Gift From A God Ch. 06


He'd moved his way into the bedroom of the suite with Tasha spread naked on the bed in front of him, propped up on some pillows and smiling lustily down at him. He was sitting in his boxer shorts, cross-legged, and rubbing oil into her feet one at a time. Seems he was taking my advice to heart. Tasha would moan every few minutes and writhe a bit on the bed, alternately pinching her nipples and stroking her pussy, which was already glistening. I have to admire Carlos; I don't think I could have been that patient. He looked cool and confident, like he was in total control of the situation. He was doing fine. I left him and went to check on Brandon.

Talk about a different moods. Where as Carlos and Tasha were going slow and taking their time, Brandon and Angela were rushing into it like a pair of charging bulls. They had taken some of the belts off of the robes and Brandon had her tied to the posts of the bed, face down and spread eagle. No doubt at her urging. Her arms were tied at the head of the bed and her feet at the other end. Her ass was pink with handprints and she was moaning out for him to hit her harder.

Brandon was naked, with a hard-on that looked like you could bend steel around it, and looked to be in a state of shock. I don't think this was what he had in mind. Not that he wasn't willing, but regular sex was a big deal for him and this was freaky advanced sex. I took a quick sample of his thoughts and saw that he had no idea what he was doing. He was doing what she told him and she wasn't enjoying it near as much. I gave him a few suggestions on how to proceed, and tweaked him a bit to put him in more of a dominating mood. The effect was instant. His entire posture changed.

"You like that bitch?" SMACK!

"Oh god, yes! Harder please."

"Master! Call me Master!" he demanded

I saw her shudder with a little mini-orgasm. This is exactly what she wanted. I told you; a freaky bitch. "Master! Harder Master!"

'Damn right." SMACK!

"You go Brandon, smack that ass," I laughed to myself.

Katie's call brought me back. "I'm reeeady!" her disembodied voice called from the other room. After watching that little display, so was I.

I poured her drink into a glass and walked into the bathroom. When I opened the door, steam came billowing out. I looked towards the tub and saw a mountain of bubbles. Several mountains in fact. Aromatherapy scents were pervading the room. It was so heavy it was almost hard to breathe. I figured most of that was my enhanced sense of smell and I eased the sensitivity down a bit. Better.

Towards one end of the tub, I saw a dark red patch of curling hair, still back in a ponytail and dampened with moisture. She pushed a few piles of soap out of the way and stared up at me, all innocence and unrealized sexuality. I walked over to her and handed down the drink.

She took a sip and smiled, liking the taste. "What is it?"

"A strawberry daiquiri. Not too strong, but it should do the trick."

"Are you coming in or am I going to sit here and get all pruny by myself?"

I kicked off my shoes and began to slowly undress. She looked up at me the whole time, eyes wide and smiling. Her thoughts were running wild with excitement, sex and nervous anticipation. To her this was like a dream; One of those Prince Charming fairy tale stories. Average girl meets a charming guy who just happens to be a Prince or fabulously wealthy and makes all her dreams come true. In a sense she was star struck.

What was nice about this, was that I had done very little to manipulate her. I had gotten her almost entirely on my own. Maybe it was my newfound confidence that did it, I don't know, but I hadn't instructed her to sleep with me. I gave her the instructions not to be freaked out that I was doing "magic" on her, I eased her inhibitions a tad, and the little trick with her hand, but beyond that, she had come on her own. This made me feel less like I was taking advantage of her. I wished it had been this easy with Kristel, but that was going to turn out nicely in the long run. Hopefully.

Naked now, I walked over to the tub and stepped down. I saw Katie glance several times at my half-hard dick and blush and look away, only to be drawn back. I smiled inwardly. The water was hot, but not so hot I couldn't stand it. It was at that temperature where it burns when you get in initially, but then the heat soaks into your muscles and the burning becomes pleasant. The marble also did a wonderful job of radiating the heat to the parts of the body in contact with it. I'd never felt anything like it. I eased down all the way to my neck a few feet away from Katie, pushing bubbles out of my face, and sighed the deep sigh of the totally content. Well, almost content.

"Come here," I told her, softly.

She set her drink down and scooted along the bench until she was next to me, gazing at me with a dazed look in her eyes. I sat up and turned to face her. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her slightly and started to massage her gently. Godly powers or no, I always gave a great massage. Katie let out a long moan of pleasure and her head rolled forward. Her hands roamed around behind her and started running them up my bare thigh, stopping just short of where my dick was raging to life. Her hesitancy only made me want her more.

I picked up one of the large sponges that were spaced around the tub and soaked it. I ran it over the smooth skin of her back and heard her sigh out. I slipped the sponge under the water and worked it down her side and to her stomach; rubbing in little circles and then up between her breasts. She leaned into me and let me have my way. I went down over her left breast, going slow over her nipple and loving the feeling of her shudder against me as the sponge tickled and teased her. I leaned down and kissed her earlobe and at the same time took her wandering hand in mind and placed it at my cock. After the barest hint of hesitation, she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it slowly. Such tiny hands she had.

I moaned my approval softly in her ear and began to move the sponge downward between her thighs, which she parted for me eagerly. Her breathing was coming very deep and she was resting her entire body against mine. I began to move the sponge gently over her mound and felt her arch her hips slightly at the feeling, her hand gripping my shaft a little harder. She squeaked out a noise of excitement and I moved my other hand back to her chest and let it roam over the yielding flesh of her tits and up her neck, gripping it firmly before sliding it back down in the water. We hadn't said a word.

I moved the sponge away from her pussy and felt her disapproval, but slid it over the delicate flesh of her thighs and brought it back. She was ready for me this time and clamped her legs closed, squeezing the sponge into her pussy and began to move her hips. She was fucking herself with a sponge. I held my hand firm, letting her grind her pussy on the textured surface and pinched her nipple in my other hand. She'd stopped stroking my dick, simply holding on to it for the time being as she took her pleasure. Her breathing quickened and she began to moan loudly.

"Ooo yeah," she squeaked. "Uh huh, uh huh."

I bit her ear and gave her nipple a tug and pressed the hand that held the sponge firmly into her aching pussy, content to let her have her way. This was almost more fun then actually fucking her. Almost. My dick was aching just as badly to for release, but I didn't press the matter. Pleasure given now is pleasure doubly received later. Take note guys.

"Oh god! Uh! Uh! Right there...ohhhh my goddd!" She brought her hand down on mine and pressed hard as her body began to shiver and quake. Her hips bucked once, twice, a third time, kicking up small waves that splashed over the side as she gave a final cry before settling into me, breathing in ragged gasps. After a few moments, the both of us just laying there soaking up the heat, her hand began again its lazy caress of my dick.

"This has been one of the best days of my life," She said softly.

"It's not over yet, you know."

"What if...what if I can't please you?"

"Are you serious?" I asked her, unbelieving.

"It's just that I've only had sex with one guy and only a few times. You've made me feel so good twice already, and I don't really know what to do for you." She turned and put her leg over my lap and rested her head on my shoulder. I rested my chin on the top of her head.

I took a quick read of her thoughts and saw she was actually thinking several things but because of her relative inexperience, she was frozen with indecision and doubt. She wasn't sexually naive, just a little shy and unsure.

"I think you can think of several things to do, you just don't know how to start," I chided her.

"Well...yeah okay, but what should I do."

"What do you feel like doing?"

She got quiet for a minute as she thought things over. Finally coming to a decision she turned and stood facing me. She rose like Venus from the ocean, all water, soap and glistening flesh. Bubbles clung hungrily to her body, so close I was jealous. Water ran in rivulets all over her creamy skin, splashing to the surface.. I saw a brownish-red bush, trimmed neatly, but still there, and her pussy puffy and engorged with its earlier adventures. I could only gape at her. It occurred to me that it was the first time I had seen her naked. God those tits were fabulous.

She stepped over my legs and leaned down placing her hands on my shoulders and straddled my hips, bringing herself down with aching slowness. Her waist submerged back into the water and seconds later I felt skin brush mine and the tickling of her pussy as it settled onto me. My dick was cradled between her ass cheeks. She felt it there and, grinning at me, flexed her ass, giving it a gentle squeeze.

I gave a small grunt of approval and she slid downwards, pressing my dick down and allowing it to slide between her ass cheeks and around the to the front. She gasped as the head of my cock moved over her pussy, going into her hole slightly and then coming back out as she continued her slide. A small moan as it rode over her clit before breaking free and flopping against my stomach. She moved her hips back to mine and began to grind herself up and down the length of my dick. I moved my hands to her waist and helped to guide her. Her nails dug into my shoulders and she leaned in to kiss me hard. I moaned into her mouth as she continued to rub herself against me.

Breaking the kiss she said, "How's this?"

"Uhh...wonderful." I was losing my patience for foreplay though. I'm not infinitely patient. "But this would be better." I gripped her hips and raising her slightly, I positioned her pussy over the head of my dick. She looked at me and bit her bottom lip as she felt my cock probing at her. "Put it in you," I told her.

She took a hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock and, after giving her clit a little rub, she placed it at her opening and then plunged down rather hard causing us both to groan.

'Oh god..." she cried softly.

"Yessss" I replied. I pulled her to me and started to kiss her shoulders, biting down on the soft flesh as I pumped myself into her. There is something very carnal and primitive about the occasional bite. I'm a big fan of it. Katie was so tight and, if possible, was hotter then the water we were soaking in. She didn't have the muscle control that Kristel had, the way she made it feel like I was getting fucked twice by the same pussy, but this was still great just the same. She had her own virtues. Mostly her eagerness to prove herself up to the task. She was fucking with a vengeance.

"Katie, you are fantastic," I breathed.

She took that as encouragement and kissed me hard, biting on my lower lip and pulling on it. It hurt, but this somehow only added to the heat of the moment. Can I pick 'em or what?

"Oh god yeah!" she cried out, arching backwards. "Yes! Mmhmm."

The water was splashing violently from our activities. Katie started to ride the waves, coming towards me with the waves and moving back when they receded. I thrust my hips up to meet her, supporting her back with one hand, the other around her ass, pulling her towards me, adding to the force of our movements.

She pulled in close to me, wrapping her arms around my head, shoving her tits in my face and started to fuck downwards on me. She was whimpering in pleasure, making little cries and gasping. I heard myself next to her and thought I must have sounded like some kind of rutting hog. She was so small and dainty and smooth, adorable even down to the noises she made while getting fucked. Then here I was big and hairy, grunting like a mad beast.

"Stephen oh...I'm going to cum...uh! Don't stop!" She squealed again, this one rising in pitch. Watching her face contort with her orgasm began to send me over. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her hard down on my cock as she bucked with her orgasm. I pumped my dick into her with quick thrusts, gripping her tightly as she tried to thrash free and stay on my dick at the same time.

"Oh God!" I yelled out, as my cum geysered forth into her twitching body. "Ohhhh Katie yesss...damn."

"Mmmmm," she moaned luxuriantly, resting herself heavily against me. Around us the water slowly calmed, the level several inches lower then it had been. I'd worry about that later.

"What do you say we take this to the bed?" I asked her. "Seems an awful shame to waste it."

She giggled. "Okay."

We both got up and climbed out of the tub, taking longer then was needed to dry each other. I grabbed the large cotton towel off the rack and wrapped her body in it, sliding it over her tender skin. I pulled her hair out of the scrunchy and ran my fingers through it several times so it wouldn't knot up too bad. Her head pulled back with my hands going through her hair and I took the opportunity to run a series of kisses over her neck, sucking and nibbling on her porcelain skin. Her hands came around me and I took the huge towel and wrapped us both in it, pulling it over us like a cape. It was easily big enough, the damn thing was nearly a quilt. Her body was warm and soft against mine, her lips sweet with the taste of her strawberry daiquiri. My cock began to grow hard between us, pressing into her belly.

She broke the kiss, "We aren't in the bedroom yet," she said, breathily.

"We better hurry up then," I told her. I unwrapped her from my embrace and she moved reluctantly away into the cool air, her nipples hardening and flesh breaking out in goose bumps. "Quick now!" I gave her a swat on the butt.

She let out a little squeal and, laughing, ran bare ass into the master bedroom. I followed more slowly leaving the towel around my shoulders. I heard her bound onto the bed with a woop and start to giggle as she tore into the covers and burrowed herself down into the cool sheets. When I made it to the door, she was in the middle of the bed with stacks of pillows either side of her.

"Comfy?" I asked her.

"Yes, this bed is amazing! I don't like it much by myself though. Hint, hint."

I threw the towel to the floor and pulled the sheets aside and crawled in next to her. It was like reclining into a cloud. I scooted myself over to where she had positioned herself and pulled her into my arms. She came willingly, melding her body with mine and leaned in for a kiss. We kissed for a time, our tongues exploring each other, and soaking up the warmth. Our hands began to wonder and for I don't know how long we lay there just groped one another. She moved her leg over mine and began to grind her pussy into my thigh, moaning.

I broke away from her and giving her a smile, I put my head under the covers and moved down to her waist, positioning myself between her legs. I sensed some apprehension from her and from under the covers I asked, "Is everything okay?"

"I've just never done this before. Jason says it's dirty. But then he wants me to blow him, I guess that's not dirty."

"Oh," I said. I kissed her belly, making her jump slightly. "Jason sounds like a selfish kind of guy."

"No, not really, he's nice I guess."

"Hey, hand me one of those small pillows."

It was shoved under the covers and I urged her hips up as I slid it into place and resumed kissing my way down her body. I replied, "Don't worry, you'll love it. I promise."

"Well hurry up then." She grabbed my head through the covers and shoved it the last few inches to her pussy. Feisty. She smelled so good I wanted to cum right there. I didn't say anything else, I just put my tongue at the bottom of her slit and brought it slowly upwards, dragging it through the folds of her pussy. She gasped loudly and her hips bucked sharply at the contact. I heard a muffled 'oh my god' from somewhere up above me.

I suddenly realized I hadn't eaten Kristel out in all the time I had spent with her. That was something I was going to have to rectify. I just had to taste her pussy. Even if she said she didn't want to continue, I'd still do it, and just erase her memory of it later on. I couldn't believe I didn't do that at some point the day before. I love the sweet taste of pussy.

Focusing back on Katie and the task at hand, I spread her wide with my fingers and sucked her swollen lips into my mouth and played my tongue all across them up and down. I moved up and circled her clit, but didn't actually apply any pressure to it. Katie was keeping up a constant litany of groans and moans bucking hard in my face whenever I got too near her engorged clit. After several minutes of my tease routine – yes, I have a routine. It takes some slight adjustment from girl to girl, but it tends to work in most cases, and no I won't tell you. Trade secret. – I figured she was about where I wanted her. I zeroed in on her clit and pressed my tongue flat against it, twitching it lightly. Her body exploded.

She cried out loudly as her body quivered and her hips arched up so hard I thought she might break my nose. Her hands pressed on my head hard through the covers, mashing my face into her thighs. I stayed where I was relying on her own movements to stimulate her clit. After several seconds of her tremors, she pushed my head away from her over stimulated pussy and lay silent. I watched her chest rise and fall, and I occupied the time by kissing her thighs and on the skin on top and around her pussy. I began to get a little too warm and pulled myself back up. When I lay back down beside her, she was sweating slightly, her cheeks were flushed and she had her eyes closed, her breathing just coming back to normal.

"How you doin?" I smiled at her.

Her eyes fluttered open and she gazed in wonder at me. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt."

"Well...I don't know if I'm all that good, but if you say so."

"More then good, great!" She came up and kissed me, pulling my tongue into her mouth. Suddenly she remembered where I'd been and pulled away. She looked at me, unsure, and licked her lips, sampling the taste. I could see her mind working as she decided what she thought of tasting herself on my lips. She made a small 'humph' kind of sound and said, "Not bad," and came back and kissed me harder. This girl was hot! She pulled her body on top of mine, grinding her pussy into my pelvis.

Coming up for a breath, she said, "Now what?"

"Hmm...not sure. So many choices." I brought my hands up to her tits and started to roll her nipples in my fingers. "What do you think of doggie style?"

"Ooo I've never done that before either. Lets do it."

I slid her off of me and sat up, scooting to the edge of the bed. "Over here," I told her and she crawled over slowly, giving me seductive looks. I stood and she turned around presenting her ass to me. The height of the bed was a little lower then was ideal, but I could live with it. Her ass, the marble peach I heard it referred to once, was a study in perfection. To my eye anyway.

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