tagMind ControlGift of the Goddess Ch. 03

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story includes mind control and anal sex. Enjoy!


Jonathon was very pleased with his life... ever since he'd gotten the gift from the Goddess things had been going very well for him. He'd gotten revenge on Dana and Robert, Olivia was no longer bothering him at all - in fact whenever she saw him in the hall she blushed and put her head down. Office gossip said that she was dating one of the interns.

And on top of all that, he himself had been dating Kay for the past 3 weeks. It was almost as though life was a dream...

Leaving the flowers on Kay's desk, he hurried back to his own office so that she wouldn't catch him leaving them there. He liked to do little things to remind her that he was thinking of her, this particular bunch of flowers was actually violets and daisies from his front yard. They were her favorite flowers and she'd commented on them the first time that she'd been to his house. Although he wasn't a gardener, one of the sweet older ladies living next door to him had asked if she could tend his garden, since her sister (whom she lived with) had completely taken over theirs. He'd been happy to let her, and even happier now that he had a ready supply of Kay's favorite flowers.

He was looking forward to seeing Kay again tonight... their sex life was absolutely astounding. She was so responsive and so genuine... and there was a touch of submissiveness about her that really called to him lately. Jonathon had found that he liked having control, and finding that Kay seemed to enjoy giving it to him made things with her even sweeter.


As they snuggled in bed, sweaty and replete from making love, Jonathon nuzzled Kay's hair, his hand stroking her breasts, "So what's you most secret fantasy?"

"My most secret fantasy," she mused, turning her head so that he could kiss her cheek. Smiling she asked, "Like, what do I want to do when I grow up?"

"Nooo..." Jonathon laughed, his hand slipped down between her legs and began to stroke her slippery folds. Kay gasped, she was always so sensitive after sex. "Sexual fantasy you tease."

His fingers entered her body and she moaned, arching her back and extending her arms up over her head... it was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Blinking at him demurely under heavy lashes, Kay blushed a little as she told him, "Well, I've always had fantasies of control... like, of a guy telling me to do things that I might not even want to do, but I can't resist, because of his charisma or his power or something."

Jonathon's eyes widened, "Is there anything in particular you'd want him to tell you to do?"

"Well..." Kay's blush deepened - Jonathon thought she was adorable, writhing on his hand, blushing and telling him her deepest fantasies, "Things that I'm afraid to do normally, but that I've always been curious about."

Finding her g-spot, Jonathon pressed it firmly and released as she gasped, "Like what?"

"I don't know," Kay moaned.

Pressing his body against her side, Jonathon stroked her g-spot with feather light fingers, "You're not going to cum until you tell me..."

And he used just a bit of his power to back up that command, to make sure it didn't happen.

"Oooohhh..." Writhing, she tried to bring her hands down to her pussy herself, but he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. He could tell that his take charge attitude was really turning her on, and the fact that he was keeping her from cumming just enhanced everything.

"Tell me," he said, thrusting his fingers into her hard.

"Like, like anal sex," Kay moaned as his fingers rewarded her, "And having sex in places where we might get caught, any sexual orders that make me feel kinda slutty or naughty... playing with myself in front of him, dirty things."

Smiling, Jonathon leaned forward as his fingers thrust in and out of her body, and he whispered into her ear, "Cum." and he put all of his power behind it, sending pleasure rushing through her body.

Kay screamed her ecstacy, her wrists pulling against his hand, thrashing on the bed with his other hand wedged between her thighs... dimly she realized that she had just cum on his command, but the pleasure was so great that the thought had no meaning. Her orgasm went on and on, possibly one of the best of her life, until Jonathon decided that she'd had enough and released his control on her body.

"So you want to be told what to do?" Kay looked at him, startled, feeling totally exhausted and satisfied. Somehow Jonathon seemed larger, stronger, more powerful.

"Well..." she said, suddenly feeling a little frightened that she might have actually found someone who COULD control her like that... he seemed so confident at the moment.

"Turn over, on all fours," he told her. Kay just stared at him, seemingly in a daze and he put a little power behind his command, "On all fours Kay."

Not knowing why she had to obey him, only knowing that she did, Kay got onto all fours, her ass high in the air, puffy pussy lips leaking cum down her thighs.

"What are you doing Jon - "

"Hush," he ordered, putting more of his power into her mind and body. He was rock hard from playing with her and listening to her fantasies, and he was going to fulfill one of them right now... it helped that it was one of his own fantasies, "No protesting Kay. You just said this is what you want."

Kay moaned as his finger, still slick with the juices from her pussy, began to press into her ass. She wanted to tell him no, that she was too tired, too scared... but found that she couldn't. It was almost as though her body was no longer under her control, as if she could only do what he told her to... everything seemed very hazy, almost dream-like.

A second finger began to enter her ass and she groaned as the tight hole stretched, her upper body going down on her elbows, although her ass was still presented to Jonathon for impalement. His fingers dipped in and out of her body, stretching her open. Kay blushed as she knew that this was exactly what she had told him she wanted... but she hadn't meant right now! And the reality of her fantasy seemed so much more embarrassing than the fantasy itself. He had his FINGERS up her ASS!

Then the fingers were gone, and something thicker and meatier pressed against the hole.

"Tell me you want it Kay," Jonathon ordered her, his power swelling in her mind, "Beg me to fuck your ass."

"Fuck it," Kay immediately started pleading, unbelieving of the words that were pouring out of her mouth, "Fuck my virgin ass, I want you to, I want your dick filling my ass up... please Jonathon, fuck me, fuck my ass..."

She squealed as his dick started to enter her... it was so much larger than his fingers!

"OH GOD PLEASE!" she shrieked, unable to stop begging even though it was starting to hurt. As though from very far away, she wondered what was wrong with her...

Jonathon groaned as his dick began to sink between her ass cheeks, stretching open the very tight hole. He could feel her muscles rippling around him, hear the pain in her voice. Using his powers again, he told her, "You love it... it feels good..."

And to Kay's shock, it immediately did.

"Oh yes," she moaned, trying to push her ass back against him to take more of his dick faster, "It does... oh fuck my ass Jonathon, harder, oh please, harder!"

Jonathon was careful not to tear her as he pressed his dick all the way inside her body, his groin meeting her creamy cheeks. Once he was sure that she was going to be ok, he had to be careful since he'd pretty much ordered her not to feel any pain, he began fucking her hard. Kay just moaned and pushed back up against him, feeling his dick splitting her ass pleasurably.

Some part of her realized that this wasn't quite right, that it should hurt more, that she shouldn't be enjoying herself so much... and some part of her reveled in his use of her body. His orders, the waves of pleasure that were rolling through her, and that part of her didn't wonder why she was doing this, or how it was happening. That part of her didn't care.

Then, suddenly she was cumming.

"OH GOD!" she screamed, her ass rippling over his dick, "YOU'RE FUCKING MY ASS AND I'M CUMMING! OH GOD I'M CUMMING JONATHON!!!!"

He could hear ragged exhaustion in her voice along with the incredible pleasure... after all, this would be her fourth orgasm of the day AND she had just lost her anal virginity. Jonathon decided that she was probably tired enough, and as she coasted on wave after wave of pleasure, he buried himself in her ass and groaned as he climaxed. Kay could feel every spurt of his cum entering her, filling her up... it felt so wrong and yet so good at the same time.

"Ooohhh..." Kay collapsed on the bed, Jonathon following her down. She squealed as it caused him to go even deeper as the last few spurts of cum shot into her.


When Jonathon awoke, Kay was no longer there. She had woken up, still tired, but too mortified to sleep any longer. What must he think of her?! Gathering her clothes up, she had quickly left, hoping not to wake him... she hadn't wanted to see what kind of expression he would look at her at. What kind of woman would spill that kind of perverted fantasy, and then actually follow through with it?

Her ass felt sore, but good still too... god she was such a slut! And Jonathon was such a nice guy... sure he'd been into it during the moment of the thing, but now? Now he'd probably just see her for the perverted whore that she was. Blushing, and crying a little because she'd really liked Jonathon, she realized that he might very well go the way of her last boyfriend. The one who'd let her known just how perverted and sick she was before he'd left her...

Kay decided she wouldn't go into work the next day. She'd call out sick. It was too much to face at the moment... and she could get plenty of work done at home anyway.

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