tagIncest/TabooGift of a Glory Hole

Gift of a Glory Hole


For my eighteenth birthday my daddy takes me to visit a glory hole. Now, I have never been to one, but he has, though many years ago before he and my mom ever got married, but he knows of a few places to go. So on this night we hop in the car and after a short drive we arrive at a newly opened erotic store built with a new glory hole feature.

He takes me to a room in the back. It isn't extremely large, but the door does lock for privacy and there is a single chair sitting between two small holes, large enough for a cock to slide through and then a little room. My daddy closes the door and locks it.

I turn to him and kiss him hard on his mouth and slide my tongue over his while grinding my body up against his. The fact that we are doing this is nothing new. We have been lover for many years now and now that he is treating me to something new makes me incredibly turned on. Reaching forward, I grab my daddy's belt buckle and unfasten it. Then I unzip his pants while keeping my eyes fixed on the hole in the wall.

I pull his pants and boxers down with one tug and his cock bounces free, pointing straight at me. I drop to my knees in front of him and begin sliding my hand up and down his cock. Looking over, I lean in toward the wall and peek into the next booth. Through the hole, I see a man's hand sliding up and down his own cock.

Within a few moments, the man slides his cock through the hole and I quickly take hold of the thick cock. My fingers hold tightly, grinding his shaft up and down, making the owner of it moan in delight. I look back up to my daddy, who has his eyes closed and head back, enjoying the hand job.

I look over at the hole in the other wall and see an eye peeking through. I smile and wink at the eye then let go of my daddy's cock. I slide my lips over his cockhead and begin twirling my tongue over the soft skin. Then I bring my hand over to the hole just as a cock slides through.

I lick and suck the rock hard cock in my mouth and tease the cocks of the men on either side. The groaning of each man blends well with the groans coming from my daddy's mouth. Suddenly, my daddy's hand slides up beneath my shirt seeking out my breast. He finds my soft breast and caresses my tender nipple. I sigh onto his cock in response.

After a few moments of him playing with my nipples, I want more. I release my grip of everyone and quickly remove both my shirt and shorts, throwing them to the side, out of the way. I stand naked in the dim light of the room and for a moment not only is my daddy looking at me but so are the other two men through their respective holes as they enjoy the sight of my glistening skin.

I finally move my daddy so that he is up against the wall. From this position, I can still suck on his cock and play with the cock sticking out of the wall. Bending over slightly, I spread my legs and back her bare ass to the other hole. I instantly feel the man's cock as it reaches through the hole and up between my legs. His cock rubs delicately between the tender folds of my pussy lips.

In response, I grind myself against the cock, beckoning him to fill my wet pussy. Finally, he does and it slips past my folds and into my entrance, going as deep as it can. The man's cock stays stiff as I begin to fuck myself against this unknown man's cock. Quickly, I know I am going to cum soon, with all the excitement, but I want to taste the other stranger and jack off My daddy first.

Doubling my efforts, I suck hard on the stranger's cock, tickling his balls and eliciting a groan from the unseen man. I begin stroking my daddy's cock with quick short jerks and very soon I start to feel his shaft throb just before his cum splashes jet after jet of sticky cum onto my cheek and hand.

The cock behind me is buried deep within my pussy and is seeking to make my climax. Suddenly, he hits just the right spot with his cockhead and I start to scream out around the unseen man's cock as my orgasm takes hold. This is all it takes for the man and he begins to jerks forward, driving his cock deep within my mouth and shooting thick globs of cum down my throat.

I pull off the cock, swallowing every bit of his cum and focus my attention to the cock still in my pussy. I grind backward against him as I feel the man thrusting hard back into me. It doesn't take long as soon he is pumping my pussy full of his warm cum.

By the time it is all over I pull off the man's softening cock and settling down on the floor in pure ecstasy. I look up and say, "Thank you, daddy."

He smiles at me and leans down, kissing my deeply.

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