tagNonHumanGift of the Ancient

Gift of the Ancient


Carol burst through the door. Holding a pile of papers in one hand, and her keys in the other, she kicked the door closed behind her. Mumbling to herself, she walked into the living room of her little one bedroom apartment. Just before she reached the dining room table she dropped her papers. They fell to the ground in a jumbled mess. Carol cursed as she bent over to pick them up. She cursed her job, her boss, the jackasses on the freeway, and especially her asshole ex-boyfriend, Jake.

She placed the papers on the table and headed to her bedroom. Taking off the jacket of her suit, she headed for the bathroom. She reached into the shower and turned on the hot water. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and placed them in a neat pile on a chair in her bedroom.

Carol stepped into the shower and let the spray hit her in the face. She closed her eyes and let the tension fall away with the water running down her body. She stood in the shower with her eyes closed as she relaxed and tried to forget all the crap that she went though that day. She washed herself and then got out of the shower.

She dried herself off and walked over to her closet. She put on a long light colored nightgown made out of a light material. She walked out into her kitchen and go herself a glass of wine. Carol got into bed and picked up the novel she was reading. The novel was a very explicit romance novel. As she was reading a very hot scene, her hand started to move under the blanket. Her hand started to stroke her stomach, then it moved upward.

When her hand reached the reached her nipple, she let out a deep moan. She hadn't realized how turned on the story was making her until her hand grazed the crinkled flesh of her nipple. She continued to read as she her hand made circles around her breast. She arched her back as she squeezed the sensitive nipple through the thin fabric of her nightgown. Abandoning the book, she pulled the garment up above her chest and turned out the light. She rubbed and pulled both nipples until they were fully erect and Carol was left panting. She felt the familiar tingling between her legs, but decided that she wanted to take her time (unlike Jake, the Minute Man).

With one hand on her breast, the other made the slow journey to her womanhood. It stopped when it reached her pubic mound to play with the coarse, curly hairs. Her hand started to move down again, but much slower this time. Her fingers parted at the top of her slit to caress her outer lips. They came back together at the bottom. With only one finger she pulled upwards until she felt the moisture that had started to form around the opening to her vagina. She gasped as she slowly dipped the finger into herself. She pulled it back out and started to rub the wet finger around her sensitive flesh; everywhere but her clitoris. As her finger would dry out, she dipped it back inside again.

Finally she plunged her digit in as far as she could put it, then pulled it back out slowly. This time it headed strait for her clit. A bolt of electricity flashed through her body when her finger grazed the sensitive nub. Her finger moved from the top of her clit all the way down to her opening. Back and forth it went going faster on each return trip.

Carol's relaxed mood broke and was replace by an insatiable need for orgasm. Her left hand moved away from her breast and moved down to insert a finger into herself. Her right hand made quick circles around her clit as the other moved in and out of her wet vagina. She felt her orgasm off in the distance as she inserted a second finger. The rational, intelligent Carol was gone, usurped by a sweating, panting animal with one thought on its mind: release. Her right hand was a blur as it rubbed harder against the swollen bundle of nerves. The fingers of her right hand curled upwards to stimulate her G-spot.

She screamed as the first wave overtook her body. Her muscles clamped down on the fingers inside her and her hips rose up off the bed. Her body thrashed around on the bed as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. Her fingers continued to rub her pussy, trying to make the feeling last longer, until she was too sensitive to continue. Her arms fell to her sides. She was breathing heavy. She could see the sweat on her chest shining in the moonlight as her breasts moved up and down. Now I can sleep, she thought to herself and drifted into unconsciousness.


The Ancient stalked through the city in search of its next meal. It was so easy back in the time of the Greeks. Sitting on the right side of Dionysus, It could feed all It wanted too. It would practically gorge Itself during the wine festivals. Even when the Romans took over, the Ancient still found plenty to feed off of during the many orgies. Now It had a hard time finding enough orgasmic energy in one place to sustain It.

The Ancient floated around the outside of an apartment building, leaching off what it could. It was about to move on when It felt a massive amount of energy coming from one of the rooms. It decided to go and investigate.

It passed through the window and looked at the naked, unconscious form lying on the bed before him. Her legs were still spread open letting It see the female juices that were trickling down on to the bed. Her large breasts moved up and down with her slow breathing. It could tell that this woman was the source of all that sexual energy. It had never felt so much energy coming from one individual. The ancient had an idea.


Carol felt a tingle on her cheek. She opened her eyes to see an ethereal light hovering at the end of her bed. It was beautiful. The swirling form shined with every color imaginable. It spoke to her, but she didn't hear it from her ears, but rather the sound of Its voice went directly to her brain. It's voice sounded neither male nor female, it was like to voice of a god.

"Hello my dear," It said

"What are you?" was all that Carol could say.

"I am a being as old as time. I exist in a plane that you cannot even understand."

"What do you want with me?" Carol asked, a touch of fear in her voice.

"I need to feed from you." Carol gasped in shock. "No, no, nothing like that," the Ancient continued. "You see, I feed off of the orgasmic energy from humans. When you came a few minutes ago, you got my attention. I have never felt such a strong orgasm from a single person before. If you agree to help me, I will give you the best sexual experience of your life."

"How?" Carol asked. "Are you going to fuck me?"

"No, no, no. Nothing so crude as that." It paused for a moment. "Here let me demonstrate." It floated over between Carol's legs. A smoky tendril extended from the Ancient and touched Carols pussy. The moment It touched her, Carol clutched the sheets and screamed. She had just had the most intense orgasm of her life.

"That was just a sample of what I could do for you," the Ancient said when Carol's breathing returned too normal. "Do we have a deal?"

"Oh my God! YES! We have a deal."

"Good, then just lie back, close your eyes, and relax."

Carol obeyed Its orders. The Ancient drifted up Carol's bed and drifted right into her head. A few seconds passed and It returned. Carol opened her eyes and said, "That was it."

"Hardly," the Ancient replied. "Touch yourself, anywhere that would not normally be erogenous for you."

With a skeptical look on her face, Carol raised her hand off the bed and stroked her stomach. She gasped when her hand came in contact with her skin. Not only did it feel good on her stomach, but her finger gave off pleasurable sensations too. Carol looked at the Ancient with a stunned look on her face. It chuckled and said, "Have fun," just before it faded from view.

She stroked her fingers all around her body and discovered that her whole body had become erogenous. If the rest of my body feels this good, she thought, I wonder what my more sensitive areas fell like. She ran a finger across her erect nipple and almost came. She grabbed both breasts and started to knead them. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. When the first orgasm finished, she could feel another one following close behind it. After she came a couple of times, Carol had an idea.

She got up from bed and headed for the bathroom. She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. It was still warm from the shower she took just a short while ago. She cried out as the water hit her sensitive body. She stood there, grasping the curtain rod for support as the water cascaded down her body, setting off many tiny orgasms.

She picked up the bottle of shower gel next to her and squirted a generous amount onto her chest. The contrast of the cold soap and the warm water sent a wonderful shock through her system. She rubbed her hands in the gel and started to lather up her body. The slick soap felt terrific as it lubricated her body. She would rub one part of her body until it got too sensitive to touch anymore and then she would move on to another. When she was finished, her whole body was covered in lather and she came so many times that she lost count. The only part she left untouched was the extremely wet pussy. She was saving that part for last.

She stepped out of the shower and gently dried herself with a soft bath tow, coming again as she did so. She laid down on the bed and tried to calm down a bit. She wanted to really get the most out of this next part. If her breasts had gotten that sensitive, she could only imagine what her vagina would feel like.

Carol placed the palm of her hand on her chest and moved it slowly down towards her stomach. When her hand made contact with her outer lips, she almost passed out. She was already soaking wet. When her middle finger touched her engorged clit, she screamed in orgasm. Her fingers continued down until they reached the entrance to her vagina and slipped in. She moved her hand up and down so that she could move her fingers in and out of her pussy and have her palm rub against her clit.

She loved the feeling of her fingers moving in and out of her. This has got to be what it is like for a man to fuck a woman, Carol thought as she felt her muscles grab hold of her fingers. This gave her an idea. She brought her free hand up to her mouth and started to suck on her fingers. She licked the length of each one and then plunges it into her warm mouth. She moaned at the double sensation of it (her mouth was erogenous too).

Carol had to take her fingers out of her mouth because she could feel another orgasm coming and was afraid that she would bite herself. This one was bigger than any she had ever experienced in her life, tonight included.

With her other hand she started to rub her clit in a circular motion. Her stomach was sore and her throat was hoarse from screaming, but she wanted more. Her orgasms came closer and closer together until they seemed to be just one long orgasm. Her fingers were a blur. Her whole body shook. She screamed one last time and then went still.


The Ancient made Itself visible again. It hadn't fed this well for in long as It could remember. It looked down at Carol's lifeless body. Such a pity, the Ancient thought to Itself. I guess I'll have to find someone else to do this to again. It floated out of the window and into the night

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