticed this too and brought her wondering hand down and started to tease her nipples through the cloth. My caress became a stroke. Kristel’s body responded in kind and, the tv forgotten, she brought her right hand to her crotch and, applying pressure, let out small groan. She was a little confused as to why she was so suddenly horny, but she didn’t really care, she was starting to feel good.

She seemed to settle into a grove and looked like she intended to keep herself there for awhile. She wasn’t trying to come yet, she was just enjoying the feelings. I didn’t feel like being patient. I increased the pressure on her pleasure center and watched as her body gave a shudder of arousal.

“Damn,” she said softly to herself. The hand at her crotch began to pump and move in little circles. I could smell her sex, the aroma was intoxicating. Tired of the friction caused by the t-shirt, her other hand slipped up underneath and she began to play with her nipples in a more personal fashion.

She let out an Mmm and closed her eyes.

*Slip your shorts off.* The commands still had their uses.

Raising herself up she pulled down one side of the shorts past her hips and then the other, plopped back down and then lifted her legs to slide them down and finally kicked them off. I had to get up to get a better view. I stood over her as she spread her legs, knees slightly bent and began to run her finger up and down her glistening snatch. She would tease herself by placing her middle finger at the entrance of her hole and push it in just a little, but not enough to actually enter her. She then slid it up and circled her clit in a lazy fashion before sliding it back down to rapidly moistening hole.

She was lost in her own world know, awash in the electric tingle coming up from her pussy. Even if I hadn’t gotten her to ignore me she might not have known I was there. She was all about her pleasure now. I had created a monster.

“Ohhh yeah...” she said as she finally slid her middle finger home. She began to pump it in and out and used the palm of her hand to apply pressure to her clit, every so often clamping down and grinding it. This was too much for me. I undid my pants and allowed my long imprisoned cock to spring free. God that felt so much better. I absent-mindedly started to stroke my cock as I watched, almost hypnotized at the display of passion unfolding before me. I had stopped my pressure on her libido and was simply letting her go on her own, she didn’t need my help anymore.

Her other hand was pinching and tugging on her nipples, constantly going from one to the other. She was approaching her orgasm quickly (why can’t they cum that fast with guys, it would make it so much easier) and her hand began to work at a feverish pace.

“Mmm yeah...yeah...Ooo..” Her head was thrown back and she was panting. She pulled her hand from her cunt and began to rub on her clit with a passion. Her back arched up, her other hand gone from under her shirt and clasping a wad of covers.

“Ummm...yeahyeahyeah...Uh uh...(silence here as she held her breath) OOohh Yes! Oh yessss!”

Her orgasm crashed into her body like a tsunami and she let out a long groan of extreme satisfaction, her body flush and shuddering. I chose that moment to cum as well and shot my wad with monster-truck force. I came so hard I thought my balls were going to get sucked up into my chest cavity. Most of it went on the end of her bed on the covers, some of it on the floor. I suddenly felt dizzy and had to throw myself back into the chair or risk falling down.

Kristel meanwhile, had sunk back into the bed with a nothing but a sigh and a smile. Her hand, still shiny from her recent pleasures, rested lightly on her stomach.

“Kristel, you slut,” she said to herself and giggled.

Now for the icing on the cake.

*Taste yourself.*

This was something new for her and her eyes popped open with a mixture of fear and fascination. She didn’t really want to do that, but she could not resist me. Her hand raised slowly to her face and she smelled it first not sure what to make of it. Disbelief flooded her mind as she placed her fingers in her mouth and began sucking her wetness off.

*It tastes wonderful.*

Kristel closed her eyes at that and seemed to be savoring it like a fine wine.


If the whole world ended I would have gone on to that next place with a smile. Basking in the afterglow of our orgasms I was totally content. I watched in a daze as Kristel stuck her hand back to her pussy to remoisten it and brought it back to her lips.

This was only the beginning.

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